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  1. Thanks for the reply. Ah that isn't much. good job I only had a quick look. You know I did think of building a little lean to type thing but I'm not sure how well my parents will take it. I'd love for it to be kept in a garage with heaters but I've got some nice gravel to crawl about on. makes working on my cars a drain sometimes.
  2. Hey to all those that haven't got access to a garage or shed to keep your kit in over the winter months and even those with good ideas. What is best for keeping your car outside? I've got the obvious things like under 2 covers and off the ground with the wheels off, but my main issue at the moment is the condensation that seems to happen on the inside? Anyway to stop this? I've had a small look into these. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1423.l2649 car dehumidifiers. Are they any good? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have a 3A and before I fitted my short sump I had about 2 inch ground clearance. I didn't think that was enough although I never hit anything with it. Did get beached on grass though. (always avoiding scary areas) Looking at it though the previous owner must have hit something judging by the big dent. Now have a home made short sump with a bit of a side wing and have about 4 inch ground clearance. Still never hit anything and the gearbox bell housing is now the lowest part. This is a really good guide for making one... http://nw.rhocar.org/sump.htm It's not mine but easy to follow.
  4. Well I'm now 23 as of Friday. Had my kit car just over a year now. Depends on what you want to pay really I paid £450 for my first year on the kit also a 2.0 and this year it is £350 something like that. Give Adrian Flux a ring. The price of that was about half of my everyday car being a 2.0 Tddi mondeo.
  5. Well I read this and thought I'd go out in mine tonight as it was dry and don't think I've been out in over a month. Only going for a little 30 mile trip. Wrapped up in two coats and gloves checked the levels and off I went. about 6 miles down the road it started to p**s down, Just thought sod it. I had the roof on so didn't get that wet when moving. After thought is that it isn't really that bad in the rain. Can get a bit skiddy but that is fun Anyone been out in the snow?
  6. Do you have any pictures of the cover. Sort of near by so pick up will be easy enough. e-mail me if needed. ollyb360@hotmail.co.uk Thanks.
  7. Well I just had this on a pinto that I just swapped. About 8 weeks ago now. I didn't see the push rod on the old engine forgot to transfer it. School boy error really make sure that is there. Didn't use a thick gasket don't even think it has one. Not leaking though. Take the inlet pipe off to the carb an if nothing comes out problem before carb less expensive. Also if it runs (just by tipping a little fuel direct in the carb) for about 5 seconds you know timing and such is right enough.
  8. This is the way I read the confusing DVLA website when towing a caravan or my really small trailer. I'm 22 only passed my test in 2007. As long as you and what you are towing don't weigh over 3.5 tonnes and that the trailer is not heavier than the towing vehicle then it's ok. Like I say though the website is hard to understand as it contradicts itself so I may be wrong. Not even sure if there is different rules for towing something that is braked.
  9. engine water temp sensor.
  10. Yeah I put a small bit of wood between jack and diff just to be safer also spreads load. On the front anywhere under where the suspension components join to the body are going to be strong. Hint if you still can't get jack under the front suspension just get someone to lift the car slightly. ps Sounds like a nightmare of wiring. How is it that whenever someone else has done it it is always really confusing and never makes sense. Who does this?
  11. For the rear why not just under the diff? Get both wheels off the ground with that.
  12. Ok it is a bit tight that he failed your car for that. most of them just adjust it as they do it as not many people/places have beam setters. Hopefully you get free re-test. good diy way is to park up facing a wall say 4 feet away turn lights on, then just move the one that failed so it is near enough level with the other. Using the little screw may need an allen key. Look like this.
  13. Make sure the whole system is sealed and the correct level of antifreeze is in. Any slight leak and the temp will rise as the pressure is dropped, same goes with antifreeze that has an affect on the boiling temp of water. Saying this though 100-105 degrees C doesn't sound that hot to me if you are racing it. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) Also switching off the engine brings the temperature up as it is not being circulated. Mr_Frosty
  14. Mr_Frosty

    Dead Engine?

    Greavsey7 could you let me know what the engine is like and spec...... also if you have a price in mind? Thanks. Yeah I know the engine is easy to take down. Main reason I've got that engine. I work on cars all day so not much of a challenge to be honest just a pain in the arse as I've just taxed it. So would like something just to stick in it to get it back on the road quick.
  15. Mr_Frosty

    Dead Engine?

    Hey cheers for the replies. Borrowed a compression tester from work and came out with Cyl...1 - 160psi Cyl...2 - 145psh Cyl...3 - 135psi Cyl...4 - 0psi So I know where to look. Disappointing though. Any clues as to what it is would be nice. It was only a push and hold on tester so not the most accurate. Also spark plug 4 was covered in oil the rest looked fine and the knocking noise is coming from the rear of engine (cyl...4) The engine only has 1500ish miles on it. Well the engine will be coming out stripped and rebuilt as soon as I can find another 2lt to put in place just to get the car back on the road for summer. Anybody have a spare/old engine kicking around. Preferred to be running and able to go on unleaded. (and cheap) Thanks again
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