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  1. :gdit: anyway chris, getting back to the arches..... don't you think the gap difference between the tyre and arch (back being bigger!) is more of an eyesore than the sierra trailing arms? anyway rear double wishbones would cure that problem , make it handle better, save weight and ensure wheels go up and down... :gdit:
  2. Has anybody thought about converting the rear end to cycle wings like the front or am i living in la la land?
  3. no seriously, what would be a good engine (power vs weight) to mount to a type 9 gearbox without too much problem?
  4. i didn't want to use the pinto cos that's normal and boring in my point of view! what would be a better engine do you recon? i was wondering on jap, maybe 2 or 3 litre, poss supra 6 twin turbo! you gotta do it for the challege and a giggle!
  5. What are you using instead of the v6? why are you not using it?
  6. I have just obtained 2 Sierra XR4x4s with the 2.8 v6 in them. Are they going to serve as good donor vehicles for a lightweight or 2b? i'm very keen to make use of the 4x4, like the dax quadra. anyone used the 2.8 v6 or 4x4 yet?
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