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  1. Happy Christmas Jim Get yourself a Bird That is not feathered, that will sit on your knee and not bite and that doesnt resemble a festive meal. Get one that can make you happy and give you fun. All the best Mate. Dave ( Captn Pugwash.)
  2. They gave it out over the p.a systen last week that dogs where not allowed in the infield and whilst racing is in progress are not allowed on the curcuit grounds on the grounds of safety. I think you will find that you will be refused entry to teh circuit if you take the dog, last year a dog was found in a car and the asked the owner to take it home as peolpe were kicking off due to the warm weather. Captn Pugwash
  3. Arrived fridayafternoon, took caravan stayed inside paddock with competators, had a bottle of wine and worked like hell all weekend,, worth it, sunday morning race 2 it all happened in front of me, body panels every where. were were you all, looked for the lads from the north west but no sign of them. anyhow heres a picture taken for those that didnt go, put a few more up later Captn pugwash
  4. Have you all booked your camp site and paid deposit, I am staying at donington circuit in our caravan as we have press passes, If you have not booked I can ring donington circuit and see if you can stay with us inside the grounds, let me know urgently, we go friday morning, need to ring by wednesday Captn Pugwash
  5. Friday the 5th october + saturday and sunday British firework display at southport, No que's and three good night outs, park on the pier front and display your cars, good night out and good fish and chips. See my website for images of last years event, www.photosportuk.com
  6. Get well soon pete, looks like a trip down the scanner on the cards, I went down the other week and the answer from the surgion was they found a brain and for my age everything seemed okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a few anomolies what ever they are, FOR MY AGE 49. Bloody cheek of the chap. Get well anyway and take care. CAptn Pugwash
  7. do not foam the ply down get shut of it. Put the tray onto the legs that come with the tray, sit the tray directly onto the boards and adjust each leg down to the floor, fit screws throught the plastic leg base plate into the floorboards. silicone the tray to the wall before you tile the walls, then tile down to the tray, leave the grout out of the horizontal gap where the tile meets the tray, run white silicone around the tray where the tiles meet the tray. SORT THE FLOORBOARDS OUT FIRST, IF YOU DONT YOU WILL GET A LEAK, TAKE IT FROM ME, IT ALWAYS HAPPENS, A GOOD SOLID DRY FLOOR IT THE ONLY WAY TO FIT A TRAY. IF YOU HAD A LEAK BEFORE YOU TOOK THE OLD TRAY OUT, EITHER FIT EW STORED DRY T+G TIMBER OR LEAVE IT TO DRY OUT. iF STUCK GIVE ME A EMAIL, i WILL TALK YOU THROUGH IT, BEEN BATHROOM FITTING FOR 25 YEARS, SEE www.lancashirebathrooms.com Dave Captn Pugwash
  8. Been to florida 3 time 2000, 2001 2003, bloody great time, cannot faqult it, if you have never tried it, go for it, its ausom. Petrols cheap, sorry Ga, as for the shootings, its a load of bollo**s, how many shooting on the news toninght (new poll perhaps), We stayed for a total of 7 weeks and heard of one case, someone ropbbing macdonalds late at night. and the burgers there are massive, clarckson would have struggled to get a big mac meal on that car roof. The biggest mac donalds is a four story building, one the way to Sanford airport. Massive. The foods good, the lifestyle is hard, but given half a chance, I would go straight away. To those whom havent been go for it, fly virgin it better and enjoy. size wise, think big and double it, licra stretches like you wouldnt believe, saw a woman sat on a concrete rubbish bin an a theme park, wearing licra trousers and a white top, she looked like a bloody Mr wippy (69) ice cream. you can fit 4 englands head to tail onto florida, its that big. Ps liked the program Captn Pugwash
  9. First there was this one, won a single stage event in it at carnforth, ate gearboxs for fun.
  10. Glad to see that some one informed the right people and warwick did the right thing in removing the car.
  11. captn Pugwash


    petition signed, good idea hope you get enough signitures regardCAptn Pugwash
  12. Use the pictures off ebay, shows enough detail. Question to the committee :- Is it in the clubs interest to have a member selling a car like this and getting the club a bad name. Is there nothing in the constitution of the club that can be brought into force. If this car reaches the reserve price, I feel that the club will have let down a unknowing kit car novice, how can we hold our heads up in the world of kit car, we become as bad as the owner. could we be accessories to murder if some one was killed in this car. I for one am not going to have it on my conciance that some one buys a potential problem car, having bought one myself off ebay. Someone has to spill the beens. Its only right, who will explain to the fatal persons mother that all the robin hood members knew of the danger this car being on the road.
  13. captn Pugwash


    not sure, a hole at one end or is this exhausting??!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. Seen this car at the autosport show on friday, very tastie - 0 -60 in 2.4 seconds top speed 210mph small problem of spare cash to buy it £150,000 on the road - stick with the westie I think, but got to say it did look spectactular. Othe picture was taken by cabin boy, (son mark) told him to take the camera to gain some experiance with taking interesting pictures, hell he says it has a nice body shape!!!!1 what you think CAptn Pugwash
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