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  1. dieselnut


    Cold right elbow seems to be inevitable - though I am working on redesigning the doors to try and take out at least some of the gaps! I think then a new matrix for the Mini may be the way forward. After posting last night I stripped the Mini unit and it looks like it may have been going for a while, the fins in certain places are pretty much corroded together blocking the air flow, also there's a lot of air leakage around the matrix rather than through it as the foam stripping inside was pretty much dust. Spotted the Polo write up on the North West Rhocar site, but I can't find a Polo heater of that vintage online anywhere.
  2. Unfortunately I'm going to have to give this one a miss, enjoy a pint for me!
  3. dieselnut


    What donor heaters do people use? Up until this evening I had a heater from an Austin Mini which whilst a little asthmatic at least kept my toes from icing over. On the way home from work my heater matrix sprung a leak gently showering my legs in a fine mist of cold water. I'm just wondering what anyone else uses? I can buy a replacement matrix for the mini heater, or are there better donor solutions that might give a bit more warmth? Matthew
  4. Resurrecting an old thread a little, I've just bought some LED lights and by lordy they're bright! I have H4 conversions to replace my sealed beam lamps. The beam pattern is correct if the emitter of the LED unit is in the same place as the filament was in the halogen bulb, so all I did was shim the LED block in the H4 adaptor it came with until it lined up with the original halogen. Beam pattern looks right (I drew the outline on the garage door with masking tape using the old bulbs before I changed them). The pattern appears to be a function of the molding of the glass rather than anything bulb related for mine. I work near an MoT garage so I might tempt fate and drop in tomorrow to see if they'll check them - they've done free brake tests in return for biscuits for me before when I was trying to fettle the handbrake so I'm hoping the same deal works for lights!
  5. Might be worth getting a timing light on it and running up through the rev range. A guy called Dave Andrews has a great write up about where you should see what advance, it could be that the advance curve in the new dizzy is wrong for your particular setup, usually it's a case of replacing one of the internal springs with a stronger or weaker one to get the curve right.
  6. Blimey! The one on the 2b will take 18 stone stood on the end of it without flexing! My problem is the threaded rod that was put in to secure the wheel keeps coming out, lost the wheel once on a roundabout
  7. Great to put some faces to the names tonight, made it back home without any pieces falling off en route!
  8. I picked up the same keyring demonstrator at an engineering trade show, in playing with it I decided they were only good if you never ever wanted the things you bolted to ever come apart again! Hand tight on the wing nut and it took a spanner across it with it clamped in a vice to get it undone. Dare say if you tightened a normal bolt with them then you'd shear the bolt before it came undone!!
  9. MacGyver himself would be proud - managed to get a bolt and a couple of lock washers in and tight enough to get me home. I have to say the alligator bonnet is the best thing ever for accessibility to everything! New part ordered and arriving today. I found a local old-school motor factor who still understands "Have you got one of these?" rather than insisting you have every last bit of detail. https://i.imgur.com/dhUGVNT.jpg
  10. Cheers guys! As it happens there's a boat place about 2 miles away!! There's also a car place just down the road, but he couldn't do anything without a registration and of course give him the kit reg and it "isn't in the system"
  11. On the drive to work this morning, nice sunny day, wind in my hair, dipped the clutch to change down for the roundabout ahead and *BANG* the clutch went straight to the floor! Quick thinking, knocked into neutral, coasted until I'd slowed, matched revvs and rammed it into 3rd. This made for an interesting last mile to work knowing that I couldn't stop or slow down, 3 cups of coffee and I think I've steadied my nerves! Got it to work and put the bonnet up, looks like I've snapped the cable right at the pedal end. I've got the "standard" Sierra clutch pedal box with the ratchet adjuster, it looks just like the final nipple has come off the cable. Does anyone know a) if it can be re-attached somehow to get me home? if there's a temporary repair? c) how much of a world of pain it is to replace the clutch cable given that I can't actually see the bell housing never mind find the end of the cable? I've got various tools at my disposal at work including gas torch My first thought is a "chock block" type electrical connector and wind it down tight, but I'm open to suggestions!
  12. Without looking at it I'm not 100% sure, however in most cases of dim disco light dashboards you've knocked an earth off somewhere which is causing the dash light to earth back through a bulb rather than the proper ground point so it'll be fun then brighten as the relay triggers the earth lead to light the bulb.
  13. Ooh cheers Alantoon! I was going to try and make it to the next North East meetup - hopefully it should last that long. I'll have to buy you a pint or two (non alcoholic options available if you're driving )
  14. Don't suppose anyone has a standard camshaft for the 2L pinto laying around following an upgrade? Just had my rocker cover off to adjust the clearances and found one of the cam lobes is fairly badly scored, it'll live for now but I'm sure it isn't long for this world!
  15. Installing a heater for me and building some new doors. Going to get the 3d printer out and knock up some fill in parts to block the main air leaks around the wet weather gear. On top of that, if I have time replacing the non functioning clocks with a home built Digi dash - been a slow running project for a few weeks, basics are a 7 inch touch LCD run by a couple of microcontrollers providing the usual dashboard functions and indicators with the ability to switch to display oil pressure gauges, vac gauge, water temp etc. Keeping it wife-friendly by default then switchable to car-geek mode for when I need/want to know more. Edited to add: if/when I get the Digi dash working I'll post a write up if people are interested.
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