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  1. To be fair Pete all the things you mentioned you should be doing anyway, speed limits do change - its a fact of life. You could consider the advisory letter to be a reminder of that fact, the community speed watch may have intentionally setup the patrol purely for that reason - to formally remind people of the new limit. Personally I would prefer the advisory letter than the one with 3 points attached. I am also a fan of the speed cameras that seek to "embarrass" you into slowing down, they seem to be far more effective than a predominantly empty GATSO. However, I do agree with the comments about some of the apparent illogical changes in speed on any one road, although my puzzlement tends to be at how the faster section can be any safer than the slower section when they both seem to have the same level of hazards - or even worse the faster section seems to have more hazards.
  2. Got my rivetter from Machine Mart, also does riv nuts of various sizes. Makes life really easy, but you do also need a cheap and nasty rivet gun for those hard to reach places. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/laser-heavy-duty-nut-riveter-set?da=1&TC=SRC-rivet
  3. iank

    Babys First Mot

    First MOT on the Zero today. Its like taking one of your kids to the doctor :-) Anyway passed without problem - and so it should. Ian
  4. Mine are fixed with velcro.
  5. Looking at the web site its been both moved and renamed. The website includes a new location link showing as relocating to Allerton Park. http://www.pickeringsteam.com/ Ian
  6. Nelmo, I'd suggest you get several 3.3mm drill bits. I bought mine in boxes of 10 from a local engineering suppliers. Only HSS, but also only £5 a box.
  7. Happy Birthday Dan - Have a good one!
  8. Cant say I noticed any more noise than normal when i was sitting in a 20 minute queue to get into a car park yesterday in the blazing sun. My high pressure pump is mounted in the engine bay the other side of the drivers footwell. The only thing that was abnormal was me, being slowly roasted.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong Peter but you are referring to the Eurotunnel Advanced Passenger Information. This is the UK government collecting information on who is leaving the country, Eurotunnel have decided to do it this way, the airlines have always done it, the ferries since 1998. Nothing to do with Europe , its the UK government collecting the same information it used to collect until it just couldn't be bothered any more back in the mid 90's.
  10. Peter, Pre-register with who?
  11. iank

    Engines 101

    If its any help I've attached a couple of pics I took when I unpacked my Zetec crate engine. As already mentioned you get an engine. You don't get all the things you need to make it go, as has already been detailed.
  12. Nelmo, All the things you are thinking of now are all the thing you MUST think about with a Zero. The Zero doesn't have a lot of ground clearance so you don't want parts of your drive train hanging low - or your first encounter with an oversize speed bump will be messy. Re the comments about cutting the bell housing. I have a Type 9 gearbox (lots of better ratios available compared to MT 75 - if you want to pay for them) and an aluminium bell housing from SPC Components. This is a perfect fit with the Raceline sump so no hacking bits off the bottom and its nice and light. Its worth noting that you will have to cut the bellhousing around the starter motor to clear the chassis rails - much easier to do with aluminium.
  13. I can also +1 First Motion. I got one of their FM283 gearboxes which took about 3 weeks for them to make up. I had a good chat with them beforehand about the most appropriate ratios and type of box for what I wanted to use it for. I found them really helpful.
  14. The other aspect to think about is how effective your demisters will be . I seem to remember they had to clear at a given rate.
  15. Bring back child labour - good old Victorian values :-) Never too young to learn new skills! To answer your actual question: If its only once or twice a year have you actually considered the economics, gas and wire are not that cheap so if you are just welding up occasional small pieces it might be worth just asking a local engineering company.
  16. Funny how you always seem to find things in the last place. :-)
  17. Rick, Have a lookout for a local area meet, usually posted on here each month then pop along. The members don't bite (much)....
  18. Definitely recommend you visit the Stoneleigh show. Not only so you can see the wide variety of cars and the mods their owners have made but so you can also speak to lots of people and get their experiences first hand. That will give you a huge amount of information of what to look for both good and bad and could potentially save you thousands against an ebug "bargain of the century". That is not to say all kit cars on ebug are dodgy, because the majority are not. The owners will be more than willing to talk to you, you may even find you have trouble shutting them up once stared :-)
  19. Have a good trip guys. Wish I could have made this one , but not to be. I'm sure there will be donuts on the 'menu' somewhere along the line. But have a safe one.
  20. Thanks for all the replies and feedback. We've got a motorhome we like the layout off and it comes with a 2.8L diesel motor. We were out at the weekend in the peak district and so far we're pretty happy with it. Ian
  21. You have to read the Q&A's they are superb, the vendor has also obviously got a wicked sense of humour
  22. that was my thinking too screaming the nuts of in 3rd and 4th is not exactly economical motoring
  23. Just after a bit of opinion from those of here that may be considered by some to be the spawn of beelzebub for owning caravans or more specifically motorhomes. I'm looking at buying a motorhome ( 4 to 6 berth depending on layout ) so we can do some touring around the UK and Europe. Need a bit of feedback about the merits of various engines in these things. Not having owned one before. Most of the ones I've been looking at have 2 or 2.5 or 2.8 diesel engines in what are essentially similar size vehicles. Anyone owned such a vehicle with the smaller engines? I'm a bit concerned the smaller motors will struggle with the huge airbrake they are towing around and I'll end up driving everywhere in 3rd or 4th ( I had a 2L BMW diesel a few years ago and the only time I got it into 5th towing a caravan was going down hill). Am I worrying about nothing or should I go with my gut feel that the larger motor (with its larger thirst) is in fact the one that is better to live with? And yes I know a 7L V8 is the one I should be looking at but my first name isn't Sheik In anticipation of all the ridicule but hopefully also some useful information.... Ian
  24. iank


    Someone else will have to carry the baby wipes this year
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