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  1. i bought a set from retro ford , perfect fit for my silvertop into a S7, they come with ebverything , rubber mounts , plates bolts , spacers etc , you just need to cut the tube to length and weld
  2. hi , a big thanks to you all for the advice and answers in my pinto to zetec change ......... .....first outing over the weekend .......what a difference........2.0L silvertop , ZX6R carbs , Megajolt ignition , ERA sump ....... .....goes like absolute stink and hasnt even seen the rolling road yet Cheers Mark
  3. ......when i had a proper look , hey presto there is a sender at the bottom .....no idea how i missed this when i was fitting it ....thanks all for the help , connected it up and temp gauge works fine now
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a temperature sender that fits into the top of the thermostat housing on a silvertop zetec .....apparently the one in it is for the ecu and won't work a temp gauge ......or alternatively a adapter plug so i can use my pinto sender .....everything else works ....had its first run out ...just no temp gauge
  5. thanks for that ...thats the info i needed ....
  6. on the zetec the sender is housed in the plastic themostat unit so the sender has two wires coming out , one i assume is the feed from the clock and the other to ground ......
  7. Help ....if I ground my temp wire the gauge goes to max ....if I short the two prongs on the temp sensor plug the gauge goes to max .....but once connected to the temp sensor I just get cold ...no movement ....is this the sensor that's faulty ?
  8. .....I have a zetec with megajolt and I bought the rev counter adaptation like previous post that connects to coil 1 & 2 ......but when I connect it to the rev counter I loose all spark......baffled
  9. ...hi yes using standard thermostat housing ...........whats the manifold like?
  10. Final stages ......can anyone recommend a zetec exhaust manifold ..... I have clamshell wings so it needs to kick out at the bottom of the side panel ......
  11. .....thanks ....when i had my pinto in it i found it was quick to 70mph then seemed to loose power ..........i know they are like a brick when it comes to aerodynamics , but i always suspected in was getting a low pressure area above the clamshell wings ........they are known for creating lift i.e. high pressure underneath ....so by my logic
  12. Hi i am in the last stages of fitting my zetec with zx6r carbs .......i have clamshell front wings and suspect that i get a low pressure area by the side of the bonnet where the carbs would suck from ........is this true? should i put a airbox on them and feed from the nose? thanks Mark
  13. ......in addition i found that my first 1/4 of a tank went very fast ..i thought it was the gauge not being accurate till someone followed me and told me on hard left handers a had fuel gushing out of the filler cap ......fuel tank has no baffles in it .......another job for the list
  14. ........thanks Brian ....that would be the perfect solution ......will measure my mondeo one and compare .thanks
  15. hi , thanks but it seems the mondeo alternator is too big to fit under my bike carbs , is the escort one smaller? pinto one fits ok
  16. Hi I had a 2.1 pinto with twin 40s in mine and max was 25mpg , anything that put a smile on your face was sub 20 just changing into a zetec with the guarantee of more power and the hope of a little more economy
  17. Hi I want to use the alternator off my pinto for my zetec ....where can I get a ribbed pulley to replace the v pulley ?
  18. Hi all in my pinto to zetec swap i am changing the waterpump for a Escort 1.8zetec unit so it pumps the correct way , i have the old alternator from my Pinto (which would need a new pulley) and the alternator from the silvertop 2.0 zetec ..which would be the best fit ? Mark
  19. Thanks ....will ask A&B ......agree on the oil filter ....will test fit prob next weekend and see if it fouls or not ....else it will be a remote .....i have a oil cooler sandwich plate in addition so my guess is it will be to wide .....
  20. Hi All Thanks for the tips , fuel pump ...no idea ....pinto was sold complete with 40s etc ....went to A&B garage in queensferry who are really good guys and know lots about pintos and zetecs and their recomendation was ZX6 carbs if i didnt do injection ....aleady got a set do i need a return pipe from these ? to the tank or can i return it to before the pump ? was thinking megajolt or perhaps Nodizz ?
  21. Pinto out and zetec going in .......any things i need to know? 2.0 Zetec ZX6 Carbs ERA sump ( on order ) 3.6kgs flywheel ( en route ) Ignition - dont know yet Cams - probably leave as standard exhaust - will need to have one that comes out underneath my clamshells Radiator - aluminium HD
  22. Managed to get weekend camping tickets !!!!
  23. Hi I've no idea what shafts I have. Its a cortina mk5 rear axle. I would be interested in the 3.9. How do I tell ?
  24. Hi is a hydraulic handbrake ok with regards MOT ? i think they just check efficacy ......i am changing rear brakes from drum to disc so was thinking of putting hi-spec calipers on rear without mechanical handbrake part then just fitting a inline hyd handbrake? Mark
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