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  1. East Anglian kit car club which was originally robin hood club meets second sunday in the month (next week ) at the big hotel in Scole (off a140) PLENTY OF HOODS AND OTHER KITS
  2. Do worry, mine failed on wheels slightly out side wheel arch, put sierra wheels on for retest and passed
  3. Has anyone got a fiesta lights / wipers column switch for sale, I think they were off the mk4 , they have 11 connections each side from w 1 to 11 and L 1 to 11, thanks
  4. I think there are 5 there , need pumping up as they have been there since my build in 2005 if you want them ring me 07860426473
  5. I'm sure ive got a set behind the garage you can have and i'm not that far away from you, will check tomorrow
  6. Having sorted my water problems (core plug/thermostat housing) I now have the electric fan not coming in when hot. The fans been checked and thats allright, so it must be the sender in the top hose , it has a adjuster but it just constantly turns each way, should it not stop at different temps. I think when I built it , it also has a relay and is it fused ?
  7. Thanks for all replys, went to the ford dealer who had one in stock, so that bit is sorted, but now the fans not cutting in when it heats up, checked fan and thats ok so it must be the sender thingey in the top hose. Its a while since I built it and I cant remember what the adjuster screw does, it seams to turn either way with no stopping, can it be checked, would it be fused.
  8. Hav'nt heard from Steve, has anyone else got a 2 litre pinto thermostat housing urgent now as the suns out, thanks
  9. Put the core plug in that dropped out during the winter due to the freeze, and now find that the thermostat housing is broken, has any one got one that they will swop for beer tokens. its a 2 litre pinto, many thanks Graham
  10. Happy Birthday Martin (our East Anglian leader) 48? are you sure, Graham
  11. mine are rusty , bought 2 new shells and rims from GBS via ebay only £30 a pair, buy it now
  12. "battery bill" got his name as in his eyes the only place for the battery was in the rear of a robin hood. What happened to him and his boy Joey , they were allways on here years ago.
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