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  1. Pacman

    Sva & Mot Pass

    Passed my SVA and MOT this morning All Im waiting for now is the DVLA to send me some paper work. I phoned them today did not want me to pop down said they will give me a date so the can look at the car ?? then get my number plates,tax and im on the road and the sun might still be shining Pacman (South Wales The Vale of Glamorgan)
  2. Pacman


    I have just failed my SVA and phoned Adrian Flux to tell them it would take longer then the 14 days they had given me they said not to worry about the two weeks and they would wait untill the 12th of this month for me to give them a number plate and photos or I might lose the money I have paid but they will talk it over with you on the phone and give you longer if it is out of your control parts, holidays etc phone them and explain the young lady I spoke to was very helpful. Pacman
  3. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    Thanks for all the help I have had a new exhaust fitted by long life £264 hand built from the old ford manifold down a lovely job looks and sounds nice I had a courtasy car for the day in with the price as well so Im happy I have rebooked my SVA for this Monday 6th. I hope I pass I have had to take my horn off the wheel as it would not fit the new boss and wheel put a little button on the side of the collum hope its good enough Pacman
  4. Try WD40 on your stainless it cleans it protects it and stops crap sticking to it also very cheep these days
  5. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    Thanks for the offer Steve Im going to ring rhsc and price up a new manifold and exhaust it has to be a lot less than £700 I have been quoted. Cheers Pacman (Paul)
  6. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    Hi I have tried the pan cleaners up the tail pipe and went for a little run but they blew out before I had driven out of the garage pushed four of them up as far as I could. How do you make them stay in? and how many should I push up ? If the examiner finds them will he fail me any way Pacman
  7. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    I have sorted out the radius problems and have ordered a mountney callapsible boss £39 not bad . I have also had a quote of £700 yes £700 almost as much as the kit cost for a stainless steel manifold and exhaust this seems a bit high but I have tried all the exhaust centers and they cannot or will not help so I had to go to a specialist. :boohoo: I have a Ford 2Lt EFI can any one out there beat the price in the south wales area if you can let me know I could go with the cutting open of the box and if my wife had her way I would have to but I want the car to look GOOD I have not rebooked my test yet due to the bank holiday and im not sure when I will sort out this problem also with all the rain we have been having im waiting for a dry week :gdit: Pacman almost there
  8. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    Thanks Ill give that a try I have a heat cover over my exhust so it will hide any mess It makes
  9. Pacman

    Sva Fail

    Failed my SVA at Llantrisant today :boohoo: but at least I have a list of things to sort out. I have already sorted out the radius fails I did not think that I had missed any but the A frame pillers,head light bottom threds, the large nuts on the lower springs, fog light edges not radiused and I have had to put a top carpet to cover all the sharps in the passenger foot well. Two others are a little bit more of a problem. :boohoo: Too much niose over 105db I knew the one with kit was crap but you have to try I will have to shop around now and price one up. or is there a way I can alter the one I have ? No collaspable boss fitted I have one on order should be here next week. On the bright side I managed to miss all the rain and the tester was a good bloke who gave me lots of good advice Getting there Pacman
  10. Pacman

    Chassis Number

    I made one up using my invoice number and engine number no problems and I have just had my SVA date Thursday 26th Aug ( AAAAH BOWL MOVEMENT )
  11. Pacman

    Chassis Number

    Once again thanks for the advice I think Ill go with making one up it looks to be the quickest option. Packman
  12. Pacman

    Chassis Number

    Thanks I have just read Ben Salt has the same problem i have taken a few numbers Im happy to make one up but there has to be a better way than this.WHY CANT THEY SEND YOU THE CORRECT FORMS WITH THE SVA APPLICATION THEY KNOW YOU WILL NEED THEM ?? We all must go through the same s**t who can have a chassis number for a tublar frame that has been mass produced by Robin Hood who do not put a chassis number on them why not ?? I dont know do other kits ?feel better now had a little rant. Pacman
  13. Pacman

    Chassis Number

    I have just had a reply from the VOSA asking me for a chassis number as the doner chassis number is unacceptable for my SVA?. I do not have a chassis but a tublar frame so how do I go about getting one ?? Is this a common thing or am I in for a bad time I have phoned Robin Hood the place is shut for holidays. Pacman
  14. Pacman

    Sva Booked

    Thanks for the information Lads And thanks for the diagramme Les if I get in to trouble ill give you a call im home this week with the kids who dont want to hang with the old man so I intend to spend as much time on the car as I can. Paul
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