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  1. Did a bit more digging and found this on directgov............. Towing a car using an A-frame or dolly If you attach an A-frame to a car in order to tow it with a larger vehicle, the car plus A-frame counts as a trailer. If you use a dolly to tow a broken-down vehicle, the dolly counts as a trailer. In both cases the usual safety regulations for trailers apply. As the site says it looks as though someone has now decided it is legal, I'm guessing some Civil servant who actually thinks up the wording etc of the Laws may have a vested interest ;-) I'm going to see if I can pick one up for a reasonable price on E-bay, if I get stopped I'll refer any traffic officer to the directgov site.
  2. I have noticed mine does the same, I guess it just needs to stabilise itself.
  3. Thanks for the added info, food for thought there I'll have to look into it a bit more. The towing weight won't exceed 50%, towing with a Shogun. I know propshaft is removed on autos never heard of it on manuals, used to do some recovery work for the AA and they never mentioned it. Being a HGV licence holder I assure you the workings of an HGV gearbox are very very different and having been recovered by a wrecker on front lift only once I agree they prob do need removing unless only a short distance. My Shogun auto can be towed 19 miles at less than 25 mph without disconnecting the prop as well. My Insurance mileage allowance is 1500 miles a year, didn't think I'd need more, 2 months in and only used 37.8 miles of it, who mentioned the word drought? never stopped raining since they did The campervans towing light cars is what made me think of it TBH, Insured and MOT'd for 11 and 10 months respectively, taxed for 5, so those bases covered. Thanks again for the added info. Will get back to you with my findings.
  4. Cheers , as I thought but just needed someone else to confirm.
  5. Hi guys, I have a bit of a weird question. I've fitted an ETB electronic speedo and was just wondering , if I'm towing it on an A frame or towing dolly and it's rear wheels are still in contact with the road the mileage won't go up will it? The way I see it is if the ignition is off it can't pick up can it? The reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of towing it for about 300 miles each way on a holiday and using it while there, 600 miles return trip if logged on the mileage will wipe out half my annual mileage allowance.
  6. Anybody know if it would be a difficult task swapping this for a Pinto?
  7. Brian T


    I had a good experience with them as well, advice and delivery very good.
  8. I tend to cut threads quite often and I generally use a light oil , 3in1 or penetrating oil always work well for me. Ditto Ian, grease will keep the swarf on the job and can ruin a thread.
  9. Brian T


    That means you get a "Blue badge" in the post, let's hope the traffic wardens are short sighted
  10. Aeroscreens or Goggles for IVA ? The aluminium surround would be easy enough to form if you have a mate that has access to the right tooling, unfortunately not many places have them. So,for the potential hassle and cost of getting them made locally, as Alan and Knights templar both say GBS looks the way to go. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. The frame would be easy enough to make up with the right dimensions, what do you mean by the upper widscreen surround?
  12. If you know anyone with a Makro card they have them for £59.99 at the moment.
  13. Hi Alan thanks for the reply. That all makes sense and straightforward enough. You mentioned you don't like the sound of 3 connections , I had a good look at the switch and lo and behold, "16A 250V", hmm car orientated? Think not. It has a capillary tube and bulb if that helps? Not too sure if this will help but the link takes you to the specs page, the thermostat I got in the kit was the 0-120 range and as is pictured at the top with the securing nut on the tubing, obviously used for a varity of applications. Glad you said about going C to 2 on the thermostat switch routed via the override switch, I was advised to run it straight to 86 , which I guess would work, but, also make the wire both sides of the switch "live" by backfeeding when in the "Off" position?
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