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  1. I made mine in true Hoodie style from glassfibre & chicken wire! I even used a couple of 5 Ltr screenwash bottles as moulds to make side pods to fit either side of the petrol tank for added storage, and to stop tools and bit sliding from side to side in a flat boot. Phill.
  2. Hi John, As Harvs says I had separate holes for runners and seat belt mounts, there was no overlap? And he's right definately weld the bolts to the runners, as the seats will be in and out a number of times, and it's so much easier when you can just tighten up the nuts from under the car without having to worry about having a spanner on the bolt heads, plus it's a tight fit and it's not easy to get to them. Phill.
  3. I had a simliar problem with my Superspec at the first SVA. Inspector noticed that one of the bolts had come loose, turned out most of the others were loose too. Hadn't had an locktight or lock nuts put on! Also checking my car over a few weeks back as the steering shaft came loose in the UJ just before it's MOT I found the engine mounting was rattling around! That explains the racket on changing gear the whole engine and gearbox was moving around! Just goes to show how well the Superspec Rolling chassis were put together back in the days before the new Robin Hood ownership!
  4. Hi Guys, As some of the Staffs guys know I've been in the throws of a new project this year, so haven't had much chance to get the hood out on the roads. Anyway the new project finally came to fruition at 7:30pm on 20th August, here's some pictures of one of the newest hoodies. She goes by the name Millie and weighs in at a beefy 10lbs 5oz. Mum and Millie are now back home after 4 days in the hospital.
  5. Harvs, I covererd the Lambda sensor bolt by welding on a piece of tube which I added a rounded edge to. It doesn't cover the nut up completely, so it's easy to get at to unbolt the Lambda sensor if required, but it's just enough to stop the sphere from getting in at the sharp edges of the bolts. And for the end bolts I welded some domed nuts to some tubing in order to make some domed covers Phill.
  6. Mine too. Wired as per the diagrams, and it stays on after the ignition is off until the thermostat switches it off.
  7. I thought I recognised the handwritting in the first picture You got here before I could find my copy of the diagram. Just so you know the pin outs for the 'lights' section (upper right) on the hand drawn diagram are for a Ford Focus light switch too. Not sure what the part number was. Also the stalks that I used for the diagram, had the 'Info' button on for the trip computer, which I reused as a horn button, rather that use the centre of the steering wheel. Phill.
  8. My Superspec passed SVA fine with the indicators on the Cycle wings: SVA inspector said that they'd had a clarification from VOSA stating that the indicators should only be inspected with the wheels in the straight ahead position, so as the lights are visible under these conditions then it would pass, even though the indicators move with the wheels when turned.
  9. I'm not sure about 3. I've not got it connected to anything on mine. My best guess is that it's for connecting to a Rover engine diagnostics system.
  10. I can't see how this could be SVA exempt? Surely it would fall into the same sort of category as the likes of the Banham Spyder 550 thing which is based on an old Skoda with the roof chopped off, and these have to go through an SVA. Even Beetle chassis based cars (like the Pilgrim 356) need an SVA if the chassis is shortened or cut in any way. I can see VOSA jumping all over that not requiring and SVA if it goes into production. That said I do like it, in Tricky's true traditional style it's different from all the other Cobra clones out there.
  11. Hi John, I found that on my fuel sender, which looks slightly different to yours, that it worked by altering a sliding resistor bar ctuated by the float arm inside the tank. I fixed it my unsoldering the white wire from 1 end of the resistor bar and soldering it to the other, thus altering the resistance so it measure the opposite way around. This fixed it so the gauge reads the right way. Phill
  12. Hi John, I registered my Superspec in June 2006, and it had to pass an emissions test at the SVA as far as I know those emissions values are the same as the BET (Basic Emissions Test) which are carried out on any cars registered post 1st August 2001 at MOT. The BET standards are: Fast idle 2500-3000rpm CO no more than 0.3% HC no more than 200 parts per million Lambda between 0.97 and 1.03 Normal idle 450-1500rpm CO no more than 0.5% If your car has passed the SVA then it should be fine for the MOT. As far as road tax goes as there are no manufacture specific CO2 measurements for the Robin Hood it is taxed on the engine size. Category is something like TC11 Over 1549cc £185 for 12 months, or £101.75 for 6 months. HTH, Phill.
  13. Congrats Stephen. Yet another SuperSpec ready for the road.
  14. Wow! That means that mine will need an MOT next June! Man that's flown! Congrats. Bet you're glad that you didn't have to get rid of it now!
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