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  1. if I'm fit enough I will try to make it peter-2b
  2. Hi guys thought I would let all know I had to go into hospital on the 16th Nov for an op to remove the top 1/3 of my right lung as it showed signs of cancer to cut a long and painful 3 week stay in Wythenshawe hospital short, they ended taking the whole lung out due to an infection I'm now home again under the care of my loving wife but only firing on one cylinder, but getting better every day, breathing is a bit hard but getting easier day by day peter-2b
  3. a very merry Christmas to all , now I'm home from hospital after having my right lung removed should have been only a 1/3 Rd but got an infection so 3 days later they took the rest out spent 3 weeks laid up can't begin to describe the pain etc but all over now Merry Christmas to all peter-2b
  4. I'm planning on going to the classic next year probably with the piston heads group (first tickets) ,I've registered my interest with them , any one else thinking of going? peter-2b
  5. had the heart scan done today, made the nurse giggle, you have to strip our top off then lay on your left side the person doing the scan sits behind you sideways so they can see the screen but so that they can use the pick up they lean against you, lucky I had a nice young(early 20s) nurse doing the scan after a bit she said let me know if you find this uncomfortable to which I replied don't ask a 65 year old guy do you find a young atractive lady on top of you uncomfortable peter-2b
  6. just had a letter got to check blood flow in my neck on Monday then next Monday heart check peter-2b
  7. result finally got through to a person in hmrc, I explained the situation from my point of view he looked through my tax returns when I was self employed and came to the conclusion I was in the right and cancelled all penalties plus gave me the phone numbers and adress of the agancy who have put in the claim in my name, they are also contacting them about the claim they put in peter-2b Ps cheered me up a lot as the same day I had the penalty notice I saw my consultant who confirmed thatone shadow on my right lung was cancerous having it out next week
  8. I'm waiting for them to return a copy of any form I might have signed peter-2b
  9. I've just been cought up in a scam of some type, got a late penalty charge from hmrc seems a company called www. taxrepayment .Co.uk has a form I must have signed and they have claimed £2500 expenses on my behalf from the tax man this has triggered a self assessment notice even though I was an employee then simply now the fun begins peter-2b
  10. peter2b2002

    Hi Folks

    looks like a bulge on the bonnet so you might have a pinto efi hiding under there
  11. peter2b2002

    Hi Folks

    yep looks like a 2B enjoy peter-2b
  12. I got rid of our freelander reg PE52 115k miles within 3 years the center dif thing gave up and the rubber support bearings failed both sills were rusting towards the rear end both swmbo and i thought it was to bouncy even with the rear seat folded down didn't have a lot of room with the seats up our labs were cramped it got through front tyres very quickly under 20k miles then the clutch felt as if it was going to give up so now I've got a 300tdi disco bit older that the freelander but rides a lot better easy to fix(try changing the oil filer) ples loads of room peter-2b
  13. on a site on face book audi a4 £750 long mot peter-2b
  14. try a small transit saw one £900 on gumtree peter-2b
  15. don't know about a 316 but my z3 has a round socket on the near side of the engine and another smaller socket under the stearing wheel, I have a plug reader that fits the under bonnet plug if you need it peter-2b
  16. just had a chat with 2bfrank(still building) he's planning on comming with me either in my mgb gt if I can get it finished in time or my trusty z3, I've registered an interest with 1st tickets peter-2b
  17. don't use ebay I did and got riped off with fees peter-2b
  18. I plan going to next year's classic staying in blue nord any one else going .peter-2b
  19. I've a pure dab radio in my tin top that has a blue tooth link to my phone for calls peter-2b
  20. have a word with a saddlery shop that repairs horse rugs that's what I used to make surrey tops with some years ago they might even sew it together peter-2b
  21. few years ago I had a 4 ltr rangy my 2b and a 2 ltr mondeo all taxed the same? peter-2b
  22. when we moved up norf we had a power cut so I went out to my man shed for the geny that I hadn't used for about 3 years to my suprise it started quite easy peter-2b
  23. valve stem oil seals are probably the problem also look at the sump breather left side on the engine by the distributor if that's blocked you might get smoke out of the exhaust on old engines there might be blow by on the rings pushing gunk into the cam cover that's connected to the intake hose after the maf sensor could be a problem peter-2b
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