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  1. Hi, I am looking for , cycle wing brackets exhaust downpipe for pinto Rad david
  2. hi, I am interested in the sump and the rad what size is the rad?
  3. david56

    First Start Up

    I got mine running yesterday still quite bit to go though
  4. david56

    What Radiator

    This car fights me all the way the polo radiator is too wide to fit between the engine and the front of the chassis by about 30mm the max width is 500mm the nose cone is even narrower Does anybody know what are the dimensions of the Cortina radiator are.
  5. enclosed is picture of a starter from 2.0 twin cam looking at yours they don't look the same I put this on my pinto 1.6 and it did not engage with the starter ring I bought a starter from a capri and it worked.
  6. thanks seems more reasonable after that explanation.
  7. david56

    What Radiator

    does anybody think that a Polo radiator fit in here?
  8. sorted out the wipers but now cant understand hoe the washer button works. The standard switch has a black wire coming out of the loom and the push button connects to the brown direct to earth. Does that mean that mean that the live goes to the pump then from the pump to the switch it looks the wrong way round to me. any ideas?
  9. thanks that's really helpful.
  10. david56

    What Radiator

    I have a 2b with no radiator what radiator should I be buying I have a pinto engine installed. Do I get one with the fan attached Any ideas.
  11. I am stuck with the wiper motor. On the motor there is a white connecting block with 5 pins. Out of the motor there is a blue wire a yellow wire and a black wire. The blue wire is free and the other two are connected to the white block. The wire from the loom has 5 wires a green one a red one (these are the two different power cables for the different speeds) a brown (earth) a brown and purple and a brown and yellow. The brown and yellow is connected to fuse no 15. Could anybody tell me which wires are connected to which connector on the motor And where is the live wire to the switch come from Also there is no live at fuse 15. The red relay clicks. When turning the ignition on. A picture of the white connector would be great. I'm stuck.
  12. If you use the Haynes one, the last set for a p100 that's pretty good for the early Sierra. Brown is always earth.
  13. Yep, I will get it off tomorrow, the guy that sold me the original twin cam engine told me that the starter was new.
  14. Yes Please how do I pay you? I am a member no 406 David
  15. Finally got the engine in and connected turned the key starter motor whirrs but Does not turn the engine over. The engine is a 1.6 pinto The starter motor is form a 2.0 twin cam Have I got the wrong starter motor and how do I know what the right one looks like? David.
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