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  1. Don't know if you already have me down Chris but I would like 2 again please.....
  2. Cheers... Think I have Chris Brown's number on my mobile too, so should be able to find out where on the site you all are..... Stuart.
  3. Any mobile contact numbers for the early arrivals? I'm not arriving until Weds lunchtime... Will be in a burgundy coloured 7-series BMW, so please don't shout when it appears on the RHOCaR plot
  4. I'd like to go on the list for another 2 please Chris.... Thanks.
  5. Got mine - Thanks Chris....
  6. If you find any, please let me know as I have been drinking warm ones for the last 7 years....
  7. Sure you don't mean beer at ambient temperature, usually around 85'ish?
  8. Post for me too please Chris.....
  9. Stuart Ainslie

    Road Tax

    Renault Megane dCi 106 Sport Hatch - Emissions are only 120 so falls into Band B
  10. Stuart Ainslie

    Road Tax

    For the first time ever, I have actually got something back from the budget - Our family car has had the road tax cut from £50 to £35 per annum! Result!
  11. Might get to go and see Brendan Clancy in his Super Gas Chevy Nova, SG186. Go Team Dublin-Up.......
  12. Stuart Ainslie

    Le Mand

    Sacre Cour is nice but having worked in Paris, I wouldn't want to stay there too long. Overrated place in my opinion
  13. Paul For good cheap tyres, try Europit Tyres in Clacton. Do some great deals on part worns - Know several guys with performance cars that use him and never had a problem....
  14. Its OK for Porsche curves but it's a fair old walk to the funfair / village. Suppose I could do with the exercise though...
  15. There was a big tear-up on that site last year - Big gang of lads and the local plod scrapping. So much for a quiet night....
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