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  1. Thanks for the replies, really interesting. Once the engine swap is finished i'll take it for the MOT and ask the garage for a letter.,
  2. Hi all, Well I've not posted in this group for a long time, I'm glad it's still going. My car's registered but I've changed the engine from a 2.4V6 to an 1100CC motorcycle engine from a ZZR1100. I've told DVLA and they sent me a nice letter saying that I have to give them one of the following:- - A receipt for the engine from a garage (I didn't buy it from a garage so I can't do this). - An inspection report provided for insurance purposes (not sure what this is) - Written confirmation from the manufacturer showing the engine number and size. Has anyone else had this and what did you do?
  3. Guy

    How Do I Reverse?

    That gearbox is about the same price as my whole car!
  4. Hi Yanto, Do a lot of research before you part with any money. As Nigel said, the IVA test is extensive and costs about £500. When it's passed IVA you'll need to register it so you'll need to prove to DVLA that YOU did most of the build so take lots of bits off and take photographs of yourself with it and a handful of spanners. If you want an age related plate then You'll need a V5 from a donor car and you'll also need to prove the age of the chassis so you'll need receipts. If you can't get these you'll still be able to get it on the road but with a Q plate (just like mine )
  5. Guy

    Wanted - Lathe

    This is a picture of a Myford ML7, it would probebly do the job. Something bigger would be okay but I'd need to hire a truck to move it ! I want to build a steam engine
  6. You will need to get it back on the road first, I bought a Cat C and repaired the damage then took it to the same VOSA test station to get it checked (£35). you could however use the parts from the written off car but then buy another car and use it's registration, you'll need to change the engine numbers over first and declare SORN on it.
  7. Guy

    Wanted - Lathe

    I'm after a metalworking lathe, if you know of one lurking around that is no longer needed then I'm interested. I'm located 10 miles SE of Cambridge
  8. Many moons ago i sold an Austin princess 2.2, next day the bloke phoned up saying that the head gasket had gone. I checked with a lawyer who said that it's his problem now and he has no come back I mirror what everyone else has said, he should have inspected it or had it professionally checked. The worst he can do is leave negative feedback but you can leave a reply to that. I think that leaving it in a car park sounds a bit suspect, not sure I would have done that though.
  9. Well as an engineer I still couldn't solve it but as a manager I did it in about 2 minutes with no stress
  10. My chassis is made from a mixture of old drawing hanging racks and metal school chair tubes, all from skips at my work and my daughters school, Dashboard is an old oak floorboard (also from a skip) Petrol reservoir tank is a CO2 welding bottle Gear knob is the wooden handle from my wood plane Front grill came from a BBQ Padding for the seats is a lot of old jumble sale blankets and a child's sofa bed The central spine of the bonnet is an electrical conduit cover (skip) The floor is made from separate sections of 2mm aluminium shelving units (skip) Most of the rest was donated or came from Ebay, I did buy new nuts & bolts, Aluminium sheet for the bodywork was new and I bought a new pot of green paint
  11. Well I took it out for a run on the weekend and the noise it makes is great, I probebly won't save much mony fitting a MC enging so I'll stick with what I've got
  12. My insurance is about £170 (1,500 miles), TAX is about £185 and I get 18MPG (that's about £350 for 1000 miles), total is £700 a year running costs. My engine is a 2.4l V6 with 130HP (when new!!!). If I changed to a 750cc Motorcycle engine would I save lots of money? Also, the car weigs 650KG, that's at the SVA with a full tank of fuel and me in it, I recon that the engine/gearbox weigh 300KG so by changing to a Motorcycle engine I could shed about 200 KG, that's a third of the weight of the car
  13. I use 'front page express' it comes as part of Microsoft Office (along with word, excel, PowerPoint). It's very much like using 'Word' but it saves the HTML files to the hard disk. I then upload them to my old Freeserve site.
  14. I stripped a Sierra and a V6 Granada in a single garage (not at the same time), I wheeled the cars out on skateboards when it was time for the scrap man to take them away. I stored all the parts in the roof of the garrage while I build the car.
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