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Found 13 results

  1. GCash

    Windscreen Marking

    Hello I am coming to the end of the build of my Robin Hood 2B and I am just in the process of fitting the windscreen. I have read numerous threads and the IVA manual and just want to confirm a couple of things. These are the markings on my windscreen... Am I correct in thinking that this won't get through the IVA because of the missing Roman numerals above the E? If I remove the windscreen, wipers, heater and washers and get it through the IVA would it be a bad idea to fit it anyway because it would be too dangerous? Thanks Graeme
  2. will.holroyd

    Proof Of Engine Age

    Hi all, I'm in a position where I would like to get offical proof of the year of manufacture of my mazda engine. I understand that for emissions test during IVA if you can demonstrate the true age of the engine the test parameters can be adjusted accordingly. Please correct me if this is not true. Unfortunately I naively bought my engine a few years ago without any documents from the original vehicle just assuming I would be issued Q plates and I didn't even consider the different test parameters. I recently contacted the homologations department at mazda to see if they were able to provide a formal confirmation from the engine number, but I was told that they can only do this using the VIN number. So now I'm at a deadend. Has anyone been able to overcome a similar issue? If so how. Or, does anyone know how I go about finding the original VIN from the engine number so I can then go back to mazda? The only info I have is the engine number. Thank you
  3. Turboz

    Race Zero On The Road

    Hi guys I'm on the rolling road tomorrow and can't wait... I was always going to make the car track only but I'm wondering now if it's worth putting on the road for a better re-sale in the future or would I not be worth the potential gain in the future ? I already have a Sunday car so I'm not to bothered about driving it on the road.
  4. I have a Robin Hood Exmo and its windscreen shattered last week. (a) I need a replacement. Also this car has yet to be IVA'ed so compliance is a requirement. ( Does anyone have advice on IVA windscreen compliance? I see in the forums many contacts for glaziers who may be able to help. Also I have yet to contact GBS Spares but will do so next. All comments appreciated.
  5. DAVE1954

    Iva Indicators

    Hi im about to fit front indicators , ive heard people saying that theirs were to short for iva test , is there a specific measurment.from the outside of wheel. Cheers Dave
  6. Jack Heywood

    Having A Sierra V5 Means No Need For Iva?

    Im looking into buying a Robin Hood but i am slightly worried about the IVA test as this car hasn't got one. After asking about why he never got an IVA on the car he wondered why i was looking into an IVA because if i could get a Sierra v5 Logbook i could get a non Q plate and it will still be road legal and i can get the MOT etc etc. I never heard of this before and as i am new to this im not sure at what to look for to find out Any advise would be appriciated Thanks Jack
  7. brumster

    Iva Fog Lamp Wiring 2014

    So it seems most of the dreaded Fog Lamp threads are rather old now, 2009 or before, and as such don't capture the latest IVA changes that were made. Namely :- (From M1 Manual v9.00) Section 28 There is some vagueness introduced by the wording in RS4 and the use of "or", which can be used to imply that the fog light(s) only have to work when one of the options (dipped, main or front fog lamps) is powered on, however I believe some testers are demanding the fog lamp work in all states and it's probably a case of being overly pedantic about the wording. Either way, it is not difficult to use a pair of diodes off the dipped and main beam feeds to ensure the rear fog works in both states. My main challenge is around Note 4. Either a buzzer sounding when you turn the ignition off with the switch still activated, or you make the fog light output latched so that it automatically turns off when the sidelights are turned off, and doesn't turn back on. This is easily achieved with a latching relay *but* the relay requires a momentary button rather than a switch, which is hard to find that matches with my other switchgear. So it seems my options are to :- - Change all my switchgear to match and find a momentary fog light button that ticks the boxes (I'm a stickler for it all looking co-ordinated!) then use a latched relay fed from the sidelight circuit. - Make a buzzer. Option 2 is sounding the way forward at the moment. Or am I missing a trick? edit: Oh, and I know about the CBS module but I'll be buggered if I'm paying £36+P&P for a solution!
  8. MarkBzero

    Feedback Before Iva Application

    At long last, with the exception of a brake test, emissions and sound test I believe I have finally finished building. Please review, criticise and provide feedback on any points that need to be resolved before I apply for IVA test. Also do you think it is worthwhile going for a pre-MOT test before IVA?
  9. Tazza67

    Exmo Build

    Finally managed to get a bit of time with the car... can't believe I've had it this long already. Anyway it also has it's own bank account so time to make some real progress before I have to leave again! So firstly the car... a Robin Hood Exmo... purchased while on placement in Bedford back in Nov 2012, currently located in Cornwall. I have until July before I move away so need to get it as close to IVA ready as possible to enable a weekendish trip back etc. Main things to do: Fit Seats and Harnesses Wiring (I struggle with it) IVA trim + EXMO IVA changes/modifications Question time (there will probably be a fair few): Air filter - Currently running a pinto with the pierburg 2E carb, the new air filter is the lowest I could find and just contacts the bonnet presume theres no issue with IVA? Also the 3 bolts to hold it on any ideas on size etc, no even sure they are meant to be bolted as there not threaded... Digital Dash - I bought a KOSO RX2N currently without the sensors etc, just got the main unit. Any thoughts on fitting it compared to the standard Sierra clocks for the IVA, bearing in mind that currently there is no speedo cable fitted to the gearbox and I really don't want to / don't have time to take everything out to get at it (access hatch is not ideal either due to the monocoque structure) Suspension mounts - For the rear semi-trailing arms where they mount to the body they enter the drivers and passenger compartment, any pics or ideas on the best way to 'seal' them off. (Presume thats needed for IVA, plus I don't like the idea of getting soaking wet carpet etc) Bonnet - From what I've read it seems like they either fit perfectly or take alot of 'fettling' and never really get there. I've got the classic bump/ gap at the top (meeting the scuttle) and a fairly good fit to the nosecone. The problem is the sides as it currently tends to 'push' out further than the body, you can push it inline. Any ideas or anything simple I've missed? Under dash radius - What have people used to meet the IVA requirements....? Final question (for now) - As it use to have the swept wings there are a series of holes down the body which obviously aren't any good for IVA. Best thing to fill them/ cover - I was wondering if I can get away with 'Racing stripes' or similar purely for the IVA and then get rid... thoughts? Thanks for any help! Suzanne Few pics: Air filter base plate Suspension mounts (apology for the poor quality photo) Interior
  10. PaulF2B

    New Or Old Vin Number?

    Hi, I am hoping to be going through IVA in the next few months with my 2B Sub K and applying for an age related plate (G Reg'). What are the options on the VIN Number? Should I be creating a brand new VIN number where I guess a new G Reg plate will be allocated or can I re-use the donor VIN number and keep the existing Reg from the old Sierra? Thanks for any advice on this one Best regards Paul
  11. Hi there I am new to the site, I have just bought a robin hood s7 which i'm told is pretty much ready for an IVA test. I am looking for someone who lives in east sussex that could give me some advice or look at the car to tell me if it is ready or needs more work doing to it. many thanks.
  12. Hammy360


    I have Luke harnesses fitted and have added a photo as I want to know if the trim is sufficient for IVA. If not can anyone tell me what needs to be done
  13. Hammy360


    Is it true that although I have no stereo in my car that I must fit a suppressor to the car and if so how does the IVA man check for it??? Hammy