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Privacy Policy

The member database is a password-protected Excel file on my computer.  Only my deputy and I have access to it (my deputy in case I go under a bus).  The database contains name, address, membership number, expiry date, e-mail and forum username.  We do not store any other personal details.  It is backed up weekly to an on-site hard drive separate from my computer.  There are only 3 occasions when any of the data is released.

     1.   Four times a year the full name and address of members getting a hard copy of the magazine are released to the printing Company who print and distribute the Club Magazine.

     2.  Each month I post a ‘Welcome to New Members’ on the forum that gives just forum username, the town they live in and their first name if it isn’t obvious from the username.

     3.   The Area Secretaries are given name, forum username and town in order that they can contact members in their area.  We believe that is the minimum required for the Area Secretaries to operate efficiently.

Now that we have introduced the option of receiving the magazine as a PDF file, which is sent through the forum message system to the member’s e-mail address, I am quite happy to remove the postal address of any member who has opted in to that system.  Just let me know.   And if anyone does not want us to store their address at all then again, let me know.  Just be aware that in that case you will not be able to receive a magazine or be informed of any local meetings.

I regularly purge the database, removing any member who fails to renew.

I should add that no-one on the Committee is an expert on GDPR, we are just doing what we think is right and following the online guidance for small Clubs.  If anyone reading this has a greater understanding of it please get in contact.

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