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  3. Hi guys sorted i changed a blown 10 a fuse still no go but put another one in couple of hours later and they are working again! Must of been a duff fuse i dragged from bottom of toolbox! thanks for the advice
  4. Could be as simple as a bad earth.
  5. Assuming you've checked fuses etc, have you checked your getting power from the stalk switch? If you are then unfortunately it's probably going to be a case of tracing wires as no one knows how the car is wired except the builder (if your the original builder then happy days)
  6. Hi all seem to have lost my front and rear side lights , headlights work ok , have checked all fuses all ok , any ideas before i start pulling car to bits thanks in advance Darren
  7. The basics of the system appear to be good, so with the amount of expansion and it drawing more back makes me think theres an air lock. Try running without the cap for a bit it the pressure may be holding the air lock. The expansion should be just under half a litre.
  8. If you mean the hose in red colour on the graphic above, yes that’s installed.
  9. Do you have the 15mm hose fitted from water pump to inlet manifold? You need this on a pinto. I'd also tee this hose onto the degas pipe.
  10. Yes, that’s correct, sorry did the drawing on mobile phone…
  11. Where is the header connected to its not clear from you sketch, is it bottom Rad hose?
  12. yep sorry shouldn't be an issue. lol
  13. I assume that is a typo and 'should' was supposed to be 'shouldn't'?
  14. I run a Volvo S60 tank on mine yours should be a problem. I also can fill my radiator from the top. If you can I would take top hose off radiator and make sure radiator is full of coolant and then at attach top hose top up coolant tank to full and then cycle the engine keeping it topped up so you try limit air bubbles in the system. if running a heater turn that on full blast on hot too so it it cycles water around heater matrix. I got electric water pump so I could turn that on while keeping radiator full.
  15. Have to miss it I’m afraid, on holiday. Recommend it though, cakes are very good
  16. This Saturday 15th. Hope to be there if weather is good.
  17. Thanks Nelmo! who said size matters?! love the pun there!
  18. I don't think size is a problem (ooo-errr ) - mine is from a Polo and is smaller than yours is now.
  19. Photo attached of the said expansion tank and its location.
  20. Thank you all for your replies! I have a VW expansion tank in it (Febi Bilstein 02205), not sure of its capacity… I will go with the cheap solution of replacing the cap and if that does not solve it, I’ll grab a 2L header tank. Based on some rough calculations, the engine takes 8L of coolant so ideally a 1.5L header tank will do the job…
  21. Is your coolant overflowing from the header tank when it gets hot? I had that happen on my Zetec (which is setup like yours) and the problem for me was the cap on the header tank - it wasn't holding in the pressure, allowing the overflow. I just replaced the cap (£7) and it has been fine since. It could, as you say, be an airlock but if your header tank is the highest point of the system (it should be), then less likely to be that.
  22. The Pinto in my 2B was piped up as your first diagram (with a heater). When hot the overflow bottle would be almost full but when it cooled down it would be almost empty. It was a 0.7 litre bottle so I'm guessing there was about 1/2 a litre of coolant "expansion" between hot and cold. It ran like this with no problem for years, including a number of track days. How big is your expansion tank? I'm guessing that you're going to have a similar amount of expansion so maybe you just need a bit bigger header tank?
  23. Hello all, I have been reading through posts regarding the cooling system on Pinto engines and the best diagram I found was this: My pinto has a pressurised header tank, the radiator has no filler cap and there is no heater installed. Based on the above diagram, and my configuration this is how it is connected: The problem I am having is that the header tank is filled to the minimum line but overflowing when engine is warm and when the engine cools down all the coolant from the tank gets siphoned out to the point that the tank is almost empty! There are no visible leaks apart from when the tank overflows. Do you think that there is an airlock in the system?
  24. 2006 Robin Hood S7 For Sale £5,200 ono. Correctly registered after an IVA in 2006 as a Robin Hood, 2.0 pinto with 5sp type 9 gbox (Cortina based). Approx 1000 miles since the kit was built, most of them driven over the past 2 years since a major overhaul. All the running gear has less than 1000 miles on since being built (clutch, suspension bushes, brake discs/pads/calipers). Recent updates - I took the head off in lockdown to de-coke it (in reality there wasn't much build up as only has 43k on the donor car). So relapped valves, new head gasket, water pump, cambelt and pulleys, new coil and digital ignition, carb rebuild kit, new front wings, headlamp units and LED headlamps, new grille, new rear springs that provide a better balance for on road comfort, new ali triple core radiator. MOT runs to May '24 with no minors. Comes with a full hood and doors, and a few spares. Great car that I built with my Dad and would love to keep it now that it's running sweet, but having to get rid if it due to a divorce unfortunately. Dave 07974 722531 Based in Southam (between Coventry and Leamington Spa)
  25. X2 cars for sale. The green car is registered and ready to go for the summer. 2003 car with MOT until Jan 2025. The second car isn't registered and I got it with the intention of putting it on track but I really haven't done anything since I got it, would make a good parts car. I also have X2 2.0 205 engine's in various states of rebuid + lots of parts including a new/never fitted roof and doors set. In an ideal world I would like it all to go in one sale £6500 ono. image%3A1000020046
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