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  2. Yup that's the one, Compton Abbas is a great place for breakfast like you say. good roads, plenty of parking and great food. Ideal.
  3. Sounds promising. Thanks Nick.
  4. Will have to try get to next one and do membership but money tight at minute due to wife having anorther breakdown miss you all guys
  5. Welcome aboard Joe. Good to see someone stepping forward to take over the reins from Bob - they're big shoes to fill but I'm sure you'll put your own mark on the role. Let us know if you need any help. As I've said may times before, having a network of local groups is a huge benefit to both the club and its members and we're always happy so see people stepping forwards to organise things at a local level and club funding is available for local events if people are interested in organising them.
  6. nicko

    Pinto Vernier Pulley

    Yep. Bought it 2nd hand a few years ago, but never got round to fitting it. Will look at sending a photo before the weekend to see if it's what you're after. Can't remember the make but it's red. Nick
  7. Have a look on ebay CAR SHELTER, a few on there
  8. Yesterday
  9. Will be only too willing to share old memories of past events we organised for the southerly members of RHOCAR.
  10. Wish you all the best for your first run Joe --- a good breakfast can be had at Compton Abbas Airfield ( if that's the same zig-zag we took in on a run a few years ago.)
  11. Anyone got a vernier pulley for a Pinto? 2.0l block. Ideally, if im being fussy... in red? Let me know!
  12. Hi Guys and Gals, 2 Things.. 1. I am considering a Vernier for my pinto. 2.0l with twin 45s, FR32 cam. Im running 16 degree advance on ignition at the mo but I feel the engine should have a bit more umph. Maybe a small amount of adjustment on the cam via a vernier will help? Any recommendations on verier settings on a pinto with similar setup as me? 2. Anyone got a decent Vernier fully for pinto 2.0l kicking about they no longer want and would like to part with for some cash? Im im being picky... In a nice red colour, haha.
  13. This is the stand pass you need to fill out if you want to come
  14. Any more interest in the event it looks like a good day
  15. Thanks for the welcome And. I look forward to getting the central south kits out and about in the coming months and years. Any advise from other secretaries who have prior knowledge on how to make a busy and successful area please feel free to let me know any tips!
  16. Well done Joe, we need more willing volunteers.
  17. Joe Hale aka sfx-joe has been appointed the new area secretary for the Hants and Dorset region and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome him into the fold. Well done Joe and look forward to swapping some meets next year. Andi
  18. SFX-Joe

    Stalk Question

    Agreed with above. Hazards have a direct live feed so if your fusebox fries or you have an electrical fault they should din most occasions still work. After all they need to work if your broken down at the side of the road. I would expect it is the relay (Ticker) or the fuse. You know the lamps are working as you have hazards working so that takes them out of the process. Keep us posted.
  19. Hi Guys and Gals, Just putting the feelers out there to see who in the Hants / Dorset area may be up for an early run out this coming Saturday. I know its last min but the weather now seems to be improving and we don't need more of an excuse than that to get out and about... Any interested parties please reply bellow or PM me. I am thinking we take in Zig Zag hill on route if peoples locations favour this. Wont be a huge run out but none the less it should be fun and get a few cars together for a cruise. Joe
  20. I've arranged good weather for this Sunday (25th) for the Show (http://stamfordcarshow.co.uk/). For those coming, don't forget to print up your instructions and that the recommended donation to charity is £5. As in previous years we are just on the left as you enter the Meadows. Show starts at 10:00 so probably a good idea to be in position before that time. See you there Al
  21. Last week
  22. I just got sent a list of what the cars got didn’t even check myself
  23. Obsessional nitpicking, but those are twin dellorto DHLA which I preferred over the webers. I'll get my coat.
  24. alanrichey

    Stalk Question

    My indicators and hazards use individual relays, so when some water got into the indicator relay and they stopped working, the hazards still operated.
  25. Does your V5C give emission figure standards and if so what are they. You should be able to tell from them if you have a chance of passing without a cat.
  26. Longboarder

    Stalk Question

    Hazards have a battery live supply. Indicators have an ignition live supply. So possibly the indicator supply has failed by fuse or wiring or the mechanics of the switch have failed.
  27. A great weekend. I'm still feeling rough. Must be getting soft in my old age. Thanks to everyone in attendance and thanks for all chipping in. Thanks to the wonderful Mr and Mrs Tom the farmer for allowing us to descending on his land. Andi
  28. Theo Davies

    Stalk Question

    Hey guys, I’ve got this indicator on a kitcar and the indicators have just stopped working. The hazards still work though - any idea why or what is the issue? Surely the signals must still be working because the hazards do?
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