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  2. We took our launch to a wonderful festival on the Loire, Orleans, France. A round trip of just under a 1000 incident free miles, UNTIL entering our home patch when our friend ( 2nd driver ) got the angle wrong between garage & large Cornish Bank. He stopped before the trailer hit & we swapped over to see if I could reverse back up the steep drive & come in at a better angle. I failed -- car slid side-ways trying to push 2 tonne up hill on gravel, result I ripped the plastic front off our Santa Fe. Very bad words were thought --- but help was on the way. Phoned A Plan following morning -- car collected next day & pool car left -- car repaired & cleaned by VOSPERS of Plymton & we collected next day. All is now sweetness & light once again, many thanks to A Plan & Vospers for excellent service, all delivered without fuss. Hopefully we shall not need your services again in the near future. Thanks, Bob & Sylvia Fry.
  3. We are only just up the road from you, give us a shout if you wish to pop over for a coffee & natter, can then show the Ka m/cylinder as fitted to Florin.
  4. fry61

    Less sierra fuel

    Chris's post & pic looks to be exactly what we fitted to Florin when we had fuel delivery/vapour locks in fuel lines due to under bonnet temperature ( & the injection pump being in the engine bay ) Think it was from a Fiesta, but no idea of year. It will be fine on any fuel set up provided there is a fuel return pipe to the tank.
  5. Hi I think kit spares sells a Sierra master cylinder
  6. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    A stack pipe it seems. Trouble is finding one with combined sender
  7. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    Well almost one of those. Without the electric fuel pump built in. Mine just has a long tube that goes down into the tank with a filter on the end. The pump is mechanical off the engine. I just don’t know what to search for to describe that.
  8. Agree with Bob but if for some reason you feel the need to keep with what you have, then of your 3 options, I would just get a whole new one... edit: as an example, 22.2mm m/c, bendix/bosch fitment up to 1988, £44.65 at brakeparts.co.uk
  9. If you are running without a servo --- do you find the pedal rather heavy? If still with servo it can be done away with by replacing m/cylinder with a Ford Ka model --- smaller bore will give a better feel & less pedal force but at the expense of longer pedal travel. What-ever your present set-up the Ka m/cylinder is a good option IMO.
  10. Can you post a picture of the cylinder you have currently.
  11. I cannot source a new master cylinder or seal kit for my 1984 sierra based Exmo. The VIN and car reg numbers were removed from the database when the car was scrapped. My options now are a second hand unit, a 22.2mm seal kit or replace the whole servo master cylinder in one. As anyone got either of the above, or can anyone recoment a replacement brake sero unit?
  12. Ok, thank you. I am now finding I cant source the seals as the DVLA removed the vin and registration number from the database that everyone uses. I know its 22.2mm bore but thats all. Looks like I am going to have to replace the servo and master cylinder.
  13. Last week
  14. Thanks for the replies, very helpful, armed with the info you have supplied I feel I know how to proceed.
  15. blue

    Race line water rail

    Will eBay this item this weekend.
  16. Just purchased robin hood need all weather gear
  17. National Windscreens will cut to any shape and size - they'll come to you and measure up etc. Cost me about £90. I guess you could take the screen off for MOT but is it really worth the effort? Also, the flat screens our kits have are useless at clearing water without wipers. If you don't want the hassle of wipers, get an aeroscreen instead. Demisters are also pretty useless - kits are not exactly hermetically sealed
  18. Well it took a bit longer tan expected to get round to loading then longer video but here it is:
  19. Hi Chris just joined club is your fullhood for sale
  20. Hi, will drop you a message the good news is, I can promise you they fit in an Exmo because.... here they are, in my old one....
  21. I would want to fit them in an Exmo. The passenger side is narrow, the absolutely useless seats with the kit are based on two rectangles of 3 ply that are 400 mm wide, I look at the published dimensions of "narrow" seats and very few are that narrow (+ expensive), then I see photos of Exmos with other seats which on paper are too wide. I think it must be a question of just trying to fit some that are billed as narrow. So bottom line is that at £200 a pair I would like to purchase these seats from you, no returns, to try and fit them. I can pick them up in person, cash on collection. Most convenient for me would be sometime on Thursday 17th Oct (this Thursday) as I will be staying in Swindon that night.
  22. You can get screen cut from laminated glass fairly easily if you have a pattern. You'll need a screen frame and side supports as well. Lucas Wiper motor as used on Classic mini works well enough and is easy to get hold of. The Wipers are never up to production car efficiency but better than nothing and having a screen would allow you to add additional weather protection which will make the car more useable.
  23. Thanks for the reply, yes I have the log book for the car it has been on the road but I have it sorned at the moment, although I bought the car running my intention is to strip it down myself over the winter and get it MOT'd next spring.
  24. Welcome along. Wipers are pretty much a must have with a screen. Demister you can probably do without. Is the car already SVA or IVA'd?
  25. I am a new member looking for info on my Haynes roadster, although I am an experienced mechanic this is my first venture into kit cars, it's a project for me and my grandson. Looking for some info on windscreens, where to purchase? must I have windscreen wipers/demister etc or can I simply remove for MOT purposes. Thanks.
  26. Davo

    Less sierra fuel

    That is exactly what I’m after. What’s it called to search for?
  27. Use brute force. The pipe stubs on the reservoir have barbed ends that go in to rubber grommets. Try and lever one pipe then the other.
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