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  2. Here's my 1998 Tornado Raptor on the day of collection
  3. Hi Mark I have just purchased a 1998 Tornado Raptor Rover V8; wee bit of tidying up to do over the winter, looking forward to getting her out the road. Cheers David
  4. Yesterday
  5. fry61

    Help on electrics

    Thanks Barry for your time & trouble in the above lengthy reply. I will in this job stick with my old fashioned joint box method instead of mixing the two styles of loop-in & J/B. A sparky so old he still regrets the passing of tinned brass buckle clips, but not so old he can remember the oily lead paper insulated days.
  6. They are something odd, 1.95 or 2inch. If you replace go for 1.9 it's a closer size if space is tight. 13open 10 closed is what most replace with as it's a standard length, the zimmers I had were 12.5 open which matches caterham shock lengths?
  7. Heres a couple of pics of mine if it helps, the inside one is the nearside, for us and the outside is the offside! Looks like I never got around to shortening the bolts! But the angle iron is right up against the pinto mounting top hats with a spacer plate underneath. Sorry about the state of them but they must have been on for about 20 years. The tie bars are the original Richard Halfacre ones that are on the Dave Andrews site.
  8. geordie40

    Zimmeride Size

    Hi Can anyone tell me what size the "old" Zimmeride shocks are. Looking to change mine out, is there any difference in fitting 1.9 or 2.25 and can I fit either to my Super Spec. There seems to be more springs available on Fleabay in the 2,25 size. Also a little confused as to what length I would need, I was told that the shocks I need are 13"open 10"closed
  9. If everything is there and it's in rebuild able condition, I would think £400 min.
  10. Here is my Zero on one of the Scotland road trips.
  11. when i was doing my Zetec engine change i needed to remove the ARB, i did what some members on here had done and cut the ARB instead of fitting tie bars, i cut it just to the mounting and welded a big washer on the end to stop it pulling through, i have some pictures if you want to have a go. mark.
  12. thinking about selling my Pinto engine any idea on price of these at the mo... its in bits
  13. Kerry

    Stilton Run Lunch

    Please put Sharon and myself on the lunch list. Thanks Derek
  14. Last week
  15. Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to post their photos. Every one of them puts mine to shame at present. They have given me loads of ideas on how to fit everything in. I have a 2 litre pinto in mine which probably hasn’t been fired up for 20 years but I did get her going for a few seconds tonight. Well pleased.
  16. I am still not getting one, last one I had was before I moved house in about March last year!!!! I did send notification of my new address and it's right on my profile but still none.
  17. I have renewed now, please can I have a magazine please?
  18. Derek

    Stilton Run Lunch

    I am prepared to organise lunch at the Bell Inn Stilton again, but the numbers interested in the run seem to be down this year. If you would like to join us for lunch after the run please let me know by the end of January and I will start the ball rolling. Cheers Derek
  19. I am testing the water to see if anyone would be interested in combining the Stilton Cheese run weekend into a camping weekend, staying on Friday 24th April and leaving Sunday 26th April. There are number of sites local either at Greetham, http://www.rutlandcaravanandcamping.co.uk/, or Wing http://www.winghall.co.uk/camping.html and https://www.lyndontop.com/default.aspx which is basic but good views and good reviews. All sites are in easy reach of Uppingham. Please have a look and put your name down if you are interested, and if you had a particular site you think would suit your needs.
  20. WARNING WARNING WARNING There are some long-term members who haven't renewed this year yet. Now, it may be that they aren't planning on, which is fair enough, but I cannot tell and I can only send the club magazine to those who are current members - if you haven't renewed, you MIGHT NOT GET THE CLUB MAGAZINE!! OMG!!! How will you survive? Don't risk this calamity happening, the Samaritans haven't got the manpower to handle a disaster on this level - RENEW NOW!! Emergency warning over - you may return to whatever you were doing before...
  21. They're typically used on wire rope/cable for suspending fixtures and fittings. I think if you search around that you'll probably have more success. Quick google : https://www.tecni.uk/wire-rope-fittings https://www.tecni.uk/6mm-Stainless-M8-RH-Jaw-Tensioner-Fitting-160.800.060
  22. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have been looking for a part that is in your photo above and I can't find it anywhere, largely I suspect because I don't know the name of it. Its the bit that has 2 grub screws to hold the throttle cable and a thread on the other end of it to attach to the clevis or in my case a right angle fiting. Can you help on what to search for? I've found the angle part I need already here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ball-Head-Joint-Rod-End-Bearing-M5-M6-M8-M10-Right-Angle-CS8-CS10-CS13-CS16/173974979995?var=472757131042 but I need a straight connector that takes a cable on one end and has a thread on the other. Thanks, Adrian.
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