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  2. I see the Show is now full so if you wanted to go and haven't registered you are too late. But there is nothing stopping you booking for next year Working hard on the weather but quietly confident. Al
  3. We are eating there so will be in the back
  4. Good news! These arrived this afternoon from DamperTech. Have fitted one of them, looks good, fits but the spring is a tight fit under the buttress...as expected. I've also added a 10mm thick rubber ring that is fitting between the spring top mount and underside of the chassis. Wasn't happy with the ride on the previous spring/damper and seemed crazy to have a spring in direct contact with the chassis. Every mcpherson strut you look at has a rubber mount of some sort, haven't figured out a way of encasing the bearing in rubber yet, but this will hopefully be an improvement nonetheless. I'll fit the other one tomorrow and hopefully that'll be me back on the road again after a couple of months...fingers crossed!
  5. Wipers are £10.00 Quick shift £20.00 ( postage included.)
  6. Never fitted but a few marks and dings from storage. £15.00 collect from Great Barr, Birmingham, B43. Very near J7 of the M6.
  7. I'm selling this as used because I can't guarantee it's brand new although I suspect it is. MK2 Escort rack as fitted to Superspec. It's missing the gaiters but these are easy enough to get hold of. It has been fitted with collars to limit the steering lock. With these removed it is 2.9 turns lock to lock so quicker than a standard 3.5 turn rack. The rack mountings are spaced at 265mm between centres. 580mm between the knuckle centres and 1020mm overall. Track rod ends look to be M14x2mm thread. I want £45 for it which is cheap. Prefer collection from Tamworth or I can take to EOSB next month at Market Harborough. Might consider posting it at cost price but it's big and will take a bit of wrapping.
  8. It’s called retirement Chris
  9. Yesterday
  10. This is fantastic that conversations like this have started. How very true, it is all about communication and suggesting ideas for the area secs to pick up on, but also with the new areas it would be a great to assist the area secs in getting club attendances up and running. We need to consider social get togethers e.g. Meeting at ice cream parlours (Wallings at Cockerham for example), keep the ideas and suggestions coming.
  11. Hello, I have some if you need any
  12. Hi. We attend 3 national events at the moment as a full Club, these are Stoneleigh, Newark and the End of Season Bash (EOSB). When it comes to other shows we ask the appropriate Area Secretary to publicise them on the forum, then find out how many people would like to go, and if the number is high enough, to liase with the organisers for a special area to be set aside for them. If it is only a few I normally nominate a meeting point close to the Show so we can all arrive together. However, that pre-supposes the Area Secretary knows the show is taking place, which he may not. So under these circumstances like this please make sure you notify your Area Secretary of the details of the Show so that he can arrange everything. Even if it is after the event, still contact him so he can be ready for it next year. Al
  13. A unused windscreen for a 2b, Tempered glass not laminated, includes ally bottom channel and rubber. Collect only from Great Barr, Birmingham B43, right by J7 of the M6. Also a bonnet vent £5.00 posted ,
  14. Hi John I was at the Powderham Castle historic car show near Exeter on 9 July and was surprised to see a 2B alongside the multitude of other classics. For next year I will try and see if there is any interest of having a group of RHOCaR members attend. I am sure that a group of Hillman Minx's can be easily out-trumped. Regards Robbie
  15. morning I attended locke Park classic car show on Sunday at first I went along in my gbs just to have a look round .. ended up showing my car someone with a Westfield talked me into it and I was surprised how much people liked it and got me thinking do we as a group of robinhood gbs zero lovers ever arrange to attended any car shows classic or others as a club to see if we can get new members interested in joining g the forum or local area meets
  16. I was there with Sporting Bears. Is one of these your car? Obviously the red vehicle is mine.
  17. Last week
  18. What, Oadby? Typical, now Ive left Leicester. Glad your motors moving bruh Andi
  19. Took advice and it started no problems, booked an MOT for this afternoon, will let you know how it went, fingers crossed. May then put it up for sale.
  20. Yes the member map is a particularly important tool for us. You are not required to post your exact house/street location, but somewhere near, just so folk can see there are members near by. Andi
  21. Aaaah! Welcome to the world of area sec stuff Chris
  22. Oadby is holding a motorfest tomorrow from 10am if anyone is interested I’ll be taking my car… that’s right it’s on the road and working
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