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  2. https://nw.rhocar.org/htm/identification.htm
  3. This link no longer works. Is there another link or list?
  4. With the lack of events Secretary to organise this event unless someone would like to arrange to get food and drink its not worth taking the Club BBQ. It may be worth taking a Club gazebo and Club flags to promote the club. I believe Matt Brown has some of the equipment and would be willing to take it with him as long other members are willing to assemble it. Please post your thoughts and suggestions.
  5. Hi All, Any more joining us on Saturday? Or going up on Sunday/ under your own steam? Weather is looking good. Let me know Darrell
  6. Derek1978

    Engine mounts

    Hi all I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of where I can get the correct engine mounts for my 2.0 pinto to focus st170 conversion? Thanks in advance for any reply The duratec is married to a Mazda rx8 6 speed (is there a difference in the mounts that’s needed? )
  7. I looked for ages for a new one with no luck so ended up making one from a sheet of perforated ali. I think most ones you see are home made.
  8. Looking for a decent exhaust shield burnt my leg one time too many !
  9. Last week
  10. I'm heading out for a drive tomorrow Plymouth area. if anyone fancies a meet up let me know. Will be around 4pm.
  11. Hi mate, I'd like to book myself and my car in for Powderham if possible
  12. I'm neither upset nor offended. I'm not the one who rejoined so they could put a post in a thread that didn't actual have anything negative to say about their product. There must be at least 50 other threads on here recommending Premier.
  13. I have these old cowlings that have been altered but may be useful to someone before I throw them. The bottom one has only a triangle missing from by the indicator cutout. The top one has been severely shortened. £25 uk posted or pickup near Chichester.
  14. The post has a title that includes premier wiring. Perhaps you can read your comprehension is good, that's find for you. However there is a lot of folks who do not read more than the first few lines and make the wrong assumption based solely on the title and the discussion around this Richard fellows negative actions. It was highlighted to me by a customer who searched premier and escort looms when he lost the details given to him at a car show. Yes I make escort looms as well. As for first post on the forum it's because the original account is lost. As for blatant advertising I don't really need to do. I have plenty of recommendations from customers who pass my number on. The issue is that google picks up the former owners face book and the odd posts like this one on this forum. So I'm so sorry you are offended and upset however you must understand that I deal with a lot of people who don't read beyond the first five seconds of a headline. By leaving this information up it at least gives a full account for future google dig-ups that occur. So unless you can remove the premier name from the title, the web crawlers will index it and as its a popular site it will appear again. Meanwhile Several of your members have had their looms delivered recently bringing the cars back to full service. Back to wiring...
  15. Matt: burger Jasmin: chilly Sides: chips, onion rings Thanks
  16. Richy - Gammon with egg. Jackie - Beef lasagne. Can't wait.
  17. @Patrick- Premier-Wiring I don't see anything in this thread that gives the impression that Premier Looms are duff. Maybe you should have done some research before coming along and posting a blatant Trade advert on the forum as your first post. If you actually bother to search the forum, you'll find Premier are well regarded and often recommended (including by myself on many occasions).
  18. Hi All After sending this out to the members in the South Western region I thought that other areas and community users may be interested. The following meetings are proposed. 1. Date: Sunday 11 June 2023, Time: 12:00, Location: The Windmill Inn, 58 Nore Road, Portishead BS20 6JZ After a bite to eat a run through to Clevedon would be on the agenda. If you want to come along in your tin-top feel free. 2. The Powderham Classic Car gathering is taking place on the 8th & 9th July 2023 at Powderham Castle near Exeter. RHOCaR have been given the opportunity to have a stand at the gathering. For Car Clubs there will be a cost of £17.00 for each vehicle which includes the driver and one passenger. There is also space allocated for a Car Club gazebo. Camping is available on site for Friday & Saturday night, this would have a cost of £40 per pitch. For people not camping the Car Club entry and exit gate will be shut on both days from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. The event is run by volunteers from the Crash Box & Classic Car Club. Further information can be found on their website: https://historic-vehicle-gathering.info/ Please note that the cost of £17 for car, driver and passenger is significantly less than the entrant fee of £13 per person for each day or £20 weekend pass per person. If anyone is interested in attending as an exhibitor you could let me know and I will include them when I complete and submit the application form. If this could be done prior to 2 June 2023 it would be ideal.. I will complete and submit the form. 3. A further meeting, to take place after the summer holidays, will be posted. This possibly being in the Dorset region to give people in that part of the southwest region a chance to attend. Best regards Robbie (SW Area Sec.)
  19. Came across this posting and noted that the original discussion is related to rapid fit . It leaves the reader with the idea that premier wiring is duff as well. I have a good reputation and relationship with a lot of your RH owners. I'm pleased to offer ready-to-plug-in looms requiring very little experience in wiring. I can also supply a zetec engine loom that fits standard zetecs from £170 premierwiringsales @ Gmail com Email Bot prevention Remove spaces I can also do an Escort MK1 and MK2 wiring looms. See our new Instagram page and Facebook Thank you guys. On a mission to provide the best looms possible for a safe and reliable build
  20. This is the current menu for those wishing to join us at the pub for a meal on the Friday evening. The table is booked for 7.30-8.00pm please let me have your choice of food by 9th June and we will place the order. Looking forward to seeing you all for the weekend. Sharon & Kerry
  21. Sounds good mate, just drop me text when you're coming over
  22. Its an absoluter PI55ER isnt it? I'm in the same boat, but I'm waiting to see if its delayed before I get rid of the car. Me & my son put heart and soul into building it, and it will be devastating to have to part with it. But I'm also looking at "legal loopholes," given I only live about 1.5 miles inside the M25....
  23. Next Wednesday 31st, 6pm onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL. I'll aim to be there just after 630pm, hopefully in the kit. Generally they're trying to kick us out just after 930pm so if you're coming, don't leave it too late. Also, if you want to eat, book beforehand as they don't normally let people just rock up and eat. Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. Everyone welcome. See you there.
  24. I have it. I can drop it off to you at work.
  25. Hi All, It's 7Spot Jim here! We (Trevor Rolfe and I) are preparing a 2B video and Substack article (the YT vid will be released Saturday). I'm writing to request 2B frame and Chassis component pics for an accompanying Substack Article. The YT video will be a history lesson and description of the 2B (and other RH projects) using Trevor's own 2B as a display model) and I would appreciate it if I could collect some pics I could use for our accompanying Substack article. 7Spot Media includes our FB group but we're really a bit more like a magazine or online broadcaster kind of thing for 7s and 7-type cars. Here are some of our links so that you can see what we do: 7Spot YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnUjHfgt3_H-NiAg5RVThWA Join ... 7Spot Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SevenSpot For access to exclusive 7s Live Programming (and more) please join our Worldwide Community. 7Spot Webpage: https://7spot.nationbuilder.com/ Substack: https://7spot.substack.com/p/replica Cheers! Jim Jim Gould 7Spot Media SevenSpotMedia@gmail.com
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