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  2. If that windscreen frame is ali I would not think that it is strong enough to take the load at speed without folding. There is a reason for the steel mount and support we have for cars fitted with a screen.
  3. Hi Alan, I have to admit I was surprised to see it was on and before the 21st June. My car hasn't left the drive for a few months so my heart did rule my head and I went for it expecting slots to go very quickly. I will be treating it as a drive out and will not for example be stopping at the lunch venue. I do take your point and may well reconsider. I'm sure they will be announcing further rules closer to the time. There is at least a refund if they have to cancel due to Covid. They may well be told to do so. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it at all. I certainly don't want to enco
  4. The way that the windscreen is attached to the scuttle looks unique, dissapearing through a hole. I have not seen that before on a RH.
  5. Today
  6. Hi David. I participated in the event in 2019 - took one of my lads with me , who happens to live in London so overnight accommodation was layed on, and we had a good time. It was a nicely organised event and on the run down to Brighton we took time out to stop off at a cousin's place for tea and cake! It would have been even better had we known other participants and been able to partake with them ... but ... that was not to be the case. Might be over priced for what you do/get out of the day but well worth the experience as a one off. I would enjoy the event a second
  7. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/49218-body-panels-from-kit-spares/ Try the above link from one of the other members when he replaced his panels. He has made a first class job on his car. Regards Martin
  8. GCash

    Garage Clear Out

    Hello, sorry the hood has gone Regards Graeme
  9. I can't do one close to the pump, it is mainly within the engine block. But it makes sense to put one at the point where I disconnect the hose at the top of the radiator. Would be easier to bleed the system regularly,
  10. Hi. I've just booked my slot for the London to Brighton Kit, Replica and Sports car run. Leaving from Brooklands Museum this year. Anyone else going? David
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  12. fry61

    Cooling System

    There will still be air to be liberated from the water -- is it possible to install a bleed nipple close to the pump? Florin has 2 ordinary central heating bleeds on 15 mm tees in the feed & return pipes for the heater, which is the highest point on her CVH system.
  13. I thought the bushes had a spigot face -- a larger shoulder which didn't press into the 'bone ?? Don't want to remove any of this as it prevents sideways movement. Maybe incorrect memory on this bush shape, but steel tube must be 0.5 mm or there-abouts longer than the outside measurement of the bushes when installed & pressed fully home in the 'bone,
  14. You are probably best making your own to fit your car and the cycle wings you have got.
  15. An uprated 1st gear is a very good idea. I have a BGH E6 gearbox, & its one of the best changes I made to the car. http://www.bghgeartech.co.uk/ They also supply gear kits to your spec. Well worth a call, they are serious kit car modifying guys, not just a business. The owner designed the 6 speed Caterham box.
  16. Ta mate. Beginning to wish I had chosen 'garage dust grey' rather than black as it's already a bugger to keep clean.
  17. Kerry

    camping weekend

    We are up for this
  18. sorme

    Garage Clear Out

    Hi have you still got the hood Cheers Simon
  19. Hi all, I'm about to whip my engine out as I think the spigot bearing may have gone. Not 100% about that, it could be gearbox related instead. So I was thinking, while I'm doing a major job, should I change the gearbox as well.. It came out of a 100,000 mile donor Sierra, all I did was clean and paint it, change the oil and output shaft seal. I thought it was okay, but it would be good to have a box that I can trust completely. Anyway, I looked at my options and found this company - https://www.firstmotion.co.uk/ford-type-9-close-ratio-2/ - who will do an exchange or rebuilt gearb
  20. You've done a nice job there, looks really good.
  21. Instrument cluster. Not fixed in position yet, wiring still to sort.
  22. Dashboard. Used ply and yoga mat for padding, covered with alcantara.
  23. Since the last post I've been working on the interior and have now finished making the new dash, transmission tunnel, instrument cluster and rear boot cover. Pics below
  24. Thanks for all your advice. One of the main problems I am finding is that I need to replace all the body panels (this is what you get buying from ebay) as they are all in a poor state. Finding these at a reasonable price is difficult which means going to Kitspares and that will cost me about £1300 without the tub and the insides. I am not too bothered about the inside as I will just get some sheet aluminum and cut it to shape. That is why I am considering the zero kit. I think that the 1.8 pinto is good enough for what I need at the moment I am not going to race it I just want to use it
  25. Sorry, don't understand the question.
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