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  2. I went on a great 4 day trip to Wales with a local car club - details in my blog if you're interested: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-land-of-worried-sheep.html
  3. Did you ever find this, as I'm also after it?
  4. Time for the monthly meeting at the Church Mouse Front Street, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street DH2 3RJ from 7-30 all welcome. I know there are some new members in the area so come and join us.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks Guys I went through all the usual, google, transit forums, owners manual etc etc and decided easier to stick with my sierra stalk Thanks to all for the help
  7. now SOLD. Hoping to see it on the road next year.
  8. ....although he may want to replace the gaffer tape with something better?
  9. Thanks for arranging the meeting. Cheers Kerry
  10. Depends on the train, working in London!
  11. Try this link. It's a picture from a manual, supposed to be Transit 92+. http://www.ok.eclipse.co.uk/pictures/transit/92onlightschem.jpg
  12. Last week
  13. I've been on net 4hrs googling it and only downloads are on sites that require credit card details as ID just hoped someone on here may have had one
  14. A week tomorrow (29th) , 7PM onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. See you there.
  15. Like most things these days "GOOGLE" it you will find free PDF downloads that may well do the job.
  16. I’m after a wiring diagram for a 1991 to 2000 mk 4/5 transit indicator stalk for my Robin Hood
  17. Hi all, For anyone who wants to get out on the last Thursday of September, we are having the Stafforshire area meeting at the Spread Eagle Watling St, Gailey, Stafford ST19 5PN Around 7.30pm Everyone welcome, kit or not. https://www.spreadeaglepubgailey.co.uk/ https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Spread+Eagle/@52.6983585,-2.1310384,3183m/data=!3m2!1e3!5s0x487a7624b7b92c25:0xc794abfe20e6fe20!4m5!3m4!1s0x487a7625387a94e9:0xeffd9c7342a362e9!8m2!3d52.6936916!4d-2.132172?hl=en Andi
  18. Great day. Weather was just about perfect for driving (I covered 86 miles, although some of that was caused by road closures and unplanned diversions). Then we managed to spend almost 3 hours just chatting. Nice to get everyone back together after quite a gap. Next meet is the Corby Glen sheep fair on 3 Oct, although weather looking a bit iffy at the moment.
  19. Intercooler in position and fits under nose cone. Awesome work Richard Marsh.
  20. Thanks, but the idle valve certainly doesn't seem to be stuck, I'm inclined to look elsewhere before I consider a new one. I will try measuring the voltages given on page 3 of Derek's article...
  21. I've been contacted regarding what looks to be a Triumph Herald based kit car chassis. The owner has passed away and now his brother is looking to sell it. It looks to be purpose made, 9'3" (282cm) long from the front anti-roll, bar to the back, 50" (127cm) wide and 19" (48cm) at the narrowest. There's a 3" x 65" (7.6cm x 165cm) propshaft, together with 4 wheels, engine, gearbox. His brother told him the chassis was worth £700 or perhaps that is what he paid. Let’s say £500 The engine and gearbox is on the Triumph website at £350 with no response so far so let’s offer that at £250 Whilst it's not a project for the feint hearted, it might be useful to someone and I think there's scope for negotiation on the prices. It's located near Harlington north of Heathrow. Interested parties can contact Patrick O'Brien on 020 8780 0690 or patob11@gmail.com
  22. max


    hi if anyone would like one these you can have one for free but must collect from kings lynn
  23. Hi Peter Sorry, mistyping, I meant camber not castor. In fact my self centring borders on brutal. If I am in a turn and relax my grip on the wheel she will snap back to straight ahead instantly. One of the reasons I am loath to change anything
  24. Hi again Alan, I'm surprised at your castor angles presumably you have very little steering self centering, can I suggest you try to increase the nearside to at least equal the offside. 3° to 5° I think is the accepted norm, perhaps this would help the left side pull as well.
  25. m1tch

    ECU Programming

    Brumster, that’s amazing, thank you. I’ll drop you a PM shortly. Matt adjusted fuelling at all levels and it definitely runs much better, it’s purely the idle Im trying to change. I had a work dinner to attend last night so left my laptop at work as it wouldn’t last long In the boot of the zero. I will have the car and computer together again next Friday and free all weekend (subject to surprise plans from the wife). decided to range test the car last night and got from work to home on one tank. 167 miles at 70-75mph and it made it. Probably a bit risky at it was late and not done that range before but good to know it’s got it in the tank if it needs it. Still only took 25litres at the pump but the low pressure pump wasn’t happy
  26. I'm trying to collate a list of Superspec owners, so we can share technical knowledge, documentation and experiences. I used the forum database as a start point and found over 100 people who either had the car or still have it. I'm also trawling through Facebook as well. So far I have found 20 current owners, but I am sure there must be others. So if you do have a Superspec and haven't heard from me recently or think you might not be on the list already then please contact me or add to this post. And if anyone can think or anything else I can do to trace owners please let me know. Al
  27. Weather still looking good so it's a goer. We have decided on Foxton Locks, which is a nice place to park up and have a wander round. All the Lincolnshire (and honorary Lincolnshire members) regulars are going. If anyone wants to join us we are meeting in the Top Lock Car Park at 12:00 (Tuesday 21st). Bring a picnic lunch and 3 pound coins for the parking charge (their pay & Display machine is cash only) Al
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