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  1. RedTrev


    No, definitely not. The Tyco relays I know were made in the EU
  2. RedTrev


    What type of relay(s) are you after? If it's the "inch square" type (aka "mini relay" and "power relay F4") 4 pin, normally-open, drop me a pm. Like these: https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=srchrtrv&DocNm=V23134-X0000-A001&DocType=DS&DocLang=English
  3. Interesting rule change! Of course, fitting LED bulbs does not necessarily equate to dazzling headlights, as a well engineered LED device would replicate, or better, the bulb it is intended to replace. I have Philips LED bulbs in my kit which, although bright, easily met the criteria of no light in the dazzle zone in previous MOTs. Actually, the tester noted that the horizontal cut-off was way better than that of H4 filament bulbs in similar headlights. I believe the burning question is: what dictates an "existing halogen headlamp unit"?
  4. RedTrev

    bike carbs

    If you mean the crankcase breather, I’d say no. I tried it, it didn’t work. Have a read in the link below; they advise not to connect to a single runner dedicated to a single cylinder. https://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/engine-breather-system.html
  5. It’s a nice compact unit that Taxi heater; I have the same in my 2B, it sits nicely on the tunnel between the bulkhead and the facia, and just draws air from it’s surroundings.
  6. RedTrev

    carbs ?

    This is worth a read if you haven’t already done so: https://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/classic-ford-ultimate-guide-to-bike-carbs.pdf
  7. I’ll take those bonnet catches, please, Steve. If they’re not getting in your way, I’ll take them next time we meet, no rush this end. Cheers, Trev.
  8. It's worth considering the point that Ian is making here. I experienced this with a 1380 tuned Mini (many) years ago. Try retarding the ignition timing or, alternatively, crank with the ignition electrically disconnected. If the engine turns freely with no ignition, you'll know it's ignition timing causing the issue.
  9. Hi, you can check here: https://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-manufacture-dates.html Assuming you have a Ford engine, it was built Sept 1988.
  10. Battery charging condition tell tale is optional according to IVA manual section 33. Even the symbol and colour suggested in table A are for guidance only, but alternatives should not cause confusion to the driver.
  11. I'm following this thread with interest... ...a question: is there a good reason why none of the inlet manifolds I've seen include a flange (or maybe 4 separate flanges) to bolt the original carb-to-head rubbers to (and negate the need for the slippery silicon hoses)? Is it purely cost, or some technical reason?
  12. Are you staying there until Thursday Rich?
  13. What a fabulously concise write-up on bike carbs, Kevin; was a riveting read. Got me thinking about getting some for my Pinto.
  14. Might pop over, all being well
  15. Glad you got it fixed Rich. Solidified grease was a problem for old wind up gramophones too, I've got an HMV model 145 (1929-1933) which needs a bit of tlc to the motor due to solid grease. The NSM City II jukebox I've got (seen in boozers across the county in the 80s) has been reliable over the 20 years I've had it, just needing the speaker cone surrounds replacing on the 2 x 10" woofers about 4 years ago, as the original ones dried and disintegrated. The system plays the records vertically, with the mechanism moving along a rack to the records, rather than the records moving to the m
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