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  1. RedTrev

    Cycle Wings

    Yes Dale, still available.
  2. RedTrev

    Cycle Wings

    A pair of blue fibreglass cycle wings for sale. They have never been fitted, so no holes drilled. Some surface scuff marks here and there but generally in a good condition. They are 74cm over the curvature (other dimensions in photos). £40 the pair. Preferably collect from Coventry but could post within UK at cost.
  3. RedTrev

    Rev counter

    If you want new, then Caerbont Automotive Instruments now make the classic Smiths gauges. You can check their website https://www.smiths-instruments.co.uk/classic. There's a tab for their dealers, which includes Demon Tweeks, Europa, Mini Spares and the like.
  4. RedTrev

    Rev counter

    I would suggest then it's a tacho designed for a vehicle (possibly a diesel, although the scale is high (10k)) which has a magnetic sensor to generate the pulses (there's reference to "perception head" on the cct diagram). The number of pulses per revolution on its intended vehicle (induced by a toothed wheel perhaps) may not match the pulses of a 4 cylinder ignition coil based vehicle.
  5. Can you shine the bonnet a bit more Richy, the reflection is a little blurred. Nice pair of finishers!
  6. RedTrev

    Rev counter

    Hi, If I was going to connect that rev counter to a vehicle with an ignition coil I would probably try wiring it like this: Is this how you've already tried it? If no, then try this way, if yes what was the outcome?
  7. Ahh, I see. Yes, "Any Colour" is a lesser known track from Floyd's greatest (in my opinion) album Dark Side of the Moon.
  8. Hi Bob, I think you misunderstood. I wasn't adding to your list, I was just curious as to why you chose "Brick in the Wall" over my original suggestion of "Any Colour You Like".
  9. You not keen on Pink Floyd's "Any Colour You Like" then, Bob?
  10. Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd
  11. Hi Stu, an update from me for the people count: Brian will be riding shotgun
  12. Could you add me to the list for this too, please? All being well, I should be up for it. Booked into the Llanerch Inn.
  13. Re-arrangements and cancellations have freed up my Saturday, so I’ve just bought day tickets for Ruby and me. I’ve been out in the car a bit of late, it’s filthy and I ain’t washing it now, so it’ll be more hide & gloom than show & shine. I will, however, be bringing along a bingo prize have a great evening, we’ll see you in the morning
  14. RedTrev


    Ah, ok, I'll wait until Boris sorts this out for us after the 31st October.
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