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  1. Yes, I used that chart to determine the age of my engine block (HY, therefore 1987), but you're right, that doesn't mean you assume the head, or any other parts of the powertrain, are the same age or from the same donor vehicle.
  2. My engine is also a 1987 2.0L 205 block Pinto, with a definite "I" stamped on the head. The inlet ports are round (not egg shaped like on the injection heads) so I choose to assume it's leaded and add Castrol Valvemaster to the fuel (1 ml per litre of fuel).
  3. I set mine to about 0.7 negative (as close to this figure as the adjustment set-up would let me; precision is compromised by the thread coarseness of the links).
  4. I set the camber when fitting the wishbone upgrade kit, so the ball joints had never been pulled up fully tight until after I'd got the camber set. I could, therefore, just pull the stub out the top of the dummy strut (maybe just a tap under the top wishbone with a rubber mallet to free it, I can't remember).
  5. Steve, I'm pretty sure I split the top ball joint when adjusting mine; I went up through the dummy strut to remove the nut, pulled the stub out, rotated the ball joint as required, then refitted.
  6. Apart from a couple of Bond Bug photos, Keith, I only took one photo and that's of the cars together at GBS.....
  7. Beef burger for me please
  8. I'd like to join you please. Thanks
  9. The event is now postponed: https://www.coventrymotofest.com/
  10. Thank you both for sorting this; I'll take the King Prawn starter and the Gammon Steak main (w/ fried egg) please,
  11. Yes it will definitely fit a 1600 pinto. I'll check the size/weight and look at postage cost. Just checked, it's the best part of 3kg, so £10 should cover postage costs.
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