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  1. Count me in too. I’m easy on the dates, so the timing of this years event, i.e. the 2nd weekend of August, is ok with me for the next one.
  2. We didn't join in with the panic buying and have been running around with low fuel warnings for a couple of days, but today I've managed to get fuel without having to queue. The BP station I used was limiting the quantity however, so I put 10 litres in a jerrycan to transfer to the kit and the rest went into the tank of the tintop I was in, up to their max £35 allowed. So, all else being well, I should be at the meet Wednesday, in the kit.
  3. Haha, well remembered , good call
  4. Hi, thinking about camping at this year's EOSB again; what is the earliest arrival time on the Friday and the latest departure time on the Sunday please?
  5. Hi Tom, I advise you contact our club secretary, richyb66. He has workshop facilities and may be able to help you.
  6. Yes, thanks both, great fun; and thanks again Kerry and Richy for the bottom ball joint fix: it got home, only unscrewing by about 90 degrees
  7. Yes there's a gate code, it's also your code to access the toilet block. They claim it's linked to your number plate, but don't know how because they didn't ask for it when making the booking. I'm here already; came up Wednesday for a couple of nights with the daughter and the dog, going back tomorrow to drop them both off home before returning in the kit.
  8. Thanks for sorting this Kerry . Yes, it’ll be just me, my bro was planning to come along but didn’t get his holiday request approved at work .
  9. Kerry, if I’m not too late to ask (sorry, I’ve been away for a while), could I join you on the Friday evening, please? If so, I’d like the Salmon Teriyaki, thanks.
  10. Sluggish cranking can be caused by over advanced ignition timing. You can try cranking with HT disconnected to see if it cranks faster, or try retarding the ignition slightly (assuming you have distributor turn it clockwise). Just to add, there was a member on here recently with a similar issue; changed starter, changed battery, checked leads and connections, checked voltages etc etc, to find it was all down to ignition timing
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