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  1. Matt brown

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Winter mod. Wash it
  2. Matt brown

    Vote for your club

    I got my vote in
  3. Matt brown

    Vote for your club

    Classic Car Club Mission: find the nation’s best club – the ultimate winner! In 2017 we revealed Britain’s best classic café, in 2018 it was the nation’s favourite classic destination that we uncovered – now we are looking for Britain’s finest classic car club. Practical Classics and Footman James are on the hunt for the nation’s very best local club and it’s the ‘local’ bit that is most important. We would like you to nominate your favourite local classic car club or local branch of a national classic car club. The 30 most popular nominated clubs will go forward to a national vote and then the top ten clubs, those with the most votes, will be visited by the FJ/PC team as they head out once blast from place to place on an epic tour of the nation... Click the link below and vote for us!!! https://www.practicalclassics.co.uk/bbcccoty/?fbclid=IwAR2aAZYP_2Rdhsq-y0WL4KpboTOjRCL1ZxZ_SafFyy9OICRVKrI0Abe2OJo
  4. Matt brown

    Website feedback thread

    Just to confirm is this on mobile site or desktop site?
  5. Matt brown

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    A flat head screw driver and hammer to get the clip out
  6. Matt brown

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    I use these for oil tap into the block and to the turbo. Ether T into the oil pressure gauge hole or about 6 inches towards the back of the engine from the oil pressure switch there's another hole with a grub bolt in it which is the same as the oil pressure switch one, which is what I used And this into the turbo feed Nothing else required for oil feed
  7. Matt brown

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    That's my new bracket
  8. Matt brown

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    You will have to clock the turbo in the housing. (Not a nice or easy job) but it is pretty simple just have a look on YouTube how to do it. Only thing with that though is you will need to make a bracket to hold the actuator as it will no longer fit on the original mount points
  9. Matt brown

    Kitfest @ Santa Pod 14Th To 16Th June 2019

    Trevor harmer from the nwkcog has been in talks with CKC and Santa Pod to piggy back onto show but will be having a dedicated area I believe
  10. Matt brown

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    td04L from a Subaru Impreza, should be able to get a used one in good nick for less than £100 mine was £50 from eBay
  11. Matt brown

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    Top day guys!
  12. Matt brown

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    Don't think so, they are scared of the cold
  13. Matt brown

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    See you in the morning at the pub for breakfast
  14. Matt brown

    Zx6R Bike Cars And Danst Manifold For Zetec Plus Megajolt

    Ye still all for sale
  15. Matt brown

    Leicestershire Kitmas Meal 2018

    Matt & Jas Cauliflower soup Roast turkey Sticky toffee Thanks