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  1. You sure you haven't moved the idle position of the throttle body by adjusting the cable, there's a small grub screw to set idle
  2. Glad you could come, bring on next year hopefully we can use a marquee.
  3. Probably best to bring cash, there is a petrol station down the road from the site with a cash point, I would Imagen some stalls would be able to take card but the internet can be Dodgy around there
  4. Matt brown

    EOSB Run Out

    Last year I think there was around 30-40 kits on the run. This is a club organised event which has been getting bigger each year. Everyone is welcome if your a member or not makes no difference its all about having fun
  5. You are best looking for redseven engineering on Facebook as hes done a few supercharged kit cars and should be able to help
  6. All done lol it scary how much my temp gauge is out though goes to 120oc before it comes on and it's a 105oc fan switch
  7. Well where do I start lol. Custom water rail with oil cooler water feed and return Fit fan switch Custom grill Custom vent Custom rear boot cover Re powder coat windscreen supports Paint wish bones Refresh carpet All while still working as we haven't been shutdown yet
  8. You still have chance lol I'm only just starting my little mods
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