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  1. Brilliant weekend and lovely setting. Hopefully this will become a yearly thing again now COVID lockdowns have finished. Craig and his family have been great host and can't thank everyone who made the weekend what is was enough.
  2. No problem what so ever, hopefully you find what you're after soon
  3. Sorry to let you down mate, something came up
  4. Camping is mixed but we normally stick a couple of flags up so people in the club can camp together if wanted, it will be nice to meet some new faces this year
  5. Put be down please Derek it will only be me for food though, thanks
  6. Don't bother with the water cooling it is only for when the engine gets turned off, just allow the car to idle few a few mins after a hard drive to allow it to cool. All it will do is add more stress to your already stressed cooling system. I've been running a zetec turbo in my zero for a couple of years now with no issue
  7. Matt brown

    Christmas Meal

    Matt - beetroot and onion, roast turkey , Christmas pud Jas - beetroot and onion, roast turkey , sticky toffee pudding
  8. Beat me to it it told me I was to slow, all booked pitch 5 Friday to Monday
  9. Support your club by booking on to the EOSB event this weekend and have a weekend to remember. Book via the forum store or the following link https://ticketstripe.com/EOSB2021
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