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  1. Don't bother with the water cooling it is only for when the engine gets turned off, just allow the car to idle few a few mins after a hard drive to allow it to cool. All it will do is add more stress to your already stressed cooling system. I've been running a zetec turbo in my zero for a couple of years now with no issue
  2. Matt brown

    Christmas Meal

    Matt - beetroot and onion, roast turkey , Christmas pud Jas - beetroot and onion, roast turkey , sticky toffee pudding
  3. Beat me to it it told me I was to slow, all booked pitch 5 Friday to Monday
  4. Support your club by booking on to the EOSB event this weekend and have a weekend to remember. Book via the forum store or the following link https://ticketstripe.com/EOSB2021
  5. Yes and yes, only thing we ask is you keep your dog on a lead when walking about and clean up after them.
  6. I received my email at 8pm today with gate code I'm guessing it's the same code for everyone
  7. Unfortunately I won't be in the kit as Jas isn't suppose to drive for another 5 weeks after the c section but looking forward to see everyone again.
  8. Tea spoon of Calpol will send her right off
  9. Booked pitch 19 for 2 nights just incase the baby is a nightmare
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