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  1. Matt: Pate, turkey, sticky toffee Jas: Goats cheese, turkey, brownie
  2. Matt brown

    Zetec turbo

    Here's a photo of mine to give you an idea of what it needs
  3. Matt brown

    Zetec turbo

    Process would be slightly different due to us using the st170 bottom end with the blacktop head but we went from bike carb to injection plus turbo for around £1500-2000 pretty easy to do though. If you already have injection you can save nearly £1000
  4. I will add that I use the Renault one as I run the st170 oil cooler plate so have very limited space
  5. Don't think we are doing anything so weather permitting we will be there
  6. Ye in my garage lol as I won them last year
  7. We have spoken with Claire today and she would like to do the bingo again, so can we please ask if you have anything lying around that you would be willing to donate could you please bring them with you. Thanks
  8. Me and Jas as well please
  9. Craig need to know around lunch tomorrow so will probably be abit late
  10. Can we get a show of hands who is coming please, so I can pass it on to Craig to he can organise everything.
  11. Only 3 days left to book onto this event
  12. saturday morning onwards please The address is corner farm buckworth road, alconbury Weston PE28 4JX I'll try and get there earlier in the day to set a flag up at the entrance
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