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  1. Don't know if I'm being stupid but what time does this start
  2. Matt : duck parfail, hand carved turkey breast, Christmas pudding Jas: slow roasted tomato arancini, hand carved turkey breast, crème brulé
  3. Just call the place direct and add yourself to the booking. It's still plenty of notice
  4. I tried to change my engine size got a letter back saying I need proof of purchase of the engine to prove it wasn't stolen and a engineers report saying it been installed safely. So thought stuff it and didn't both to change it. It's insured correctly and never had any issues since
  5. Pitch 2 booked Thursday-Monday hope you don't mind seeing us for the extra day
  6. Matt brown

    EOSB 2022

    We will be over straight after work tomorrow cya then
  7. Matt brown


    In tank swirl pot and pump, the range rover one is fine and can be made considerably shorter than standard without any issues. Mines in a GBS zero which has a small size tank and had a stupid angle at the bottom of the tank which the robin hood doesn't so I made a tank extension with locking collar. The pump can be easily be swapped out for a high performance unit if you want to go bigger power down the line.
  8. Hopefully some one will have some decent pictures and measurements so I can knock one up
  9. Matt brown

    EOSB 2022

    If need be we will just set up further into the field, I know last year was abit rutted from the tanks
  10. GBS with there cheap thin metal. If someone has a drawing of the part I'll be able to knock a stronger version up at work pretty easily
  11. We are eating there so will be in the back
  12. Brilliant weekend and lovely setting. Hopefully this will become a yearly thing again now COVID lockdowns have finished. Craig and his family have been great host and can't thank everyone who made the weekend what is was enough.
  13. No problem what so ever, hopefully you find what you're after soon
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