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  1. Offered up new wheels, need a bigger spacer for sure to clear suspension, now waiting for graphics to come and started fitting parts back on, hopefully 2 more weeks to complete and the I'll be sitting in it ready till restrictions lift
  2. Just no time and house move imminent I've decided to re cover and change switches to smarten up dash u till I have more time
  3. Have made headway on the interior over the last 3 weeks, using diamond stitch, Mulliner coachworks !!
  4. There's nothing that you can "do" to make it cheaper as its black and white if vehicle is registered correctly other than change engine, taking a vin and reg from a car and going down exempt route is akin to well a rabbit hole of legal and moral issues and then false economy as you'll be paying insurance which wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on and then the implications of that in a time of need for other parties also.
  5. Have tried, but none like this and simple, CBS sell on there but out of stock and have been for months
  6. Hi, does anyone know any other places that sell these at this size with surround? ( from CBS they have run out, they have a bigger one but trying to find shorter length one) Chris
  7. No no, thats a hard no on that deal, I think alot of people on here prefer the build, I myself have the last bits needed to complete all of my rebuild and I'm already getting itchy that I'll not have a build in progress soon
  8. I've not got one fitted but I'll bow to a few on here who would be able to give you the right advice for your set up if needed, you need to get pics on for us to see
  9. https://ramair-filters.co.uk/rs2-215-401-ramair-carb-air-filters-with-baseplate-weber-32-34-dft-25mm-bolt-on/?utm_source=sando&utm_campaign=sando-p1 Prob ebay too I'm at RAF Coltishall so not too far, will be good to get all in this area together once allowed as some great roads especially coast road
  10. Ramair do a filter to fit that carb, I did a fair amount of research and pros and cons to a foam filter or k&n style pancake, these came up well, 45mm sits nicely under with clearance.
  11. Nightmare to get this right when spraying but hopefully worth the effort to get the colour scheme I want with small details
  12. Very happy with reconditioning parts, what's the best material or adhesive/sealant for the underneath of screen?
  13. Started offering up interior bits and all my re sprayed parts
  14. Thank you Ian, happy with that spec then, really appreciate that level of understanding. Am I right in thinking jj corresponds to a 4x4 wheel, mine looks not too different from the standard ones given out for the kits?
  15. As increasing the car’s wheel rim diameter by 1 inch means I need to increase the tyre section width by 10mm and decrease the tyre aspect ratio by 10 points?
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