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  1. Thank you for your advice I will get digging on the setting up of that carb, will discuss with him then, appreciate your time.
  2. It's running very lean on idle and had to set at 1200 to be okay, but was causing engine to overrun (diesel ing) he believed it was due to them not being progressive and sucking too much air in at once, he said he was going around in circles trying to adjust, he specialises in setting up carbs and plenty of experience so I may have missed things he was doing so I can't say if something may have been missed, I only saw adjusting the one that can be seen above the connecting gear ratchet, he advised to go for a 32/36 as would work better on mine being a 2.1 and with the cam I have. Is t
  3. Hi, have had a tuner set up the car today. It has a twin 38 non progressive carb from v6 on, its running very lean and he cannot get it set nicely,overrunning, he has advised I need the 32/36 to suit my fast cam, can anyone confirm what they have on?
  4. Small update on progress I have Bob Archer from mobiletuning norfolk coming tomorrow to do a full test on the engine and equipment as it has a unknown race cam and various upgrades completed by iJem engines, we can then see what we're getting from the girl and plan next course. The speedo cable is lovingly looking at me in the face rather than doing its job! Upon reading up I will cut a good hole into the tunnel.. Will this likely be able to fix back into the connector or would I need to get a new one ready for it? I've also started stripping back all the body work so t
  5. Luckily run my own business that can continue, so can take off some time, but I've already found myself knocking off too early so need to keep check on that. Nice little place out in the sticks here, just down road from Wroxham at RAF Coltishall base. It does feel like a good base, just a bit more rust under the seat panels than had hoped for, cleaning it all back so can then start cutting out and replenishing Would like to ask about the sliding pillar set up.. Living close to Snetterton I've been there in cars and my R6 and would definitely want to be able to tak
  6. And now a complete strip down has started so that I can check over everything ready for the winter re build
  7. The engine has had a full rebuild Ported and polished to 2.1, big valve head and twin choke 38 weber
  8. So the previous owner had it stored for 10 years, they then brought it out clean up and get ready for Mot and were hit with a nice warm fire
  9. Hi All, So I started my journey to conquer the forum posts in August, knowing I couldn't use my fathers knowledge I set to work on engrossing myself into all the threads and trying to piece together everything that I would need to help me, it feels like I've blinked and now we're at the end of September, my little girls back to school, I've got a massive beard and I'm not really sure what day it is, suffice to say the help and knowledge on here is great (though roughly working out I'm still only about 30% through some sub sections they're huge! I wanted to show right from th
  10. Thanks, that's great. Looking forward to getting to some meets definitely Keith
  11. Cheers Andi, doesn't look like there's too many, hopefully some haven't marked up as you say. I shall certainly start peppering as definitely have some questions you guys can hopefully answer to get me started on the right path. Chris
  12. Hi All, I have just purchased my first Robin Hood 2b, I helped to restore my fathers s7 when i was younger (bought from Peter Filby himself) B897PJF if anyone knows that, would love to see again. I would love to find anyone in the Norfolk area that could take a look at it with me and chuck some pointers out and a nod to any good garages to take them too for certain works, I can't pull on my father experience as I'm doing this to unveil to him once finished Chris
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