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  1. what a treasure trove I can't believe the tyres are still inflated!!!
  2. not sure if any of these are any use, found them whilst I was searching the web for similar 'stuff' VG loom update found 02.03.23.docx vicki_green_pinto_wiring_loom.pdf
  3. I assume the question you are asking is - should I buy it? may I make the following comments... what's the reason they are selling it? can't seem see that other than garage space needed. if it is registered correctly as a Robin Hood and the chassis and engine numbers match with the paperwork - that's a great sign ask for the reg no - would be worth doing an MOT check on gov.uk etc all the major parts seem to be there, you may need to source some bits and pieces to complete it. I was always steered away from an unfinished project, because there was usually a reason it was unfinished possibly someone who had bitten off more than they could handle!! If you are up for a challenge there are many positives, have a good look at the car - is it well made, cables/ pipes clipped neatly stuff like that may show some care and love has been put in it. Only you can make the decision, hope this helps. have fun Darrell
  4. Hi All, here's some photos from our trip through the lights tonight, thanks to Rob.J for meeting up, hope you got home OK!? still can't work out what the lad who shouted "go on do a wheelie" meant!!!!! have fun everyone Darrell
  5. Hi All, It is looking dry for Monday 9th October evening How about a 7.30pm meet up at B&Q Blackpool just off the M55 junction 4, then a ride through the illuminations, I will find a chippy that's open and a place to stop for a photo let me know if you are coming so I know who to wait for looking forward to seeing you Darrell
  6. welcome on board everyone
  7. Hi All, Anyone fancy a trip through the famous Blackpool illuminations and a bag of chips and a chat? We did one last year but in December, dry but cold and we just caught the chippy before it shut!!! It would be a last minute 'ish' notice to fit in with the weather maybe a Monday or Wednesday in October. Last time we met at 7.30pm at B&Q Blackpool drove through the lights, didn't stop to take a photo by the tower (will rectify that this year!!!) and had some chips (may need to find an open one before the trip) Let me know Darrell
  8. with apologies, I cannot now make this, unless things change but this will be last minute
  9. Hi, I would like to gauge opinion as to what you want to do as a NW England member of the UK Kit Car Club. Please could I ask you to spend a few moments and answer the questions on the link below. By doing this it will give me an indication as to what to expect and who is interested in doing what. Many thanks Darrell NW Area Secretary https://forms.office.com/e/eLuSisEWPE
  10. Hi All, Well that was an interesting day, in a great way and very different. Five Club mates met up today (13/08/23) at the NT car park, Alderley Edge, parked in reserved parking places, chatted about our cars/ weather/ etc before the rain drove us to the mining museum where Phil showed us around explaining and amazing us with his knowledge of the area and the copper mining operations that have been in evidence for thousands of years. We then donned hard hats and made our way to one of the mines to have a look round, it was a 'hole' too far for me!! But the other intrepid explorers ventured deep under ground. A great venue for future club meets with chance to see the mines, have a drive out from there as a club (need a local club member to use their knowledge for this) or just have a chat over a brew at the nearby tea room (something we didn't get round to today) One for next year me thinks. I have included a selection of photos I took and I know others took some so more to follow. Thanks to Steve (Foz), Nathaniel (GambolGold), Ian (IanS), Phil (phil lilley) for a great club meet up. Here's to the next one Darrell
  11. Fabulous, fingers crossed for some dry weather
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if you had managed to check your diaries. Our next run out is planned... When - Sunday 13th August Time - 10am Where - National Trust Car Park, Alderley Edge SK10 4UB parking spaces reserved, café on site, kick some tyres and chat cars and a chance to explore some mines if you fancy it (not for me!!) Let me know, hopefully see you on Sunday. thanks Darrell
  13. Just seen on Facebook this has been cancelled by the organisers, next one scheduled for September 3rd.
  14. Just seen on Facebook that the organisers have cancelled this event. Next one scheduled for September 3rd.
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