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  1. Weather looking great for this weekend any one else thinking of meeting up at the Cat & Lion?
  2. I hope so, you are the route master
  3. ***Due to this thread getting a bit long now, I have opened a new thread for NW area meet ups & events***
  4. For those members from the NW area interested in going down to the Kit Car Show at Malvern... A few of us are going to meet up and drive down together on the Saturday morning, some are there and back in a day others are camping overnight, the choice is yours. Let's meet up... Where: Cat & Lion pub car park - WA4 4NB When: Saturday 1st June 2024 Time: will be leaving at 9.30am The only thing we need now is some dry weather (Let me know you are coming so we don't miss anyone) See you there, Darrell
  5. A great morning spent kicking tyres and swapping stories/ advice with some proud owners. One of them even let me sit in their Porsche Turbo (my dream car), Ian and I enjoyed a brew and chat at a busy car meet. Weather was great.
  6. Ian, search on YouTube for "May charity farm car show" pay attention to the time stamp 22:55, you will see someone you recognise
  7. Darrell

    Track day

    Hi Phil & Foz, I have mixed thoughts re a track day!!! I would have to drive there, take part and drive back hoping Rupert survived the time on track!?! I am looking at a 3 hour plus drive to get there, is there an inclement weather refund in place or is it non refundable. An insurance upgrade. All for 7 laps, unless I have misunderstood. I must admit it doesn't appeal BUT it would be so much fun!! Me thinks not for me at this time. I will watch the conversation as it develops. Darrell.
  8. Hi All, How about this one for us all to meet up at... When: Sunday 19th May Where: The Lightning Club, Mill Lane, Warton, PR4 1AX Time: 9am to 1pm free to enter See Facebook/ instagram for more info, a popular car meet on the Fylde open to all, bar & café for a brew and a butty on site. I have been before and there is a right mix of vehicles from classic to performance and even the odd truck or two!! Dog friendly Weather looking good for the weekend, see you there Darrell
  9. Great run out to Charity Farm, Ian and I met up, walked around the plethora or cars there and chatted the finer detail and stories with some proud owners add to that a brew and some great weather. It is a great venue for us to meet up at and use the time to plan in some NW activities. Perhaps see some more members next time? have fun Darrell
  10. Love the colour, keep up the good work, it’s great to follow your journey
  11. time noted, thanks, I will await suggestions/ comments etc from the NW contingent who cannot make it
  12. Hi All, May I suggest we meet up at... Charity Farm Car Meet, popular, plenty of variety especially in the dry weather with many unusual and different vehicles. See Facebook for further info. When: Sunday 12th May 2024 Where: Charity Farm Fisheries, Wrightington, Smithy Brow, Wigan, WN6 9PP Time: 0900 - 1300 ish (I plan to get there about 9-9.30am it would be great to see you there Darrell
  13. until

    this event moved to 12th May due to busy weekend at camp site
  14. until
    Charity Farm Car Meet, popular, plenty of variety especially in the dry weather with many unusual and different vehicles. See Facebook for further info. location... Charity Farm Fisheries Wrightington Smithy Brow Wigan WN6 9PP
  15. Thanks for the update Al, I am hoping to come down with a contingent from the NW again this year.
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