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  1. IanS

    Chassis Plate for IVA

    The weights on the plate are not the actual weight of the car but the maximum allowable weight when fully loaded with driver passenger luggage etc. So weighing your car will not help, as the suspension is sierra based for a 2B any weight up to what ford allowed is reasonable with some consideration for the springs you have fitted. The VIN should be unique (and not the doners) and can be issued by DLVA or you could use your name and date of significant event padde out to the required length with random numbers as a lot of people have done.
  2. Is it just me but the speedo sensor looks to be about the lowest point on the center line of the car and a bit vunerable.
  3. The heat has to go somewhere. Normally only 2 places the radiator or the heater. Could the aircon be going full blast to drain the heat from the heater?
  4. It would not be the first replacement thermostat that I have come accross that opened early. Have you tested in a pan of water on the stove to see what temperature it actually starts to open at. Replacement OEM stat for my Saab about 5 years ago started opening at 52 degrees which was worse than the dud one at 58 degrees. Spec reads 98 degrees
  5. Many years ago it took 4 of us a long weekend to "build" a caterham. 150 hours if you realy take your time.
  6. IanS

    Air horns

    What is this meant to be ............... The stearing wheel. not a fuse. I would expect to wire a fuse between the battery positive and the relay pin 30. I am not sure what the power of the compressor is but 15A or 30A would be my guess. The old horn normally uses its mechanical mounting to be its earth (-ve) connection. I am guessing that the stared switch is to disable the air horns. I hope that this helps.
  7. I did not want to over cool the engine. I have a pinto that is happy from about 85 to about 105 degrees where the pressure cap allows the coolant to boil. 95 is a compromise like most things are.
  8. I have set mine to 95 degrees. It mainly comes on when stuck in traffic.
  9. Looks like a standard swing back mirror from SVC. On a custom addition to the screen bracket.
  10. IanS

    Cooling System

    Every water pump I have seen is an impeller type that provides little obstruction to flow when not turning so an electric pump in the bottom hose should work. The heater circuit might be a problem and need its own pump.
  11. IanS


    Exmo and series 3 are 2 inches wider that series 1&2. Should be posible to bend hoops to suit. Windscreen fitting is variable (little guidance to builders) and probably the biggest problem getting second hand to fit due to this.
  12. IanS

    Coil pack plug

    Faulty new battery??????????
  13. Ignition is retarded for a cold engine.
  14. rear lights flashing with the indicators normally due to bad earth. I would check by running a single (no joints) wire all the way from the light cluster back to the battery, can be done quickly round the outside as you are checking. Fluctuating voltage could be because you are not measuring to a good earth. Electrical oddball faults (other than blown fuse) I always start by checking the earths resistance back to the battery, I have a long negative lead for my meter to do this.
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