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  1. I also used the square facet but only use it to prime the system. So I put a T in the fuel line before and after the mechanical pump. I wired a push button switch to power it so it only works when I press on the switch so no need for an inertia switch, this means that I only have to put up with the noise for a few seconds.
  2. IanS

    IVA Sub K

    Seams a shame to get this far and not get a propper drive of the car.
  3. I might not go out in the rain but I have been caught out on long trips many times.
  4. I had this a couple of years ago. The ignition switch was coroded inside and whilst it was putting power to the coil when in the normal run position but moving on to the start position it dropped power to the coil. I soaked the switch in switch cleaner and opperated it from the off through to the start positon lots of times and it came back to life. I am told that you can still get this part new from ford but I have not bothered.
  5. IanS

    1.6 Pinto.

    Choke stuck on?
  6. Basic science. Red paint absorbs yellow through blue light and reflects the red only. Red light has the least energy and blue the most energy, beyond blue is ultra violet, X rays then gamma rays with more and more energy. The energy from the absorbed blue light has to go somewhere, it mostly becomes heat but some breaks chemical bonds in the pigment which shows as fading. So blue paint reflects the energetic light and is fade resistant. Most red pigments fade in sunlight UV blocking polishes help but are not perfect.
  7. IanS

    Newbie 2B

    Just been checking. F18 off latest US carrier is 0 to 180 in 3 seconds. Way to go
  8. IanS

    Rev counter

    Is the tacho for an 8 cyclider motor? I can not quite read the writing on the face.
  9. IanS

    Newbie 2B

    if you want a sub 4 sec 0-60 time I suggest tou try a winch launch of a glider with an enthusastic winch driver. 2 sec is possible with 20 sec to 1000 feet up, even better is a cat launch from a carrier but harder to arrange.
  10. IanS

    Rev counter

    +ve side of coil switches up and down for every spark. -ve side is earth and does not therefore have any signal for the tacho.
  11. IanS

    Rev counter

    Yes the third wire is an earth. Test is does it work when engine is running.
  12. Tappet gaps to small? Valves warm up and get longer and no longer close properly. Worth checking but a long shot.
  13. That makes me think. I have always hankered after a stanley steam car, not every day transport but fun to leave a trail of steam obscuring the road behind you.
  14. Not powder coating I know but a lot of space frame failures are due to rusting from the inside. Water gets in and the rust starts and does not show until it is all the way through.
  15. Seat belts are not normally repairable as they are a safty fitting.
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