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  1. Tap test was the only test before rollers came in, some 4x4 cars have to have this test as they would need a set of rolllers front and rear to test. 0.5G for main brake 0.25G for handbrake or like my old thames van handbrake had to lock the rear wheels as empty it had no hope of 0.25G.
  2. It should be that fitting new HC pistons as I understand that the rods are the same. When I rebuilt my engine I had it rebored and got given 2 HC pistons and 2 LC pistons and only noticed when fitting. I got them exchanged but it took time. I have not done the 2.8 piston route but understand that most builders skin the block to get the compression back.
  3. If your V5 still states CO 4.5 & HC0.12 then this is what it should be tested to and a standard exhaust should work provided the carbs are set right. If you want a cat than https://kitspares.co.uk/collections/exhaust/products/exhaust-silencer-repackable-zetec-with-cat is probably a way forward.
  4. Sierra pinto engines did not have electric radiator fans so your instalation is probably unique. They had fan-belt driven viscous coupling fans that in my opinion belong in the scrap bin. I have used https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/adjustable-fan-controller-thermostat To control my electric fan and power it through a switched live so it stops when I switch the ignition off. I have it set to 95C which is above thermostat fully open temperature but below boiling, it normally only operates when stuck in traffic.
  5. Next vital thing is to check condition of brakes before moving. First does hand brake work, chock front wheels and jack back up, handbrake off can you turn each rear wheel? Handbrake on can you still turn each wheel, handbrake back off check if it is stuck on. Similarly check each foot ( service) brake by having each wheel jacked off the floor and with someone to help check rotation with brake applied and released. Verify level of fluid in brake resevoir. Obvious but check tyres for correct inflation etc. Only then think about a MOT.
  6. Just the usual, check fluids oil and water, Gear oil, Diff oil. Take the top off the carbs and clean out any crap from the float chambers. Take plugs out and using a spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt turn over and check that water pump and alternator turn. If all OK then use the starter to get oil pressure, If Ok then replace spark plugs and try to start. Hope that this helps.
  7. How about a visit to the traction engines? Not as an exhibitor (you are stuck in for the duration) but just as a get together. https://outdoorshows.co.uk/astle-park-traction-engine-rally/
  8. I am going tommorow and will see you there. I am taking camping gear but looking at the forcast for sunday I might not stay.
  9. IanS

    nose grill

  10. The Exmo did not have a build manual as such. It came with 2 or 3 VHS tapes. I understand that the series 3 tapes can be found on utube, the exmo had the same rear end as the series 3 but strut front suspension being the main change. I hope that this helps. Where abouts are you, there might be an owner / builder near you. If you have questions I built my exmo and remember most of what is needed.
  11. Never been as it always collided with family events. I am aiming to have a run over Saturday camp the night and return sunday. I try to avoid motorways and trunk roads so the trip will be a bit longer but more fun.
  12. Just been out to look at my car. Weld looks a lot better done than yours and no sign of a crack.
  13. I am aiming for 10 to 10:30 arrival. See you there
  14. One thing to consider is that the S7 kit came out per SVA/IVA when just getting a MOT and a declaration of where the parts came from was all that was needed to get the car road legal. You say that this is a rolling chassis, does it come with a V5 stating make is robin hood, if so you are in for an easier time. If not then you will have to pass IVA to get on the road. IVA manual here https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1065789/individual-vehicle-approval-inspection-manual-passenger-vehicles.pdf Have a good build. Ian
  15. I presume that your kit is sierra based. I believe that there were a few MX5 kits but I know little about them. A couple of pictures might help.
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