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  1. IanS

    Pinto Electronic Ignition

    I do not understand, all petrol sierras had electronic ignition. Points ignition pintos would be from older cortinas in the mid to late 70's
  2. The sierra haynes manual in older editions told everything about gearboxes. I have 2 copies the older one covers the first 2 years of sierra production and is good, the newer one covers all years of sierra production and it more or less says get exchange gearbox. Haynes manuals have gone downhill over the years. given time I can copy the type9 bits from the older manual for you.
  3. Its always the way that come the sunshine and something goes wrong. Good luck with the repair.
  4. I am not clear, is the car moving when the clutch is pressed and the noise stops? I was thinking that the noise was there when stopped and the clutch being pressed stopped the all movement in the box. I only know the mono cars where it is engine out gearbox out.
  5. If it changes with 5th then it is probably internal to the gearbox, I am trying to remember how ford grafted 5th onto that box but suspect that the fork to select 5th is being hit by something and when it moves to select 5th it is clear. Does reverse still work as this might be the the problem. Either way it sounds like a gearbox out and remove the top cover to have a look see.
  6. IanS

    Track rod end extenders

    That looks to me like a lenght of threaded rod, nothing special.
  7. IanS

    Questions about Robin Hood 2b

    97-99 was series 3 mono cars 95-96 was exmo 93-94 early sierra mono with swept or cycle wings as options.
  8. IanS

    Brake lock-up

    Rear drum break cylinders probably are the same as still fitted to the latest small cars that still have drums at the back, if it works well dont redesign.
  9. IanS

    It could be this, It might be that

    From the bottom picture Oil pressure light has its own switch at the end of the adaptor with the guage sender screwed into the side. Out of curiosity what happens when we know that there is no oil pressure? Unscrew the sender and remove the PTFE tape to make certain that there is no trapped pressure and see what the guage reads. Second thought is regarding the PTFE tape, does this system require an earth through the body of the sender and is the tape preventing that, test by connecting a wire from the body of the sender back to the battery negative.
  10. IanS

    Another alternator woe

    Lets not forget the wire that is not shown. The negative of the battery (earth) needs a good connection to the alternator. This is often the mounting bracket to the engine and an earth strap to the battery and/or the body of the car. Painted engine blocks, alternator mounting brackets etc. mess up the return path. Try a wire from the earth post direct to the battery -ve.
  11. IanS

    Weather Protection

    Tonneau does not always work well when parked. Unless the zip is supported on top of a ridge, rain pools on the flat top and pores through the zip leaving puddles on the transmission tunnel.
  12. IanS

    Fitiing Windscreen

    I found it easy to mask off the bottom rail and scuttle with masking tape. Fill the gap with Polyurathene sealant and smooth off inside and out. Wait for the sealant to set and remove the tape. I am unsure what masking tape does to wrap as I have never used wrap.
  13. IanS

    Another alternator question

    Bring back the dynamo and mechanical control box. Old tech worked. Modern tech has too many variables. Only thing wrong with dynamo was shaft length limiting revs.
  14. IanS

    Another alternator question

    Alternator bulb needs to light both ways. Ordinary bulb does not care about polarity LED does. You can get LEDs that are actually 2 side by side in one package that work both ways but sounds like that this is not what you have. Operation of ignition light is switch ignition on engine is stopped, 12V from ignition switch to one side of switch and current flows from switch through light to power rotor of alternator. Light glows. Start engine and current through light kick starts alternator which brings alternator connection up to 12V so now both sides of light at 12V and light goes out. Stop engine by switching ignition out and alternator still providing 12V to light but switch side now pulled to 0V by ignition load. bulb will not provide enough current to keep sparks going so engine stops and light glows until engine stops when it goes out. It sounds like you have one side of LED to alternator which only starts on residual magantism in rotor when revs build and the other side still earthed. Check that switched live brings non alternator side of to 12V before engine starts.
  15. IanS

    Dashboard cutting

    Some alternators come with a W connection, this gives an unrectified signal that can be used to drive a tacho. Check if your alternator has this connection. The temperature guage might be a thermal movement (wich is well damped) in which case the connections are not polarity sensitive and one goes to the sender which normally has its body earthed to the engin block and the other goes to either a satbilised supply or a switched live.