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  1. IanS

    Type 9 quick shift kit

    If you look at the shiny metal uncovered by moving the ball upwards plus the thickness of the C clip then you have at least 7mm.
  2. IanS

    Gbs inlet plenum

    what engine?
  3. A number of cars passed by fitting the original sierra stearing wheel, this made it a bit tight getting in and out but was a certain pass.
  4. IanS

    shortend sump

    Not lnowing how much has been chopped off the sump this cannot be answered directly. Snapperpauls post at the top of this gives the levels required. I would use a cable tie as a measure. Get one long enough to touch the bottom of the sump and mark where it enters the tube, measure the length of the tube and then you will mknow where the max and min marks should be. Fill a bit at a time untill level is between marks and note how much oil went in.
  5. IanS

    Noise cameras

    "The noise level deemed to be inappropriate is yet to be decided. " Time to write to your MP
  6. IanS

    Fame at last!

    My old vectra had clear indicator lenses and yellow bulbs as fitted new by GM, never had a problem. I have failed a MOT on a cracked rear light showing some white, a bit of red tape proved a leagle fix.
  7. IanS

    ECU dropping out.

    You might have connected the ECU power to position 1 which is audio feed and is dropped whilst cranking (prevents tapes tangling) ECU ignition live would be position 2
  8. 60,000+ miles running on unleaded on an 83 head. I am still waiting for any valve seat erosion. I decided to just see what would happen ............... nothing.
  9. I do not understand, all petrol sierras had electronic ignition. Points ignition pintos would be from older cortinas in the mid to late 70's
  10. The sierra haynes manual in older editions told everything about gearboxes. I have 2 copies the older one covers the first 2 years of sierra production and is good, the newer one covers all years of sierra production and it more or less says get exchange gearbox. Haynes manuals have gone downhill over the years. given time I can copy the type9 bits from the older manual for you.
  11. Its always the way that come the sunshine and something goes wrong. Good luck with the repair.
  12. I am not clear, is the car moving when the clutch is pressed and the noise stops? I was thinking that the noise was there when stopped and the clutch being pressed stopped the all movement in the box. I only know the mono cars where it is engine out gearbox out.
  13. If it changes with 5th then it is probably internal to the gearbox, I am trying to remember how ford grafted 5th onto that box but suspect that the fork to select 5th is being hit by something and when it moves to select 5th it is clear. Does reverse still work as this might be the the problem. Either way it sounds like a gearbox out and remove the top cover to have a look see.
  14. That looks to me like a lenght of threaded rod, nothing special.
  15. 97-99 was series 3 mono cars 95-96 was exmo 93-94 early sierra mono with swept or cycle wings as options.
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