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  1. IanS

    Vacuum advance

    Vacuum advance is mainly an improvement in MPG and not essential for running.. At large throttle openings there is little vacuum so the slight leak from the small take off point on the carb will have little effect. Reading your post I understand that you now have a 32/36 DGEV twin choke carb fitted. The first question to ask is what cam is fitted as DCOE40s on thier own will not do much so the cam is probably an upgraded one, is it timed right? Then the jets on the carb will need changeing to suit the cam and any changes to the porting work in the head. Also the advance curve of the distributor will need checking, does the ignition advance when the revs build up? More information is needed to say what is wrong.
  2. IanS


    In the UK I would expect a Prince Henry to have more chance. Vauxhall was still a British company then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vauxhall_Prince_Henry
  3. IanS

    Pinto Idle

    Kick down control to the filter? Controlled input to air filter from hot round the exhaust or cold air from in front of the rad for more power. I might have this wrong as it is a long time ago when I worked on these.
  4. IanS

    Ford efi dohc won’t start

    When I had this engine in a sierra the idle air control valve was often the culprit. It is an electrical solonoid valve that bypasses the throttle butterfly to set the tickover speed and would stick either fully closed or fully open. Held on by 2 screws and one electrical connection if I recall correctly. A good blast of carb cleaner normally fixed for 6 to 9 months, I was too tight to replace and it only took about 2 mins to clean.
  5. IanS

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    The RH rear coil overs were Mini rear shocks with Springs mounted over them. I bought them but soon binned them as the mounting bolts and rubber inserts were too small. The replacement coilovers required bigger mounting holes but have lasted 65,000 miles. The rear shock mounting lugs are plenty strong enough.
  6. IanS

    S7 Sprint

    My 96/97 modified sierra now registered as a robin hood from 97 does not qualify even though registration says 83 first registered date. But I am interested if any one can save me a few quid.
  7. IanS

    Dolomite dials for my RH

    I have fitted dolomite dials to my car. The speedo is 1000 turns per mile which is the same as the sierra speedo so if you are using wheels with the same rolling radius as ford fitted and the gear box and diff are the same then calibration will not be a problem. The Ford speedo connection can be forced onto the smiths speedo but I got speedy cables to make me one to suit. The dolomite dials used a mechanical voltage regulator for the power to the fuel and temperature dials so try to get this as well as the dials.
  8. IanS

    Moog6 Update

    second the looks great. Classic looks are rare.
  9. IanS

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Ballast resistor and crank sensor are mutually exclusive in most cars. Ballast resistor was a way to get a better spark when starter motor was cranking a points distributor. Crank sensor is needed for electronic control, if you have electronic control then electronics protect the coil/coilpack and still allow for volt drop when cranking. Electronic ignition with distributors came along (eliminating ballast resistor) long before EFI which needs a crank sensor.
  10. IanS

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Heater looks like an old landrover one.
  11. IanS

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    Worth while checking inlet manifold gasket as the heater circuit goes through this.
  12. IanS

    House Room Thermostat Wiring Help

    1 most thermostats are just ON/OFF contacts. 2 Modern boilers controls work at low voltage. 3 The thermostat is designed to switch mains up to a max power. If your wiring center still works after connection then I do not see any problem as high voltage switching to low voltage inputs causes immediate destruction of the low voltage input and a puff of smoke. I know that my under floor heating controller (a similar model) normally works on a sensor buried in the floor with a back up air sensor, in the event that the under floor sensor dies it reverts to just the air temp.
  13. IanS

    Timing Problems 1.6 Pinto

    This sounds like a problem I had on an old mini with the A series engine. Turned out to be a cracked exhaust valve, have you checked compression?
  14. IanS

    Dashboard Single Dials

    I have fitted single smiths guages I got from a scrapped triumph dolomite. Fortunately the standard ford mechanical drive works at 1000 turns per mile. The Smiths guages were marked in small letters on the dial as 1000 so an exact match. Of course if you change the diff ratio or change the rolling radius of the wheels you loose the calibration.
  15. IanS

    Triumph Based S7 For Sale

    Is that last pic the Ausie version?