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  1. IanS

    gearbox oil

    I can reach in from the engine bay without any knuckle damage.
  2. Vacuum gives more advance when on part throttle which helps economy. Main thing without it is burning a bit more petrol.
  3. If doubling the cable dont forget to double the earth back from the starter to the battery. A pair of jump leads? Talking of jump leads have you tried connecting a second battery in parallel? Slow cranking can also be a sign of over advanced ignition.
  4. Just checked my car. 1983 electrics and it is a 286 bulb.
  5. IanS

    oil cooler

    I did not ask but how do you know it is overheating? The only sure way to know overheating is steam coming out as most temperature guages are inaccurate and also need a voltage regulator to work properly, without they read high. Oil runs a bit hotter than coolant and takes longer too reach a stable temperature. If it is that the water level that is dropping? Then have you got an overflow and suck back system OR a sealed system with expansion tank? You can not mix and match. I run an overflow and suck back system that has had the same coolant for the last 4 years, I do not h
  6. I agree it is an intermittant short. I would start by only signaling right whilst driving, if this does not blow fuse then fault on left side. Repeat only signaling left just to check if fault goes or is in common wiring part. Then try disconnecting back etc. Localise where the fault is then you have a better chance of finding it
  7. IanS

    oil cooler

    I run a 2l pinto and have never needed an oil cooler, sump protrudes under car and gets a good blast of air. Radiator has electric fan mounted on it that sucks air through the rad with thermostatic switch in top hose. Standard thermostat fitted. Solid bonnet no louvers. Only time it overheated was when stuck in traffic and an unsupported wire shorted and the fuse for the fan blew. My fault for a quick mod to the wiring.
  8. I was not talking about level but rotation. Look down on the car from above and work out how much to twist the engine + gearbox clockwise or counter clockwise (I do not know which engine you have so I do not know which side of the car the exhaust is on). I think that you will be suprised how little you have to twist to get the exhaust to fit. A bit of judisious use of a file to elongate the holes in the right direction should work.
  9. Might be the angle that the engine is at?? long lever effect, a small change in angle has a big effect 8 feet rearward. You could try loosening the engine and gearbox mounts and try twisting the assembly.
  10. Just been looking at the ford wiring diagram for 1982/3 sierras. The Italian variation only lets the rear fog lamps work with the dip headlights. The Swedish version lets it work with either dipped or main headlights. All other variations of loom let it work with the side lights on.
  11. With no leaks I would suspect the master cylinder is passing a bit each time and not returning properly on release. 20psi resets the pistons in the MC. Has the MC been assembled without internal return springs?
  12. The trailing arms are mounted on a subframe with a spindle that is angled. Raising the suspension at the back will reduce camber and toe. Depending on which kit and options you have you might have height adjustable coil over dampers at the back. Or you could have standard sierra springs and seperate dampers where chngeing ride height requires spacers fitted at one end of each spring.
  13. Whilst i do not know the details of your ECU I worked in electronics for nearly 50 years. Normally this type of load is switched with an open collector driver pulling down to the negative connection. This will normally drop around 0.5V so you should be seeing 12.5V accross the coil with a battery charged to 13V. Convention is that the electronics reference everything to the negative connection so if this is bouncing around 3 volts everytime the solonoids in the injectors fire the ecu could easily get confused.
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