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  1. I had problems with overheating in traffic untill I mounted the electric fan directly to the radiator. I was using the ford engine mounted fan. I have the radiator mounted between the suspension butress and the engine and not in the nosecone. Biggest cooling problem has been the system eating thermostats untill I filled with old style glycol antifreeze.
  2. Oh dear, more drag, hood not fitting, side screens flapping. Get the old ones shot blasted and powder coated.
  3. I like your ingenuity and a good result. As a point of interest these are side screens and not doors. Why? Doors have to have burst proof locks and impact protection, screens to keep the rain out do not require this.
  4. Thanks for the effort, I need a new sweatshirt as the old ones are getting a bit thin. Only problem is that the prices come up in dollars and it is now 11 years since I lived in Seattle USA. How long does the web trace us? BigBrother still lives.
  5. I dont think that there are any NOS (New Old Stock) left since production stopped over 20 years ago. Hence the high price for second hand ones of dubious quality. I think that the easiest option is to use landrover engine mounts and a flat adaptor plate.
  6. love the only do one thing wrong at a time idea.
  7. Upgrade to basic electronic ignititon and fit a 3.0ohm coil, no need for a ballast then. https://www.aldonauto.co.uk/ignition/ignitor-i
  8. So a points based system then.
  9. I fit NGKAPR6FS which are I understand standard ford fitment to Sierra pintos. These are resistor plugs. The resistor acts to supress electrical noise messing up the radio.
  10. Are not most spark plugs resistor type anyway? I think that these went out of use a long time ago.
  11. My reaction is to replace the yellow quadrant with the black one as this is a larger diameter thus pulling a bit more cable and getting more release on the clutch. I had a similar problem and this has been the long term cure.
  12. The spindles have a black plastic sleeve that stays still with the spindle rotating within the sleeve. This was original ford. I will accept crude but a lot of robin hood design was crude. It has stood the test of time since 1997 and nearly 70,000 miles, only off the road a due to a couple of 6 month working abroad spells.
  13. This is the sierra wipers as seen from outside. The arms are cutdown sierra arms. the 2 stainless bolts hold the wiper mechanism to the scuttle and sikaflex fills in the slots. Others have shown pics of BMC /Landrover wipers which use a rack and are a very different kettle of fish. pics from under the scuttle did not come out I will try again.
  14. Pity that you do not have the adjustable colum from the later sierras.
  15. I managed to fit the modified sierra wipers back in 1997. I sealed round the spindles with sikaflex which has stood the test of time. I did not modify the holes in the scuttle but had the spindles more upright than you appear to have yours, I cut down the sierra arms and had to strech the spring to make them work. I think that the wipe speed is just below the SVA requirement when the screen is dry but is OK when wet. I have since replaced the arms and blades as the blades died after 20 years. I will try to get pics tomorrow
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