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  1. Booked pitch 1 Friday to Monday.
  2. What a weekend..... if Calsberg did kit car events.......
  3. It was tough to make this event had 4 hours driving at work. Then after work, pack the van and get the kit on the trailer. 3 1/2 hour drive to Huntingdon. All I can say it was well worth the effort. The farm grounds are amazing and a great welcome as always from Kerry & Sharon. Big thanks to Sharon for having a delicious dinner waiting for us when we arrived. This is the best club!
  4. apgodden

    EuroBash 2023

    Do you mean the driving or socialising........
  5. apgodden

    EuroBash 2023

    I am differently up for this.....
  6. Second year..... this event just gets better and better...... big thanks to Sharon and Kerry for organising this brilliant event. Great food and great company..... cant wait for year three..... Ohhh the vodka was enlightening......
  7. 92 views and only one reply and that's from a community user.......
  8. Trying to gauge interest...... Fodhla and I got a night away in the camper last night as work has been very full on. It's a similar setup to Kerry and Sharon's Dirty Duck event. Lovely patron owned pub with good pub grub at very reasonable prices. Real ales. Camping is flat electric hook up showers toilets. £15 per night without electric and £22 with electric. Due to being next year I am not going to worry about dates as yet but you would be interested? Location is Bruce Arms Easton Royal, Pewsey SN5 9LR
  9. until
    Rhocar.org End Of Season Bash 2022 Market Harborough Showground LE16 7QB Friday 2nd September to Sunday 4th. Tickets on sale now. Day tickets & camping tickets available. This is a great event all are welcome https://ticketstripe.com/EOSB2022 https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/store/category/14-end-of-season-bash-2022/
  10. On my build I started with the stock RS Ecu. It had a stutter around 4000rpm and if ambient is low the car was undrivable. Decided to switch over to Emerald K3 Ecu. On the Rolling Road we achieved 275bhp. The car now drives smooth and is like a bullet..... Many thanks to Dean, Matt, Kerry & John Lamsley
  11. The dash is from Kit Spares requires a little chopping to get it in..... Below I used mdf and covered it.
  12. I had same problem. I bought a new dash from Kit Spares. I had the crocodile bonnet off as I was rebuilding the engine. Installed the dash and cut off the excess that was pass the chassis tube...... Ohh school boy error big gaps on top and sides......
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