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  1. Has anyone got any pictures of doors fitted to a 2b and any advice, do the doors need forming into shape? many thanks tony
  2. Got it done. Both side now on and a measurement of 42” to centre of roll bar. Had to move it back 1/2” to achieve this. do you have any advice for fitting the doors? many thanks for the advice and pictures Tony
  3. Thanks Maca, Bloody struggling with this.... trying to do this on my own everything is moving ...... Do the doors have to be bent into shape too?
  4. Thanks For the info, The supports from Kit Spares are thick steel and very very hard to form. I got one side on yesterday but I am a little out on the 42" measurement which I can sort out, I have a bit of a gap on the front of the bracket which I am having difficulty sorting.
  5. I have bought new ones from kit spares just to be sure. is there a measurement the brackets need to be set at to be correct for doors and roof to fit? many thanks tony
  6. The ones I have taken off Once flatten have more of an angle than the new ones! Problem for me is are the ones that came off correct. I don’t have roof or doors so it would not have mattered. I have just purchased doors so it has to be right. can anyone measure the angle of the window support.
  7. I purchased new windscreen supports as the old ones were rusty. The angle is a lot different from the ones I took off, this meaning the windscreen will have less of an angle leaning back. Anyone else had this?
  8. Many thanks for the picture shows everything I wanted to know.
  9. Has anyone got pictures of the hinges fitted to the car and doors? I have bought doors and the stainless hinges from kit spares. many thanks tony
  10. Just adjusted tappets new idle jets and balanced the carbs again . Took my boy out after school and his grin was bigger than mine. car is running very well and am well happy. https://youtube.com/shorts/SE9-2-56Sag
  11. Thanks Alan, yes it’s been a long road and it has cost me some cash but I have learnt so much and now have the car running wel feels great.
  12. Doing major work to my house so car has been left for awhile. New F8 55 idle jets came through the post on Thursday. Had time today to install them and balance the carbs today. Boy oh boy she is running well from standing still throughout the acceleration range. Loads of power and lots of torque. Big thank you to Daniel Clark and Dave Andrews.
  13. The two strips at the back are for the sides. cut it as the picture and you won’t go wrong
  14. Hi Craig your more than welcome. regards Tony
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