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  1. I used to store my car out side I bought the storm force cover they are not cheap but utterly brilliant.
  2. I have sold the rear diff and caliper plates. Retro ford sell the caliper plates. Ebay for the calipers and handbrake cable. I think that is all I needed.
  3. apgodden


    I copied Kerry Allen and installed a electric handbrake. Absolute game changer. Not cheap but worth every penny. Message me if your interested.
  4. Big thanks to Tractor for organising this and so kindly paying for everyone lol Great night, nice to catch up with everyone, was worth 8 hours of travelling.
  5. Fodhla duck parfait, chicken breast. Tony prawn and mango cocktail, pork belly
  6. *** EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT *** This is a free admission but must be booked. I have put this post on the Southwest Facebook page. Planning a ride out to Thruxton. https://www.facebook.com/100064641461634/posts/pfbid0xHYm6wvWoL3YfbjczcLTxtFJ4kHSrMNVhuekvtJ8hwiGFt28QKHQffq7SbWp8mVTl/?sfnsn=scwspmo Join us on our first Coffee Run to Thruxton, on October 23rd! We'll be holding a series of breakfast meets throughout the winter at Thruxton, with plenty of tarmac parking and the superb Thruxton Centre Restaurant providing breakfast rolls and drinks! Keep an eye out for future dates, and register your October attendance now via the link on the event page to avoid disappointment! We look forward to seeing you!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/100064641461634/posts/pfbid0xHYm6wvWoL3YfbjczcLTxtFJ4kHSrMNVhuekvtJ8hwiGFt28QKHQffq7SbWp8mVTl/?sfnsn=scwspmo
  8. Booked pitch 1 Friday to Monday.
  9. What a weekend..... if Calsberg did kit car events.......
  10. It was tough to make this event had 4 hours driving at work. Then after work, pack the van and get the kit on the trailer. 3 1/2 hour drive to Huntingdon. All I can say it was well worth the effort. The farm grounds are amazing and a great welcome as always from Kerry & Sharon. Big thanks to Sharon for having a delicious dinner waiting for us when we arrived. This is the best club!
  11. apgodden

    EuroBash 2023

    Do you mean the driving or socialising........
  12. apgodden

    EuroBash 2023

    I am differently up for this.....
  13. Second year..... this event just gets better and better...... big thanks to Sharon and Kerry for organising this brilliant event. Great food and great company..... cant wait for year three..... Ohhh the vodka was enlightening......
  14. 92 views and only one reply and that's from a community user.......
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