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  1. After the run out at ESOB I put my car on the trailer and delivered it to Red Seven Engineering at Ripley. He quickly got the engine removed and Dean was kind enough to help install the reconditioned type9 v6 gearbox with heavy duty bearings.
  2. apgodden

    EOSB 2021

    What a weekend this year brought all my family and they were welcomed into the fold. Awesome ride out best roads I have driven on at speed. A big thank you to Kerry brilliant as lead driver and great route. Big thanks to Matt, Dean and Danielle for organising everything. The bouncy castles kept the kids entertained all day / night. Roll on next year if my car is ready.....
  3. Hi Swifty, Sorry your visit to our show was not what you expected. I was new to the club last year and knew nobody but 1 week before the show I wrote on the forum asking what was happening and made myself know and was welcomed with open arms. Over this year I have made every meet even though its a 7 hour round trip. I can say that I have made good friends and feels like family. I promise you this is a friendly club and please don't let your experience put you off and do make yourself known on the forum and come to the meets next year.
  4. Big thank you to Kerry and Sharon for organising this event and being perfect hosts. It was worth the 350 mile round trip....... Campsite was very good lovely toilets / shower block and a pub on the door step...... I brought my wife and daughter to this one for the first time and they are asking me to book them to EOSB.
  5. Mark, Richie told me about your trailer tent break down. I have a car trailer at Belvoir camp site. Do you still need help......
  6. 3 x Dirty Duck burgers & chips 1 x Fish and Chips
  7. Hi kerry, there will be 4 of us I will get the crew to make there choices and let you know tomorrow.
  8. I had issues with my 2.0 pinto with fast road cam twin 40 webber. Everyone was telling me to advance my ignition and it made it worse. I am. Now at 7 degree advance and mine is now running well.
  9. Southwest meet Sunday 11th July Frome Mcdonalds 11:00
  10. She is Irish need I say more!
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