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  1. People going to Kit Fest is everyone camping and booking pit side parking?
  2. Meet is being held at McDonald’s Frome at 11:00 everyone is welcome members non members and no matter what car you have! If your building a car and it’s not ready come along and have a chat.
  3. Thanks Dean are you using type 9 box?
  4. Hi Tractor any help would be appreciated. I don’t have the servo and have the GBS pedal box so master cylinder is reversed into cockpit. Going to order the retro Ford mounts today.
  5. Has anyone taken out a Pinto and installed Zetec engine. Did you use kit spares or Retro Ford mounts. any advice and any pictures? regards Tony
  6. Great weekend was worth the 4 1/2 hour drive up in traffic jams. only my son could fall asleep in Matt’s Zero!!!!!! Great drive out just should have told Andi there was a hole behind his seat..... Thanks for organising this Tractor. Roll on Santa Pod
  7. Elliot and I will be there trying to get the car ready..... hopefully be there tomorrow....going to be the big test after rebuild..... have a 10mm & 13mm spanner and duck tape!!!!!!!!!
  8. Great news it’s still on. Going to try and get there tomorrow. Revs will be low!
  9. Any update on the Tamworth camping weekend. Is this still on?
  10. Any update on the condition of the field?
  11. I know a number of us carrying 5l of petrol behind our backs in the boot.... With fitting the Weber twin 40's it drinks dinosaur fuel so a reserve of 10L is a great safety net...... When I stripped the car down I noticed there was space to fit the 10l tank without compromising boot space.....
  12. So I have managed to commission the reserve fuel tank with solenoid valves and two fuel pumps. so have main tank and 10l reserve. also completed the rear boot and side covers.
  13. Due to the bad weather in our area tomorrow this meet is cancelled. Will arrange the next meet and post the information.
  14. Meet will be held at 11:00 Sunday 23rd May at McDonald’s Sandy's Hill Lane Frome BA11 4DH England have had a great response from the Facebook page and good number of people turning up.
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