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  1. I do not have tubular chassis so take it I have a S7. Is the B2 better than the S7?
  2. It’s a brand new engine and the commissioning procedure is to high idle 2000 / 3000 rpm for 15 minutes. Then drain oil and discard oil filter . it was raining yesterday that’s the liquid.....
  3. I have just been told that my car is a S7 and not a B2..... I have ordered a b2 Dashboard from kit car spares will this fit my S7?
  4. Got her running yesterday took some doing. Very happy. i was told it was a B2 but your saying it’s a S7? I have ordered a Robin Hood b2 dashboard from kit car spares. Will this fit? many thanks.
  5. Thanks Mark. on the quick release boss there are a few on the market some look like normal sized boss and some are very thin. I presume that the normal sized is the one to go for? The steering wheel fitted is a 260mm what size would you recommend.
  6. can anyone recommend steering wheel with quick release boss
  7. can anyone recommend seats for my robin hood?
  8. mind was ok and fingers typing away of course Zetec...... great blog and thank you so much. I got the ecu and wiring connected today. I have a start up sheet by Raptor Sports and they say to take of the rocker cover and put oil over the cams and to make sure that oil is being pumped with coil disconnected and spark plugs out. I guess it makes sense. once started rev at 2000 rpm for 15 mins and then drain oil and remove oil filter and replace with new oil and filter.....
  9. Picked my Robin Hood up this morning. It has a new vetec blacktop engine. Has anyone done the startup procedure on this? Any tips would be helpful.
  10. I am picking up my Robin Hood B2 on Saturday. I want to buy a good rain cover for it. Can anyone recommend anyone. I have found Caterham and Westfield covers, is the robin hood the same dimensions? Much appreciated Tony Godden
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