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  1. Iain

    General mechanics

    Yeh, great Alan. Look forward to hearing from you. Iain.
  2. Iain

    General mechanics

    Hi Kevin, good to hear from you. I'm originally from Strathaven, so know EK well. If you are ever down this way, give me a shout, and I can let you see the car. Cheers,
  3. Iain

    General mechanics

    Hi Martin, I’m in Moffat. DG10 9RS Cheers,
  4. Iain

    General mechanics

    Hello again, for about the third time ! Every time I post on here, I get lots of helpfull advice, (I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay, so not really used to this sort of response !), anyway, although fairly handy with a spanner, I'm not an expert by any means, and just wondered if anyone on here knows of someone who is kit car orientated, and happy to have a look/take on work at reasonable money ? Downside is, - I'm in Scotland ! (Does everybody know where that is ?) I would be disappointed if someone said Arnold Clark ! Thanks,
  5. Great stuff, many thanks.
  6. I posted the other day about weather gear, and got lots of helpfull tips, so thanks for that. Todays question, - the bonnet on my Robin Hood, lifts from the front, and angles up to about 30 degrees, and a support rod dropping down onto the rocker cover holds it in place. Looking at videos on You Tube, I see a lot of Robin Hoods with the bonnet assembly lifted completely free from the car. Is this just a model difference, or is it an upgrade ? Any info, much appreciated, Cheers Iain.
  7. Thanks guys, some helpful hints here.
  8. Evening all, I'm very new to this kit car stuff, however, I have just bought a Robin Hood 2B and looking forward to some fun miles this summer, if we get such a thing ! I don't have a garage, well not one that's not full of motorcycles, so have a couple of options, take heated storage here, where I live, but I just know that will be expensive, or buy a weather wrap, which would allow me to keep the car in my drive, ready for a quick take off, if the sun comes out ? Anybody here got any recomendations on what to get ? I can't be the only kit car owner in Scotland who does'nt have garage space ? Cheers guys ...
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