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  1. Where did you fit the fuel pump gents? Near tank or engine bay? I'd like to fit elec pump in engine bay but not sure if pump will suck that far. I have mech pump to a filterking (?) regulator, one line in, one out, pressure set with gauge and it works a treat (3.5 psi to dgav).
  2. baj25

    Tex Wipers

    Found them online, chuffin eck they are expensive for what they are!
  3. baj25

    Tex Wipers

    Thanks. I just got from having another go after you through down the gauntlet earlier, and sussed it now. Not seen that style before, i know what to order now. Thanks again, brian
  4. baj25

    Tex Wipers

    Would you care to share 'the trick'... I haven't been on here for years, nice to see some of the old names are still around.
  5. baj25

    Tex Wipers

    Oh yes, I've been to his house for parts in the past. I will give him a try, ta Steve.
  6. After 11 years on the road i need some new wiper blades! I still have original ones on, can't remember if they came with kit or not. They are tex stainless, 8" blades on 5.2 wide adjustable length arms, the blade is fixed to the arm so conventional fit replacements won't work. They are not shown on tex website and i can't get through on pbone to them to ask. Any suggestions for replacements, without replacing whole arms etc? Ta, bri
  7. baj25

    Pocket Watch Part

    Nice idea peter. If t'other peter doesn't find any i'll have a rummage in my plumbing box.
  8. baj25

    Pocket Watch Part

    Might be a long shot, but here goes! I am after a bow for a pocket watch, the loop bit that fits at the top to attach to a chain. The top of the watch is 11mm across and chrome/silver colour required. I have looked online and I can only find them supplied in 20s, so with P&P it works out at 6 quid for the one I need. Obviously I don't mind paying something for it and P&P. Thanks for looking, Bri
  9. Jo says she might come down, dependent on the weather... If she doesn't go, no prob to ride down with me Mitch. Could decide Friday night and still meet Pete outside? Bri
  10. Pete, I am only going down Saturday, if you want to arrange to meet somewhere nearby and get in as my passenger? I live about 20 miles north of Tatton, so prob a bit far for you to meet at ours. Brian
  11. Anyone know who has got car F1..RRO? I have got his pass instead of mine, including camping! If you/they can PM me we can arrange to get passes swapped. There is a chance it is not a hoodie, Steve did ask north west kit car group about passes as well. Cheers, Bri
  12. I found the cable for ecu input, it had been taped up inside the protective tube. Worked first time connected to pin 11 of edis. Thanks for the help, bri
  13. I understand well that ignition advance depends on engine rpm and load. But, when you are at revs high enough for 'centrifugal' advance to be all-in, does the 'vacuum' advance advance the timing even further? Say on a pinto with centrif advance all-in at 36deg at 3500rpm, and you are cruising at 3500rpm on part throttle, will the vac advance take timing past 36deg? I've looked at lots of megajolt maps and most top out advance at say 36 degs, though I have seen odd ones beyond 40 deg at low load. TIA, Brian
  14. I am confident the diodes are the right way round. It seemed so easy, use the coil input as before! I had a look behind the dash and i am connected to the red/blue wire so it should work. I looked for the white/black wire for ecu tacho input but i could not see it, need to do some yoga and then get head back in footwell!
  15. I connected my tacho to edis4 today, but it did not work. It works fine with the motorcraft amp and single coil, with tacho signal taken from coil -ve. On the edis, i connected the 2 coil negatives through diodes ( no zener) to the tacho but zilch. Anyone else had this trouble and if so how did you get around it? Ta, brian
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