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  1. GCash

    Robin Hood Paint Match

    Magic, thanks
  2. Hello This may be a long shot but does anyone know what paint matches the red grp parts used on the Robin Hood? I'm not sure what to do other than going to somewhere like Halfords with one of the wings and comparing the colours. I am painting the rear wings and while it doesn't have to be exact something close would be nice. Thanks Graeme
  3. GCash

    Windscreen Marking

    Thanks for the advise!
  4. GCash

    Windscreen Marking

    Hello I am coming to the end of the build of my Robin Hood 2B and I am just in the process of fitting the windscreen. I have read numerous threads and the IVA manual and just want to confirm a couple of things. These are the markings on my windscreen... Am I correct in thinking that this won't get through the IVA because of the missing Roman numerals above the E? If I remove the windscreen, wipers, heater and washers and get it through the IVA would it be a bad idea to fit it anyway because it would be too dangerous? Thanks Graeme
  5. GCash

    Hazard Lights

    Magic, thank you all for your replies
  6. GCash

    Hazard Lights

    Hello I am just in the process of completing a Robin Hood 2B that was given to me in a part finished state. I am progressing well and have just finished sorting the electrics. However, I have noticed that when I press the hazard switch the indicator warning lights don't flash. The indicator lights themselves work and the hazard switch lights up, I just don't know if the dashboard warning lights should flash. The indicator lights and the warning lights work correctly when using the indicator column switch. It is based on a 88 Ford Sierra 2.0L OHC, can anybody help please? Thanks Graeme