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  1. There is an exemption that allows you to drive to the IVA centre and back when you have test. You don't need a MOT and the insurance is done on the chassis number. My insurance policy covered the drive to the test centre. Once you have passed the road tax comes later as part of the registration. I got pulled over by the police on the way and everything check out (that was the start to bad day, ha).
  2. I managed to sort this for my IVA last year using a couple of diodes following advice from other members... Mine was a 88 Sierra so the wiring might be different.
  3. Thank you. I have managed to mount the v belt pulley but I have had to move it underneath the steering column because I have fitted a new exhaust. I had to make a new bracket and I am just waiting for a new shorter belt to arrive. I managed to get the alternator for about £23 with click and collect directly from Eurocarparts using one of their usual promo codes (MID60).
  4. How did you wire the new alternator in comparison to the old one? Was it the same order red, red, blue staring with b+?
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. Would you be able to fit the standard pinto pulley on it?
  7. Hi Richy. I am looking to do the same thing with a NoDiz, can I have one of the distributors too? Thanks
  8. I'll have them please
  9. It looks really good. I am just making one at the moment for my 2B and I think I will copy your idea of using the aluminium section at the rear. I have had to put multiple straps on the back to keep the tension. How do you manage to attach the press studs to the roof? I use the tool supplied which you hit with a hammer but sometimes when I remove the roof the popper just rips off and stays attached to the car body. If I look inside the popper the middle doesn't have that nice rolled look it looks like when Bugs Bunny puts a carrot in Elmer Fudd's shotgun.
  10. Hello I believe the DTML is a straight replacement of the DFTH and gets rid of the problematic stepper motor. I guess it should have the same layout as the one in the Haynes manual in the previous post.
  11. Hello. I had a problem with mine being too close to the manifold and it overheated on the way to the IVA test! I got rid of mine altogether and just mounted the master cylinder to the firewall and replaced the brake rod with one from tiger racing. I didn't have to make a new mounting plate just drill some new holes. The only other thing I had to do was remake one of the brake pipes as it was now too short. Graeme
  12. Hello It might be a long shot but I am after a manifold for my Robin Hood which has a 2.0l Pinto. At the moment I have an original Sierra manifold but I would prefer one of the Robin Hood Engineering ones. Has anyone got one that they don't want anymore? Thanks Graeme
  13. Hello I am thinking about replacing the 30/34 DFTH on my 2ltr Pinto with a 32/36 dgv or dgav. I don't think my current manifold will fit so I got another from ebay. Can anybody tell me what this is on the bottom? Is it for a temperature sensor? My other thought is to go to bike carbs. Thanks Graeme
  14. GCash

    Parts clearout

    Hello, I will take the doors if you let me know your details please.
  15. GCash

    Parts clearout

    Can you let me know the price of the doors and send me a picture when you get chance please?
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