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  1. Hello I have a Pinto in my 2B with CBR1100 carbs on it and I am checking the setup. I have read a lot about blocking or restricting the air corrector jets but I am struggling to understand where they are located on the carbs I have. Can somebody help please? It is running lean at the moment and I wanted to test the air corrector theory before opening up the main jets. Thanks Graeme
  2. Hello, I have some if you need any
  3. GCash

    Pinto Airbox

    Magic, thank you
  4. GCash

    Pinto Airbox

    Hello I have fitted CBR1100 carbs to my 2.0L Pinto and I am in the process of building an airbox. On the carbs there are three tubes that I presume are breathers. I was wondering what other people did with them? Should I put them in the airbox? Thanks Graeme
  5. Thanks very much, I managed to get it working by adding in the resistor as suggested.
  6. Hello I'm looking for some help please as I am struggling to wire up my original Sierra rev counter in my 2B now that I have installed a NoDiz electronic ignition system. I have built the following circuit... The negative feeds from the coils go to two 1N4004 diodes which then go to a 1N5355B Zener diode and then onto my Rev counter. When the engine starts the rev counter initially bursts into life but then quickly stutters and gives up. Will this circuit work with the original Sierra rev counter and if so how can I go about testing things? I have read that an alternative is to use a coil from a relay. I have an old NoDiz that has a 5V tacho and the rev counter did work when I had the original coil and distributor. Thanks Graeme
  7. Thanks for the help. I managed to grind enough away to get them to fit.
  8. Hello Is it possible to use the CVH top hat valve stem seals on the OHC head? I have just tried but the seals seem too small. The internal diameter of the seal is 14.5mm but the outside diameter on the seat is about 16.5mm. I thought this was used as an upgrade but maybe I got it wrong. Thanks Graeme
  9. Hello, before I go out and buy an engine stand and hire a hoist I don't suppose anyone has either that I could borrow or buy? Thanks Graeme
  10. Hi, I would be interested in one too if there are any out there.
  11. GCash

    Garage Clear Out

    Hello, sorry the hood has gone Regards Graeme
  12. GCash

    Garage Clear Out

    Hello Sorry the carb has gone. The intake manifold, fan, indicator extenders and exhaust are still available. The filter I used was the Pipercross PX300, you can get different heights and a matching baseplate for the dfth. Thanks
  13. Hello I am having a clear out prior to moving house and have the following items... Weber 30/34 DFTH Carburettor with Pinto intake manifold - £40 Pinto intake manifold to suit twin choke weber - £20 Robin Hood Exhaust for Pinto with manifold - £40 Weld up exhaust kit for Pinto - £40 Robin Hood Roof - £75 - I have unstitched the front with poppers with a view to fitting a awning rail instead. It can be easily sewn back on and I have since made a surrey roof Pinto fan - free Front indicator extensions for IVA - free Pinto alternator and bracket (I'm not sure how good the alternator is, it was working when I took it off the car) - free Pinto mechanical fuel pump - £10 I am in Blackpool but I can post out the items out and will check on the cost as and when. Graeme
  14. GCash

    Test queries

    Hello, my Robin Hood made it through the IVA with an aftermarket steering wheel, I made a pad to go over the centre. It failed the first time on a couple of things including the side repeaters which where on the side of the car behind the wheels so I had to move them onto the wings. I can have a look at the car if you want and give you some pointers based on what happened to me.
  15. Welcome, I'm in Blackpool too
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