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  1. hi Mark mine was doing the same thing shortly after i got it, ended up being the lock nut on the tappet adjuster had come slack. The one behind the carb is hard to get at to tighten if the carb is on the engine. Just a thought.
  2. thank for that. We had to alter the water inlet on the manifold, a mate of mine said while he had manifold he could do what you suggested. so thanks again,
  3. Andrew Howe

    weber 40

    Hi All I am currently putting a set of webber 40s onto a standard 2Litre pinto. Looking for advice regarding the vacuum i.e. can you blank off the vacuum pipe from the distributer...is it needed? Thank you
  4. hi i had same problem, the only way i could get it out was to give it heat and pipe grips? They are a pain good luck.
  5. No I haven't sent it for MOT yet but the rubber on the ball joint is split and needs replaced.
  6. Thanks for that will get stuck in to that tomoz
  7. Hi All 2B is due an MOT, I have changed the track rod ends but still need to change the bottom ball joints. Is there any do's and don'ts that I you guys can advise me on please.
  8. Hi Mike i will be nearest to you i would think, i am in penrith area. Not a good time to be meeting up at the moment with all this going on, but keep in touch we will meet up and have a run out . All the best happy tinkering. Andrew.
  9. Thank you for the replies. Appreciate your help.
  10. Thanks for the help. Have ET 15 at the moment. Was wanting to run 15 as that is what is on at the moment. They are 4 stud standard Sierra. Tyres on at moment are perished and hard so really need to change them. Was excited about going out with her this year but looks like it's going to be next year now. .
  11. Hi All, New to site, I have a Robin Hood 2b and I am looking to change the wheels. Just wondered if you guys could give me advice on what other modern alloys would fit. Currently it is on 195 x 50 x 15 Robin Hood wheels. Thank you
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