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  1. Removed from my GBS to fit smaller motorcycle ones, I believe these are used to pass IVA for the spacing, height criteria. CV boot to hide extender bracket. Fully working order. £25 inc delivery.
  2. Miked5

    Battery power

    A battery can read 12v but have no cold cranking amps which is the power/load it needs to turn the starter. I've seen this before. Sounds like new battery time
  3. Cheers Alan, I will keep my eye out for the next meet itll be good to meet up with local owners.
  4. Hi guys I currently have the mx5 mk1 alloys fitted to my Zero (fitted when I bought it) so looking for something to replace them. The inside of the alloys are currently about 5mm away from the wishbones I'm struggling to find any 2nd hand alloys in the ET15 required for the zeros, now I've found some TD pro race 1.2's on eBay but they are ET25. The question is how close will these be from the wishbones? Could I run a 10mm spacer to bring the alloys close to a ET15 fitment? Is anyone else running ET25 with no issues? Mike
  5. Miked5

    LP fuel Pump

    Spliced into the HP Pump wire and starts perfect every time now. First issue sorted now to move onto the fuel gauge not working, mine has a mx5 cluster and aftermarket sender from JG supplies according to the receipts. I think the ohms range for the sender is different to the mx5. Just reading empty all the time.
  6. As per title looking for a set of alloys for my Mazda GBS Zero, ideally team dynamics pro race 1.2 15" ET15 4x100 in Mazda fitment.
  7. Miked5

    LP fuel Pump

    Thanks for the reply Yes I have a low pressure pump > swirl pot > high pressure pump, I have the multimeter already attached to the wires ready for when I turn the ign on so definitely getting 0v all the time. The engine doesn't start first time this is why I suspected the LP pump, now I'm getting no power to it it kind of confirms it. Funny you say that because that is exactly what I have done ha I disconnected the swirl pot fuel inlet and put into a bucket , ignition on and nothing at all came out. Thanks Marlin I will give this a try, guessing you spliced into the
  8. Miked5

    LP fuel Pump

    Should the low pressure pump run continuously when ign on and engine is running? Could I splice into the wires that go to the high pressure pump? So both will run together
  9. Miked5

    LP fuel Pump

    Yes factory Mazda loom so there is a spiders nest behind the dash Is emerald an aftermarket ecu? I still have the Mazda one. It is a blue with red stripe wire currently going the the pump and ground which goes to the chassis but when reading with a multimeter I get 0 volts No it was already built when I purchased it, he said he paid someone to do the wiring side of things.
  10. Miked5

    LP fuel Pump

    Had my Mazda zero a few days now and realised it never fires first time round, normally 2nd or 3rd time. I can here the high pressure pump whining when I put ignition on but nothing from low pressure pump. Ive had a multimeter on it and I'm ready 0 volts to the pump, the question is does anybody know where the power to the pump is fed from before I have to rip everything apart to trace the wires? For example which fuse or pins etc. Is there a wiring diagram I can get from GBS which will help me? Mike
  11. £6600 - new to kit cars but most that I saw for sale were 8k+ for finished articles. Looking forward to attending some local meets once covid calms down
  12. Hi guys, Bought my first kit car last week and just got delivered today I am over the moon with it, can't wait to get tinkering over the winter. It's a Mazda GBS Zero which was IVA'd in 2019 and has only done 400 miles since, and bought at a bargain price may I add! Found a few small issues today that I can crack on with right away but the previous owner has done a great job the car is in great condition. The plan is to get used to driving it first (its my first kit car) then hopefully fit a td04 turbo which will get it to the bhp/ton of my previous car r35 GTR. If there
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