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  1. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Mine have got chipped and are rusting, apart from their blocky look, hence the change...
  2. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Ha, i just clicked on your blog Dave, and on your last post (3 years ago!), you've got a pic of new wing mirrors - which are exactly the same as I've just ordered! Come on, thats like...magic or fate or something... I'm easily amazed....
  3. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    I've bought all the bits (ally, foam, vinyl, glue) to make armrests for my doors, as I don't have any straps at present to hold the doors shut. Nicked the idea off a Caterham owner I met... I hadn't been planning anything else but I've ended up buying little odds and ends: New USB sockets (old one died) Funky new wing mirrors New gearknob
  4. nelmo

    Robin Hood 2b for sale

    Can you not hold out until Spring? You'll have a much better chance at selling and getting nearer your price...
  5. nelmo


    You're like a kid with a new toy - but looks cool....
  6. nelmo

    Good quality tool chests

    I bought this one about 3 years ago - just goes to show inflation, mine was £60 reduced from £120: https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/storage/tool-chests-cabinets/halfords-8-drawer-tool-centre Personally wouldn't spend any more on what is basically a cupboard
  7. nelmo

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

    GBS do a set of the fitting bolts (not the Torx ones) for about £15. They're not on their website (or they weren't when I got them), so you'll have to phone and ask.
  8. nelmo

    just testing

    So if you copy a picture from somewhere else (my local PC, for example) and paste it in here, is that then being hosted by the site? EDIT: ah, yes it does - just seen them under 'my attachments'...so still worth using Paint to re-size my photos before pasting in here...
  9. nelmo

    Scooter for sale

    Wow, people still BUY mopeds!? I thought they were just nicked from one person to the next...
  10. nelmo


    Privacy, schmivacy, does anyone really care that much? Who's naive enough to think that their details aren't all over the net already? If it's a problem, can we not include a simple list of forum names, town and county? Eg. Nelmo, Reigate, Surrey Freddjo, St Albans, Hertfordshire (that's made up ) Etc, etc That should be ok for the paranoid law-makers, no?
  11. nelmo

    Have ukulele, will travel

    Some people are just TOO talented... https://youtu.be/2gyxeXW_2T8
  12. nelmo

    just testing

    What is 'the drag to attach uploader'? Great photo BTW... Whoah!!! It works just by copy and paste (in Windows) - that's new?
  13. nelmo

    Nearly ready

    I would have taken mine to GBS if i had been able to afford it, so don't worry about it. If you haven't been checking with the IVA manual then all the more reason for GBS to do it. Alternatively, take the car to Yeading for IVA like I did - they rarely get kit cars and didn't check half the things I've heard others fail on By the way, that gold panelling must have cost a bit!
  14. nelmo

    Website feedback thread

    Looking great - minor point, in dark theme, I can't read the breadcrumbs top left, under the main tabs. ..they seem to be dark grey on slightly less dark grey
  15. nelmo

    Bbc2 Sunday 11Th November

    It wasn't just the colour - they added sound which obviously would not normally be on the original. Very moving and clever...