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  1. WARNING WARNING WARNING There are some long-term members who haven't renewed this year yet. Now, it may be that they aren't planning on, which is fair enough, but I cannot tell and I can only send the club magazine to those who are current members - if you haven't renewed, you MIGHT NOT GET THE CLUB MAGAZINE!! OMG!!! How will you survive? Don't risk this calamity happening, the Samaritans haven't got the manpower to handle a disaster on this level - RENEW NOW!! Emergency warning over - you may return to whatever you were doing before...
  2. nelmo

    Car wash

    Thought I'd share a brief video of my commute home from work last night:
  3. Actually, I didn't do anything to my screws (I can't remember if they were countersunk or domed) - they were just long enough to go through the frame without touching the glass. I didn't use hardboard either - I drilled the frame first with the glass out and a small drill (2mm?), just as a pilot for the self-tappers. Then fitted the glass and screwed them in...much easier than I expected.
  4. Yup, same as me... some detail in my blog: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/07/all-clear-ahead.html
  5. 'Fantastic' is relative - not personally a VW person - the large stand of Buggies at Stoneleigh every year are enough for me
  6. Yeah, I tried that - surprising how few people have a sewing machine - I couldn't find anyone. I tried buying a cheap machine but it was not up to the job. I would have needed to spend about £150 on a second-hand one of sufficient power, then the material isn't that cheap and, most importantly, I have no skill with a sewing machine and the roof would have looked horrendous. Despite my time problems with SoftBits, the finished article is great quality and probably worked out only a little more expensive than doing it myself.
  7. Well, I seemed to have bad luck with SoftBits - the first one they made for me was the wrong size! So it had to go back and get re-made. Should have been about 3 - 5 weeks but was about 20 weeks for me! Details of how I fitted it in my blog, here: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-roof-over-my-head.html I actually think doors are more important than the roof - it's not just rain that gets you wet, it's puddles on the road which can be there long after the rain has stopped. If your other half wants a roof, she will want doors as well, I guarantee you. Doors also cut out lots of wind and help keep some of the heat from the engine in the cabin - highly recommended.
  8. I would imagine very unlikely to fit - I got my Surrey top from SoftBits and I had to wait until my screen was on before I could order it so they could get the right dimensions from screen to rollbar. A half-hood (Surrey top) is cheaper, easier to fit, cuts down on condensation and keeps you just as dry - about £250 from SoftBits, well worth it IMO. But you also need doors to keep you dry and that is pretty much the same amount again, assuming you can find someone to make them (I had a real struggle).
  9. Ditto - welcome and great looking car!
  10. nelmo


    I had a similar problem (zetec and Emerald) - I emailed Emerald about it, sending them my map and they sent me back a new map with some figures updated (cold start enrichment or something like that) and it's been great ever since - starts on virtually the first few turns. If you need me too, I can get a screenshot of the numbers they changed (need to go onto my laptop for that)... Are you sure about the cranking voltage? I'm sure I read in the Emerald manual that the K6 needs an absolute minimum of 11v to work properly. Could be wrong but worth checking...
  11. Yes. I did have to change the flasher relay for one that works with LEDs. Matt bought a similar set but he had to do a lot more wiring changes than I did, I'm not sure why. Mine did come with an extra little box that fitted inside the headlight bowl - not sure what it was for?
  12. I fitted some like these (mine were £65): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Headlight-Waterproof-Signal-Wrangler-Davidson/dp/B07SDD5TYB/ref=sr_1_5?crid=116VHDN8B7QMM&keywords=led+headlights&qid=1577443070&s=automotive&sprefix=Led+headlights%2Caps%2C153&sr=1-5 I was worried they would be cheap rubbish but still fine after a year or so...
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