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  1. nelmo


    Those small ones are like the ones I got from somewhere else. The kit spares ones fit the holes they put in the windscreen supports - yours must have been a mistake.
  2. She's never going to get anywhere with that sort of honesty
  3. nelmo


    Weird, why would they sell anything that wasn't right for a kit? Mine were fine from there... I did try to buy another set from an online site and I stupidly assumed they were the same size. When they came, they were tiny - explained why they were so cheap
  4. nelmo


    GBS sell them, through the Kit Spares website...
  5. I do a weekly quiz with some old colleagues - one of the questions is a long, wordy thing that almost always requires the use of simultaneous equations to solve, so I get regular practice . Also a son who did his GCSEs last year and a daughter coming up to doing them now...further practice.
  6. Well done and good luck. It looks in really good nick for 10 years old
  7. OK, apologies if this is very nerdy... For any equation: y=ax + b the line crosses the y axis at b with a gradient of a. So, for y=x-1, the line crosses the y axis at -1 with a gradient of 1 (as it is a positive gradient, the line goes up from left to right (uphill)). To solve simultaneous equations, rearrange one of the equations to be 'x=' and then substitute it into the other equation, so: Rearrange y=x-1 into: x=y+1 Substitute back into y=7-x to give: y=7-(y+1) y=7-y-1 2y=6 y=3 Then put y back into the first equati
  8. No, I can understand that - mine are there as well. But the smaller ones look a little weird to me over in front of the passenger. But, hey, it's different
  9. Why the dials on the left? Probably the only bad advice I got from GBS was not to worry too much about those dials - most people don't use them, they said. Not only do I use them religiously, they have warned me of problems several times, so I would want them in my eye line.
  10. Yes, ECU controls the fuel pumps. If it helps,my startup process (as suggested by GBS) is in my blog: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2016/08/a-beating-heart.html
  11. Yeah, if he does another one, I will 'offer' to check it before he publishes. Admittedly, I did like the funky photo that you could slide from one pic of my car halfway through the build to the complete car by a lake in Switzerland
  12. So a journalist contacted the forum asking if anyone wanted to provide some info for an article he was writing and I volunteered. Sadly, I didn't realise he was from the Daily Express and he has unfortunately worked to the standard you might imagine of a tabloid jounalist. The article came out today and he's got my first name wrong and make of my car The link is below and before you go on it, be prepared for shed loads of adverts - it's possibly the worst website I've ever had to use (and that's my day job!). Also, I HATE the whole attidue the Express and most tabloids have - sensatio
  13. Are you sure, it doesn't look it from those pictures? You're talking about the angle on the door, not the windscreen support, yeah? Looks like it's just the wrong way round... are the hinges already fitted?
  14. Yeah, sorry, all on paper. And you can't even download and print some of the forms - one of them is that carbon copy stuff that has to be sent to you first before you fill out and send it back. Be thankful you can do it at all - far more difficult in some other countries.
  15. What do you mean, 'apply'? You mean register the car after IVA? Or you talking about buying a private plate for an already-registered car? I bought a private plate a few years ago and it was all done online even then.
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