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  1. nelmo

    Zero Windscreen

    No problem - I'm here all over the holiday... If you still need the glass, you can use National Windscreens. They came to me, measured the frame and came back a week or so later with the glass cut to size, all for £90 - pretty good, I thought...
  2. nelmo

    Zero Windscreen

    I have a spare frame although it has a couple of extra holes in it - GBS sent me the wrong frame the first time. I used this one to practice drilling holes - I haven't looked recently but there are 4 or 5 extra holes, I think. You're welcome to it but you'll have to get it from here in Surrey, it's too complicated to post.
  3. Any comment that provides a realistic, alternative solution to your problem should be taken in that spirit and not abused. I was not aware you had already tried a new one - had I known, I wouldn't have replied.
  4. Blimey, that's a bit of an antique - can you not stretch to a new one which will hopefully have a wiring diagram?
  5. National Windscreens will cut to any shape and size - they'll come to you and measure up etc. Cost me about £90. I guess you could take the screen off for MOT but is it really worth the effort? Also, the flat screens our kits have are useless at clearing water without wipers. If you don't want the hassle of wipers, get an aeroscreen instead. Demisters are also pretty useless - kits are not exactly hermetically sealed
  6. nelmo

    Less sierra fuel

    Another way would involve you having to swap out the tank, which I'm guessing you wouldn't want to do . The more modern way is a tank which has outlets at the bottom of the tank, with a low pressure electric pump that sucks the petrol out, into a swirl pot. Very different setup...
  7. nelmo

    Last Stonleigh

    Are you on a crusade to try kill off the show? Was it you earlier this year suggesting some classic car show (coincidentally down the road from your house) was a better show? I subscribe to CKC (are there any other kir car mags?) and no mention in there of anything.... the show seemed as busy this year as it did the 2 years before, so I'd be surprised if they were going to stop it. Their FB page confirms dates - a week earlier than normal because of the VE day holiday. I hope to God it doesn't stop - if that show goes, the whole industry is in trouble and our hobby.
  8. nelmo

    Best choice of engine

    Yeah, I wouldn't swap a Zetec for a Duratec, you wouldn't get enough of a power increase for the cost. Better off putting a turbo on the Zetec...
  9. nelmo

    Best choice of engine

    The Zetec design is 20 years newer than the Pinto and, with all respect to the many owners on here who still have a Pinto, it should be more reliable and has more power out the box, hence why any kits you see for sale will be more expensive with a Zetec. Duratecs are newer and more powerful still. Mazda MX5 engines are increasingly popular, although seem to be a little more complex to setup if you get VVT versions and slightly less power than Zetecs in standard form.
  10. Just a point to help you get more answers - don't put your name in the 'title', put something about your question. So for example, for this post you could have used 'ball joints'. All your posts currently look the same - very difficult for you or anyone else to have an idea what they are about.
  11. Well, you have to have a fog and reverse light, so you could have 2 fogs if you want but where would you put the reverse light? IVA does not insist on 2 fogs, so 1 is fine.
  12. nelmo

    Oil Filter Zetec

    Not sure it's from anything in particular - I just order mine from GBS.
  13. I had my indicator relay blow as well (it rattled when you shook it - I took it apart and a capacitor had broken off). However, I don't have a separate relay for the hazards either, so I don't think that will be the problem. Possible you're just having bad luck with relays? Avoid the 'HiCargo' brand if you can - that was the one that blew for me and I had one of their alternators which died on me as well
  14. Weirdly, Derek, your posts don't have the heart icon to do a 'like'? Others do (or is it just me?).
  15. 781 years! I thought that was a typo! That is amazing...
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