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  1. You're putting it up for bidding - by definition, it will be worth whatever the highest bid is. Start it at the lowest you're prepared to accept and job done...
  2. nelmo

    Chassis VIN

    As to uniqueness, I did some maths the last time this topic came up: "You can just specify anything you want - to bore you with maths, there are 34^17 (assuming no letters I and O) possible combinations of numbers, which is about 100 million, million, million, million (1 followed by 26 zeroes)! That means every person on the planet could have 15,000 million million unique VIN numbers each So not much chance of getting a duplicate " https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/49660-documentation-and-vin-plates/&do=findComment&comment=405489
  3. nelmo

    Chassis VIN

    Not only can you just ask for it at any time (email the DVLA), you can also make up your own VIN. I wish I had known that, could have made something more interesting. BTW, this and many other questions have been asked many times before - worth doing a search before asking just to save you the 8 hour wait for an answer.
  4. It was done while sitting on the bog Bottom half is the original circuit (I've always had a hidden switch in the starter circuit), top half is the new one. It actually runs from that 2nd pink wire, not the ignition directly, but electrically the same. The box top right is that panel with switch and button on it. If you could send me the economy map, that would be cool. I'll pm my email...
  5. nelmo

    Starter button

    Very proud of the final result - the panel I bought included an on/off switch for the starter button, so i could use a much simpler circuit than suggested here (details in my blog) . Looks great and works a treat:
  6. You were right in your PM - it was connected to 12v so I have used it and it works brilliantly - details in my blog... (once I've updated it).
  7. Ha - called GBS - seems that 2nd pink wire is useless - they're not even sure where it goes (they don't make the looms themselves). Wonderful...
  8. nelmo

    Starter button

    When the key is turned against the spring to power the starter motor, didn't that originally effectively switch off the power to everything else (headlights, accessories etc)? If I use the above circuit (or similar), is it a problem if that doesn't get done (I'm assuming it won't be)?
  9. Very annoying that GBS decided to switch off the GBS Owners Club forum - this question was asked and answered on there loads of times The GBS main loom had 2 pink wires, one for the starter motor and the other was, I think, labelled 'starter button'? I never used it but I am now planning on adding a starter button - does anyone know if this 2nd pink wire is basically just a duplicate of the first ie. goes to the 12v feed of the starter motor?
  10. nelmo

    Starter button

    Ha, that's embarrassing - just looked at my wiring schematic for my car and I do indeed have an alternator light but I don't recall ever seeing it lit . It's connected to pin 3 of the dash plug from the GBS main loom so not sure what's happening there. Most likely, as the light is an LED, I've wired it the wrong way round
  11. nelmo

    Starter button

    Sounds plausible, many thanks guys. Only thing is I don't think I have an ignition light (sitting in my lounge, I can't remember what my dash has) but I guess just the exciter wire to the alternator? I had a thought to do it from the handbrake wire - but not as good as the alternator, certainly. Having said that, I have since seen a nice carbon fibre starter panel, with a switch under one of those fighter plane-style protectors which enables the starter button. A faff to start the engine but will look cool... I'll have a think.
  12. nelmo

    Starter button

    I'm considering putting a starter button in my car but I was wondering if anyone knows how to wire it so it won't do anything if pressed with the engine already on? My horn and headlight flash button are on the same aux panel as I plan to put the starter button and I can see myself pressing the starter button by mistake.
  13. Double echo Sparepart - that is great advice and a really good way to find out more Not only did I do A-level Physics, I also did Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Uni - and I'm still rubbish at electrics . I was only interested in the computer programming bits of my course, in my defence and I only started building my car 25 years after graduation, so my knowledge was a bit patchy (and it shows in my car ).
  14. Depends on your definition of 'basic skills' and how big your wallet is. Bottom line - no engine change is easy, especially when you're changing the engine type like you are. The most common ECU we use is Emerald but it 'aint cheap - around £750. There are others but fairly similar price, I think. Very rare to see them come up 2nd hand... When you say a wiring harness, is that just for the engine and the standard harness? I literally removed everything from that and just used the existing injectors wiring, along with the long, thin black case (see my blog for details: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2016/02/inching-on.html ). I'm not familiar with the EFi engine - is the exhaust on the same side? You will probably have to re-do the engine mounts. What gearbox do you have? For Zetec, need a type 9 or MT75 - anything else will require some extra customisation, if it is possible. Probably lots of other stuff - good luck!
  15. Yeah, gave it a few whacks with the rubber mallet - no joy. An online video showed one guy de-soldering the main pins to get the other end off but even he had other screws to undo. I guess it's the heat that has caused the problem? Although the motor is down the bottom of the engine, a decent distance from the exhaust manifold and in a bit of airflow coming under the car. Might try some sort of heatshield/wrap for the next one.... Any recommendations for a starter motor?
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