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  1. nelmo

    Website feedback thread

    Looking great - minor point, in dark theme, I can't read the breadcrumbs top left, under the main tabs. ..they seem to be dark grey on slightly less dark grey
  2. nelmo

    Bbc2 Sunday 11Th November

    It wasn't just the colour - they added sound which obviously would not normally be on the original. Very moving and clever...
  3. nelmo

    Steering Column Cowling Cover

    The bottom bit was from a Fiesta (£3 off ebay, not sure what age) but i couldn't find a top bit to match. Edit: sorry, other way round, top bit Fiesta, bottom home-made.
  4. nelmo

    Steering Column Cowling Cover

    I made my own - and it's horrendous, so don't do that... https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/02/its-gone-bit-pete.html
  5. nelmo

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    Most popular is probably the Emerald: http://www.emeraldm3d.com/k6-ecu-info-and-specification I spent a while trying to find an alternative but the only cheaper option seemed to be the Megasquirt which all the reviews suggested was very tricky to use.
  6. Manufacturers warranty (extended or otherwise) have always been fine for me (had a fuel pump and brake discs replaced without fuss) but I've always been told to not waste time or money on 3rd party, aftermarket warranties. They will desperately try to wriggle out of anything whereas the manufacturer has more of a reputation to uphold. Personally, I now avoid all the hassle by buying an old but high-quality car (currently a Lexus) which, like me and dentists, only goes to a professional if there is a problem - although I must admit I was lazy with the last oil change 2 years ago and got a garage to do it as part of the MOT. I should probably change that oil now...
  7. nelmo

    I Hate This Guy...

    Er, no, Testarossa and a couple of Countachs....no F40...
  8. nelmo

    I Hate This Guy...

    This guy has my ideal life - a garage full of his favourite cars and bikes which he just spends his time driving round Europe:
  9. nelmo

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    Also, just noticed: 1. The speedometer on the US set is in km/h only and its mechanical. 2. The speedometer on the chinese set works by GPS! Never heard of that before but does mean you need to site the included GPS antenna somewhere. But saves having to fit a sender/magnets on the prop...
  10. nelmo

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I feel your pain - I spent ages looking for something cheaper, never found it and had to bite the bullet and pay £400 from GBS. I've bought numerous cheap things from China before with mixed results; some work out, others are a pile of junk. I try not to spend a lot, so it's not a huge loss if it dies. However, i will say that they are getting better; I've recently bought a set of LED headights for £65 (nearest equivalent here were about £160) and they seem to be decent quality and are working well, so far...only been on a couple of weeks so i'll hold off on recommending them just yet. I bought an LED strip for £1.59 (no joke), expecting it to break in 2 minutes but it's been on a few months as an interior light with no problem. I also bought a £20 bluetooth headset; the first one melted when i tried to recharge it and they happily sent me another. That never worked properly, so they sent me another and that's been fine since. So, it's a gamble...if you're really short of cash, I'd probably take the risk in this case and get the chinese ones but that's me. .. I wouldn't bother with the US dials; they're £215 before the customs charge which you will almost certainly get stung for (I've never had a custom charge from Chinese stuff) and they're probably made in China anyway...
  11. nelmo

    Kitfest @ Santa Pod 14Th To 16Th June 2019

    Interestingly, this was a QI question - historically, which country is the most successful in battle and the answer was France! Probably due to Napoleon but don't knock 'em...
  12. nelmo

    Land Owner Register

    that was exactly my attitude when we were looking for a new place last year - a big garage with some rooms attached... (sadly never happened though....) You can search for existing planning applications but that isn't going to help in the long-term - someone could come along the day after you move in and apply for a new cement works on the land. Best thing you can do is try buy up some of the land yourself, if you happen to win the lottery sometime soon...
  13. nelmo

    Led Rear Lights

    Yeah, i know what you mean, there's not much choice and they don't look great but they do look better IMO and, more importantly, I feel I need something brighter. I don't really see our kits as 70s designs - seem pretty timeless to me. Those blocky rear light clusters look horrible and dated so almost anything is an improvement. ...
  14. nelmo

    Led Rear Lights

    Now that I've done the front, i want to do the rears as well but i don't want to spend a fortune - anyone comment on these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RDX-LUX-LED-Stop-Tail-Indicator-Light-Carbon-Pods-Kit-Car-Westfield-Caterham-etc/231295602065?hash=item35da4acd91:g:7p8AAOSwPe1T2PNT&redirect=mobile ...or other suggestions in that price range?
  15. nelmo


    I'd be cautious with those heated seat pads - I bought a cheap one which just plugged into my lighter socket and it sent the electrical system haywire. Voltage spikes all over the place and bad enough to affect spark to the engine, power to the ECU etc, etc. Went straight in the bin...(the pad, not the car ).