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  1. nelmo

    pièce de résistance

    Based on the fact there is no IVA and no MOT in the US, I don't think it will matter much That is a cool plate - will anyone in the US get it?
  2. nelmo

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Great work -congratulations
  3. nelmo

    Attack of nostalgia

    I have a bike but only started in the late 90s, so this was a bit before my time. Looks great though, love the white walls! Did you do the restoration yourself? Edit: ah, just saw the 2 significant words on the left of your photo - great job!
  4. nelmo

    RHOCaR Treasure Hunt 2019

    Roll up, roll up for the new and exciting adventure that is the RhoCar treasure hunt! What’s it all about? You will get sent a list of 90+ landmarks dotted round the country (between 1 and 3 per. county). Starting in March and running until the end of October, you need to find as many of the landmarks as you can and take a picture of it and your kit (or tin top if you’re a non-kit owner) in view. Landmarks are worth a differing amount of points depending on how difficult they are to find or get to. In November, you send all the pictures (preferably in a link to Dropbox/Google photos etc) to us, we tot up the scores and a winner is announced. An example landmark: County / Region Landmark Location Points 44 Worcestershire Earl Beauchamp's Fountain Cowleigh 20 Why? To get you out in your kits. The landmarks are designed to be in scenic parts of the country (not motorway services etc) which are worth a drive anyway. Go on a long weekend, plan a route via. a few landmarks on the list and you’ll have a great time. What’s it cost? Free to members, £10 to non-members (entry is per car). Where do I sign up? Please PM your email address or email me (magazine@rhocar.org), so that I can mail you the list. Payment to be made by PayPal or cheque (details to be advised). Rules? 1. Please do not give the list to other people – the club relies on these sort of events to keep running and it’s not an excessive amount of money for non-members to pay. 2. This is a non-competitve, fun event on public roads, so all normal laws of speeding, insurance, roadworthiness etc, etc apply – the club is not be responsible for any accidents/incidents/divorces caused by your involvement (legal waffle out the way). 3. Use of sat-navs is fine. 4. Event starts on March 1st and ends on October 31st. Lists will be emailed to entrants in late February. 5. …er, I think that’s it! Acknowledgement: I have shamelessly stolen this idea from Dave Hancock who runs the Round Britain Rally for bikers. I have done his event a couple of times on my bike and it’s really good fun, hence why I want to do it in my kit as well. I’d like to thank Dave for letting us use last year’s landmark list (which he has spent many, many hours compiling) and I urge you to visit his website and consider joining in the full event (if you’re a biker). Any questions, please ask away – hopefully, we can have a great driving season getting lost looking for little bits of stone!
  5. nelmo

    London - Brighton Run 2019

    Desperately wanted to but we're supposed to be going away that weekend. Admittedly, it's not booked yet so if it doesn't happen, I'll be trying to join you....
  6. nelmo

    London - Brighton Run 2019

    I've wanted to do the London Brighton run but it's the small matter of £95 (maybe more now?) that put me off Having said that, I still want to...love trying to follow a route that someone else has done the hard work on.
  7. nelmo

    corner weight scales

    For the less intelligent of us (ok, just me maybe), why do you do this? I'm assuming you want an even weight under all wheels, or at least across each axle? What do you do if they are not even? Just raise/lower the suspension?
  8. nelmo

    Go Pro or other suitable alternative

    Yeah, i can't justify a GoPro for the few times a year i use it, so i bought something similar to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crosstour-Waterproof-Underwater-Wide-angle-Rechargeable/dp/B073WWSYJK/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1546108657&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=action+camera&psc=1 Does the job - here's an example: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/09/zedster-makes-friends.html
  9. nelmo

    Moog6 Update

    Yup, have a great holiday all... By the way Dave, do you know this guy ? ....comes from your way originally...
  10. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    I think the issue here is the GBS shifter mechanism, not the gearbox itself. It always seemed a bit floppy from the day I fitted it
  11. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    I've got the same setup, bought in 2015 and mine also rattles, so I guess that's the old one? What does the 'fix' involve?
  12. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Mine have got chipped and are rusting, apart from their blocky look, hence the change...
  13. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Ha, i just clicked on your blog Dave, and on your last post (3 years ago!), you've got a pic of new wing mirrors - which are exactly the same as I've just ordered! Come on, thats like...magic or fate or something... I'm easily amazed....
  14. nelmo

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    I've bought all the bits (ally, foam, vinyl, glue) to make armrests for my doors, as I don't have any straps at present to hold the doors shut. Nicked the idea off a Caterham owner I met... I hadn't been planning anything else but I've ended up buying little odds and ends: New USB sockets (old one died) Funky new wing mirrors New gearknob
  15. nelmo

    Robin Hood 2b for sale

    Can you not hold out until Spring? You'll have a much better chance at selling and getting nearer your price...