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  1. Hi Daniel, how's it going? Car still OK? Did you basically just rewire the injector plugs? Because I think I have the same problem and I've gone through most of the same fixes as you, except I haven't touched the injectors yet.
  2. Great dedication - you're probably doing more work than if you had started a build from scratch
  3. until
    Details here:
  4. Well, they definitely don't stay but don't know about the pulley - mine never had anything like that on.
  5. The plenum is basically just an airbox with the throttle body bolted on the end. The standard stuff on that Zetec just won't fit in a Hood/Zero (well, I've never heard of anyone using it). In this post on my blog is a picture of it - it's the big, black box along the length of the engine. In this post you can see the engine when it first arrived and how much thinner it is when you take off the standard exhaust and inlet manifolds.
  6. The issue with the sump is nothing to do with the pickup, it's the depth of it. The standard sump will give you zero ground clearance so it has to be replaced. You have a choice of getting the standard one chopped down and re-welded by someone or buying a new one. GBS and Tiger sell one for around £300, Raceline do one for about £500. Throttle cable - you can re-use the throttle body from the engine (which includes the TPS) but you can buy a set of throttle bodies (damn expensive - GBS sell them for about £2k but they will get an extra 20bhp out the engine and it'll sound much better). If
  7. Yeah, the sump needs doing first (not heard of RWD - is that Raceline?) although it's not that hard to do after the engine is in, depending on how high you can get the car. RWD water system? Again, is that the Raceline water rail? TBH, if you have the Ford thermostat on, I would re-use that (I did) - works perfectly well and you'll just need to buy and fit a load of silicone tubes - cost me a third of the water rail kit and I've heard several complaints about the water rail being a bit pants. Yeah, I'm afraid there are a shed-load of other mechanical considerations: 1. Engine mo
  8. Are you just getting it running on the bench to check it's a good engine? Did you not see it running before being stripped out? What about coolant - I guess it will be ok without for a short run? The Emerald ECU doesn't control the starter, so can't see why any other ECU would - they just need the crank sensor which should all already be there for you. I guess it depends what you have on the dash - the Emerald ECU provides the signal for the tacho, I've got an oil pressure gauge direct from the engine sensor, oil warning light and a few other other odds and sods which I can't recall
  9. Thanks, glad you like the blog although it may not help you too much - the pin-outs all relate to the GBS main loom and the Emerald ECU. Also, I don't have stalks - all my controls are on the dash, hence my schematic is a bit more complicated. In theory, it shouldn't be too tricky - did you get the starter motor and alternator included (although you'll probably have too change to a smaller alternator - I don't think the one from a Focus will physically fit)? You need to link the ignition barrel to the starter motor (probably already have wires for that from the Pinto?). For fuel
  10. A real snakes nest of an issue and not easy to answer. Is that just the engine loom you need or the full loom? You have 3 options, in order of cost and reverse order of difficulty (easiest and most-expensive first): 1. Buy a new, custom-made loom from elsewhere. 2. Make a new loom yourself. 3. Try re-use that one. If you're not too confident with electrics, I'd strongly recommend option 1 - it will save you a lot of time and hair-pulling in the long-run, if not your bank balance. Personally, I started with the main loom from GBS and made my own engine and dash sub
  11. If you say you found something that said they had done away with the carbon copy, then you should be fine...
  12. Ah ok - I did mine 3 years ago, although I also got it from a link they sent me. Sent it in and (5 weeks later!! ) they returned it, saying I needed to use the carbon copy one.
  13. Congratulations on the pass One of the forms (can't remember which one but maybe the v55?) has one of those carbon copy sheets - you can't print that off, you need to ask for it specifically.
  14. nelmo

    Fuel rail adaptor

    Thanks Marlin, although mine is a Ford, not Mazda. The nearest on that site was for a Ford Probe but it had no dimensions. The same part was on ebay and it had dimensions showing it to be be wrong size between those holes, hence why the one I have ordered has wide holes, so hopefully, it will fit (when it eventually arrives)...
  15. nelmo

    Car love

    I know we love our cars but I've just heard about a work colleague who SO loved his Ford Puma that when the only mechanic he trusted to work on it retired, he had the (perfectly good) car crushed because he didn't want anyone else to work on it OR anyone else to drive it I mean, that is dedication...(or mental illness )
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