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  1. nelmo

    Peak District Cruise

    Hmmm, with 228 people going and several thousand interested, that's going to be more of a crawl than a cruise
  2. nelmo

    Plug and play GBS loom

    There's your problem, you're trying to stuff a large, feathered animal into your dash - never going to work
  3. nelmo

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    You really need to get hold of Simon who used to work for GBS - he knows his stuff inside out. He comes on here occasionally but is more often on the GBS forum, although that has been so quiet recently, they may switch it off, so get on quick! I used the main GBS loom but then made my own engine and dash looms but couldn't have done it without Simon's help.
  4. BTW, that is one of my favourite scenes ever in a film....
  5. nelmo

    WANTED - cheap seven type kit with V5

    Just once, I want to see someone ask for an expensive kit ...
  6. nelmo

    Weather Protection

    I have a Surrey top from Softbits - excellent piece of kit. My doors (made for me by Richyb66 in fact ) are awesome - it's not just water they keep out but wind. They fold in half and fit in the passenger footwell if needed (I rarely take a passenger so not an issue). I commute daily to work in all weathers and I'm 19-stone and 6' 2" - getting in when the roof is on is tricky but not too bad...
  7. I don't know - I admire his ambition and the advert is very honest saying it needs a lot of work....it's definitely unique...
  8. nelmo

    First run

    Now that is impressive dedication - well done...
  9. nelmo

    RHOCaR Treasure Hunt 2019

    The lists have been sent out by email - if you have not received the mail (check your spam folders), please let me know. Any questions, please re-read post 1, as the answer is probably there For anyone not already on the list, you can join at any time before the October end-date. Have fun, hunters!
  10. nelmo

    Wiper motor issues

    +1 for leaving the screen off for IVA - much simpler. I just put rubber grommets in the scuttle holes and there were no questions asked. Probably not going to help you but I've just used the standard wiper motor kit from GBS which I think is originally a basic Lucas item but no idea if it will work with your existing loom.
  11. nelmo

    Steering column vibration

    Hmm, good question - never really noticed. What does each mean?
  12. nelmo

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    I used the loom in my car but, to be honest, electrics for me is one of those things you do once, are so happy it worked, you promptly vow never to touch it again in case you break it. Basically, I wouldn't consider myself enough of an expert to provide useful help, especially if you're going to ask about wiring colours and pin-out diagrams . I struggled through my setup with the help of Simon (who was working at GBS at the time) and I haven't got column stalks, which makes my dash loom completely different to everyone else. In my blog (link in my sig below), I have a page on electrics which has some of the schematic for my car - if you have any questions based on that, I may be able to dredge up some knowledge. Sorry I can't be more helpful...
  13. nelmo

    Steering column vibration

    Jees, that's probably because of the number of deaths in the mechanics trade...
  14. nelmo

    Steering column vibration

    Ugh, so if you buy wheels and tyres online and they tell you they've balanced them for you, THEY'RE LYING !! Took my car to a tyre place and they were miles out of balance. Done properly and steering vibration much improved although not gone totally. I've ordered a dial gauge to check the discs as well...
  15. nelmo

    Steering column vibration

    I'm commuting every day to work, so not likely. I'll get the wheels balance checked first then. How do I check run out?