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  1. I think you need it, no matter what. Its not much of a certificate - a letter with the GBS logo and 3 lines of text saying you bought the chassis and bits from them.
  2. nelmo

    Windscreen Glass

    Definitely - it's not just the E mark, it's the sharp edges on the supoorts and you'll need demisting vents, I believe, if you have a screen fitted?
  3. nelmo

    Robinhood 2B

    I suppose you may have already checked the DVLA website but it's last MOT was in 2007, so it's not on the road, I'm afraid. It's either hidden in someone's garage, gone abroad or maybe gone to that great scrapyard in the sky
  4. I'm hoping to do this but it will be a last minute decision (depending on closing date?).
  5. Yeah, makes me wish I could just jack it all in and sod off...
  6. Recently discovered the blog and YT channel of Noraly - to say she's seen the world is an understatement and she's still in her 30s! https://www.itchyboots.com/about https://youtube.com/c/ItchyBoots
  7. My latest upgrade (full details here: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2021/12/gates-of-heaven.html) :
  8. Does the tub not come ready painted? Or at least with primer on? Sorry, got a metal kit - GRP is a black art to me...
  9. You're right, they did - I wonder what happened to that money? I note that GBS are following in Caterham's footsteps - lot of their cars seem to be factory builds now. The FB page is full of carbon fibre this and that with money being thrown at builds (yes, I'm jealous)...
  10. Got to agree - I'm scared of the 12v car battery My standard 2L engine is, sadly, not that loud - most of the noise is wind and tyre, which you'll still get with an electric 7. If you want quiet, no kit is going to work, irrespective of the power plant.
  11. Do trackers work, in terms of getting cars back? I'd imagine any pro worth his salt would know how to get round/disable it? Any non-pro is just going to be a joyrider who's going to trash it anyway and leave it somewhere. Personally, I'd rather stop them taking it in the first place, so physical barriers which sounds like you have covered and then either wire in some hidden switch to the starter motor (that's what I have) and/or, if you're away for some time, disconnect some important bit of wiring under the bonnet. Even if they trailer it away, at least they may never find that
  12. nelmo

    MT75 quickshift

    Where is the pin? I have a lever through a rose joint with a nut and bolt, I think, at the bottom of the lever. Can't remember how it works at the gearbox end...
  13. Yup, definitely mad The biggest worry is probably how straight the chassis is? Looks to have had a decent whack...
  14. nelmo

    MT75 quickshift

    Thanks - I don't think it's wear, it's always been like this and I think it is the long lever that is the real problem. It's supported at the rose joint but then goes up 7 or 8 inches unsupported, hence the wobble. I was also thinking of trying to make a Ferrari-style gate which would look awesome and support the lever, preventing the wobble. But I was hoping someone else had tried something like that... I guess not.
  15. nelmo

    Radiator issue..

    Just because you have a positive test, doesn't mean you HAVE to lie in bed - or are you milking it with the wife?
  16. My gear change is nit great - I have the GBS quickshift kit fitted and it's fine but there is so much play in the lever, I feel like a witch in Macbeth, stirring my cauldron I've searched online but cannot see any alternative kit I can buy that might improve things (unless anyone knows of something?), so I'm considering trimming down the gear lever as a start. It's the standard GBS item and very long. However, I am no engineer, so is there any risk with doing that? Has anyone done any other changes on the MT75 gearchange?
  17. nelmo

    Instrument Bezel

    If it is behind the steering wheel (and in a certain distance beyond that as well), it is not tested, so will be fine. Look in the IVA manual for the diagram that explains the no-test zone.
  18. Having said earlier in this thread that I had the same problem, I did the lazy fix and bought a new starter motor - made all the difference. It is my 3rd starter motor in 4 years, which is annoying/worrying. I have covered the new one in a heat-protective material, in case it's just heat that is killing them.
  19. Always annoying trying to find an oil filter - I usually just order it from GBS as they only do the one which fits but it's annoying paying the postage which is almost as much as the filter. I tried to just buy a Mann filter online - it arrived but was about 3/4 the size of what I needed - what engine uses that small an oil filter? I ordered another one (not sure of the code) and that looks to be the right one, although I haven't tried fit it yet, so still the opportunity for a disaster...
  20. Probably need a bit more detail about what you need help on...
  21. Do you find that RainScreen works? I tried RainX (similar stuff, I guess) but it relies on causing the water to bead and then the airflow to blow if off the screen. Weird thing is, though, that despite my flat screen seeming to be facing directly into any windflow, I get absolutely ZERO wind actually on the screen itself, so the water never gets blown off there. The weird science of aerodynamics, I guess...
  22. I do that so often - ask a question, have a brainwave and then find the answer myself anyway... BTW, you can edit a post (use the 3 dot menu in the top right corner) rather than having to do a new post...
  23. OK, if sensible suggestions don't work, I'll be first to give you the Heath Robinson solution - a 20A fuse Bad, I know but having had other electrical issues that took me months to fix, life is just too short... Obviously, if that blows as well, then you're in deep doo-doo...
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