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  1. nelmo

    IVA Completed

    Interesting- any pics?
  2. That old chestnut...if no MC, are there brake lines? Is there wiring for the dashboard? Took me months to do the dashboard and wiring for it (although I was pretty slow) Pics are needed - good luck!
  3. Absolutely - IVA is the test that is also used for when, say, Ford want to introduce a new model. It is a much more thorough, demanding test than an MOT which is just a check for basic safety, really. My fog light also stays on if you turn the other lights off and on again - been through 3 MOTs with no problems.
  4. Not having any documentation is probably easier - tell them its rough age, you'll get a Q plate, smoke test for emissions at MOT, nice and easy. I sometimes wish I had kept the Q plate they first gave me for my car but, no, I had to insist on a new plate and now every MOT is a struggle to get through emissions.
  5. Armrests, like Caterham/Westfield use. Not only hold the door in but also nice for your arms. See my blog below for details: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2023/03/arms-outstretched.html
  6. nelmo

    Club magazine

    Great work on the latest mag @Foz - some really interesting stuff in there
  7. This is how i did mine: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-roof-over-my-head.html
  8. nelmo

    Exhaust requirements

    Do you have the GBS exhaust where the cat and exhaust are in the one piece? If so, that is fine for IVA. If not, read the manual - I don't recall there being any requirement for a heat shield but could be wrong. Also, if it is a very exposed exhaust end and it does get very hot (if you've wrapped it all the way along, that will happen), you'd probably want a heat shield for your own safety. People will tell you that you need to allow for the sharp edge on the sprung hook (if you have the GBS setup) that holds the exhaust end on the bracket but I didn't do anything and I had no problem (although I may have just been lucky?).
  9. I've seen Rich's V8 and there isn't enough space left for his pack of Rizlas in the engine bay . i have no experience but I'd imagine a US 'small block' is not...
  10. Great work, well done...
  11. There is this from GBS which is what I have on my kit: https://kitspares.co.uk/collections/instruments/products/smiths-international-gauge-set-mph They do it in a km/h version as well but that seems to be out of stock. When I was looking for gauges, these were the most reasonable for a new set. There were some cheaper ones on eBay but they looked rubbish IMO.
  12. Hmmm, personally, I'm a 'if it 'aint broke....' kind of guy. If you're not sure about electrics and it works OK now, I'd be wary of changing it just so the wires (that you cannot see anyway) look better...you could be creating a whole load of problems. Sorry, just realised I said that in an earlier post already....
  13. A few options on CBS, like this: https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/52kw-car-heater-kit
  14. Yeah, the joys of kit cars, I'm afraid...but depends on if you are able to work on it yourself or not? If so, it's a cheap but time-consuming job, so have you got the energy for it? I've just a bought an older tintop which needs work that I cannot do so it's costing me a fortune to get a garage to do it for me - much more painful
  15. Now that is a heart-warming story - good on you Lindzie...
  16. Sorry, really can't remember - knowing me they would have been the first thing that came up that were the right size. I never really cared about brand names for parts. I still haven't changed the pads after 22k miles and they're still at least only half worn , if that. You get so much engine braking with a Zetec that you literally just don't brake anywhere near as much as a normal car.
  17. I think that's what I used but it was a while ago and I can't remember what they were described as - do they match these pics from my blog? https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2015/07/t-2-days-yellow-peril.html Discs looked like this: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2015/05/its-getting-heavy.html Vague pic of them together in situ: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2016/10/bleedin-ell.html
  18. If it helps, this is a funky interactive dashboard designer: http://westfield-world.com/dashdesigner.html May be gimmicky but who knows....?
  19. TBH, my dash wiring looked an utter mess before I used loom tape to make it look pretty: https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2016/09/taming-of-snake.html PS: I wouldn't recommend fabric loom tape, it's a b&st&rd to get off at a later date....insulation tape and various size of plastic conduit would be better IMO.
  20. Ah, just commented in your other post but I see now what you are trying to do... If you don't have any actual problems, I would just tidy it up (bit of insulation tape will do wonders) and leave it alone (if it'aint broke...). The only other option is to rip it all out and start from scratch (there are companies that will do you a custom loom for £2-300). Electrics are magic, no-one understands them...
  21. Dunno about you but when I looked at official wiring diagrams and tried to match them up to the real thing, it was damn impossible anyway... What are you trying to do - just fix a couple of issues or a complete re-wire?
  22. Have you got actual pics of the areas? If not for us, may be useful in the test. You may struggle - mounting points on old kits are a fairly common failure point as nanny state are very hot on those. I would recommend adding as much strengthening plates as you can throw at it, especially if you are still at an early stage where you can get to the area easily.
  23. nelmo

    New here

    Wow, 15 years? That's dedication - pics?
  24. My Zero doesn't have as much vertical space but there are various pics in my blog (link below - search for dash).
  25. That is double wishbone, which is pretty high-tech for an RH, no? Although I'd want that bottom wishbone to be one hell of a lot thicker than that - looks like it's been stretched out
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