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  1. A bigger turbo, no stroking required here sir
  2. Also booked in at the Elan Hotel
  3. I will put it in my calendar, Thanks Stuart.
  4. Hi Stu, The indicator warning lamp draws its 12v - through the indicator lamps.
  5. Hi Stuart, Looking at your second wiring diagram for the indicators, the warning light is connected to 2 +ve's with no -ve or am I missing something?
  6. Kerry

    1st time turn over

    Yesa bushes are easy to replace if you can get them, I made a set for my starter when I fitted it.
  7. Kerry

    1st time turn over

    If the bushes have worn in the starter motor, when it engages into the ring gear the rotor in the motor is forced against the field coils causing it to stall, this would not be obvious during bench testing.
  8. That's last years calendar Simply Lovleh
  9. Kerry

    Autoaid renewal

    yes mine has also gone up to a similar figure
  10. my floor is epoxy flooring from resin solutions, very tough and smooth for wheel to run on. If applied correctly it will last and not peal like paint.
  11. Kerry

    Stilton Run Lunch

    Previously this event was run by a family living nearer Corby, it is now in the hands of a chap from Uppingham, guess he is supporting his community, personally I would have donated my fee to the air ambulance, but in this case I will ask for a refund or carry it over to next year.
  12. Kerry


    Welcome to the club Edd I have previously been to a propshaft company and had it made to the correct size, there are plenty about who can do this. I am sure there are members rubbing their thumbs at present who will respond regarding the panels, and they will be along shortly, stay safe and keep busy.
  13. Hi guys, just incase you are not aware there is a nasty virus going about, due to this our area meetings are cancelled till further notice. I hope everyone is following government advice, and you are all staying safe. Cheers, Kerry
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