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  1. Kerry


    Welcome to the club Edd I have previously been to a propshaft company and had it made to the correct size, there are plenty about who can do this. I am sure there are members rubbing their thumbs at present who will respond regarding the panels, and they will be along shortly, stay safe and keep busy.
  2. Hi guys, just incase you are not aware there is a nasty virus going about, due to this our area meetings are cancelled till further notice. I hope everyone is following government advice, and you are all staying safe. Cheers, Kerry
  3. Sorry guys, yes this is another event lost this year. I have sorn my kit from today, and it looks like a cracking weekend.
  4. Kerry


    I think a lot of people will be in this position, unfortunately I will be the one handing out the bad news
  5. Richys car is reliable, but he must have a Tardis in his boot as he always brings a tool out and fixes someone's breakdown, nice one mate.
  6. I have checked and we also have the same T&Cs for cancellation, hopefully we do not have to. Thanks Stuart, keep safe.
  7. At this rate people will be sorning their cars.
  8. I went over on Saturday, probably 15 customers looking around, but keeping well apart.
  9. How will this effect the AGM and the current committee
  10. Unfortunately the world will change, we can only hope this event will stay with us.
  11. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    I cannot always be right ? Just looking after all the Leicester area members
  12. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    Ok guys, after looking seriously at the recommendations I have decided to cancel this months meeting so it takes the pressure of members. Hopefully things will change soon. cheers guys.
  13. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    With regards to the current Virus situation we can still hold our meeting on Wednesday, but as a person in the high risk group can you please post if you are attending or not as I don’t want people arriving and sitting waiting a to see if anyone turns up. I may have to cancel future meetings if the situation continues, hopefully not. Please be careful guys and respect others. Cheers Guys
  14. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    Derek as more experience of leg operation, perhaps he could supervise
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