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  1. The meeting will be held at The Gate Hangs Well, Syston from 7.30pm All members and anyone who fancy's dropping in will be made welcome.
  2. Free drinks for Richy at the next meeting.
  3. Kerry, goats cheese, Turkey, cheese slate (£2) Sharon, Crayfish and prawn salad, fillet of beef (£5) cheesecake
  4. Kerry

    Giant etch-a-sketch

    Looks like the long way round
  5. Hi Gareth, I will sort photos asap. I am running Vauxhall Omega gearbox, diesel.
  6. Hi Gareth, Yes fitted pas from mgf along with the stalks, the stalks are a real challenge as the internal circuit does not adapt well to the Sierra wiring, it can be done but I would not recommend it. Fitting the pas was straight forward you need a signal from the engine and road speed, both signals are only to activate the system. Both signals can be generated using a pair of NE555 Adjustable Module Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency Square Wave Signal Generator The mgf system regulates the power assistance from a torque sensor built into the steering column. I would recommend a switch to turn it off if not required. I changed my XE a few years ago to a modified Z20LET Let me know if you need any more Info let me know
  7. Christmas Menu please take a look at the link and let me have your food choices by November 30th I have booked the 3 course menu. Merry Christmas
  8. Also not far from the Leicester area members
  9. I will If you will Andi
  10. Great clip and glad all the spills were left in.
  11. Glad you sorted out the issue
  12. The meeting will be at Gate Hang Well Syston Leicestershire LE7 1NH @7.30pm Everyone welcome. I may be a little late but look forward to meeting up with you guys.
  13. Kerry

    Flying caterham

    Could be the next winter modification.
  14. Looks like the makings of a great event. We are looking forward to it.
  15. I have spoken with The Manor House and have booked a Table for 14th December at 8.30pm, this will enable us to keep the table all evening. The 3 course meal is £27.50 and I will need a £5 deposit per person. I have paid the deposit, we can square up at our next meeting. Merry Christmas
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