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  1. Kerry

    Sad News

    Putting more mild than Ivan is a challenge, he always went the extra mile in his car
  2. Kerry

    Sad News

    We are very sorry to hear this news. He was a great guy and just turned up and mixed in. RIP Ivan
  3. Please put Sharon and myself down for this. Thank you
  4. Craig is putting a BBQ on for us Saturday night along with breakfast buttys on the Sunday.
  5. Yes we usually have a ride out. There are always spare seats if you want to leave kit at home.
  6. Tony, is that all the family attending the camping ?
  7. The club has kindly been invited back to a camping weekend at Craig Cundy’s farm near Huntingdon on the weekend of 6th 7th August and we can also arrive on Friday 5th There is a large paddock that is mown and plenty of space The family have kindly offered to cook the food we supply on a BBQ. On Saturday afternoon Craigs brother ( Rambo of the north ) will bring a few guns so we can have a go at clay pigeon shooting. Anyone interested please put your names on this post. Both Sharon and myself will be going. I would also like to apply for club funding towards this event.
  8. We will also be arriving around mid day Saturday
  9. Sorry to hear you couldn’t make it Mark. Hopefully see you at Stoneleigh
  10. Is anyone eating at The Gate ?
  11. I have completed my booking form, just need Alan to bring the weather
  12. Hi Alan, what date would this be. Thanks
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