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  1. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    The next Leicester area meet will be At The Gate Hangs Well on TUESDAY 18th August at 7.30. It will be great to see you all there.
  2. Hi Richy, We are free for that date at the moment
  3. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meeting

    Good suggestion Mark, unfortunately its a distance for me coming from sunny Rutland. Changing the day could work at The Gate hangs Well
  4. Depending on dates we may be able to join in.
  5. I have been in contact with The Gate Hangs Well regarding restarting the area meetings, unfortunately they have a bike meeting every Wednesday and we would have to park in the field, which would also a large group of people which in the current situation is not ideal. mid anyone has any thoughts on a venue please let me know. I will try and find an alternative place central to the group who usually attend the meetings. cheers Kerry
  6. if advertised correctly it could be a sell out
  7. Thanks to Chris for sorting the weekend and Richy for taking me on the run out. Biggest thanks go to everyone for the turn out and the laughs.
  8. That's a real shame, this looked like a great opportunity for all concerned. just like to thank Derek and Mo for the work they put into arranging the event, hopefully next year.
  9. its 2 for me dates depending as we are book up on 4th and 24th July
  10. Kerry

    Newark Kit Car Show

    fingers crossed for Stoneleigh
  11. You cant please some people
  12. When Fitted my Z20let I used Emerald, and had it set up by them. I wouldn't fit the oem unit because of the tunability.
  13. Well Rich, its helping Dean save money on road tax.
  14. A bigger turbo, no stroking required here sir
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