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  1. Kerry

    pièce de résistance

    time to make a move away from dull English weather and live the dream.
  2. The January meeting will be held Wednesday 16th from 7.30 at The Gate Hangs Well, Syston LE7 1NH http://www.thegatehangswellsyston.co.uk/ All members are welcome, please post if you can make it so members from other areas can decide whether to join us. Unfortunately I am committed to my step daughters 21st meal so I cannot make it. I hope everyone who attend have a good time.
  3. Kerry

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    Thanks Derek, just paid our deposit. Cheers
  4. Kerry

    KITFEST club stand Fri 14th to Sun 16th June 2019

    This looks like an event we will attend and offer our support, personally, and as a club. Count us in.
  5. Kerry

    Stratford Festival of Motoring

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1855129357929463/?ti=icl Free motor event in Stratford-upon-Avon with a huge selection of cars; classics, supers and more. Live music. Lots of action! Over 300 cars on show, set against the beautiful backdrop of Stratford town centre amidst a fantastic selection of shops, cafes, restaurants and attractions for all. Participating cars pay an entrance fee to help towards the running costs. Highly recommended to book in advance. Limited spaces likely to be available on the day.
  6. Kerry

    corner weight scales

    Its to get an even weight distribution to the wheels, this is achieved by adjusting the spring height, (load)
  7. I will have a look and see if I can find any information. Cheers
  8. Kerry

    Go Pro or other suitable alternative

    I had a Go Pro brought for me a while ago and I have used it 4 times and it sits in its box now, so my advice is don't spend a fortune unless you intend to get a lot of use out of it.
  9. Kerry

    corner weight scales

    I jacked the rear together under the arms and lowered them onto the scales with hand brake applied, then did the front. Release the handbrake and rocked the car till settled. then followed one of the many on line calculators
  10. Kerry

    corner weight scales

    Scales are now sold
  11. Kerry

    corner weight scales

    I purchased 4 sets of 300kg scales a few months ago to corner weight my car, I have now finished the work and need to free some space. These are heavy duty steel scales that run on mains or rechargeable battery that is built in. I will also throw in 8 pieces or polycarbonate that I used as slipper plates to settle the suspension (You will have to provide the table salt) The set cost over £100 and still have manufactures warranty. I would like £70 for the set The link is to the actual item https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Industrial-Platform-Digital-Postal-Parcels-Weight-Heavy-Duty-660LB-300KG-Scales/263812783670?hash=item3d6c779e36:g:2rYAAOSwBd1bPwVE:rk:11:pf:0 PM me for more details.
  12. Kerry

    Leicestershire Area Meet

    Due to the festive season and the availability at the Gate Hangs Well there will be no meeting until the New Year. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy building new years. Cheers, Kerry
  13. Kerry

    2B Nose Cone, Bonnet And Starter Motor.

    I have sent you a PM, cheers Kerry
  14. Kerry

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    We had a great evening, just to say I remember the first time we met at the waterside and I have enjoyed every minute in your company, and the club is a richer place with guys like you. Cheers mate.
  15. Kerry

    2B Nose Cone, Bonnet And Starter Motor.

    Your to far to collect could you ship it ?