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  1. Kerry

    2B Nose Cone, Bonnet And Starter Motor.

    I have sent you a PM, cheers Kerry
  2. Kerry

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    We had a great evening, just to say I remember the first time we met at the waterside and I have enjoyed every minute in your company, and the club is a richer place with guys like you. Cheers mate.
  3. Kerry

    2B Nose Cone, Bonnet And Starter Motor.

    Your to far to collect could you ship it ?
  4. Kerry

    2B Nose Cone, Bonnet And Starter Motor.

    Have you still got the nose cone. Cheers
  5. Kerry

    Dashboard cutting

    Aluminum and wrap it, small piece like that is easy to work with
  6. Kerry

    Website feedback thread

    The new site looks fresh and up-to-date, dark theme also works for me, well done guys.
  7. Kerry

    Prop Shaft

    Hi Pete, I will measure later, thanks.
  8. Kerry

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    I go with Bob on this
  9. Kerry

    Stilton Run 2019

    My paper work arrived today, I am number 18
  10. Kerry

    Stilton Run 2019

    We have sent our application but have not received confirmation yet. Count Sharon and me in for the meal please Derek
  11. Kerry

    Prop Shaft

    I have a UJ propshaft and intended to make a new one using a rubber doughnut and damper. It would have to be modified to fit Vauxhall set up
  12. Kerry

    Leicester Area Meet 21/11/2018

    The meeting will be at the Gate Hangs Well from 7.30. As your new area secretary we can discuss future meetings for next year.
  13. Kerry

    Prop Shaft

    Does anyone have a Sierra propshaft, as I need to make one to fit a rubber coupling to my Omega gearbox.
  14. Kerry

    Leics Area Meet Wednesday 17Th October

    Sorry I didnt make it had a busy week.
  15. Kerry

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 14Th October

    Enjoy your run guys, its pissing down here