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  1. http://classicwheelsrutland.co.uk club entry is £5 per car if anyone is interested
  2. Depending on dates we have put our names forward for the run in September
  3. sorry to here this Derek.
  4. Kerry

    camping weekend

    We are up for this
  5. I previously mentioned this on Tuesday under Banger and Cash, Guy Martins truck is also up for sale.
  6. I fitted mine a few years ago and its been fine, easy to fit and cover or paint
  7. Kerry

    Mice in the Audi

    A guy I knew a number or years ago found mice in his Sierra, he laid bait and caught a few, eventually he went to his insurance company, who paid for the car to go in a sealed chamber to gas all living things. The car was returned back, also with a new seat due to the mice eating it, a week later the mice returned. He sold the car.
  8. We are up for that. Its funny how you find all the secret places Andy, Fauld being one of them, clearly your search criteria is sketchy
  9. I purchased a 20v impact wrench last week fingers crossed it removes any problem nuts.
  10. Sorry, but due to the current Covid-19 situation unfortunately the area meeting must be cancelled. It is unlikely we will be able to hold a meeting for some time, but I will continue to monitor the situation and post each month with an update.
  11. This project is a good place to start, and there is always someone one the forum willing to help out.
  12. Kerry

    type 9 sierra

    If its a late type 9 box there is a plate on the side of the gearbox extension housing, it has two bolts through elongated holes that can be loosened, and the plate can be moved forward and backward to give a better gear selection. I have just rebuilt Dean Rudkins gearbox and adjusting this plate make a big difference and will probably compensate for possible wear in your selectors.
  13. As the area meet is so close to EOSB and the new Covid rules, I have decided not to hold it this Months meeting and I will review it next month.
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