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  1. Kerry


    Have a happy and healthy life together, all our best Sharon & Kerry
  2. I mounted mine below the left hand rear light and put a clear window on the light lens to allow light over the plate
  3. The Leicester area meeting will be held at The Gate Hangs Well on Wednesday 19th February from 7.30pm. All members and anyone interested are welcome to join in the chat and laughter. Please post if you can attend. Cheers Kerry
  4. This has always been a great event, both Sharon and me would love to attend
  5. We are booked in at THE HORSESHOE GUEST HOUSE
  6. Sounds interesting, we could be up for this, just need to talk to the boss tonight. we are up for this.
  7. Kerry

    Sit on mowers

    I had one of these at my previous house, Honda engine, electric start, with roller and grass collection, hydrostatic drive and turns in 360deg Fantastic and 100% reliable, if you get the chance buy one. There is one on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113901832392 but the guy must have something wrong because mine worked faultless.
  8. Kerry

    Stilton Run Lunch

    Please put Sharon and myself on the lunch list. Thanks Derek
  9. I am testing the water to see if anyone would be interested in combining the Stilton Cheese run weekend into a camping weekend, staying on Friday 24th April and leaving Sunday 26th April. There are number of sites local either at Greetham, http://www.rutlandcaravanandcamping.co.uk/, or Wing http://www.winghall.co.uk/camping.html and https://www.lyndontop.com/default.aspx which is basic but good views and good reviews. All sites are in easy reach of Uppingham. Please have a look and put your name down if you are interested, and if you had a particular site you think would suit your needs.
  10. Looking forward to catching up with members tonight
  11. great idea if members buy into it
  12. Happy New years to all members. The Stilton Cheese run is taking place on the 26th April 2020 which I have booked, during our meeting It would be good to see if this event could be built on, possibly by making it a camping weekend. Any ideas would be welcome. See you on the 15th
  13. I have booked on for this today. Numbers are still limited to 350 as previous years.
  14. It’s at least 1-1/2 further. I will pass on this as we have been away all week. Have a good day guys
  15. It’s a long run out for us. But let me know the details and I will think about it
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