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  1. Glad to be back. I’ll try and find time to post my builds on the forum but I’ll mainly be loitering in the background
  2. Ultimately though, with any engine problem diagnosis, work your way through all possibilities and make sure you eliminate each one properly….in this case, it’s obvious cam timing has not been set properly so I would be starting with getting that corrected first before moving onto the other potential possibilities.
  3. Very true, however the valve only reaches its fully open position for only a fraction of the rotation, whereas it is at its fully closed for a significant amount of rotation….meaning a lot more chance of inaccuracy trying to set timing with the love pointing skywards…not to mention the dti would have to be perfectly positioned over the centre line of the camshaft and perpendicular to the centreline for this to stand any chance of being accurate… It is far more accurate and easier with a dti to set the 108 crank angle at the valve fully open position than it is to try and set it all at 1 rotation further along when at fully closed…hence why the established process of cam setting is determined by when the valve is fully open. dti on the valve spring collar to measure fully open.
  4. I could be misunderstanding what you're saying here....but inlet cam lobe pointing to the sky?? this sounds wrong to me. The lobe should not be pointing skywards at 108 degrees....instead, at 108deg, the intake lobe should be pointing the opposite direction and pushing the rocker downwards, which in turn pushes the valve stem downwards and opens the valves. Basically at 108deg, your intake number 1 valve should be at it fullest open position.... To me, your description of the number 1 intake lobe pointing towards the sky sounds like the intake valve would be closed at 108 instead of fully open?
  5. There’s was a threaded take off on the retro Ford rail that I used
  6. So I’ve basically I connected the turbo cooling with a smallish (6 or 8mm, can’t remember exactly) bore hose from the cylinder head to turbo then from turbo to bottom of rad. The water jacket around the turbo core helps keeps the oil temps down and acts as a thermal barrier between the hot exhaust turbine and cold air turbine. Short term running without water cooling isn’t going to cause any issues but long term, wouldn’t fancy it myself….especially on an engine kicking out nearly 280bhp….also running without inevitably creates higher air intake temps. Shouldn’t cause any issues to a correctly set up cooling system either - well at least it’s been fine on the two zetec turbo’s I’ve built to date.
  7. Always happy to help a RHOCaR member! In fact, the membership sec’s car has been in my workshop over 12months now
  8. Yeah that’s the correct size bearing so that’s some good news. if you have means of transporting your car and as you’re a RHOCaR member, I’m more than happy do donate a day or so at my workshop with you there if you get stuck with this one. The only time I’ve encountered really hot supercharger pulley (so hot you can’t touch them) is because the charger itself is failing / has failed.....for me, it was the pulley bearing that collapsed and this lead to further problems inside the charger casing / rotors.
  9. Have you got the original (new) bearing in the Supercharger’s pulley or are you using something different to original spec? I’ve had no end of problems in that area (when drifting away from original spec bearing) and it gets red-hot and melts the belt and can knacker the charger. On some of my older build threads, you can see I use a different bearing to the original spec one (two thin bearings instead of one wide bearing) - these are no good and I had to ditch them and revert to the original style of bearing.
  10. Ain’t no replacement for displacement!! I suppose those huge V8 supercharger scoops with the 3 butterflies you see on drag strips are also a kind of pre-charger TB?? In essence, they both open at the same rate, although the precharger tb doesn’t close fully and needs to be a lot bigger then and post charger tb.
  11. Hey up Richy! Hope you’re well and keeping busy! just to answer your dual tb query....it massively smooths out the power / torque curve. somewhere in the mountains of photos, I’ve got a comparison graph someone did illustrating the difference....was going to do a comparison myself one day but never got round to it.
  12. Thanks richy! How’s the v8? Im thinking of putting a few photos up of the Turbo installation I’m doing for Dean Rudkin as it maybe of interest to some members .....makes a change from doing Supercharger’s at least!!
  13. Hi folks, how you all been? I know it's been a while but I've been none stop and I was just wondering how we go about uploading photos nowadays given photobucket royally screwed everything up a few years back and I've been away from the forum since it's upgrade.
  14. I have a vinyl plate on the nose. Been like it for years and numerous mots and police pass by’s no problem but I’m not kidding myself as I know it’s definitely not legal and would just plead dumb to it at the roadside and hope for a wrist slap
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