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  1. Thanks guys, very much. I’ll lock the pinion and give it a go.
  2. wowblaauw


    Actually I have a spare polo rad £15 collected or plus delivery
  3. Hi All, Having a bit of a mare stripping down my spare Sierra 7" diff. Having already removed the flange nut and flange from the pinion shaft I am having bother in removing the pinion shaft nut. can anyone tell me whether the nut is a right hand or a left hand thread before I get the big guns on the job? I have managed to move the nut by 1 cm as if it is a right hand threaded nut turning it anti clockwise to move it. I have referred to the Ford maintenance notes which say to remove the pinion nut, the nut must be locked into place with their holding tool which I do not have. Once locked the manual says to turn the pinion anti-clockwise lending it to be a right hand thread. I am a little confused by this but if anyone can shed any light, I would be most grateful. thanks in advance Craig
  4. wowblaauw

    viscous fan

    Here you go pal, one on ebay eBay listing number: 124265756054 Cheers Craig
  5. I found the bottom half and now onto finding the top half
  6. Ni Nick, I am pretty sure I have a complete cowling as I put all my switch gear on the dash. I'll have a look later on and will email results and images to you. Not sure on value yet, but will give this some thought. Cheers Craig
  7. I have a spare era sump from Tiger.
  8. wowblaauw


    I have a pair of light weight narrow buckets which might suit although I’m 90 miles away in South Yorkshire. I’m looking for £75 each Ono. Thanks Craig
  9. I actually think I might be able to help out - I do have a full Sierra 2.0 dash hitch was from a 2b build a while ago. I’ll have a route around tomorrow to see if I can get an image over. thanks, Craig
  10. wowblaauw

    parts for 2b

    And I have headlights in black if you’re still wanting them. Cheers Craig
  11. Hi Neilo, PM sent pal. Cheers Craig
  12. Pretty sure I have one - I’ll check and let you know cheers, Craig
  13. Hi, I have some very light weight grip bucket seats with flared shoulders. Pm me your email address and I’ll email you some images. Cheers Craig
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