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  1. Should have put Quaife ATB innards... The unit is now back together - with a large shout and thank you to the author (Rich I think according to Nelmo) of the last three RHOCAR magazine editions covering this particular subject, was a great help - with i think the correct backlash but will have to wait and see as I'm waiting on DRD racing from my half shafts, uprights, hub carrier, new bearings and wheel flange - going for a complete rear end re-build.
  2. If you’re still after the cowling, I found the set on Sunday and then promptly lost the bottom half after a massive clear up. Happily go on the hunt again...
  3. Can’t believe it, the mc from GBS had a failed reservoir seal! Bought some M10 x 1 female to M10 x 1.25 male adaptors and am going to fit the fiat 124 MC with remote reservoir - sometimes the original thought process should be followed and not allowing one to be persuaded to go back to the original...
  4. Happy days, feels great when you get there. For mine, it was closing the terminals in the fuse box so the relays were tight when fitted. It was purely by accident that I discovered the issue. I had wired the relay to earth directly which cleared the misfire but when it was running I accidentally nudged the relay and the fault replicated. Removed the direct to earth and fiddled, voila! Fixed
  5. Hey all, I’m sure this issue has now been sorted but thought it worthwhile to give an over view of my electrical nightmare a couple of years ago. having allowed myself to be talked into buying the GBS plug and play loom to give the Zero better electrical reliability, I stripped the car and ran my newly acquired GBS loom to replace my home made jobbie complete with emerald and engine bay loom. First thing, bad earths, my fault, in my xenophobic attitude to be a beautifully clean job, I’d forgotten to earth properly. Second thing, I had what Daniel had, a flipping misfire - mine was
  6. Well, I did order a Fiat 124 and then realised that I’d have to change the fittings from 10 x 1 to 1.25! Any how, bought a new Sierra mc from GBS in the mean time while I make some new lines with the correct fiat fittings.
  7. Great stuff and thanks - will have to wait until the weekend now. Thanks to all responders, I’ll update in due course. New fluid on way for take 4 Thanks again chaps Craig
  8. Thanks, that’s a great idea, thanks, I’ll give a try next time.
  9. So, my trusty Sierra MC had corroded and had a score to the primary end of the MC. So out with the old and in with a new collected from GBS. Now bleeding with Gunsons ezibleed! while I realise that it is best to bleed the MC on the bench, I decided due to space and not wanting brake fluid every where that I install and bleed in the car. Well I’ve now put a litre through, lots of air out and have a peddle which goes all the way to the floor. While I know there is a marmite attitude to these one man bleed systems I don’t have a choice - it has to be a one man job. As such is there a specif
  10. ...and it’s off. Now for the interesting bit and that’s building the diff back with new quaife Lsd innards.
  11. Thanks very much for suggestions. Seems that the map should work, trigger wheel requires the crank sensor alignment tool to properly set up timing. Anyone have access to this or how to obtain one, would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers Craig
  12. Hello and thank you to all responders. I’ll get back into the garage tonight to see what’s occurring. Thank you so much for your suggestions, gratefully received. MC was not stripped as only 1028 miles from new. That said, I’m not ruling it out for replacement. Im fairly sure I have a return spring on the peddle but can’t quite remember - it’s an age thing... It’s what the happy people at hispec said about the bottom screws, many thanks for the clarification though - experience tells me that it’s a bit of pot luck with getting the correct information out of them - thanks
  13. Interestingly having just spoken with Hispec, they tell me that the standard fitting is a banjo as I have. However, the chap did say that it wouldn't matter if I had a standard 10 x 1mm fitting either so a bit miffed you could say. So, when bleeding the brakes I use the Gunson kit and put 20 lbs of pressure through the system to check for leaks. I have no leaks. I bleed all four corners, the fronts from the inside out and the rears tops and then bottoms although the chap from Hispec says only the tops need bleeding. Any one have any ideas as to why I have no brake pedal despite havi
  14. Hi All, having fitted new rear 2 pot hi spec Iva brakes I have struggled to get a peddle. My front hi spec 4 pots use banjo type fitment for the flexi hose, I used the same set up for the rears. I had M16 rears and although not great always stopped the car. I suspect that the rears are a standard hose fitment but can’t for the life of me find a resource from hispec which confirms this. Any info would be gratefully received - talking to hispec is usually a waste of time... Thanks again in advance Craig
  15. Hi Paul, many thanks for the info. Actually, I popped an email over to ME yesterday. My friend was hoping for something this weekend. Anyhow, the Big Bang engine came from moto gp engines back in the day whereby the engine fires all 4 cylinders in quick succession or at the same time as opposed to in regular formation. Gives best of high torq and high power I.e. big 2 cylinder 4 stroke for torq and in-line 4 cylinder for power. Makes the engine vibrate which is a bit word at first... anyhow, the r1 engines iTB’s are being used for this installation. Cheers Craig
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