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  1. phaeton

    My IVA fail

    Where did you take it? I've not done IVA but did 5x SVA's all at Nottingham, found the guys there great, they seemed to have the attitude they wanted it to pass & would use judgement, whereas heard stories of others that were strict with no leeway. But as said a good fail, you have a list to work from, they should only test what failed on the retest, unless you make big changes, once heard of a guy take a car back for retest for a steering issue, I think it just needed the lock limiting. But he decided to swap out the mirrors & remove the repeaters, then wanted to argue that they had already been tested before & shouldn't be included on the retest.
  2. If the multiplug can be put in the wrong way around, it might be worth marking both parts on the same side with paint or a permanent marker so it's more obvious which way around it goes.
  3. If this proves to be the issue you could always hide a switch up under the dashboard for extra security
  4. Another thought you could try is whilst turning over the engine have somebody spray some easystart into the throttle body, if it tries to fire/run then you know you have spark & it's just fuel you're lacking. You could also take out a plug to check obviously, but I'm lazy
  5. phaeton

    Mx5 Engine And Box

    Is this the Exmo from Sutton in Ashfield? I was going to buy it & put a MX5 in, only concern was the size of the bellmouth in the tunnel, but not insurmountable.
  6. TBH I'm sure Chris does a damper circuit I know he builds them into his other items it's normally straight forward in line of the circuit with maybe an extra live
  7. Try http://www.spiyda.com/?SID=fcdc1f758f8c29feb12928e22b7d1411 Chris is very good if he hasn't got what you want he may make it up for you, I'm on my phone so can't see if he does what you want but I think so. Please make sure you get the I & the y the right way around it you end up with a very different website
  8. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    Yes that's the one I referenced further up, just been to look at it, it need a lot of work redoing, it's not pretty, the whole of the boot is open with no panels available, are they available or is it a true build it yourself situation? The Exmo is off the list as he's sticking to his price.
  9. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    Just on the 2B is that the old front suspension? the one that gets changed out for the sliding pillar?
  10. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    He says he's fixed on the price, so not going to even bother going to look at it, at £1000-1300 it's worth a punt, but make no sense at £1900, struggling with the 2B owner he just doesn't reply to messages in a timely matter, he's only available this morning, but hasn't provided an address lol
  11. Hit my 5 posts again LOL, check your engine mounts, for being loose or the rubbers having sheared, sorry no idea if this is a new build, new buy etc.
  12. Front or back, does it increase with speed, does it go when you turn the steering wheel, have you had the wheels balanced, did you get the propshaft balanced?
  13. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    Yeah not only could I not afford one in the first place I couldn't afford the monthly trips to buy the parts that have broken, worn out or simply fallen off. I also suffer from a left leg that had a compound fracture of the femur, along with tibia & fibula, foot at a strange angle & a left hip that occasionally locks. Put at along with a right knee that has for the last 40 years had to compensate for the deficiencies of the left leg, doesn't like bending & will also locks up for no apparent reason, a comfortable car/bike is an essential. Oh & back to why he might be selling the Exmo separately if as you say they handle like a pig, he wasn't going to get £7K for it.
  14. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    Yeah you're confirming all my thoughts, ah well decisions, decisions, I suppose I could say stuff it & go buy a BMW R1200GS instead
  15. phaeton

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    Yes it's the same Exmo, the other is Fleecebay again to me there are for's & against each, the Exmo is registered but needs an engine/box & modification to get it to fit, the logical route is MX5 but that means getting another car to strip when parking space is very tight. Purchase £1900 (which I think is too much) £600 donor, MOT £40 + 10% £2750 But it can be put straight onto the road after an MOT, it has a screen & weather gear. The 2B is stainless steel which worries me as any chassis modifications are limited if needed, not worried about IVA other than the cost, £700 for test & inevitable retest. But it does have an engine fitted although it's the 1.8 which I didn't think was a particularly good one, is running just needs finishing, but doesn't have a screen, so presumably no heater, demister, wipers etc. also no weather gear, will need a full set of tyres. It sold for £1K last time, plus £700 test fees, £55 registration fees, hood £650, screen £200, wiper/demister £100 plus 10% £3000 The car will be road worthy/registered, but will be used for 2-3 track days a year, which is what I cannot do in the buggy, interested in why the Exmo will be quicker
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