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  1. Not aware that we have anything like that around here, although not driven the car since Tuesday when we went to see wife's 95 year old aunt, we do intend to visit again next Mon/Tues as she can't use the phone & is IT illiterate, but it will be in shopping hours in case she needs anything, it's very strange, knocking on her door, then retreating back across the drive, only to have to shout at her to make her understand.
  2. When I had my Dutton many years ago I bought some normal hinges the correct size from B&Q well it wouldn't have been them as they didn't exist, but somebody like them, ground the top of the pin off so they came apart like the ones in the images
  3. It is hardly surprising number the circumstances
  4. If it wasn't for the lack of milk & some food stuff, we'd not know there was anything wrong if we didn't listen to the news, which I've stopped doing now as it's just the same repeat, repeat, repeat
  5. Carry on working everyday as usual, no change for me, no time in garage.
  6. Is that the same one though, I think there's an Autotronics down Attercliffe or somewhere near the Arena
  7. phaeton

    Stuck Clutch

    It's not something I would do, I'd rather deal with the stuck clutch afterwards, than have to strip a gearbox out to replace what were good items.
  8. phaeton

    Stuck Clutch

    Will that not do more damage to the pressure plate springs & the release bearing?
  9. phaeton

    Stuck Clutch

    The Yanks swear by Coca Cola to free off a clutch, just not sure how you get it onto the plate
  10. Autotronix Developments School Rd, Laughton en le Morthen, Sheffield S25 1YP Phone: 01909 561119 He's mainly into MX5's now, but has knowledge from carbs all the way through. my Beetle is going there on Friday
  11. Thank you I'll run over the next week
  12. Used to use a guy who was very good but went to visit his unit only to find he'd given up
  13. Still around 70 miles but still bear him in mind. They do look very good BTW.
  14. I'm looking for a sprayer/body shop but in the North Notts/South Yorkshire area to spay a 72 Beetle, but Leicesters a bit far
  15. phaeton

    Spark plugs

    I thought it was the other way round, the larger the number the hotter the plug, so a 7 is hotter than a 6, but happy to be wrong Edit I'm wrong I'll go stand in the corner https://www.ngkntk.in/ngk-technology/importance-of-heat-range/
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