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  1. Never heard an MOT station refusing to test a kit, they are just a normal Class 4 tests, the only time I have been an issue was when the tester was too large to fit in the kit he had the apprentice sit in the car.
  2. phaeton


    It wasn't a complaint, it was a suggestion based on fact, you could have replaced Flux with Heritage or any other insurance company & the result would have been the same, insurance companies are not there for our benefit they are there to make money just like any business. Now if you do want my personal feelings on auto insurance companies they would be deleted.
  3. phaeton


    Go back to Flux they will beat it, just annoying they try to screw you the first time, but it's always been that way.
  4. From section 09D of the manual 20. The hydraulic system failure warning lamp must be secure, operational, visible during daylight and darkness from the driving position, identifiable (i.e. labelled in a recognised form – see figure 1 for an example) and fitted with a “test facility” that enables its operation to be checked from the driving position without opening the reservoir. Which means it does not have to be on the handbrake although this is a convenient way of doing it, it can be on a separate switch on the dashboard if you prefer. However it does need to be the recognised symbol in Red as per figure 1. The wiring should be a switched live to the bulb, then from the bulb a wire going in parallel to both the test switch & the MC, then from both to earth, which will then mean if the test switch is thrown the bulb will light, or if the fluid level drops the bulb will light.
  5. phaeton


    I would figure on paying the £450 & then unfortunately the additional £90 for the retest, the number of cars that get through first time is very low, especially with a first time presenter. On top of that you also have to pay £55 registration fee along with 6 months VED to get your V5C they only accept cheques or Postal Orders
  6. I can ask him if he wants to move, but he's 31, still at home rent free, has 2 cars, a motorbike & a flatbed truck that you'll have to accommodate, given the choice of 20% off Screwfix or a quieter life I'm know which I would take as a prefered option
  7. Son bought a DeWalt he works for Screwfix & gets 20% off even sale items, seem very good, now have several tools & several batteries
  8. Flipside I bought a Stormforce for a MK1 MR2 it stripped the paint off the edge of the wings over winter, although they assured us it was the correct one, it was very baggy.
  9. phaeton

    Road tax

    I hope you don't mind but I have fixed that for you
  10. phaeton

    Road tax

    Including all those that aren't electric, take the BMW I8, it can drive about 20 miles on it's battery before it's flat, why is that exempt, it should have it's ICE disabled to qualify, but comes back to @Mrbarry's point, if it was on miles travelled at your consumption rate it would be far fairer, including the thousands & thousands that don't pay any at all, because there is nobody to catch them.
  11. phaeton

    Road tax

    Not only that I sold my BMW bike on Friday night & rode it over to the new owners house, he was insuring & VED'ing it from Saturday, they will refund me from the 1st of July, but charge him from the 1st June, so they double bubble this month.
  12. phaeton

    Road tax

    I posed the same question to our MP a couple of years ago, other than I didn't suggest 2p, I suggested that they knew how much revenue was received, they also knew how many litres had been sold so the additional would be an easy calculation. He forwarded it as a Parliamentary question to the Dept of Transport or whatever they are now called. They wrote back to me via him basically stating it would have an adverse effect on rural dwellers & as such they would not be doing it. But I am in full agreement with you, the cost saving would be huge, on the administration alone.
  13. Not done an IVA but did 5 SVA's never requested a Vin from DVLA I just made mine up, as far as I know they just have to be 17 digits long.
  14. Later today if that's okay Alan..
  15. Bill, I'd like this, how much do you want for postage, name a charity & I will make a donation if you won't take anything for it. Or if you won't post I have a friend in Towcester who I can probably get to collect & he will post Alan..
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