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  1. Like to see somebody challenge this in court, noisy exhausts are a nuisance but it needs to be specifically legislated Is too wishy washy for me
  2. Was the food that bad, is it wise to go again?
  3. phaeton

    Exhaust repair

    Your mate has some skills which I fear we are losing in this country with the removal of manual skills for our children in schools
  4. Far better time of the year, at least there is a chance of some warmth
  5. They must have been listening to me, I don't do Fecesbook, but somebody has said it's been moved to last weekend in July but can't confirm that.
  6. Shame it's so late in the year, weather could be dodgy, June was a perfect time for it., why is it on a different site?
  7. The pictures are not really for the IVA examiner they are not really interested in that side of it, the pictures are to prove to the DSA that you are not a professional car builder & that you have built the car yourself. If you have already bought a part built, start with a few pictures of that & then any that shows you have dismantled it & rebuilt it. They don't have to be comprehensive, it also seems to help if it can be seen that it's being built in a standard garage, or on the driveway etc. As to the donor, shame you didn't get the V5C from it, do you know anything about it as you maybe able to still obtain the V5C.
  8. phaeton

    Last Stonleigh

    Apart from a club get together what is the point of the show? To me this is the whole point, very rarely buy anything, not looking for a new kit & nothing in the show would get me to change my mind. Kits were a reasonably priced option, but now basic kits are £5-7K, I don't spend that on my daily car. The industry is on it's knees & getting worse, the business model seems to be sell less & make it more expensive to keep the margin, rather than stack it high & sell it cheap. The lack of suitable donor's & additional legislation isn't helping along with the young having no clue as to how to get their hands dirty.
  9. I drove mine up the cul-de-sac just as the Police entered the same cul-de-sac & pulled up, it had no lights, no bonnet etc. I was just testing the brakes, never went above 15 mph. I saw them & thought "Ah Well", so turned around & pulled onto my drive in front of them. After they had gone over to the house to make their enquiries they came over to mine, we had a discussion as to whether it constituted a motor vehicle & whether they could get a conviction. It was all fairly light hearted & nothing was done, but they did leave with the comment "Don't let us catch you again", my response was "I certainly won't" & they never did, but I never went any further than our cul-de-sac well not much further.
  10. I've SVA'd (not IVA'd) 4 buggies & the angle of the steering was never mentioned, the biggest issue we had was self centring, so I'm not sure what issue you are perceiving.
  11. Which side of the circuit is failing?
  12. Never had a relay 'blow', when you say blew what exactly do you mean?
  13. phaeton


    This is how subjective tyres are, T1-R are my go to tyres, I fit them to track cars & have them on the buggy, to me they are a very good all round tyre. I have Nankang on the Rav4 in 30K never had an issue with them
  14. I would love it, but it's an 12 hour round trip & I currently have storage problems, how desperate are they to get rid as I'm just about to go on holiday?
  15. phaeton

    Engine Dilema

    Because it is one of the best underrated engines available
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