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  1. Sold but I do not appear to be able to edit the post
  2. Bought just before I sold my kit, stands me at £60 with a brand new set of bushes included, but willing to let them go a bit cheaper if somebody wants them, collection from Worksop or postage at cost.
  3. phaeton

    IVA Insurance

    Although @richyb66 is sort of right you need to check your own car insurance & see whether your kit on a trailer being towed would be covered on your existing policy, if it's not than it maybe prudent to insure it separately.
  4. I would have loved to come up, but I'm changing 2 UPVC windows & doing some cladding tomorrow, hiring a cherry picker so doubt I will finish in time. But if it's on & I do, then I will try to get there, assuming the MOT goes well today
  5. With the Freestyle (picture in avatar) roof, doors, screen weren't an option, so I went with https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/frank-thomas-monsoon-wp-oversuit-black/45846.htm along with a leather flying helmet, goggles & gloves. The helmet, goggles & gloves were standard driving wear, the suit & motorcycle helmet only came out when it got bad, do you go straight into the office, or do you go to your digs first, just thinking can you get changed before going into work?
  6. Towed the car to the Rolling Road on the slightly dubious A-frame but we won't discuss that occifer, he started with a cold compression test, 180,175,190,185 then stripped & rebuilt the carb, then put it on the rollers to play with the furling & timing, he set it at 9 degrees & managed to get an extrapolated 107bhp at 4200rpm runs very nice now, £80 well spent I think. Just need to get an MOT on it now, I've been over it & can't see any thing wrong, might just have a quick look at the back brakes over the weekend the handbrake isn't too good, so maybe just adjust the shoes, onc
  7. No it just wouldn't go above 1200rpm at all, but on Wednesday afternoon/evening (I think) I reset the tappets, rechecked the float, blew out the main jets, changed a fuel filter after the pump, the one before the pump seemed okay, reset the timing. Kept my grandson & granddaughter entertained with the popping & banging & flames shooting out of the carb. But after resetting everything it seemed to run okay only did about a mile as no MOT, I took it last night over to a guy who's going to put it on a rolling road today to setup properly.
  8. No they have to be dry, oil/grease stops them working correctly bizarrely
  9. Don't have any images do you?
  10. Thanks I did think that but wanted to be sure, I'll stand aside
  11. Oh Dear how stupid do I now feel, I even watched a Youtube showing me how to do it & then did it completely different, TBF the last time I did the tappets on a Pinto would be late 70's. I had to buy a new set of feeler gauges as I couldn't locate the 2 sets I know I should have 'somewhere' but they wouldn't fit under the tappets so I even got the angry grinder out to make them. Not sure I will ever live this one down, however I'm sure as my dementia gets worse I'll forget about it so won't care when you point your fingers at me & snigger Alan..
  12. Got myself some tie bars, with it being a 2B4 with round tubing what have people done about mounting the box section for the rose joint to the chassis?
  13. I went to get new ones, although they look new already, they didn't have any in stock, but several people had a gander at them & we're all convinced they are fine. I'll try to get them though
  14. Spoke too soon, it was going for MOT tomorrow so put the bonnet on & decided just to run up road. Got to end of road & then it would rev couldn't get it above 1200, then it started popping & banging exactly as before.
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