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  1. phaeton

    Iva Documents

    But most of all when you get to the testing station enjoy it, I've done 4 SVA's & 2 IVA's & enjoyed each experience, I do go with the attitude I'm going to fail, get a list of hopefully trivial things to fix & go back a few weeks later. The last one I did earlier in the month was even better as I came away with a first time pass, but apparently only 10% do. There is quite a bit of grey area & subjectiveness to what each inspector thinks even though they all read the same hymnbook. I never argue with the inspector nor disagree with his decision on something, I will however ask him to explain why he thinks it's wrong, I then will explain why I did it the way I did, only on 1 occasion has I changed their mind But as said it is to be enjoyed & don't get too stressed, after all it's cost you enough by that time it would be a shame to not enjoy it.
  2. phaeton

    Iva Documents

    You will need invoices of the major parts, chassis, donor car, any new parts you have bought, you have to prove it is an amateur build. They also like to see some pictures You also need to complete https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1073587/apply-for-individual-vehicle-approval-cars.pdf
  3. Less is more, only put on it what you need to, add everything else after IVA, if you are going to use square tube, check the radii of the box section
  4. I doubt (read know) I can get there for 10am (family pressures), but may make it after lunch, is that an issue?
  5. The events is at Owston Hall Hotel, Doncaster. Gates open to the public 10am. Exhibitors can arrive any time before that. As an exhibitor you will get a free drink on arrival and lunch will be provided.
  6. If you are still thinking of doing some form of sprint, times section, might be worth a call to Javelin, they run Blyton & are based East of you at Kimmington maybe they could run the event & take on the liability, might be cheaper than arranging your own insurance, although they are at Three Sisters that weekend.
  7. It *bleep* it down all day
  8. Sharp cutter both sides, pour alcohol into the crack set fire to it, what could possibly go wrong
  9. Having just done an IVA I wasn't asked for any photos of anything, although he could see the seatbelt mounts, which he failed as I had used split spring washers they cannot be used on any part of the seatbelt mount/brackets although they came with the kit. The other one on seatbelts is you have to be able to take the bolt/nut out/off with a single spanner so one end has to be captive, as said mine was not a RH so fixings might be different I used 8.8 nuts & bolts which wasn't acceptable. You will need the VIN stamped into the chassis somewhere on the offside in the engine bay area, you will also need a plate with the VIN number which can be riveted onto any surface in the cockpit https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/andygallecher/m.html?ssPageName= will make up whatever you want. I had the MEV logo, the Make, Model, Vin, My name, Colour & year of manufacture.
  10. To arrange the IVA which you can do online https://www.gov.uk/apply-vehicle-approval, they need to see the receipt for the new chassis, I wasn't the original purchaser of the kit, so had to declare I was completing a part built, even though it wasn't started as the original receipt wasn't in my name. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/iva-application-form-for-passenger-cars-iva-1c also https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/971185/individual-vehicle-approval-amateur-built-declaration.pdf For the actual IVA you just need to take the V5C so they can see what the engine is to determine the test it has to have,
  11. Is this for IVA or Registration, As for receipt for purchase, I wrote a simple received £xxx for S123 ABC Make model, Date & had my son sign it in the name of the seller
  12. It won't pass IVA unless it is marked, has to have 43R & the word Laminated on it, I've just failed IVA on this same issue, not on a RH, but I submitted mine with a laminated screen from a 1973 VW Beetle 1303, the tester agreed it was the correct screen, even said VW on it, but as it wasn't marked with 43R & Laminated it failed. Also a heated screen would also need blowers, go figure that one.
  13. Yesterday we were at Santa Pod drifting, went to KFC at the side of the A45, came out & the LT35 would not start, it turned over fired for a couple of seconds & stopped. We think it might be the immobiliser, filled in the online form, 15 minutes later advised by text that somebody would be with us within the hour, they turned up in about 50 minutes with a recovery flatbed, as we had a diabetic with us we chose to leave at this point & get home in the accompanying car. About two hours after we got home he turned up with the LT35 & the drift car on the back of the flatbed, we live about 110 miles from Santa Pod. I would highly recommend Autoaid used them 3 times (I think) in the last 10-12 years always been a great service, quite bizarrely 2 of those times have been on a return journey from Santa Pod, maybe I need to stop going there!
  14. They may have changed their T&C's since being bought out, but that is still my understanding, this is from their website "If you break down more than a mile from home, and if our operators can't quickly fix your vehicle by the roadside, we will tow you to any U.K onward destination of your choosing or a garage of your choice!" I've always read that as taking you to where you want to go or take you back home, but I could be wrong!
  15. Are you sure? Auto Aid brought me home on the 2 occasions I've used it, including once when I drove out to my broken down daughter & grandkids, let them come home in my car & then claim her car was mine. They took that one to her home, I wouldn't have it it recover home wasn't an option.
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