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  1. If you have a mechanical fuel pump fitted, that could be the problem. The fuel in the carbs will evaporate over a few days. It then takes the pump a while to resupply them. If you fit an electric pump this problem should be solved. If you already have an electric pump, then carry on with the head scratching!
  2. Mine is on the bulkhead between the battery and the peddle box. It's much smaller than yours though. It holds about 1 litre. Can't remember filling it up more than once in the last 16 years actually.
  3. I assume that this is still on. Weather forecast for Saturday looks good.
  4. Don't forget about this one guys and gals. I will hope to have a run over weather permitting.
  5. Some of you are stating pressure in psi and others in bar. There is a big difference. 1 bar = 15 psi.
  6. We had a couple of instances at the Huntingdon weekend where a couple of cars suffered poor starting and miss firing. This was on the run in the afternoon (saturday) and put down to fuel evaporation due to the high temp. Have a run out in the evening when its a bit cooler and see what happens.
  7. As above, great weekend. Craig and his family were brilliant hosts once again. Nice run out to a couple of pubs to boost fluid levels. Excellent.
  8. Gear heads on the ground. Newark show ground this Sunday 23rd. Not sure if i'm going but the turn out is usually good.
  9. As per last year I will bring my own Veggie (awkward sod) food. Anyone who is still thinking of going and undecided should make the effort. Really good weekend with plenty of space for camping and above all excellent hosts.
  10. I will try to make this one. Weather permitting.
  11. Slight change of plan for me. Problem with the RobinHood so I will be pulling the caravan too. Steady convoy! See you tomorrow.
  12. How about 11.30 Saturday morning at Trowell services M1 for the meet up for the run down to Stoneleigh. All welcome.
  13. I'm not going to make it to the meeting, as usual, working away. Could you please post the arrangements for meeting up to travel to Stoneleigh. I can fit in with any time/meeting point.
  14. I had twin 45s and now bike carbs. Mechanical pump, no problem.
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