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  1. You need to say what engine you have!
  2. Car colour is a personal preference thing and everyone has different opinions. Just do it how you like, to please yourself not anybody else. Dave


    Cars and coffee at GBS premises 17th September. Usually a good turnout weather permitting. Dave.
  4. As long as the pressure relief valve and gauge work you should be fine. You are just cutting out the old compressor from the system. Dave
  5. Although I didn't make it this year, I definitely went to BOTH previous events. Dave.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it this year after all. Craig came and chatted to me at Stoneleigh and I mentioned how the evening before we had been talking about our previous visits the club had made to his in-laws place. He immediately offered to do the same again this year which again is extremely kind of him and his family. So I hope you all have a good weekend and the weather stay fine. Dave.
  7. I plan to go Friday afternoon and camp for the weekend. Therefore my car and others that belonging to those doing the same will be on the stand by around 8.30ish Saturday and Sunday morning. Anyone new to these shows just need to look for Robinhood cars on the stand and park up there. Simple. Dave.
  8. Hi Darrell If you are just driving down for 1 day I would make it the Saturday as people tend to start to drift off home around lunch time on the last day of a show, Sunday in this case. Newark was always a very good show in the past. Dave.
  9. If you have the long wings like Nelmo describes then that is a definate factor. The aero dynamics of those are all wrong and create lift. Dave.
  10. What tyre pressures are you running with. The Robin hood models are quite light and most owners use 18 to 20 psi. Too high a pressure could be the problem. Dave.
  11. That's an ugly looking weld. It hasn't failed on the original joint line, but as you say, it's failed in the toe of the weld in the heat affected zone. I would be tempted to grind some of the original weld cap down as the difference in thickness of the weld and parent material at the other side of the crack could be a problem due to uneven cooling rates. Also apply some pre heat to the area (if safe to do so) with a blow torch or sometime similar just before welding and control the cool down rate after welding again with the blow torch. A slow cool is better than a fast one. Best of luck. Dave.

    Sad News

    Ivan was a trooper when it came to turning up for events and shows. Always willing to chat. Sadly missed. RIP Ivan. Dave
  13. Yes, that price tag did raise a few comments. It was/is a very nice car, but as you say £34k!!
  14. Cars and coffee 11th June. GBS, sponsored event. I missed the last one but intend to go to this one next Saturday. Unless it's chucking it down. Dave.
  15. Put me on the list for this please. Dave Howe.
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