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  1. nicko

    Hoses help

    I think my bottom hose is from a MK2 or 3 cortina. It's a Flexi hose with the correct size ends. Last 1 I bought was 15 or so years ago, so maybe not available now. Nick
  2. I'll probably be there too. Maybe even in the Kit
  3. Just for info. Mine has quite a spacious boot, and a 47 litre tank. Nick
  4. I might pop over, but will only be going inside to get a drink. If the weather is ok that is. Nick
  5. I may be interested if you're going Dave. I'll text you later in week(kit's blocked in at the min and I've an office/bedroom to finish. Nick
  6. Don't believe all you see in the videos. I built mine as I described, and a couple of other people I know who built theirs have the same configuration. Things changed in the "design" over the years, but the videos didn't. I think it depends on the year of the chassis and remember it's not precision engineering (I've always said whoever welded the 2b chassis had an elastic measuring tape. Nick
  7. The bonnet is not meant to fit to the tube behind the dash, you need to fit the dash to fill the gap. Once everything is fitted in place it is fairly rigid. Nick
  8. When I built mine I cut the dash to fit the chassis then had to extend it to fit the gap to the bonnet. Once it's all fitted together it doesn't look too bad. Remember, you're building a Robin Hood.... If you measure everything it will look wrong!!! Fitting by eye is the way forward. Nick
  9. I've got a red one I bought a few years ago and never fitted, I'll message you with a price. Nick
  10. I could be wrong (it was 15 years ago) but I think there was a mark on the upper and lower edges of the panel that when joined with a line showed the centre of the curve. This was formed by kneeling on the panel and bending the end up and "bouncing" it to shape. HTH Nick
  11. Reading threads like this makes glad I have a large fuel rank and a well calibrated guage. I've never found my maximum range but I can do over 200 miles on a 3 quarters of a tank and can be confident when I hit the red I can keep going for ages.
  12. Is the door on the wrong side? Looks to me like your holding the left door to right side of the car. I may be wrong, but worth a try. Nick
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