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  1. I "strengthened" my scuttle with a length of wood (sanded and painted) fixed through the de-mister holes and used this to mount the rear view mirror. Wiper holes etc were covered with grommets. HTH Nick
  2. I'll be there, maybe Sue too. Nick
  3. nicko

    Quantum kit car

    A car dealer I know has just had a Quantum 2+2 come in. It's white with a hard top using mk2 XR2 doner. Has MOT. Open to offers. Car is in North Derbyshire I do have a few pictures but no price. Nick
  4. Had a good run out in the sunshine, was very busy but never ran out of cake. Nick
  5. Ditto Dan's comments. Great weekend, great people, great weather and it's gonna happen again next year ( pity it's a year away) Nick
  6. Just seen this, hope you got sorted out Ivan. Nick
  7. Hi, can anyone confirm if I've bought a ticket? I can't find any e-mails regarding this, only a Paypal transaction for £20 on May 15th. (I think I paid for huntingdon at the same time) thanks Nick
  8. I should be there, don't know about the missus yet though. Nick
  9. What time on Friday can we turn up from? Thanks, Nick
  10. Sorry to hear that pal, do what you need to do, and you don't need membership just to come and chat with mates. Nick
  11. nicko

    Pinto Vernier Pulley

    Yep. Bought it 2nd hand a few years ago, but never got round to fitting it. Will look at sending a photo before the weekend to see if it's what you're after. Can't remember the make but it's red. Nick
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