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  1. nicko

    Pinto Vernier Pulley

    Yep. Bought it 2nd hand a few years ago, but never got round to fitting it. Will look at sending a photo before the weekend to see if it's what you're after. Can't remember the make but it's red. Nick
  2. We should be there, doubtful in the kit though seeing as it seems to be dead. If I get time to investigate, I may ask questions on here. Nick
  3. nicko

    Repacking exhaust

    I used Acousta-fil, seemed to work OK. But mine is the crappy standard 2B silencer with a slot cut in it, then a plate riveted over the hole. Nick
  4. Hoping to be there Nick
  5. nicko

    Type 9 quick shift kit

    I cut a spacer from an old nylon/plastic chopping board. Been OK for 10-12 years. HTH Nick
  6. It passed And it's still raining... Hope it clears up for the weekend. Nick
  7. Well, wish me luck..... MOT booked for 11:30. On the down side, it's raining. On the up side I've just fixed the only fault I know would have been a fail. My fog light didn't work, it was fine a year ago (last MOT). Started stripping it down and testing, put it back together, and it worked, then it didn't, then it did....... Final fix... Multiple use of switch to clean contacts and now it works every time. Nick
  8. Think you're a week out Andi, I'm sure Newark was always fathers day. Nick
  9. If I remember correctly from last year arrival was from lunchtime Saturday, is this still the case? Also, I can't find the directions /address from last year, will this be published, or would it be better to send out to ticket purchasers? Thanks, Nick
  10. Any idea on numbers? Just interested as I'm going. Nick
  11. I'll be there, don't know if Sue's going to have time though. Nick
  12. If it says that on V5, then I'd say it is registered correctly.
  13. I'm hoping for a run out too. Nick
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