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  1. nicko

    It's back home

    Well, that's the 2b all tucked up in it's new home. It's had a 3 week vacation on my Auntie's back garden while we moved house. Spent the morning making room for the 2b and trailer, but was still worried it might not fit as the doorstep for the front door sticks out a bit far and in effect narrows the garage door by 4 or 5 inches. Apart from buying a new battery soon, that's all the kit's getting done to it this winter, every room in the new bungalow needs attention 1st. Happy new year to everyone. Nick
  2. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet 9th January

    Intend being there. Nick
  3. nicko

    Seat mounting

    On the 2b the rear seat mount is a piece of 2 inch angle bolted between the plates for Sierra rear beam. This is also used for the handbrake adjusters. HTH Nick
  4. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet December

    Hope to be there. Nick
  5. nicko

    Nearly ready

    Good luck
  6. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    Sorry to hear that Marcus, our thoughts are with you both. Nick (& Sue)
  7. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    Busy is good Terry, better than being bored. Nick
  8. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    I should be there, don't know about the Missus yet cos' she's a bit under the weather. Nick
  9. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet October

    I'll be there, but on my own. The Missus is going to the football. Nick
  10. nicko

    Stainless Robin

    Quite often Transit ball joints are used, but both with right hand threads. I'm sure someone with specific knowledge will be able to help further. Nick
  11. nicko

    Gbs Cars & Coffee Event - Saturday 22Nd September

    There's usually a few there, but not me this time. I'll be heading much further south (Holibobs) Nick
  12. nicko

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    Looked a great weekend, sorry I missed it, but mother-in-law's 80th birthday party and house moving stuff had priority. Nick
  13. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet September

    We're planning to be there. Might even dig the kit out. Nick
  14. nicko

    Project Rhocaravan

    Excellent work. Nick
  15. nicko


    Try GBS Nick