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  1. Alloy wheel refurbishment, when you've got seven it gets expensive. Oh and maybe an engine upgrade (I'd love a V8) Nick
  2. Sorry, can't remember. It was 13/14 years ago. The worse bit was where I had stored panels in the shed and sunlight had hit them. Logic seem to say heat the covering to aid removal then use acetone to remove residue/glue. HTH Nick
  3. Acetone based nail varnish remover and/or hair dryer helped when I did mine. Nick
  4. I must say, on every car I've had for the last 20 years at least, the fog lights only get used once a year at MOT time. Nick
  5. nicko

    rear fog lights

    There's a diagram knocking about that gives dimensions for lights, but as for the brackets... I know it's a long time ago, but when I SVA'd mine, the brackets weren't good enough and I had to make something to stop the vibrating/moving. HTH Nick
  6. Good morning everyone, happy easter. Just finished breakfast here, admiring the view. Planning hot dogs, in the garden, for lunch. What's everyone upto today? Nick
  7. Q. Have you lost 1? or are you wanting to replace all/some of them? I think I may have a spare. I remember a fellow member giving me a spare after selling his Kit, but I've not seen it for a while. If you need just 1, I'll try to find it. Nick
  8. Also, it may or may not go through a relay. So the switch could be ok, and the relay or associated wiring could be faulty. My fog light switch has a 12v feed when headlights are on, an earth for illuminating the switch when switched on and a feed to the fog light, which then has an earth to complete the circuit. As mine only has 1 fog light I don't have a relay. HTH Nick
  9. 2nd vote for Dave at http://dampertech.co.uk/ As for measuring center to center, the measurement will be the same if you measure from the inner edge of the hole or shaft at one end to the outer edge of the hole or shaft at the other end (if the holes/shafts are the same diameter) HTH Nick
  10. Seeing as there are no car meets I thought we could have an Easter Sunday virtual meet. Get a photo between now and Easter, of your car, what you're doing or what you're drinking, post it Easter Sunday for a virtual get together. If you've got no photo, post a hello to those random people you get chatting to at car meets/shows. See you all next weekend Nick
  11. nicko


    Welcome, there are no "off the shelf" GRP parts for a 2B and as they are generally larger than say a Locost, generic panels will probably need a lot of modifying. Luego do a larger 7 style car, so that may help. Vinyl wrap or paint is always an option. HTH Nick
  12. On a pinto EFi there's a valve type thing (can't remember its name) on the inlet plenum. When left it can start to stick and give symptoms similar to yours, it needs removing and cleaning with carb cleaner. Worth a try as it's an easy fix (It's held on with 2 nuts/bolts and has a wiring plug connected to it) HTH Nick
  13. Excellent work Andy, and I'm sure it was more fun with an "apprentice" Nick
  14. See my post regarding Stoneleigh. Postponed to possibly last weekend in June. Nick
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