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  1. Hardboard screen was so it could be built up and not damage the glass. Nick
  2. I cut the sides off the head of M6 countersunk screws and fitted them from the inside of the frame, then fitted dome head nuts on the outside. After drilling holes in the frame with 6mm drill (using a hardboard windscreen) I then "wobbled" the drill from inside the frame to give a countersink. HTH Nick
  3. Stoneleigh Park lodge rang me before Christmas to ask if I wanted my booking changing to reflect Saturday/Sunday show, so we're now booked in Friday and Saturday night. Nick
  4. nicko


    Hi, we meet up locally 1st Wednesday of the month, but this month's is next week Message me if you want to know how to recognise us as most don't turn up in Kits in the winter. Nick
  5. Good shout Andy, we'll probably be there. Nick
  6. nicko

    No lights

    If all your rear lights are out, I'd check earth's and then continuity of each wire. HTH Nick
  7. I "strengthened" my scuttle with a length of wood (sanded and painted) fixed through the de-mister holes and used this to mount the rear view mirror. Wiper holes etc were covered with grommets. HTH Nick
  8. I'll be there, maybe Sue too. Nick
  9. nicko

    Quantum kit car

    A car dealer I know has just had a Quantum 2+2 come in. It's white with a hard top using mk2 XR2 doner. Has MOT. Open to offers. Car is in North Derbyshire I do have a few pictures but no price. Nick
  10. Had a good run out in the sunshine, was very busy but never ran out of cake. Nick
  11. Ditto Dan's comments. Great weekend, great people, great weather and it's gonna happen again next year ( pity it's a year away) Nick
  12. Just seen this, hope you got sorted out Ivan. Nick
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