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  1. nicko

    GBS Coffee & Cake

    Me too.
  2. nicko

    Weather Protection

    I've got the full roof and doors, but it's colder with the full roof on. I've also made doors from ali, perspex and vinyl, that fold in half to fit behind seats and a "surrey" top and half doors from ripstop nylon. I prefer the surrey and either doors depending on weather. I even use the surrey with no doors sometimes as a sun shade. Nick
  3. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet March

    We will probably be there. Nick
  4. nicko

    I don't believe it....

    Found this pic on ebay, if it uploads ok Nick
  5. nicko

    I don't believe it....

    You can't actually see numbers, the amount of metal removed from the key blank is represented by a number. I.E. a little bit removed is a 1, a lot is a 4 and none is a zero. Mind you, that's all from memory working at a Ford dealer 30 years ago. So it is possible to "read" key by comparing each "notch". Nick
  6. nicko

    I don't believe it....

    You can read the key number yourself, it will start with "T" and then be a string of digits, each will be 4 or less. The T is for tibb (the type of lock) and the digits represent how much of the key is cut away at each "notch". If it's an old Chubb lock i've no idea apart from they're good for ripping your pocket linings. HTH Nick
  7. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet February

    Where was everyone? We had a lovely evening, me, Sue and Andy. See you all next month hopefully. Nick
  8. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet February

    We should be there. Nick
  9. nicko

    It's back home

    Well, that's the 2b all tucked up in it's new home. It's had a 3 week vacation on my Auntie's back garden while we moved house. Spent the morning making room for the 2b and trailer, but was still worried it might not fit as the doorstep for the front door sticks out a bit far and in effect narrows the garage door by 4 or 5 inches. Apart from buying a new battery soon, that's all the kit's getting done to it this winter, every room in the new bungalow needs attention 1st. Happy new year to everyone. Nick
  10. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet 9th January

    Intend being there. Nick
  11. nicko

    Seat mounting

    On the 2b the rear seat mount is a piece of 2 inch angle bolted between the plates for Sierra rear beam. This is also used for the handbrake adjusters. HTH Nick
  12. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet December

    Hope to be there. Nick
  13. nicko

    Nearly ready

    Good luck
  14. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    Sorry to hear that Marcus, our thoughts are with you both. Nick (& Sue)
  15. nicko

    South Yorkshireish Area Meet November

    Busy is good Terry, better than being bored. Nick