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  1. Brilliant, thank you everyone, what great community! I was pretty sure that 205s were all 2 litres, but I will have to prove it to the DVLA as the car is incorrectly registered. You'd think it would be really easy, but I have yet to find any 'official' source to confirm it, and the nearest Ford garage, which I visited yesterday, were friendly but apparently unable to help! Apparently Google can't answer every question asked either - looking forward to a car and full membership next week.
  2. Thanks, I guess the date will be whatever the MOT tester decides, but at leastr I can now argue the case for no more than O.3% etc. Still trying to establish whether all 205 Pinto blocks were 2000cc though.
  3. I have been equally confused by this test (I hadn't spotted this post before) you might find this post useful: https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50271-ford-engine-emissions/
  4. Thanks for your reply and that is interesting. It appears to be very confusing! The car I am buying has just passed its MOT, so on the face of it no problem. It is a 1989/90 registration and registered in 2016. I was worried that the latter date might be crucial. What I have found is “In service exhaust emission standards for road vehicles: 19th edition” – it would have been quicker if I had spotted the post https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50218-pinto-emissions-fail/#comment-409227 That says (abbreviated): Vehicles to be tested The following types of vehicles will be considered as first used before 1 August 1975 (Visual Test): • All kit-cars and amateur built vehicles first used before 1 August 1998. So if the car was registered after 1998 that this can’t apply. Then is goes on to: Types of test The emissions test to which a vehicle is subject will depend upon its date of first use (i.e. date of registration or date of manufacture if used abroad before first registration in the UK) as follows: • All passenger cars first used on or after 1 August 1995.(2) Clarified by: “Passenger cars first used before 1 August 1995, not mentioned in the Annex and which at date of engine manufacture were incapable of passing the catalyst test will be tested to non-catalyst standards” – but that was 1993. So the test procedure (petrol) appears to be: 1 Visual inspection at 2500rpm for 20 seconds the returned to idle and viewed for smoke. 2 Emissions will also be checked using an approved analyser and then refers to tables of data The Pinto (amongst others) is too old to be listed specifically, so I think it comes under “From 1/9/2 (2000) but are not included in the Annex”. In which case the following applies: Maximum measured values at natural engine idle speed: Carbon monoxide (CO) = 0.3% vo Hydrocarbon (HC)3 = No requirement Engine idle speed (rpm) = No specific requirement but engine must not be clearly above its normal idling speed Maximum measured values at raised engine speed and with the gearbox in neutral: Carbon monoxide (CO) = 0.2% Hydrocarbon (HC) = 0.02% vol (200ppm) Lambda2 = 1±0.03 Engine speed (rpm) = ˃2500rpm ˂3000rpm The above assumes that the car is NOT fitted with “equipped with advanced emission control systems”. I think that I have answered my own question and you are correct in that engine size does not matter, but it would be good to have that confirmed by others – I think I need to find a friendly MOT station to talk to! I am coming to the belief that some MOT testers are equally confused.
  5. Hopefully this is my last question before completing my purchase of a RH 2B and it may seem a little obtuse, but honestly it is not; for a car registered in 2016 and Ford engined, what would be the difference in emission ratings (for MOT) be between a 1600cc and a 2000cc? If nobody knows but if you have a similar car, could you tell me your engine size and emission code/rating please (on V5C)? This is not about the power of the car I am buying, I am just trying to avoid any unfortunate surprises after purchase.
  6. Thanks again for all your help. I will check the head when I next see it - but that will be the decision point, so any other help or advice would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks that is how I got the date from HM, but I couldn't find any guidance to engine size - I will have another look.
  8. Does anyone have the knowledge to help me please? I am in the process of buying a 2B, the hold up at the moment is that I (and the owner) believe it is a 2.0l, but it is registered as a 1600 – I understand the hassle of changing this later. The engine block number is 85HM6015BB and it is a 205 block. I believe that the HM means 1987 and the 6015 is universal. AA would mean 1300cc and BA 1600cc, but I have yet to find anything that confirms BB to be 2000cc or that 205 was only used for 2000cc. If I can find something that is relatively official then I will buy it, also the servicing garage will annotate the paperwork to that effect and that will enable me to correct the V5C without too much of an issue (and cost).
  9. Thank you, that is exactly the sort of info I was after.
  10. The car (2B) I am really interested in appears to have a petrol tank capacity of about 15 litres, which very small and range restricting. Can anyone enlighten me on tank sizes available and how easy/hard they are to change? Also I probably should start a new topic for this, but has anyone come up with a quality tonneau style cover than can be fitted when parked up that goes over high back seats? Probably needs to be tailor made I guess, but by who?
  11. Thanks for info' so far. I have only seen a couple but this one has an unusual spacious boot! Which suggests a tiny tank.
  12. I have just seen a 2b which I am serious about buying, but it seems to have very small tank and I am worried about its range. Can anyone advise on tank options likely cost and how big a job it is for me to change it or what is the likely fuel consumption for a Ford 2l in good condition in a Robin Hood?
  13. Is he still looking for £7.5k?
  14. New to RHOCAR. Not yet joined but will as soon as I know that I am serious about one of these cars - need to see one or two. Anyone know of any coming up for sale within shouting distance of South Lincolnshire? Or the next reasonably local event I can come and see a few? And also need to understand the insurance ins and outs.

    Have eBay search etc. looking for one that is a minimum of ready, legal and fun to drive up to very good standard.

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