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    The Great War and making sure my 2B is reliable!

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  1. Get in scanned it may have faded anyway.
  2. That is more or less my concern. It should be easy to make the change provided you can evidence the change. The DVLA website gives details, which I believe means evidenced by an engineer's report or on the garage's headed paper. My problem is that, although everyone seems to know that a 205 block is a 2 litre no-one is prepared to say so "officially'. I don't want to open a can of worms. However, I have insured it correctly.
  3. Thanks Ian. I am going to change the electric fan regulator, is everyone with Ian at 90 degrees Celsius for a 2 litre Pinto engines?
  4. On the last few times I have been for a run the fan has remained running for a long time afterwards. Obviously, when the engine is hot I would expect that, but after waiting for a long time and then checking that the temperature has dropped. The fan still continues to run. If I then disconnect it and then reconnect it, it remains off. It just seems that it is not turning off correctly when the temperature drops. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I just to replace the fan thermostat, and if so, does anyone know where to get one and what it needs to be - I assume the come in different temperature ranges? I cannot see the make of fan. The car is a Ford 2 litre powered RH 2B.
  5. Interesting and curious. For a 2B? Any piccies? How much?
  6. No I think it is good tip. I want one that works and looks tidy.
  7. Thanks, if I can find some at a reasonable price I will buy some and do it. At the moment, with what I have found so far, it would cost more that the actual shower cap!
  8. You are, of course, almost certainly right, but it depends whether it is worth the 1%(?) chance of being saddled with an accident bill. Insurance companies will wriggle out of paying if they can and the higher the payout the more chance they will look more carefully. For me it shouldn't really matter as I have insured it as a 2l, and for the A-Plan specialist insurance that I took out the engine size made no difference to the cost anyway.
  9. Thanks for trying. The car is post 2001 and I am paying the higher rate and I don't think that that would change. What you don't want to do is insure it as a 1600cc have an accident and for the insurance not to pay out because it is a 2000. If I ever have to have the head off the measurements would prove the engine, but I am rather hoping that wont be necessary. I am sure that somewhere are records that confirm the 20 and 205 block are 2.0l. I just need to find them!
  10. Further general information. My mystery manufacturer has quoted me £100 plus £8.95 P & P to make one to my measurements. I will let you know what happens when I have more information and if I order, how good it turns out.
  11. Any suggestions for where to obtain the clear polycarbonate sheets?
  12. niduncan Yep that is pretty much exactly want I want - If only I had a sowing machine - and could use it! What is it like on the sides? Generally I am pleased with my car, apart from some B*****d has scratched front wheel arch already! I swear that it wasn't while I was in the car.
  13. Richy66, that look very interesting. I assume that is is a top that you can drive with. I have a soft top hood, albeit that I have no idea how to fit it yet (hoping to see a few cars with fittings soon!). What I wanting is something I can put over it when parked on a day out, so that I don't have to run back to it at the first sign of rain! I have looked at cheap half hoods/caps (e.g. Halfords and similar on eBay etc.) but they are difficult to size for a 2B, will be a very poor fit and most seem to have terrible reviews.
  14. I am waiting on pone company who has responded (not SoftBits, who haven't), but I have found another company who say they will make me one, so I am busy measuring up for one. However, I think that I will take my measurements and mock one up to allow them to be tweaked' before I order. When I know more I will post again - it may be sometime!
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