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  1. niduncan

    Midi strip fuse

    I use the same type of fuse in my Series 3 and have a 50A fitted.
  2. niduncan

    Autoaid renewal

    Had to use them in January to recover my diesel tin top when it had an injector fail. They were excellent, got straight through to them and they arranged recovery quickly. Well worth the money especially as the policy covers me and the wife in any vehicle.
  3. A history of Robin Hood Engineering can be found on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Hood_Engineering
  4. There is an adjuster on the cable where the cable passes through the rear beam near the differential, this adjusts the slack, there is no adjustment at the handbrake lever end. Nigel.
  5. Helen and I should be there as well. Nigel.
  6. This is from the April 1998 sales brochure: The Series 3 and 3A had inboard shock absorbers whereas the NEW Series 3 has outboard. If you would like a pdf copy of the sales brochure drop me a message with your e-mail address. Nigel.
  7. Sorry, unfortunately I will not be able to make it today. Nigel.
  8. I fitted one of these last winter: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Facet-Posi-Flow-12v-Electronic-1-8-quot-Inch-Fuel-Pump-1-5-4-0-Psi-Low/361015158958?epid=1525018526&hash=item540e2e28ae:g:EI0AAOSwAL9UeXYH I was fed up of cranking the engine after the car had been sat for a few days to get fuel to the carb before it would start, the fuel was evaporating from the carb over time. The pump is 1.5 to 4.0 psi, I also have a DGV on a pinto and have not fitted a regulator. I now turn on the ignition and wait a few seconds for the pump to get fuel to the carb and the engine now starts instantly. I have had no problems at all with not using a regulator. The only downside to the pump is that it is quite noisy. Nigel.
  9. I fitted these to my Series 3: AVO PA 160/105 - 16" open 10.5" closed with stem top Springs 10" free length 175lb A vast improvement over the original Zimmerites.
  10. I will tax the car at the end of the month so should be good to go to Gearheads as long as the car has survived its winter layup. Maybe meet up at your place as we did last year? How about the Robin Hood and Little John Pub at Aslackby for the 13/14th ? Robin Hood and Little John
  11. I had to raise the windscreen on my Series 3 as I am tall. I used a piece of thin sheet steel to cover the gap, some U shaped rubber along the bottom edge then some black silicone sealant along the inside to keep the rain out.
  12. Are you sure that is a Series 3 ? It look's more like a Series 2, if you have a look at the North West Rhocar site there are pictures that help identify the different types of car by the style of front suspension http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm Nigel.
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