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  1. niduncan

    Stainless Robin

    I fitted these to my Series 3 last winter: Shocks 13" Open with spherical bearings, 1" bumpstop, 3" travel, the price a year ago was £160 they are now £220 or best offer: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-13-open-Gaz-Gold-racing-aluminium-adjustable-shocks/323284346027?epid=633644743&hash=item4b453fa4ab:g:jpMAAOxyYYlRrPuF Springs 1.9", Length 9", Rate 125lbs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Faulkners-Race-Racing-Rally-Competition-Suspension-Coilover-Spring-1-9-ID-/400512937829?var=&hash=item9c059e72db They made a huge difference over the original shocks, the suspension actually works now.
  2. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For October - Corby Glen

    We plan to be there as well. Nigel & Helen.
  3. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For September

    Hi Al, sorry cannot make it either. My daughters flat move went wrong last weekend so we are back there this weekend as well. Kid's, who'd have em?
  4. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For April

    An enjoyable trip out, the car ran well which was good news after having the engine and gearbox out over the winter, managed to get home without getting too wet as well. Looking forward to the Stilton Cheese Run next Sunday. Nigel.
  5. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For April

    I am sure you will be able to work your magic with the weather.
  6. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For April

    Hi Al, Helen and I will be able to make it, maybe we could come to your place and drive up together. The winter maintenance has now been completed and I took the Hood out for its first run of the year today between showers. The maintenance consisted of: Engine and gearbox out to replace the clutch as there was some clutch judder. Clutch judder now gone, thanks again for the help getting the engine and gearbox back in. New pivot bars made for the front top suspension as the old ones had worn and there was play and various creaks coming from them. Replaced the original front shocks and springs which after 21 years and 31,000 miles were fit for the bin, some might say they should have been binned and never fitted. After fitting new GAX shocks and softer springs I now agree, the ride is much better. Fitted Daytime Running Lights to the nosecone grill. Role on summer. Cheers, Nigel.
  7. niduncan

    Technical Drawing Or Cad Model - Pinto

    This is how I did mine. Mounted the trigger wheel on the back of the crank pulley: Created a shoulder to mount the trigger wheel on with a lathe Trigger wheel was spot welded once position decided Made an adjustable bracket for the VR sensor: VR bracket bolts to bottom of engine: Nice and neat and has worked perfectly for the last 12 years.
  8. niduncan

    Welding Stainless Steel

    Does any body know what MIG stainless welding wire would be best for doing cracks on a monocoque hood e.g. 308LSI or 316LSI. Does it depend on the quality of the stainless steel that is to be welded? I have a couple of cracks that I want to have a go at.
  9. niduncan

    S7 From France

    The rear coilovers are the standard fit on a Series 3, unfortunately I do not know what the Series 2 spring/shock arrangement is, maybe a Series 2 owner can now give you some advice on modifying yours.
  10. niduncan

    S7 From France

    I do not think your car is a Series 3, the front suspension look's more like a Series 2. This is the front suspension of my Series 3: As for ride height I have AVO coil overs on the back and the original supplied on the front. The ride height can be raised by compressing the springs more. I increased my ride height by replacing the 14" wheels with 185/60R14 tyres to 15" with 195/65R15 tyres which raised the car by about 4cm and also fitted a shortened sump. Road speed humps are no longer a problem.
  11. niduncan

    S7 From France

    Some Series 3 monocoque pictures:
  12. niduncan

    S7 From France

    This is a Series 3 sales leaflet from 1997:
  13. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meets For September

    We should be able to get to Newark and Corby Glen weather permitting. Nigel.
  14. niduncan

    Lincolnshire Meet For August

    We are only available for the Stamford show unfortunately. Nigel.