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  1. All very familiar Yes, I’m feeling like a lot of progress now - although I’ve had to make a decision as I don’t want it to turn into a money and time pit and drain away my enthusiasm. So job 1 is a full mechanical sorting - get it built well and running. Then concentrate on cosmetics after that! To do both together is too much
  2. Sorry to jump on this thread - I have the clutch pedal that has the yellow plastic ratchet mechanism on top, would this cable fit that? Thanks
  3. Finally a major breakthrough, before winter sets in I’ve received the engine back (a quick refresh 10 months ago has turned into a project that lurched from drama to drama - we’ve finally now made a good 1800 Zetec out of 3 donor engines!) With a load of nuts and bolts on order the big rebuild can commence!
  4. Sorry, forgot to end a please and thank you
  5. Does anyone know what spigot bearing I would need for a Zetec Silvertop 1.8 to Type 9 (V6) gearbox?
  6. It’s been quite a while since an update, moving house associated DIY has eaten away my summer! Whilst progress has been slower than hoped things have been moving along. New aluminium rear cockpit panel made, floor patched, pedal box refurbed and engine hopefully a couple of weeks away.
  7. Evening all, anyone got a couple of 1.8 Zetec silver top pistons (or an engine) lurking about - have everything to rebuild engine but need 2 pistons Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks, I thought that would be the case. Picked up the required fittings this morning so hopefully get it plumbed in this weekend
  9. My 3A runs a KA master cylinder, it seems to have three outlets from the master cylinder. I assume two front and a rear. I’m redoing brake lines, do I need all three or can the fronts be run off one outlet to a T-Piece splitter? After clarification before i order the fixtures and fittings thanks
  10. I agree, sounds like the rear mounting points may be too far apart. Should be narrow gap both ends so they effectively “pinch” your shoulders
  11. After 2 months in storage it’s back home - now to push on and make some progress!
  12. Absolutely brilliant thanks! I’m a little way off from wiring it all out but will 100% be after help and info when I do it
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