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  1. Evening all, anyone got a couple of 1.8 Zetec silver top pistons (or an engine) lurking about - have everything to rebuild engine but need 2 pistons Thanks Chris
  2. Thanks, I thought that would be the case. Picked up the required fittings this morning so hopefully get it plumbed in this weekend
  3. My 3A runs a KA master cylinder, it seems to have three outlets from the master cylinder. I assume two front and a rear. I’m redoing brake lines, do I need all three or can the fronts be run off one outlet to a T-Piece splitter? After clarification before i order the fixtures and fittings thanks
  4. I agree, sounds like the rear mounting points may be too far apart. Should be narrow gap both ends so they effectively “pinch” your shoulders
  5. After 2 months in storage it’s back home - now to push on and make some progress!
  6. Absolutely brilliant thanks! I’m a little way off from wiring it all out but will 100% be after help and info when I do it
  7. You have been a star!!! Thanks I have the old loom, so I think job one would be to try and tidy that up - and then if it fails move to this
  8. That is so helpful! Thanks!!! Can a new loom be bought for a mega jolt? As what’s on there is toast
  9. Over the last week I have managed a few more jobs. The over-knee bar (that the steering column mounts to) has been removed - getting a full width one fabricated to give a bit more protection/strength - will also give a better structure to mount dash/switches to. I have also invested in a set of rotary wire brushes which have made mincemeat of the old glue on the internal surfaces...few more hours and it should be free of the old adhesive. Finally, the car managed to see its first sunshine of my ownership as I had to move it to my parents for storage as I am moving next week!
  10. I'm currently working my way through my 3A restoration and although no expert I understand most bits of the car, what they do and how they work. However I am very confused on the engine electrics. My car has a Motocraft black box (which I believe is called the ignition module) and a Megajolt ECU Can anyone explain what those components do? I assume the ignition module controls the spark, not sure what the megajolt does as the car is on carbs (although it does have a TPS) Secondly, the car has a butchered wiring loom, I am replacing this with an Autosparks one, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the engine side of things (as there is a multi-plug coming off the ignition module - be good to know what I need to connect to it and what can be binned off). Thanks Chris
  11. Not 100% as haven’t changed mine but this would make a lot of sense as from the picture the new one does look flat
  12. It does feel like that although in all honesty I’m loving it - I wanted a project and this has been a great experience so far. I’m looking forward to putting bits back on though at some point I unpacked the new loom the other day and quickly repacked it - it’s terrifying!
  13. The next step was the removal of the passenger seat - which was surprisingly easy compared to drivers - probably because everything holding it has corroded away! All the rear boot trim and plywood is now gone - I was especially shocked to find the rollbar essentially only held in with 6 self tapping screws! Next job will be removing the copious amounts of dried paste/glue that has been applied to every panel!
  14. So, the days past into weeks, the weeks into months and here we are! I thought it was time to start updating the thread with the progress I have been making. I plan to start doing this after every major development. So here we go... Firstly, in early December I managed to remove the engine and replace/refresh the front suspension and calipers, sadly I neglected to take photos of this. The engine is off being rebuilt and refreshed - I have also sourced a pair of Webers for the future. The next move was to fabricate new brackets for all the front panels, the rad cowling and front nose. This is all absolutely solid now - with the new rad being nearly fitted. I have also decided to strip out all the rats-nest wiring and damp and rotten interior - with a new Autosparks loom ready to go back in. Whilst doing this I have also going to fabricate a better column mount/front roll hoop as frankly what's there is bloody dangerous. I am also doing away with the column switches and cowling - this will be a stripped down raw experience! The car is far more work than I ever envisioned but also far more fun and satisfying than I could ever have hoped.
  15. That’s an excellent link!!! Thank you so much!
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