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  1. Not 100% as haven’t changed mine but this would make a lot of sense as from the picture the new one does look flat
  2. It does feel like that although in all honesty I’m loving it - I wanted a project and this has been a great experience so far. I’m looking forward to putting bits back on though at some point I unpacked the new loom the other day and quickly repacked it - it’s terrifying!
  3. The next step was the removal of the passenger seat - which was surprisingly easy compared to drivers - probably because everything holding it has corroded away! All the rear boot trim and plywood is now gone - I was especially shocked to find the rollbar essentially only held in with 6 self tapping screws! Next job will be removing the copious amounts of dried paste/glue that has been applied to every panel!
  4. So, the days past into weeks, the weeks into months and here we are! I thought it was time to start updating the thread with the progress I have been making. I plan to start doing this after every major development. So here we go... Firstly, in early December I managed to remove the engine and replace/refresh the front suspension and calipers, sadly I neglected to take photos of this. The engine is off being rebuilt and refreshed - I have also sourced a pair of Webers for the future. The next move was to fabricate new brackets for all the front panels, the rad cowling and f
  5. That’s an excellent link!!! Thank you so much!
  6. Thanks, we’re wondering if we have a 1600 and an 1800? if so does anyone know if cranks and rods etc are the same? Is it just bore size that’s different? although the heads seem to be different too!
  7. Evening everyone.....I’m hoping someone can help! When I got my car it came with 2 engines (with faults) both zetecs, both look the same externally (both silver tops) The idea was to make a good engine out of the pair...however we have had the heads off and one has 76mm bores one 80mm Is there an easy way to tell what I have, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0? What bits might be interchangeable etc? ive tried Googling and it doesn’t appear to be that straight forward! Thanks
  8. Evening all, I have a 3a Has anyone any pictures of how their radiator is mounted. The new rad has a couple of lugs on the bottom, so that side of thing is relatively easy. However I’m not sure how to mount the top as there is no obvious mounting point Thanks
  9. I’ve managed to acquire a pair of Weber DCOE 40s to go on my Zetec I wondered if anyone has an inlet manifold gathering dust? Thanks
  10. Hmmm....that’s really good advice. I’m handy enough but definitely a newbie when it comes to anything more than soldering! Maybe I’ll phase it....phase one new loom (nice clean install) but keep the switch gear as is for now - and then tackle that as a future job when all else is sorted many thanks
  11. Firstly, sorry that this is so similar to other recent posts, but I have a different engine/existing setup to those topics so thought it easier to ask a fresh. About 3 months ago I bought a 3a ready to go...all I can say is that may have been a generous description Luckily I wanted a project! One of the big jobs is it needs rewiring - it’s an 1800 Zetec on bike carbs with an auto sparks loom and mega jolt ecu (allegedly) The wiring has been butchered and messed with beyond recognition - so I want to replace...as well as get rid of all the Sierra stalks. Would autospa
  12. I’ve finally got round to fitting new front track control arms. The tread on the ball joint seems to be different than the nylocs I have. Does anyone know what the thread is or will I have to have a measure up?
  13. Thanks all, my factors universal gaiters did the trick It’s nice to start putting bits back on rather than stripping them out
  14. I’ve had a couple of sets of gaiters from my usually exceptional local factors. The small end is the correct OD but the other end is way off (too small). I assume my rack is Sierra as all the other bits seem to be. Any idea on what gaiters I need? These are the measurements
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