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  1. Brilliant, thanks all...I'll have a look now
  2. Hi all, My RH 3a has the Sierra track arms on the front (at least I think that’s what they’re called!). Does anyone know if anyone does polyurethane bushes for them? I’ve had a quick google and got thoroughly confused!
  3. Yeah....it’s crazy how sharp everything is! At the moment I’m working from the front to the back as there is not one single bit of the car I trust. Currently I’ve rounded the edges off and gone over the panels with 600grit - looks nice. Obviously that won’t work for visible bits but it’s a big improvement. I am going to have a think/experiment with vinyl and see how it comes out
  4. Oddly I did think about that and the panels are small and relatively flat so that might actually be the easiest and simplest option. Thanks
  5. Evening all, I’m stripping and rebuilding the radiator cowling at the front of my RH 3a. I’ve googled but can’t get a clear answer, does anyone have any experience or advice of painting stainless steel? Do I just need to run it down and use a good etch primer? Don’t want to make it worse but am keen to tidy it up a bit! Thanks
  6. Cool, I’ll bear all that in mind - the engine needs to come out over half term anyway so I’m a long way off having that worry yet
  7. That’s helpful to know, I’m going to fabricate a new mounting system and integrate some rubber mountings for sure. Wondering what constitutes old/new antifreeze? Any ideas?
  8. It’s 100% a brace, probably part of mounting the seats. But having it as the lowest point on the car is the issue. Will make a flat plate to reinforce the weak/damaged spots Got in the garage and started the strip down - such a good feeling
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about appearance. I love a car that has been used - that's why I bought it. There are things on the car (from an engineering stand point) that frighten me! Bits of fence bracket holding the battery loosely in place, a massive piece of angle iron under the floor which has been catching on the road and bent the floor. The throttle cable going through bare steel and wearing away. However, this is not a criticism, I am over the moon with the car and can't wait to get cracking at recommissioning it
  10. So after a hiatus of 18 years I've returned to kit car ownership, I had a GTM Rossa as my first ever car - but not knowing one end of a spanner from another it didn't end well. I purchased this 3a off of ebay on Saturday. It looks good but in reality the MOT isn't worth the paper it's printed on! I wanted a project and have definitely got one. I wondered if anyone on here knows/knew this car...I have a copy of an ebay sale from 2012 when it was immaculate. It is also covered in RHOC stickers from 2010 (it even went to Le Mans) - one of the previous owners was clearly an avid owners c
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