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    Was a good meet last night. Good turnout of cars. I was in the white GBS parked by my mates black one on their own row. We didn’t mix too much we are still being cautious with social distancing. Hope no one thought is rude, same goes for not shaking anyone’s hands. Better safe than sorry and all that. So come on Andy, get some of those pictures you took uploaded
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    This video is a selection of lots, but not all, the little jobs that go into finishing off an engine installation. Things like making custom hoses, custom hardlines, custom HT leads, all the stuff that makes the difference between an engine bay look good as well as be functional. Sure, the result is still really busy, there is a lot going on in a small space, but I hope you will all agree, its looking sweet!
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    Now that lock down restrictions begin to be lifted in parts of the UK, the club committee would like to request that any events / area meets conform to the government guidelines and follow the strict social distancing required to continue to control the virus. The club has a reputation of being a family friendly, approachable club and we have all worked hard moving the club forward, thus increasing the member numbers. Please do not undo all of this hard work by having meets / events/ run outs which do not conform to the government guidelines which have the potential to generate negative posts on social media, thus damaging the club. The government has set out its plan to return life to as near normal as we can, for as many people as we can, as quickly and fairly as possible in order to safeguard livelihoods, but in a way that continues to protect our communities and our NHS. The most important thing we can continue to do is to stay alert, control the virus, and, in doing so, save lives. Everyone’s actions have helped to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in our communities. Fatalities and infection rates continue to fall. People will be trusted to continue acting responsibly by following guidance. The overwhelming majority of the British public have complied with the regulations, and the wider guidance on how to keep themselves and their friends and family as safe as possible. Taking this into account, we trust people to continue acting responsibly, and to follow the guidance on what they should and should not do. If attendees do not follow the guidelines or don't social distance, a reminder will be given by the event organiser, if people have to be told again, they will then be asked to leave the event, no excuses Please be mindful of this when drinking alcohol, we can often forget about the reason we are having to do this once a few drinks have been consumed but the guidelines must be adhered to all of the time. The club committee cannot take responsibility for any events that have been arranged on the forum and any questions regarding the measures in place for social distancing should be directed to the event organiser.
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    Finally got round to sitting down and reading mine. Lock down must be getting to me - I actually found my own article rivetting.
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    Nicked these off FB, copyright ©Ken No issues with following guidelines, each to their own feelings and thoughts.
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    The sierra master cylinder is designed to be used with the sierra brakes WITH a servo. It can and does work without, but the issue is horrible feel and often comes up here and other kit car sites. The best solution is to fit a master cylinder better suited to the piston size of the sierra brakes when being used without a servo, and as dan mentioned, a common option is the Ka master cylinder.
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    Are you staying there until Thursday Rich?
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    The mount is one of the several that came with the camera I linked to earlier in this thread - I attached it to the rollbar support. I would have liked to attach it to the main rollbar but the camera doesn't come with a mount big enough for that and the only mount I could find of that size was a Go-Pro thing and cost something stupid, like £60. My gear lever is the GBS quickshift on an MT75 - there is no spring, just a rose joint so it does wobble about a bit and rattles annoyingly at speed (common problem). So I often drive with a hand/finger on it to dampen the vibration and the rattle. I've tried a fix with some rubber material (details in my blog a few weeks ago) which helped but hasn't cured it. I have bought a new, higher quality rose joint which someone else said solved the problem for them but I haven't got round to fitting it. It's not a major problem so I'll get to it one day.
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    I hope you're not getting bored of these
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    Thanks for pic Andy this is how I eventually got mine to work, all fine now. Thanks all for the help as usual
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    Yet another good video Neil. Thanks for the entertainment shame about the cable but if that was the only breakdown then an excellant journey. Thanks for the details of the camera used. Regards Martin
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    Back from my trip - hope you've enjoyed the blog posts - here is the first 2 days in video and I'll be adding later days in the relevant blog posts eventually: Enjoy!
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    Hi. Glad we could help out with your insurance. Regards, Dan.
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    Mark Assuming you have 15" wheels with your gearbox and 3.62 diff then 70mph in 5th will be approx 3000rpm. 3.92 diff, 3300 and 3.38 diff 2800. In 3rd 5000 revs would be 70. This is according to a gear calc. I wrote many years ago.
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    My alternator developed a death rattle at the weekend while on a run out. It's a standard Pinto alternator that I've fitted with a multi vee pulley so I can use it with my serpentine drive belt. The pulley was always a bit big for the shaft so I'd shimmed it out to fit and it'd been OK for nearly 10k miles despite the fact that the auto tensioner puts a massive radial load on the pulley and shaf.. On initial inspection the pulley appeared to be tight (but not running dead true) and the fan could be turned on the shaft. I removed the pulley and then saw that the keyway in the shaft was a bit munched up and the pulley had been moving on the shaft causing it to be worn away around the nut. The alternator is now scrap so I set about looking for a replacement and found this that looked like it would do the trick. It already came with the correct pulley but the wiring needed to be modified from a plug to ring terminals. I also needed to cut a small notch in the alternator bracket to clear one of the alternator case bolts but other than that, it was a straight swap. The new alternator came from Eurocarparts, via Ebay and cost the princely sum of £24.08 (yes that really is twenty four pounds and eight pence) and that's outright, not exchange. This is it on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RTX-LRB00224-Car-Engine-Electrical-Alternator-12V-70A-Amps-Replacement-Part/352931338509?hash=item522c58d90d:g:OUAAAOSwTUBeHDg6 This is it on their website https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/401680812 I'm not sure why there's a price difference but if you think you need an alternator or want to keep a cheap spare on the shelf, this is a bargain.
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    Well I'd like to give my thanks to @maca for his help and guidance on strengthening my handbrake. Very much appreciated and such a knowledgeable man and with his guidance I'm sure my hood will get through the IVA when completed. Thanks again Maca and on to the next job.
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    What a lovely morning for a little drive around the Peak District and there’s me wanting to sell her due to lack of use
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    What's the setup on the car, Sierra springs and dampers or coil covers? The ride height on my old S7 was fine with std Sierra springs. It might be set up to give correct camber, this changes with ride height I had to use camber wedges on mine to correct too much camber.
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    Well, I'm off - updates in my blog (https://zerolifebuild.blogspot.com/2020/07/alps-2020-day-1.html?m=1) if you're interested...
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    What an absolute belter of a weekend. I really really really needed that blow out. Great company, great to be on a convoy again, great to have NWKCOG there, great to all be in a field again. Thank you Darren (camp site owner) and Mr Tractor for putting this on. Thanks to Richy for the run out and thanks to everyone for the drinks and laughs, and boy was it a laugh. Andi
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    Personally I would get rid of the viscous fan and fit a good quality electric. I think most people do this, including me, and don't have issues. One reason I did this when mine stopped doing its job like yours, was I only run a 1.6 so every bhp counts! The engine has to drive that big fan round.
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    Check the motor brushes, you could have a worn out brush.
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    First remove the plug from the wiper motor and see if your getting 12v to both feeds. Might be a motor prob not a wiring issue
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    On my car the intermittent relay is red
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    Might be better posting on one of the bike engine cars Facebook groups. To all intents, this is an advert from a non-club member which we don't allow. Anyone interested can contact the seller and I'm locking the thread.
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    It's on the west side of the Tamworth Road and North of Cliff Hall Lane at the bottom of the W shaped lake. It's well signposted off the main road.
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    We took a short drive over today to see where the site is. The exact location is Cliffs Lake, Tamworth Road, Tamworth B78 2DL. There was a guy in the gate today restricting visitors because they were only allowing people in to the Waterpark which is on the same site. The Waterpark is open and bookings for that can be made via their website www.clifflakes.com although numbers look limited. If anyone wants to do a run out on the Saturday, I have a route which we did today which is jut under a hour drive, a stop where we can get food and loos and then a similar distance back.
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    Hi mine was done 5 years ago at wards end garage adlington sk10 4ny try them 01625 871829
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    Well done to the helper, I cannot repeat what my wife says on this forum when I ask for help.
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    no way, should give best price first not try to rip you off
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    yes have shopped around Adrian flux was the dearest £130 ,then heritage 112.00, a plan thatcham was the best price £96.fully comp
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    In, out, in, out, shake it all about... Yes, the Pinto Turbo is going BACK in the 100e! That first start is getting close now, and I cannot wait! Lots of little bits to do first though.
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    Free to RHOCAR members !! I bought this drill from Aldi when my old faithful drill was playing up and only used it half a dozen times. All the bits & bobs should be with it, including it's box but please don't ask me to pull it apart & fit it back into the polystyrene. Lockdown gave my time to fix "old faithful" and now this new one is just gathering dust - if I stub my toe on it again it'll probably get chucked over the wall! If any members want to come and collect it from Stoke-on-Trent they are very welcome to it - it's not the best in the world but what do you want for nowt? Send me a PM if you're interested. If you're not a RHOCAR member this might be an incentive to join ? Steve.
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    There's never a definitive cheapest insurer so it's important to shop around. Get quotes from the companies that support the club, we appreciate their support and it's good when we can give a bit back by putting business their way.
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    https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/ and https://www.heritagecarinsurance.co.uk/insurance/kit-car-insurance/ both sponsor the club a-plan thatcham office comes highly recommended also.
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    I'd give it a light sand with 240 on a grit da sander to key the surface. Do any repairs with filler if you're that bothered how it looks. I probably wouldn't spray it though, just because it's quite big and likely to make a mess. I think I'd be roller painting it with something like a boat topside paint.
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    I had similar issue on my SuperSpec and after changing spark plugs, lead ,coil (I assumed it was a spark fault) it turned out to be a bad earth which was affecting fuel pump and relay which only came to show itself when the car broke down and wouldn't restart but after me inadvertently leaning on the battery for support I heard the fuel relay clicking on and off, tightened up a couple of chassis earth's and hey presto. Also found main earthe from engine block to chassis was corroded and only attached by a couple of strands.
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    May I ask do DVLA need to know of increased cc of engine? As long as you change engine number and let your insurance know that it is now 2000cc whether it is 1600cc or 2000cc it is the same road tax to pay! May save an engineers report. Just bending the truth a little!
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    So, err... that happened. I accidentally set fire to the Prefect.
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    Tonight I went over to our normal venue The Malt Shovel to see what's happening there. They are open but unfortunately are only serving drinks with food and only taking bookings if you want to eat. I don't think it would be practical to have the meeting there at the moment given the numbers that might attend, the need to maintain small groups (max 6) and the fact that not everyone will want to eat.
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