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    To Dean ( Membership Secretary) and Danielle (Events Secretary) who got married today. Wishing them all the best for a happy life together. Richy and Jackie.
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    Its 7pm (ish) on a Wednesday, so it's new video time! In this weeks video we finish making the 100e a roller again! We make a custom panhard bar, make brackets for the front suspension components, and finalise the steering setup. For such a mix match of components it has all gone together surprisingly well and even the ride heights are close enough to make it work so this is the first big milestone ticked off. Next week we'll be ticking off another milestone, getting the engine and gearbox properly mounted in the car.
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    I bought my kit December 2010 and on the road 2012 and it seems to be holding up OK. I may have been in at the start of the better powder coating process.
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    I was half joking. The arc welder they sell also says it should be witted with a 32a commercial plug etc, but I wired it to a 13a plug got away with it. Realistically I wont be buying one of these though.
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    Well I suppose it is about time I show you all what is replacing the Robin Hood, so here it is, the first video in a project car series. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I'll change the topic title to something more meaningful in a few days so those who are interested dont have the surprise spoilt. Also, for those of you who havent seen them posted elsewhere, there have been a couple of videos showing some mini-projects going on prior to the start of the build, so you may be interested in catching up on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhF8mZsmx_w&list=PL-_tWQqniU8kE9fgNjIv3RsQQ0AwjvdbN
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    Can get a brand new one for £180 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-SIERRA-GRANADA-CAPRI-TYPE-9-GEARBOX-TAIL-CASE-HOUSING-1096055/173926220330?hash=item287ecf822a:g:Qu4AAOSw3G1c-noJ
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    Ok jumped the gun a bit but the first hotel I found with extra large beds was The Swan Country House B&B in Rhayader, Saint Harmon, LD6 5NG 3.5 miles away. So we are booked in there for 2 nights. We will stay over locally on the Friday night and meet up where ever on the Sat Morning.
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    I fitted these from GBS
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    Hi Alan Hopefully I’ll see you all on weds at the church mouse, all being well, I may have to rely on sarah getting me there Stay safe Harry
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    C'mon, where's your spirit of adventure? Admittedly, that's 6 hours on the M6 which , I agree, would be Hell. But, take an extra day off, wander down through the Lakes and Peak District, camping overnight - now THAT would be a good road trip
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    Exceptional service from these guys. Cheap and speedy delivery even though they're from another country (Wales ) I chose my battery by size but still got it wrong. They picked it back up when they delivered the new one and only charged half the cost as a gesture of good will. A very efficient and fast service. https://www.tayna.co.uk/
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    Here is my engine bay.
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    So pleased to know that you are OK after the incident Bob, also that A Plan assisted in such a good way which is always good to know
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    Thought I'd share a brief video of my commute home from work last night:
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