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    Hi Took car to a show at Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Torpoint Cornwall and I was very surprised when a judge walked upto me and gave me a winners certificate, I didn't realize it was that sort of show as car wasn't polished or anything!!
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    Well, this wasn't the job I intended to be working on today, but progress is progress.
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    Back on topic of the ongoing saga that is one of my build threads... here is the latest instalment
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    Joe Hale aka sfx-joe has been appointed the new area secretary for the Hants and Dorset region and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome him into the fold. Well done Joe and look forward to swapping some meets next year. Andi
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    I've arranged good weather for this Sunday (25th) for the Show (http://stamfordcarshow.co.uk/). For those coming, don't forget to print up your instructions and that the recommended donation to charity is £5. As in previous years we are just on the left as you enter the Meadows. Show starts at 10:00 so probably a good idea to be in position before that time. See you there Al
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    Another brilliant weekend guys. Thanks to Andi and Claire for organising the event, Derek and Mo for the great run out, everyone who makes it a laugh. Cheers Sharon and Kerry
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    Hi. For anyone attending tonight there will be a chilli and a chicken curry to share around so feel free to join us.
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    Sorted My lovely son replaced the carb and manifold last year. Bolts nearest no 4 both loose so and air leak! Phew. He ows me a beer. Suppose i should have checked!
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    Brumster... You sir are a legend. I haven't yet tested it so may be speaking to soon but so far the signs are good with the Accusump in place. I fitted it yesterday and turned the car over on the starter to prime the oil up the system and get rid of any airlocks. I then fired the car up, 50psi now holding in the Accusump over night so no leaks (Bonus). I am just waiting on a larger bore non return valve which will arrive tomorrow to actually take her out in anger and see what's what. I am tempted to go out today for a few miles but the current non return valve is smaller than recommended as it was the only one anyone local had available. So that will be limiting the flow very slightly as its 3/8 not 1/2 inch. Anyway, I will stop blabbing and I will let you know as soon as I take her out and see if the issue is solved. I may also post up a thread about fitting the Accusump as it may be useful for someone else in the future, you never know.
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    Honestly? Just rip it all out and start again. Trying to "meld" two looms together is more hassle than it's worth (yes, I've done it!) and in the long run you'll have a neater solution if you just replace the whole lot - it will be consistent (what I mean is, no second guessing in the future "where does this go" or "what does that do" or "why on earth did I wire this that way" !!). Do it right and do it once, rather than trying to save time/money/effort in the short term for more hassle and cost long-term. Well, that's my opinion anyway
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    As above - if you're savvy (or willing to put large amounts of effort in to learn) then making your own loom for these cars is not difficult. I just made mine from scratch, spent time designing it and it pretty much worked first time bar some minor tweaks to a few final circuits. People want convenience these days, and boy do companies charge for it. Premier Looms are as good a solution as anywhere; I think I've seen mixed results on here and through word of mouth but ultimately, if you don't know the right end of a diode from the wrong one and "blowing a fuse" is what your missus does when she finds engine parts in the dishwasher - best go that route
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    So, Emerald replied and sent me a new map file with extra ign corrections at 20 degC (same as Dan suggested) and blimey, that worked amazingly - car started on first turn of the key Attached is datalogger trace with more sensible parameters recorded - and I cannot see anything wrong with the engine speed (purple line) although I only went on a short drive and there was only a slight hint of misfire. newMap.lg1 newMap.lg2
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    -- on the Tamar , 3 days of steaming this past week-end can be viewed on the SBA face book page. very few pictures from us, too busy keeping the fire hot & the water high.
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    Normally cheaper via their website - https://shopbhp.com/
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    Yes, and there should be one between the pump and the pickup pipe. https://www.burtonpower.com/bottom-end-gasket-set-ford-sohc-pinto-ft794k.html
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    will check the measurements and get back to you.
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    Well, not quite 'anything' - I think I've ruled out the horn Emerald kindly sent me a more detailed guide to using the datalogger, so hopefully I can get that working next time. Thank you both for your continued help - really appreciated.
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    Hi Guys, Hope to be able to make it Wednesday all being well Harry
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    Aha - possible fix on the way... I ordered some HT signal testers (you plug them into the HT lead and then onto the spark plug) which flash if there is a good signal to the plug and cranked the engine - only 3 of them flashed!! No flash on cylinder 1, the one with the longest cable. As I cranked, eventually it started flashing and the engine started immediately. So it looks like the engine has been trying to start on 3 cylinders only. I swapped out the coil pack and it did the same thing with that one. Checked the HT lead, resistance of 2.5kOhms, same as the others and much better than the old HT lead I took off - that had a 7.5kOhms resistance and with that in place, I didn't get a flash from the tester at all and the engine wouldn't start. Which, as Longboarder said, points the finger at the battery. My wife has inconsiderately taken the tin-top for a trip to the in-laws for the weekend, so I'll do a test with a neighbours car tomorrow (jump leads to my battery) and see what happens. If it starts immediately, it's definitely the battery and a nice simple (sadly not cheap) fix.
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    A guy on the locostbuilders forum came up with a very inventive (and cheap) way of getting round the exhaust can edge issue for IVA. He chopped up an old stainless dog bowl and fitted it over the area. I bought it off him after IVA actually but have since lost it during a house move. It was made to bolt on to the 2 holes on his motorbike can but you could make one that clamps on using a hose clamp or something:- Cheers Tony
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    Sounds like a plan, good luck with engine it will be a great unit and impressive motor.
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    Just switching on the ignition knocked 0.5v off! That sounds like a pretty gutless battery to me (or poor wiring to the coil pack). And why did it need charging in the first place? Rig up booster cables from your tin top to the hood battery and repeat.
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    Ah that’s ok then
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    Welcome to the club, please use this resource to your benefit. Ask as many questions as possible and invite us around for bacon butties and endless cups of tea. We will help and resolve your issues, welding, building, electrics or general pi55 take we are your support.
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    2 other options. Make a heatshield to go round the silencer and put the edge trim on that. Get some 6mm stainless steel bar. Bend it to a big ring and tack weld it to the ends of the silencer
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    Check your coil pack too mate could be that
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    I have the same setup as you and had a similar problem, although mine was much worse - major stuttering and kangarooing down the road. I replaced loads of stuff - spark plugs, HT leads, coil pack, re-wired coil pack plug - nada, made no difference. Then, while trying to get the Emerald datalogger to work, I sat idling on the driveway for 10 minutes. Drove off and...misfire gone. So I put it down to dirt in an injector which cleared by just letting the engine idle. BUT....the misfire has appeared again this last weekend - not as bad this time but still there.I'm hoping it's just a dirty injector again and I think I will start by replacing the HP fuel lines - maybe they're breaking up internally and blocking the injectors? Shouldn't be as they're R9 and only 6k miles old but cheap fix to start with. The Emerald datalogger is not much use IMO - does not have any diagnostics or error logging simply because there are no sensors like a normal engine has. It just shows you a graph of RPMs, injector and ignition levels etc. Also, you have to specifically turn it on - it's not on by default so won't have recorded your event.
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    I'd start off by checking the spark plugs, it could be as simple as that. I have had a few fail or play up over the years for no reason. One might show up as faulty by being a different colour.
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    Looks great, good job!
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    Its coming together now and looking amazing
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    That is looking a thing of beauty. Nice job
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    Apologies for not having updated this in so long.....loads of progress and changes in the past couple of months. I will let the pics do the talking.....
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    Just as dangerous, it’s just not something they test for. Let's say that car park fire last year was started by a kit with poor wiring, and the investigation pointed to it. Do you think there would have been no come back then? We are all liable for our actions. As for bad wiring causing understeer? If you get a fire at 70mph and panic hitting a parked or oncoming car... it’s entirely possible. More likely you will just end up with a brake down, or a fire in the car at worst, that doesn’t excuse bad practice. They didnt used used to mind you driving after 11 pints, you used to be able to text and drive. I think we all agree they are both bang out of order these days. IVA makes sure that we don’t have brake hoses rubbing on a wheel, that the wheels are held on with enough bolts and that the seat belts are safely fixed.... there is a limit to what they can test in a sensible world. I maintain that people who fit crimps with a pair of pliers are asking for trouble and should invest in the correct tools for the job, £10 off eBay isn’t anyone’s life savings surely.
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    I think your car is a New 111. Best and last of the mono cars. Not just a series 3. And it's a bargain. IMO
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