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    You need more padding.... I recommend a few Pukka pies and ale every week!
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    Nah, his missus is making him fit quiet exhausts
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    Yes, if you want to lose.
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    Hi Everyone, Been very busy decorating, Wife's orders lol. Managed to get to the car over the weekend. End is at last in site!!! Interior looking grand! Added some grey to the steering looks fab! Will be attending the Jim Clark Evening this Sat (20th April ) at 7pm at the Lauderdale Hotel in Lauder. Be a great night, Mem on show, films, talks, Jim's Yellow lotus Elan to be there, The New Lotus that's being raffled will also be present. Jim's Cousin Doug Niven will be there, and Jim's Friend and Mentor in the early years, Ian Scott Watson will also be there. The event is organised by The Jim Clark Fan Club and Borders. It's free entry there will also be a raffle. Enjoy! Dave.
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    Again, the Superspec ones are incredibly loose. I think RHE were playing safe as a 'locked' arm would make the clutch operation near to impossible. All they have done is put the arm on the bolt, left about 3mm of thread and then put 2 nuts on the bolt .
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    I have a MT75 gearbox and I used a Ford Escort clutch cable. Unfortunately I am away from home, I might have the part number. It’s a short cable with long adjustable screw thread.
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    Vaughan one of the easiest ways to resize photos is to send them by email back to your email address. It will ask what size you from keep original, 75% etc. Then save it back in your photo album/folder then upload to this site.
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    Click choose files at the bottom of the post box and select the picture to upload Once uploaded click the preview of the photo to add to your post
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    Good run out to the 'Gearheads at the Ground' and a good start to the season. The drive was perfect, a bit of mist and low cloud and chilly, but with being wrapped up nicely it was great, and the engine loved the cold air. Also a perfectly timed return trip, getting home 40 mins before the arrival of the rain from the East. A good turn out the Showground with cars of all shapes and sizes and a lot of visitors. Good to see Nigel and Nick. Also had a Zero there, identity unknown. Weather looking good for a pub lunch next weekend. Watch this space for an update next week. Al
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    It is very much in progress! A lot has changed since the last video, but I will save all that for the next one
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    Job for next winter then! Get on with that bodywork for now. Waiting for the next instalment!
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    Just a minor correction to the above, pairing for wasted spark should be 1&4 and 2&3. We need more details to be able to help though as above, what ecu? where is the map from? is it written for your fuel and ignition setup? You are fortunate that being in the midlands area you are surrounded by active and knowledgeable members. If you havent, do try and make it over to the monthly meet, as getting to know fellow members is the best thing you can do! My car would never have made it one the road without them.
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    Hi, Going bike carbs with megajolt, had the engine running this weekend, really pleased with the progress. Cheers....
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    Stoneleigh is just a few weeks away and I'm sure that those that are going are already looking forward to it. The one thing that can be said about the cars we get on the stand is that while a lot of them are Seven style, no two cars are the same with owners always looking to put their own mark on their car and do things in different ways and these changes are often under the skin. With this in mind and to give a bit more of an insight to people visiting the stand, we thought it would be a good idea if people could consider putting an information sheet on their car that gives a bit of information about it. I know some people already do this but if we can get it on a few more cars it might help generate a bit more discussion between the club, owners and visitors to the stand. I have attached an A4 word document which has the club logo on it and an idea of the sort of thing you might want to put on. If you're able to compile a sheet, print it and laminate it then that would be great. You can put whatever you want on it including pictures and If you don't have access to a laminator, send me the completed document either via pm or e-mail (secretary@rhocar.org) and I'll print and laminate it and you can collect it from the stand at Stoneleigh. We've always welcomed all kit owners at the show so don't worry if you're not a Club Member, just head to the stand and if you've got an information sheet for your car, so much the better. Joe Bloggs Spec Sheet.docx
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    You're going over them too slowly
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    Would breakdowns be one of the categories
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    As per the title, embroidered polo shirts are now available in the clothing store - http://stores.clothes2order.com/the-uk-kit-car-club/t-shirtspolos/p/polo-with-embroidered-logo/ Thanks @Matt brown for sorting these
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    Hi there, Membership issue all sorted and I can confirm I have now booked this. Can't wait to try the car out. Regards Tim
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    So this weekend, i got a good bit done since returning from holiday: - steering setup stripped and the column painted then refitted - the log manifold completed and painted up with some VHT black The pedal box had to come back out as the bias bar and remote adjuster were very fiddly in situ. It's now complete and working as intended. The remote adjuster just needs mounted once I've my dash in... - Remote master cylinders positioned nicely on the side rail - Front brake lines in and braided lines out to the calipers How it currently sits:
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    Quick photo of the 2 dash pieces in, just need to cover behind in leather and connect up
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    FINALLY, we've done some proper tuning on the turbo pinto! There is more to come, but this isn't a bad start
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    The Diffusor is back in one piece, now, only need to fill the small cut line with black gelcoat, dans it down and polish it. It is bolted on, and looks awesome