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    Just to say, I now have a street legal Burton. The IVA test is done and buried along with the problems that led up to it. I can now give a definitive view of the Yeading Test Centre and their examiners, and would confirm that they have been supportive, friendly, approachable and that, providing the manual is used to ensure all point are covered, are very happy to pass the Burton and I am sure other kit cars. Very happy to comment if any one wants to know in more detail as to the Examiners approach. Thanks to everyone here's support and comments. Full story in the blog at www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp Keith
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    EOSB 2020 will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September at the Market Harborough Showground, Gallow Field Road, Market Harborough. Leics LE16 7QB and the planning is already underway. Early bookings will make the Event team’s life easier, as the sooner we get an idea of the numbers planning to attend, the more things can be organised. Camping will be available on both the Friday afternoon / evening and Saturday night and there will be entertainment planned for the evenings. Already booked in is the Tipsy Mare Mobile Bar and Saturday night will see the welcomed return of the fantastic live band Checkered Kicks The event will be open to both members and non-members. People who attended this year will already know what to expect but for those that haven't been before, there will be plenty to keep both yourselves and any children occupied. Here are some pictures from the 2019 Event. Click the Follow button near the top right of the page to get automatic notification of the latest updates as we add them. Tickets are on sale in the store HERE To give a bit of incentive for people to book early, you will be entered into a prize draw as follows: Adult weekend or day bookings made in 2019 get 5 ticket entries into the draw, January and February 2020 bookings get 4 entries, March and April 2020 bookings get 3 entries, May 2020 bookings get 2 entries, June 2020 bookings get 1 entry. Bookings after 30th June won’t go into the prize draw so the earlier you book, the better your chance of winning. The prize will be a Halfords voucher for £30 for the winner and £10 for the runner up.
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    Sold to the man with the cold garage.
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    Not a Winter mod as such and certainly not on the same scale as my normal projects. Knowing I get bored easily, @DeanRudkin asked me to trim these front arches for him so I've spent a couple of wet weekends on them, The vents in the back of the arches are molded closed and were trimmed out with a oscillating saw and a Dremmel. The cut edge of the fibreglass was then thinned out to look a bit more even. Finally the arch was given a good flat over to remove the mold join lines and small skim of filler here and there. Here's the final job, they just need priming, a wet flat and the top coats and they're done.
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    my new jobs HQ is 11 mins away so will have to make sure i am in the office for the next meet!
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    If anyone is still looking for Christmas gift ideas or fancies treating themselves, we have club branded merchandise available in the store here: http://stores.clothes2order.com/the-uk-kit-car-club/?fbclid=IwAR1loOfIKCKpEGH0_8e_XNxzGFoaawwzDe4W3nkVt-qGCqulbKppGIS3WQ0 Delivery in time for Christmas should still be possible but please check as time is running out: https://stores.clothes2order.com/the-uk-kit-car-club/sp/delivery/ In addition, I still have a few club branded mugs available, red inside with a three colour logo both sides (so suitable for left or right handed operation). I can post these out to UK addresses only for £9 each, so it you're interested, send me a private message. Payment ideally via paypal but I'll take cheques if you prefer.
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    The mystery Pinto part is the front crank seal carrier. It's the bit you end up breaking when you can't get the cambelt sprocket of the nose of the crank.
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    Mine is loud but my MOT tester has bad ears
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    Hi All, Don’t forget our Christmas Cars & Coffee event is happening this Saturday (7th December 10am-2pm). All welcome, please see our website for more details https://www.greatbritishsportscars.com/my-events Thanks Ruth www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk
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    You don't need a screen on for IVA, just leave it off. If you have a screen, you'll have to have working 2 speed wipers, demisting vents - the works. And they'll check all that for sharp edges.
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    Man, I have been such a cowboy in the past . I took my ignition plug off and found that I had tried to squeeze 4 neutral wires into one crimped plug! . As soon as I took the insulation tape off, half the wires dropped out immediately - jees... I still cannot work out/remember why so many wires need to go into one plug but I tidied it up with a complex of linked butt connectors so that I only had one wire to go into the plug itself (hope that is ok?). Connected up and all seems to be good again (for now). Thanks for all the help and suggestions...
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    Is it possible, electrically, to be getting only a partial voltage feed to my starter motor? I ask because, sometimes, my starter motor sounds great and the engine starts first time but other times, the motor sounds like it's running at half-speed and the engine takes ages to catch (the battery voltage is about the same on both occasions so I don't think the battery is the problem). I always imagine that electricity is digital, you either get the full amount or none but this behaviour suggests otherwise? I'm about to take my dash off and re-wire the ignition feed because at times, I can feel the wire getting warm when I'm cranking the engine, so I think my dodgy wiring may have a short/loose connection but just wondering if anyone agrees this is the cause of my starting issues?
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    Part of me is curious what is special about them that they were labelled up especially for the DOHC model, but not interested enough to watch them
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    Another thing to check is that the ignition timing is not over advanced at cranking speed. The problem being the cylinder first firing too early slows the still upward travel of its piston. This happens on good engines when firing starts before the cranking speed is high, then all the others join in, keeping cranking speed too low. Simple test is to retard the dizzy a few degrees and see if the cranking speed improves. With earths I have an overkill three! Battery to car body, engine to battery and engine to car body, so return circuit is doubled (in case of one connection being poor.)
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    I have a machine that takes VHS and turns it into DVD. BUT, it is much easier to just go to YouTube and watch this stuff online since it has already been uploaded there. The whole set. You can download it off YT if you are desperate enough, have insomnia, a collector of trivia and technically savvy. I have done it being all the above. It's not really worth it, except for the insomnia. Stuart come on, join the new century, toss them in the dust bin, as you say.
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    i did make it and thanks to Keith for the lift
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    Hopefully next time!!
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    A history of Robin Hood Engineering can be found on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Hood_Engineering
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    It was a couple of years ago now; I didn't buy from them in the end because they were too expensive (IMO!) but he did pull this screen out of the back somewhere and was saying "We always wondered what this was off!", we put it against the template I took them and it was bob on the same, so they made a note. So, yeah... it was "that" screen, if they can remember the whole episode (probably not!)...
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    No problem - I'm here all over the holiday... If you still need the glass, you can use National Windscreens. They came to me, measured the frame and came back a week or so later with the glass cut to size, all for £90 - pretty good, I thought...
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    Having a day sorting stuff out and just came across these, engine else still got theirs? I really don’t need them anymore but would feel terrible throwing them out.
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