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  1. Last minute decision to meet up, when I saw the weather was OK today and rubbish for the foreseeable future. So off to one of multiple garden centres (actually the associated cafe) that we visit. Good to get together again and lovely day for a drive. Next chance is GBS Coffee & Cakes but weather not looking too good. Will probably be another last minute decision.
  2. A 1960 (ish) Morris Minor for me. Passed down to me from my father when he upgraded to a Morris Oxford. It was a bit of a wreck, amongst other things the top hinge of the drivers door had rusted away so when you opened it you had to hold it up off the ground. And it didn't have a reverse gear, following an incident when I accidently put it in reverse at 40mph (I was aiming for 3rd as I recall). I lost a couple of girlfriends who didn't appreciate having to push it backwards out of a pub car park. Happy Days
  3. February was an improvement over January, although still not good. We had 35 members up for renewal and 28 of them did renew. However, we managed 5 new members, which is good for a 'winter' month and I would lile to think it will get better as we approach the season. So we now have 364 members. The new members are: (Username, location and Area Sec) Russ Garrett Mansfield andi Mark Fletcher Eastleigh apgodden Billy Newton Stuart soupstone Steve Marshall Herne Bay nelmo Graham Marshall York Grim Cheers Al (Membership Secretary)
  4. February was an improvement over January, although still not good. We had 35 members up for renewal and 28 of them did renew. Also, we managed 5 new members, which is good for a 'winter' month and I would lile to think it will get better as we approach the season. So we now have 364 members. The new members are: (Username, location and Area Sec) Russ Garrett Mansfield andi Mark Fletcher Eastleigh apgodden Billy Newton Stuart soupstone Steve Marshall Herne Bay nelmo William McHarg
  5. Having seen this myself I have already passed on the information to the hoster. It's possible we have 2 problems here. The first is a complete failure to access the site. which I have seen a couple of times and is helped by a change in IP , and a simpler problem whereby the site occasionally rejects non-text characters. We'll see.
  6. Seems like a good idea. If anyione needs admin assistance let me know.
  7. I've seen the same. Still working on it.
  8. Hi all We are begining to see this more and more often in various parts of the forum. At the moment we are not sure what is causing it. I am in discussion with our hoster but he doesn't know what is causing it either. The closest idea we have is that it is related to the spam filters we have running. We will keep trying to figure it out, but if it is a spam filter then it is IP-related. So what seems to happen it self-heals after a few hours when the IP changes. You can try rebooting youe router, which should force an IP change. Or we normally find that you can access it vis a mobile phone provided the WiFi is disabled and it is working on mobile data. If, like me. you have a BT router you can switch to the secondary, public, wifi system that uses a different IP. If by chance we have some real IT experts on here who understand this sort of thing, please let me know and I can ut you in touch with the hoster. Al
  9. Check out https://nw.rhocar.org/htm/identification.htm for confirmation.
  10. Time for the latest update. I always knew January was always going to be a difficult month. Up until a few years ago all memberships started on 1 Jan. This put an impossible burden on my predecessor, and it also made life difficult for owners who wanted to register during the rest of the year. So the sensible decision was made to allow registration any time and have a rolling annual membership. However, there are still a large number of us old-timers whose renewals still occur in January. In fact there were 73 renewals due, some 20% of the total membership. The second problem is that very few people think about joining a kit car club in the middle of winter when it is cold and cars tend to be stuck in the garage. Out of sight out of mind. As predicted, we took a fairly heavy hit, with 17 members failing to renew. But we did actually welcome 3 new members which was nice. It leaves the membership at 366, so getting 400 members has had to take a step back. Roll on the summer months. The new members are: (Username, location and Area Sec) BikerNeil Wakefield Grim David Clark Bexley nelmo Phil Helliwell Hucknall andi Cheers Al (Membership Secretary)
  11. So true, 'percussive maintenance' as we used to call it. Unfortunately both I amd the breakdown chap tried that with no success.
  12. On a fuel tank ? Brave man think I will try this first: (what did we do before Amazon next day delivery ?)
  13. Struggling to get the locking ring off the sender/pump unit, it hasn't moved in 15 years. Time to buy a specialist tool I think
  14. I I'm told it was a good meet (if a bit muddy by the look of it) but unfortunately I wasn't there Just 2 miles after leaving home my engine cut out and I came to a graceful halt on a grass verge. It was pretty obvious the fuel pump had failed for some reason (on the Superspec, when you turn on the ignition the fuel pump runs for 2 seconds. Might wasn't). After checking all the relays/fuses/wires/kill switch I came to the conclusion there was no way I could fix it at the side of the road. So I went to the AutoAid app (I have a policy with them as a result of a recommendation on this forum). Very efficient and a chap pitched up after about 45 mins. Surprisingly he was familiar with kit cars and wasn't horrified at the 'rats nest' I call a wiring loom. He did all the same checks as me and also diagnosed a pump failure. So for the first time in almost 10 years I was towed home (we had to take off the nose cone to find somewhere to attached the tow bar. So now all I have to do is fix it Al
  15. I've been contacted by a chap who has 4 kit car magazines that are surplus to requirements. Rather than put them in the rubbish he is happy to send them for the cost of postage. Alternatively he lives in Ormskirk if anyone lives close enough to pick them up. If anyone is interested let me know.
  16. I think the requirment to be visible from behind the car is what finished off the side panel mountings. If you are worried about visibility when the wheel is turned, why not mount them on the top of the wing ?
  17. Can't waste this lovely weather, just need to wrap up warm. As promised, the next meet will be a weekend day, to accomodate the workers So this time we are going to try out the cafe at Sacrewell Park (Just to the East of the A1 at the A47 junction. 12:00 on Sunday 22nd. I know it well having taken my various grandchildren there. It has a large park and a large cafe, Everyone welcome.
  18. Yes we will have a stand at Malvern, I am in the process of sorting everything out. I will be posting all the details nearer the date. As no-one has volunteered to take over the vacant Events Secretary position I have taken on the task of the pre-Show organisation. What I can't do, for workload and practical reasons, is to arrange for the storage and delivery of the Club equipment (gazebo, BBQ, Coffee....). So unless someone steps up the plate it will just be a plain stand with no food or shelter. Sorry. (Same applies to Newark as well) Cheers Al (Membership Secretary)
  19. Nice run (apart from having the sun in our eyes), nice brunch and nice cafe with a large car park, highly recommended. No idea if the Garden Centre was any good as we all had to leave the beat the rain home. Two out of 3 cars made it, the 3rd got sprinkled on during the last 2 miles. Now looking at the weekend of 21/22 or 28/29. Open to suggestions.
  20. If anyone else is coming we have pulled it forward an hour to 11:00 as the rain is predicted to arrive by 14:00 Al
  21. After a quiet period over Christmas it's time to get out and about again. It's really a case of finding a gap in the poor weather at the moment. So the first meet will be on Wednesday (11th) when it looks OK. It's still a bit cold for our normal al fresco picnic so we have decided to try the Welland Vale Garden Centre at Uppingham (LE15 9EU) (https://www.wellandvale.co.uk/orchard-cafe). We'll be there at 12:00 so anyone is welcome to join us. I'm aware this won't be ideal for the 'workers' so I will look at doing a weekend one later in the month. Cheers Al
  22. No problem, we all do that, me more than most. I've sent you a message about Superspecs.
  23. Please don't post in multiple forums, one is enough. And not sure why you put this in 'events' ? Cheers Al
  24. Happy New Year everyone, time for an update for the end of 2022. Not unexpectedly December was a quiet month, but ultimately disappointing. Of the 22 members up for renewal 16 actually renewed, although we gained 2 new members which helped. Also the removal of the family subscription option meant we had a 'technical' loss of a few members. So our overall total now stands at 389 members. The 2 new members (and their associated Area Secretary) are: Terry Smith Edinburgh soupstone Jon Moore Woking nelmo Welcome them both Cheers Al Richey (Membership Secretary)
  25. Some time ago, for very good reasons, the concept of a family membership was introduced, so that for an additional £5 a second member of a household could be added. It never really caught on and we had very few takers. So, in the interest of keeping things simple we have decided to discontinue the option. However we haven't forgotten the spouses/partners, some of whom are very keen supporters of the Club, so from now on every membership will be assumed to be a 'household' membership and we will continue to welcome families to all our events.
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