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  1. Hi everyone As we hoped September perked up a bit. Of the 22 members whose subscription expired, 15 renewed. We also picked up up a very healthy 12 new members. So overall we went up by 5 to 389. Looking forward to breaking the 400 barrier, hopefully by Xmas. So here are the new members, following the usual format with their forum username and location with their actual first name in brackets if it isn't obvious. daniel reast South East allytek (Allan) Scotland g8spence (Spencer) South West Lockstock2sb2000 (Simon) South West Spanners (Tim) South East lawlessdee (David) South East Roy Greenwood West Midlands Leon Hellyer South West Darren Knowles East England ajoy0000 (Andrew) South East Thomas Lamarque (and Rupert his son) South East I continue to encourage all the Commuinty Users reading this to seriously consider becoming full members. Apart from helping to keep the Club running, the benefits (Insurance discount, Europarts discount, access to the Club stand at shows...) save you more than the cost of membership. Al (Membership Secretary)
  2. Hopefully it will not have escaped everyone’s notice that at the last AGM we failed to get a volunteer to be the Events Secretary. This was primarily seen as too large a responsibility for one person so it was agreed we would change the post to be a team leader with other part-time volunteers. Unfortunately we still don’t have a volunteer to take over. Also you will all have seen that Neil Hammond intends to stand down as Magazine Editor next year after a few years of filling the post. So far no-one has come forward to fill that post either. If these posts remain unfilled then we will lose our quarterly magazine, something that I believe sets us apart from other clubs, and we won’t be able to have an annual Club Meet, or provide subsidised food and drink at other kit car shows. That would be a real shame. To help, I have written some Terms of Reference for all the posts on the Committee as well as the Area Secretaries. This will give you an idea of the duties of these posts and the time required. So please think seriously about helping the Club by volunteering for one of these posts (and get free membership).
  3. When I was thinking of volunteering to be the Club Membership Secretary, I initially did not know what was involved and had to talk to my predecessor. As a result, I thought it might be useful to produce some Terms of Reference for the Club Committee Members and Area Secretaries so that any future volunteers could get an idea of what was involved and the time required. So a copy of the TORs is attached. Hope you find them useful. TERMS OF REFERENCE.pdf
  4. Credit goes to Nigel Duncan for suggesting it
  5. Another good day. Just about 45 min drive for me, first outing of the year for my padded jacket. We all went a bit early in case there was a queue and the small car park was full. Needn't have worried, only one other car beside us Had an extremely good (and free) tour of the RAF Digby museum. It actually lasted for 2:30hrs. The station was one of the sector HQ for 12 Group during World War II (The South of England was 11 Group so they got most of tthe action during the Battle of Britain) so we got to see the actual operations room where it was all controlled. Even though I spent 37 years in the RAF I still found it very informative and interesting. Highly recommended. That probably knocks it on the head for September, so our next meet will be the Corby Glen Sheep Fair on 9th October (https://www.sheepfair.co.uk/). See you there
  6. Time to squeeze another meet in before we meet up at the Corby Glen Sheep Fair (9th October). As promised we will do this one on a Sunday (25th Sept) to cater for the workers Plan is to go to the RAF Digby Museum, just South East of Lincoln (LN4 3LH) and join the conducted tour at 11:00. If any non-East of England wants to join us just let me know. There are no refreshments on site so bring your own lunch (and chair)
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    Nice day out. An absolutely perfect day for driving, sun out, dry and just enough of a chill in the air to bring out the best in our engines. Enough cars turned up to make it interesting while still leaving room to park. We even managed 5 Robin Hoods And the cake was as good as ever.
  8. A nice day out and a decent run for three of us. Just over 100 mile round trip for me, which I find perfect. Airfield was a bit quieter than usual, no sign of the Spitfire we normally see. Summer has definitly gone away though, a bit of a chill in the air.
  9. A bit of a disappointing turnout at the End-of-Season Bash last weekend although all the participants had a good time. But in the East we don't have a season, we operate all year round So, seeing as the weather next week has suddenly come good, we are going to have a picnic at one of our favourite meeting places. Sywell Aerodrome in Nottinghamshire (NN6 0BN). A large free car park, a cafe if you don't want to self-cater, a museum, a static aircraft display and also a nice view of the operations on the airfileld. All welcome, 12:00 on Tuesday 13th Sept, bring a chair, or a rug. And don't forget the GBS Coffee & Cake on Sat 17th, weather lookin OK at this stage.
  10. Unfortunately August wasn't one of our better months. Of the 29 members whose subscription expired, only a disappointing 17 renewed. On the positive side we picked up 8 new members and one who came back after a couple of years away. So overall we dropped by 3 to 384. Let's hope September improves the situation. So here are the new members, following the same format as last month, with their forum username and location area with their actual first name in brackets if it isn't obvious. Freeland (Nigel) North Lincolnshire martmart (Martin) West Midlands Stonky 62 (Steve) South Central Paul Dean West Midlands Anish Vaghela Leicestershire Rallycol (Colin) North West benpkader (Ben) North West Bob D Leicestershire Jj autos (Martin) South East Although I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall, I would again encourage all the Commuinty Users reading this to seriously consider becoming full members. Apart from helping to keep the Club running, the benefits (Insurance discount, Europarts discount, access to the Club stand at shows...) save you more than the cost of membership. Al (Membership Secretary)
  11. Not the best turnout I have had at the show, but a very pleasant day anyway. and our Club area is just about perfect, next to the river. Weather was just lovely, lots of special cars to see, and a final display by the BBMF Lancaster to round it off. Book early for next year
  12. alanrichey

    EOSB 2022

    Can someone remind me exactly where the entrance to the field is located ?
  13. I used these people: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FAUX-LEATHER-VINYL-UPHOLSTERY-LEATHERETTE-FABRIC-MATERIAL-1-METRE-TO-5-METRE-/231853545675?var=&hash=item35fb8c58cb:m:mOurfdvS3dbSH21wU43ZKmA It's not foam backed but I didn't want that on my dash. I needed it on the centre console so I could rest my elbow So I just bought a foam offcut from my local market.
  14. I'll have that as well. It's about the only thing I don't have a spare. EOSB again.
  15. I see the Show is now full so if you wanted to go and haven't registered you are too late. But there is nothing stopping you booking for next year Working hard on the weather but quietly confident. Al
  16. Hi. We attend 3 national events at the moment as a full Club, these are Stoneleigh, Newark and the End of Season Bash (EOSB). When it comes to other shows we ask the appropriate Area Secretary to publicise them on the forum, then find out how many people would like to go, and if the number is high enough, to liase with the organisers for a special area to be set aside for them. If it is only a few I normally nominate a meeting point close to the Show so we can all arrive together. However, that pre-supposes the Area Secretary knows the show is taking place, which he may not. So under these circumstances like this please make sure you notify your Area Secretary of the details of the Show so that he can arrange everything. Even if it is after the event, still contact him so he can be ready for it next year. Al
  17. See this https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50377-original-robin-hood-badges/#comment-410042u the new owner might sell you one.
  18. It’s been almost two weeks since I posted our revised Area Secretary System and reaction so far has been positive. The really good news is that we now have volunteers to take over the previously unfilled posts. My thanks to all of them for stepping up to help. There have been two slight changes to the system. First we have now included Northern Ireland as an area for the first time. Secondly, when we ran the numbers we found that the Central Midlands had a disproportionally large number of members compared with the other areas (maybe because that is the original home of Robin Hood Engineering?). So we have decided to spin off Leicestershire as a separate area to even up the numbers. Luckily we also have a volunteer to take that on as well, so my thanks to him. So the map now looks like this: The borders between areas are meant to be flexible, but the initial allocation is based on counties. So if you want to know which area you are in, use the following breakdown (feel free to go elsewhere if you think it is more logical). The table includes the full list of Area Secretaries, with their forum username: Scotland All counties Robert Sillars (soupstone) Wales All counties Mark Hoggarth (smpaarrkky) Northern Ireland All counties Hilary Thomas Ward (toriitom) North East Scottish Borders, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Tameside, Northumberland & Middlesbrough (to balance numbers) Alan Dawson (alantoon) North West Lancashire, Cumbria Merseyside & Cheshire Darrell Shuck (Darrell) Yorkshire/ Lincolnshire Yorkshire (N,S,E &W), Cleveland and North Lincolnshire Andrew Wilkinson (Grim) West Midlands West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire & Shropshire Richard Byrne (richyb66) Central Midlands Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Andi Cartwright (Andi) Leicestershire Leicestershire & Rutland Chris Smith (Tractor) East Midlands South Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk & Suffolk Alan Richey (alanrichey) South West Devon, Cornwall, Avon, Dorset & Gloucestershire Robbie Sillars (Robbie 2B) South Central Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Berkshire , Hertfordshire, Surrey, Guernsey & the Isle of Wight Tony Godden (apgodden) London? South East London, Kent, Essex & Sussex Neil Hammond (nelmo) COMMUNITY USERS I will be confirming with all new and current members which area where they are initially registered, but it is up to all the Community Users who wish to be involved to contact their Area Secretaries so they can be put on their distribution list. So we have setup the structure; it is up to ALL of you to make it work. Al (Membership Secretary)
  19. Mine are very keen on the emissions test. I have to regularly remind them that my car MUST be bought up to operating temperature and left like that for a couple of minutes before they take the readings. This time they got a bit over-enthusiastic and ran her up to such a high temperature she blew off her lower cooling hose and filled their inspection pit with boiling water/antifreeze. Serves them right I also learned something else about MOT tests. In previous tests they have damaged my sump getting it onto the rollers, on one occasion ripping off the sum rguard I have fitted. In discussion with my mechanic (an ex-MOT tester), he mentioned that if they can't get the car on the rollers because of the low ground clearance then they can do an alternative brake check called a 'tap test'. Apparently they put a gadget called a Tapley deccelerometer into the car, drive around the block and test the deceleration produced by the brakes. So I asked them to do that instead of the roller check and the brakes passed This may have been common knowledge but I had never heard of it.' Al
  20. Yes, all the Superspecs came with a cat otherwise you didn't stand a chance of passing the HC test. Also, I recently fitted a new lambda sensor as the one I had was getting very old, so I credit that with the good CO reading. Superspecs have all struggled with the emissions test and since I started using my laptop to check the other Superspecs in the Club I have yet to find one that actually had a working sensor. The sensor supplied with the kit had a life of about 2 weeks , some hadn't been wired up correctly, none of them used a screened cable to carry the signal and some were mounted facing downwards encouraging water to ingress. It's taken me 8 years to figure it all out but I have now passed 3 emissions tests in a row, Happy days.
  21. Interesting, they must have changed the units, mine was SVAd in 2008 and it states CO 0.2% & HC 200ppm. I had it MOTd yesterday and she managed CO 0.096 and HC of 91. A nice pass.
  22. A reminder that the Show is getting closer. (28th August) I see from the show page that there are still a few spaces left, so if you want to go, now is the time to register. For those who have registered or received an invitation you can now print your joining instructions that need to be displayed on entry. Still working on the weather.
  23. July was a good month for the Club Membership. It was good to see 17 existing members renew their membership and continue to support the Club. Even better news is that we had only 3 members who failed to renew. And we also had 3 members who returned to the fold after some years away. Welcome back. Unusually we welcomed 14 new members. I know it’s the summer when everyone gets their cars out and interest peaks, but I still think that is a healthy number. So overall the membership has gone up to 387. As usual it is disappointing to me how many forum users remain as Community Users rather than Members, even though the discount on their insurance policies (an average of 15% according to Adrian Flux) would more than cover the subscription fee. So come on everyone, if you find the forum useful then please help support the Club. So we welcome the following new members. I’ve changed the form slightly to give their forum Usernames and county. If the username is rather obscure then I’ve added their first name in brackets: Paul Johnson Sussex Robert Taylor Lincolnshire Mrcaptainc (Christopher) Staffordshire Andy Brown1 North Lincolnshire Rachael Hinckley Surrey Gareth County Durham Liam672 Kent Jtox (John) Yorkshire Daveo (David) Yorkshire Dave A South Lincolnshire Paul Andrews Nottinghamshire Matthew Stevens Cambridgeshire Kenneth Southam Staffordshire Gavin Mcfarlane Norfolk Let’s hope we can maintain the momentum in August.
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