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  1. I used this to cover the 2B in the driveway, if I was working on something in the garage and had to leave the 2B outside for a day or two. Unfortunately the Cobra's too big to fit in it so it's got to go. It has a galvanised steel tubing frame which clips together and a green cover which attaches with velcro, so it's quite easy to put up and take down - I used to do it by myself in about 30mins, but it is easier with 2 people. A couple of ratchet straps to the 2B roll bar and it was pretty secure. It's ideal to keep the weather off a 7 sized car. When it's dismantled & folded up it goes in it's cardboard box which is approx. 1.4m x 0.5m x 0.3m and it says it weighs about 20kg. You can, of course, use it as it was meant to be and make a greenhouse with it. Collection only (from Stoke-on-Trent) please - I'm not going to try and post it! I'll be happy to show you how it goes together - there are instructions with it but they're not the best. Price : Free to RHOCaR members or £20 to non-members. If you've got any questions please ask. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Craig, If you're swapping the pedal box check the clutch quadrant - the coloured plastic semi-circular thingy ! There are several sizes of them which look very similar but the groove for the clutch cable may be deeper or shallower. If it's working OK on the original then keep the same size quadrant. Officially the colour should determine what size it is but it is worth double checking. Have a look at this - https://nw.rhocar.org/buildtips/clutchpawls.htm The deeper the groove the less travel on the cable and the further you need to press the pedal to release the clutch. On some 2Bs, with the deeper groove, you can run out of pedal travel before the clutch releases. Hope this makes sense
  3. It's probably easier to make something to raise your feet than to lower the pedal box. I have size 12 feet so I was OK with the pedal position in my 2B - I then had a carpeted board about 20mm thick that we dropped into the footwell when my daughter drove it. I guess you could call it adjustable ??????
  4. Welcome to the club and congratulations, you now have a job for life! Stick your location up and you may find nearby members willing to help for a chocolate digestive or two. Post some pictures of things you want identifying and there'll be someone on here who knows what it is - most of the bits on it are likely to be sierra parts which you can get from most motor factors or eBay. There's loads of build info. on here, including a couple of 2B build blogs, if you have a search around. Ask whatever you want - as the saying goes, there are no stupid questions. Steve
  5. Foz

    Pinto lifting

    That should keep you busy over the winter - you do realise that you've now set a target for yourself that we'll be checking on next year ! Only joking, but I will be looking forward to seeing it when the sun re-appears Steve
  6. I used to have short straps with press stud fastenings on the rear of mine, similar to Derek's, see top right picture, p11 of the latest club mag.
  7. If it's never been registered chances are it's never been through SVA or IVA. You're going to have to put it through an IVA test and then you can apply for registration. Without any documentation you are going to find problems proving the age of parts which could mean you have to comply with current figures for things such as emissions. I would recommend spending some time seeing if you can get any documentation on it before you go any further.
  8. Foz

    Pinto lifting

    The question is .............................................. now what are you going to do with it ?
  9. Hi Craig, You should be able to take the plastic centre of the original column bush and use it in the new bearing - effectively converting the triangular shaft to round. Have a look at this - https://nw.rhocar.org/buildtips/steeringshaft.htm
  10. Foz

    Club magazine

    Thanks Neil, The pictures seem to be a bit dark in this issue - not sure if it's me or the printers. I'll have a chat with Nick and see if we can get them better next time. Give me a few years and I might know what I'm doing Steve
  11. Just a "bump up" reminder to everyone about this - if any of your membership details change please let Alan know directly, and he can then make sure the database is updated. Thanks, Steve
  12. Hi Brian, I always used to put the blue into my Pinto - I don't think the red stuff was around when the Pinto was new. I used to put about 50/50 coolant & water. I would recommend you keep the battery regularly charged. My 2B was always in a garage but it was unheated and got pretty cold at times. I used to try and run mine up to normal temperature every 2 or 3 weeks and move it backwards and forwards a few yards - enough to stop the brakes sticking. I'd then do an oil change in Spring before I started using it again. Hope this helps, Steve
  13. Hi Ian, The only person who can really answer your questions is the guy who built it, there is no "standard" way of fitting most things on these cars. I'll tell you what I can and hopefully it will help. Have a look if there's a member local to you who's willing to have a look at your car and maybe give you some better answers. A common size press stud used is 15mm and they are often pop riveted on - have a look on the "Car Builder Solutions" website where you'll find some pictures and info. on a variety of fasteners which may help you to identify yours. I think most of the earlier windscreens were toughened glass but a lot of folks replaced them with laminated glass. I don't know of any plastic windscreens but that doesn't mean they don't exist. The windscreen frame was often drilled and the press studs pop riveted on - easy when the glass isn't in it, not so easy once it's built up. Steve
  14. Foz

    Pinto lifting

    Hi Jim, On my 2B I used to put the exhaust side one where yours is but the inlet side further back - that way the engine is reasonably balanced. However, if you're bringing the gearbox out with it, it'll still be tail heavy. Assuming you're leaving the gearbox in, one at the back and one at the front should give you a reasonable lift. Steve
  15. Looking good chaps, definitely a good, useful addition to the site - thanks to everyone involved. Steve
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