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  1. Foz

    weber 40

    I used to run twin 40s with a vacuum dizzy - I took a vacuum pipes from cylinders 2 & 3 into a small tank made from a piece of 22mm copper tube about 80mm long. Out of the tank I took another vacuum hose to the dizzy. This worked quite well with a standard camshaft.
  2. I think you'll find that the BHP 30 camshaft in the eBay link is a high torque cam, not a fast road one. It looks very similar spec. to the Kent FR30. I had a look at BHP cams a year or 3 ago, mainly because of their pricing, but their figures didn't add up for the fast road cam I was considering. When I contacted them they were going to send me a corrected datasheet but it never arrived and the published data never changed so I steered clear. Having said that, I don't think they list that cam any more. Anyway I eventually ended up with a Kent FR32.
  3. Foz

    Engine mounts

    That looks to me like someone chopped the front curved section of the plough tube out of the chassis & replaced it with a length of flat between the cut ends - I've no idea how that would affect the strength of the chassis. I think one or two guys on here have removed the plough tube from their cars so they may be able to give you some advise on it.
  4. I get it exactly the same as Emptyat (but not quite as quickly)!
  5. I'd definitely be up for a run down there Andi - especially if you can you book it for a warm sunny day ???
  6. Foz

    engine temp

    I have a mildly tune 2L pinto and I'm using an 85 deg. thermostat and a radiator very similar to this - https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/aluminium-radiator-360mm-x-460mm I didn't get mine from CBS, it came from eBay for about £60 and needed the usual fettling to make it fit a 2B. The gauge normally shows between 85 & 90 for most driving on the road. The electric fan kicks in at about 95 on the gauge - but this only happens when I'm stuck in traffic. I've done track days in the middle of summer with this set up and never seen the gauge go above 90. Hope this helps, S
  7. I've had a few things from them over the last few years with no problems. The things I've had work well and were good value for occasional home use but probably not what you would consider "professional" quality. I don't think I've had anything actually fail on me - except my memory???
  8. Oooooh, goodies! How many things do you think I can sneak in the trolley under the groceries ??
  9. Moving the seat back should be easy & I don't think you'll need to move the pedals unless you have very long legs. I am 6'1" and I don't have my seat all the way back in my 2B. I'm guessing your seats are fixed in which case I would unbolt the drivers seat and see how far back it will actually go - you may need to lift it a tad to clear the rear suspension fixings but it should go all the way back until it's touching the rear panel. If that gives you enough leg room then you would then have to decide if you're going to bolt it back in a fixed position or add runners. If that doesn't gi
  10. I've tried it on a couple of cars with little or no success - it might well work at higher speeds, as Dean says, but for normal driving round town etc. it didn't do anything for me.
  11. Hi Matthew, I'm guessing by the lack of replies that nobody's got any. You can still get them from GBS. I had to replace my rears earlier this year as they had started to weep. They were in stock and I think it cost me about £240 for the pair, including carriage. All the best, Steve
  12. Hi Nick, welcome to the club. I bought my 2B over 10 years ago and it still makes me smile every time I drive it. It's not the best kit car in the world, in fact it's not the best 2B in the UK but it's still great fun. I think there are a few members in your area and, if you can, get a look at a few of their cars. You'll see that Robin Hoods are all slightly different - you make it the way that you want it. Keep watching the website - I'm sure there'll be other members replying to you. Steve
  13. Hi Mick, If you've had the head off you will have had the timing belt off which means your distributor drive could now be a tooth or 2 out. It's easy enough to loosen the dizzy and adjust it a few degrees - I don't think you'll need to take the belt off unless the dizzy won't turn far enough. Hope this helps, Steve.
  14. Hi Andi, I hope to be there in the kit, is Rich going tonight ?
  15. I cracked one of the ones on my seat & couldn't find a replacement anywhere. I ended up taking it out & turning it round so you can't see the damage ! I'll be really interested if you find a supplier at reasonable prices.
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