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  1. Foz

    Ferrex Bench Drill

    Now sold on Gumtree.
  2. I'm assuming it's a pinto engine - if so have you got 20W/50 oil in it? Pintos don't like modern thin oil & rattle like a bag of spanners. The thin oil can also do serious damage to the engine if you run it for any length of time. Valve & cam noise on a pinto often sound more like metallic tapping rather than a knock. Can you tell if the noise if more from the head or the block? You can check the oil flow from the spray bar by dropping the cam cover off & removing the spark plugs. Spin the engine over on the starter & you should see oil come from all the holes in the bar, onto the cam lobes. Don't try running the engine with the cam cover off or you, your car and anything near by will get well soaked in oil. If the spray bar is blocked I would buy a new one rather than risk a used one. Steve.
  3. Foz

    Ferrex Bench Drill

    Free to RHOCAR members !! I bought this drill from Aldi when my old faithful drill was playing up and only used it half a dozen times. All the bits & bobs should be with it, including it's box but please don't ask me to pull it apart & fit it back into the polystyrene. Lockdown gave my time to fix "old faithful" and now this new one is just gathering dust - if I stub my toe on it again it'll probably get chucked over the wall! If any members want to come and collect it from Stoke-on-Trent they are very welcome to it - it's not the best in the world but what do you want for nowt? Send me a PM if you're interested. If you're not a RHOCAR member this might be an incentive to join ? Steve.
  4. Foz

    1.6 Pinto.

    What sort of fuel pump are you using? I had a problem with an electric pump & pressure regulator set up. The pressure regulator would adjust itself and increase the pressure to a point where it overcame the float valve, flooding the carbs. It took me a while to find as it was usually OK when you were driving around, but played up on tick-over.
  5. Foz

    Autoaid renewal

    Hi Andi, Just checked mine & it was £54.99 in June last year. It was £43.31 when I first took it out with them the year before but I think that was an offer of some sort. I'll be interested to see how much it is this year. Steve
  6. Foz

    membership cards

    I've got to admit that I hadn't really read my letter this year but I've just checked and I seem to have the same letter as Martin. I don't know about anyone else but my insurance company usually asks for a copy of the letter to prove my club membership before they give me a discount. Hopefully they won't read it too closely.
  7. Hi Andi - you're just trying to fool this old man by having this month's meeting next month aren't you ? But you can't fool me - I'm too stupid ! All being well I'll see you there. All the best mate, Steve
  8. Foz

    Ebay 2B.

    The chassis and front suspension on this looks an awful lot like my 2B, but the rear suspension is definitely different. My guess would be a stainless chassis 2B with modified rear end, possibly, well maybe ................ or maybe not!!!
  9. Foz

    Heated Seats

    If you do think of modifying your own seats I would strongly recommend you invest in some "hog ring" pliers (and new hog rings). They're only a few quid to buy, but they make it so much easier to get the seat coverings back on properly.
  10. Foz

    Heated Seats

    I bought heated seat kits from eBay & fitted them to my MG's seats. - Remove seats from car, remove seat covering, trim heat pads to fit & stick to foam, re-fit seat covering & then spend twice as long on the wiring - fitting switches & relays and running cables in ! To be honest I did it all in a weekend with no real problems & I reckon it would probably be a lot quicker & easier to do in the kit (I'll let you know if I ever get round to it). It was a couple of years ago when I did it but it only cost me about £50 at the time, which was an awful lot less than buying heated seats.
  11. Looks good - with a bit of luck I'll be able to make it over on the Sunday.
  12. Is anybody thinking of going to this ? The weather is looking half decent for tomorrow and I might be able to nip down for an hour .
  13. I always used to enjoy Newark, I'm glad to see it's back on the calendar.
  14. Guess who didn't check the website until he got to the George & Dragon? See you next time Andi, and yes I'll check where it is first!
  15. Foz

    Twin Carbs

    Hi Steve, I run a 2Ltr pinto with Weber 40s on it & a Kent FR32 cam. With 32mm chokes in the carbs it is pretty well behaved on the road but probably loses out above 6000rpm. It all depends where & how you're going to drive it. Make the carbs too big and it will be a very thirsty pinto !
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