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  1. Hi Darrell, I'll be there, all being well. Probably only be able to make it for one day myself - Saturday is favourite at the moment. I'm guessing you'll be coming past me (from a global point of view) so I might tag along with you if we're going on the same day. Steve
  2. Anything is possible but I don't know to an easy fix for this. The position of the original arches was (to some extent) down to the builder and they are probably only held on with pop rivets which should be fairly easily to remove. You can then fit alternative arches in GRP or even carbon fibre depending on how much you want to spend - I've see Locost style advertised for less than £100, Caterham carbon fibre ones will cost you a bit more! However, whichever you go for you will have to do a bit of "fettling" to make them fit. The chances are that your side panels will not be deep enough when you lower the arches so some sort of in-fill will be required, unless you replace the side panels as well. There may well be someone on here who's actually replaced theirs but I think most folks have kept the "standard" ones fitted. Steve
  3. Foz

    Sylva Striker

    Looking good
  4. I'm repeating myself but again ......................... Welcome to you all, I'm sure you'll find something useful within the club. Ask those questions and we'll help if we can. There will be plenty of shows or meets coming up very soon so get those cars on the road and we'll see you there. Steve
  5. Hi Al, I'm very tempted but I haven't got the car back together yet and I'd need to be sure it's reliable before running it that distance. Assuming everything goes OK I'd like to go but I can't say for definite yet.
  6. Foz

    First MOT Question

    I took my tin top in for it's first MOT a couple of days before the end of August and the expiry date shows as 31st August so I would think you should be OK taking it early.
  7. Just bought myself a ticket - I'm hoping I've got the car sorted by then, otherwise it's a very long walk
  8. I had Gaz units on my 2B, supplied by GBS but still available from Kit Spares. Having just looked on their website they list a set of Gaz shocks for the Sub K - might be worth a chat to them to see what advice they can give you on swapping over, what brackets to fit where etc. Link to Sub K coil-overs - https://kitspares.co.uk/collections/suspension/products/sub-k-shock-absorber-set
  9. The brackets are usually an option when you buy the coil-overs, otherwise there are plenty of places selling them (search on eBay) but make sure you get the right size to match the coil-overs.
  10. Those are the brackets that go into the bottom ends of the roll bar on the 2B but I don't know if there are any suitable chassis tubes on the Sub K to fit them in. The bottom end of the coil overs would fit onto the sierra arms with brackets something like :-
  11. Sorry, didn't read the title properly did I ! My brain ignored the Sub K bit. Rewinding then ............... you would need to make a top mount for the coil-overs and then the bottom ends could be fitted as per a 2B. Someone on here may well have more info. on doing this but I would have thought the chassis would be up to it with a suitable bracket.
  12. Hi Thomas, are you sure it's a 2B ? I thought all the 2Bs had coil-overs as standard. They were attached, at the top, to the bottom ends of the roll bar with the other end bolted onto the rear swing arm in the middle of where the original Sierra spring fitted. Of course it all depends on the fellow who built it originally. The attached picture shows the "normal" set up. Hope this helps, Steve 2B_rear.pdf
  13. I know I'm repeating myself but ......................... Welcome to you all, I'm sure you'll find something useful within the club. Ask those questions and we'll help if we can. Hopefully see you at some of the shows or meets. Steve
  14. You'll find it on the right hand side of the type 9 gearbox as well, right about where the gear lever is on the rear extension casing. Steve
  15. My opinion is that electric would probably be easiest. VDO used to do a gauge and matching sender for the pinto which had 2 connections on the sender. One connection to the pressure gauge and the other one to the original dashboard oil warning light. I think they still do it - have a search on the web for VDO gauges and senders. Steve
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