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  1. One thought - if you have a car with a towbar (or know someone who has) it is fairly cheap to hire a car trailer for the day and collect it yourself. You only need a relatively lightweight trailer as the car is unlikely to be more than 700-800kgs - I used to hire one quite often, when taking mine to trackdays.
  2. Foz

    spark plugs

    I think you've got the basics covered there and if you don't get it going any better it might be worth doing a compression test. If you're still struggling with it I'd suggest starting a new thread, giving as much detail of your engine as you can (carb type, ignition type, cam etc.) and maybe a short video of it running rough - there will almost certainly be somebody on here who's had the same, or a similar problem.
  3. Foz

    spark plugs

    Hi Darrell, I think the R means there is an internal resistor inside for suppression purposes, (but I might be wrong). I'm assuming that you've got a pinto engine and I think the gaps might be a bit tight. I would have expected something like 0.8mm, but again that would depend on what sort of ignition system you're using. Does the engine run OK - if so I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Hi Martin, As above, there is no "standard" 2B and the quality of the build is down to the workmanship of whoever built it. The Pinto engine is pretty tough and if it runs OK I wouldn't worry about it, oil leaks are common and usually easy to fix. On a standard pinto valves and pistons don't kiss if the cambelt snaps so that's not a major worry. The wiring could be simple or a nightmare, depending on how well it was built. What documentation is there is from the builder ? Are there any photos from the build, wiring diagrams or other such useful stuff ? I would recommend that you take a close look at how it is put together and finished off - does it look like someone has taken care building it ? If it looks like it was just thrown together I would walk away. And finally, where about are you - there may well be a club member near you who could be persuaded to have a look at it with you (chocolate biscuits may be required as a bribe though!).
  5. All being well I'll be there on Sunday, and I think I'll have a daughter with me ................. to look after me !!!
  6. Hi Dave, just had a look at this - that looks a lot like a 2B on the show photo. We're planning on going to Stoneleigh on Sunday but I'll try and make it on the Monday - if I can get permission to go out 2 days running !!! Steve
  7. Hi Alan, looks like it could be a good while before we get there then ??!! When the summer comes back I'm definitely up for a trip there and weekdays are good for me.
  8. Hi Alan, They've been going for a few years now. I was hoping to get down there for a nosey round a couple of years ago but things happened and I never got there. Then Covid came round and I still didn't get there! I'm told it's well worth a visit and I'm still planning on getting there ............... one day! Steve
  9. Foz

    ? ? ?

    No, it's been cancelled until next year. Steve
  10. Hi Andi, Hopefully I'll be there - I'm going to see if I can find a way from here to there that doesn't include roadworks, what do you think of my chances ? Steve
  11. I've repaired my original ones a couple if times - these have got to be on my wish list. PM sent. Steve
  12. Mine is on version 2 which is 2 pieces of ply cut to shape for the inside & outside. Aluminium sheet over the to top and then covered in thin foam & vinyl. They've been on for a year or two now and have lasted OK. Originally it had lengths of square plastic guttering cut and bent to fit with black vinyl covering them - it didn't look as bad as it sounds ! Steve.
  13. Hi Chris, I'm sure somebody posted pictures of bike carbs showing what was what and what went where, a couple of years ago. I seem to remember there was quite a bit of info. on them. It might be worth you doing a search through the forums for them. Steve
  14. Foz

    Oil Catch Tank

    I used to have one fitted about level with the rocker cover. I only ever got fumes from the outlet but the tank did need emptying every thousand miles or so.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if I got my years mixed up - I don't know what day it is half the time ! I was expecting to see some mention of it in their calendar though. I hope it's on, and if so I'll hopefully make it, probably on the Saturday.
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