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  1. I've just dug out an old RH brochure for the 2B and copied the page with chassis details which says it can support a tow bar. Might it be worth finding out what GBS says about fitting one to a Zero? Chassis.pdf
  2. Foz

    Pinto won't start!

    Looks very much like my engine ! Mine was doing something very similar last year & I spent ages trying to figure out what was going on. If it's the same problem as I had check your plugs and see if they are wet with petrol. If so, dry your plugs off, charger your battery up and connect a second battery with jump leads. The problem with mine was simply that it wasn't turning over fast enough (cold 20w50 oil I guess), the battery voltage was dropping and the spark was weak. Once it started up and ran for a few seconds it was fine. Hope this helps, Steve
  3. Foz

    Newark kitcar show

    I've just gone to put this in my diary and 25-26 July is Sunday & Monday - 25-26 were the dates for 2020 which would have been Saturday & Sunday had it gone ahead. There's nothing on the Newark website that I can see but there is talk on other club sites of it being in September. Hopefully it will be on but don't plan on July just yet.
  4. I think road tax is related to engine size and emissions so an engine swap might be the only way to reduce it. I've seen a chart showing road tax bands and qualifying criteria, possibly on a government website somewhere, just don't ask me where.
  5. Foz


    Thanks Bob, the local company is looking favourite at the moment.
  6. Foz


    Just a bit of info. for anyone thinking of buying blinds. We have bought vertical, venetian, roman & shutter blinds from Blinds2go over the last couple of years and been very happy with the blinds. However our last purchase of verticals for a bay window arrived damaged due to poor packing. We contacted Blins2go immediately, expecting their after-sales service to sort out the problem but the response was a joke, taking 8 days before we got a reply. From there it went down bank and we were even asked to repair them ourselves. We have spent 5 weeks being fobbed off but fortunately we b
  7. I can recommend the Kent FR32, it gives a reasonable increase in performance at higher revs, with decent torque at low revs so it's still OK for driving round town. I think Burton's still stock them and the Kent website used to list stockists. I don't remember there being much difference in price anywhere - I never found any on special offer !
  8. Foz

    Newark kitcar show

    I used to really enjoy this show - here's hoping it goes ahead.
  9. Count me in for this too please - I'm not sure what day yet, probably the Sunday but I'll let you know as soon as I've got my pass out booked ! Steve
  10. I can't help with the panels as I bought mine already built, but I can tell you that mine has angle iron going across the width of the car that the seats are then bolted through. I think it's about 2" angle and, although I can't remember exactly where, it's bolted to the chassis at the ends and in the centre through the tunnel area. I'm sure folks on here will be able to give you some better info. Steve
  11. CBS do a few different ones - have a look at this https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/leather-gear-gaiter-with-rectangular-chrome-surround-115-x-165mm
  12. Hi Marc, here's another thought - my 2B normally lives in a garage but when I need the space & it has to stay outside I use a 4m x 2m polytunnel which I put up on the drive. (eBay item 184265599788 is similar to the one I have). I just use a couple of ratchet straps between it's frame and the car's roll bar to stop the wind blowing it away. The frame of mine clips together so it is quite easy to put up or take down. I've had it for a few years now - it's never been used for more than a week or two at a time but I don't see why it wouldn't work all year round - and you can get i
  13. Hi Tony, I'm guessing that you didn't get the settings I sent over in November. For road use my DCOE40s have got 32mm chokes, 130 main jets, 50f8 idle jets. F16 emulsion tubes and 185 air correctors. With these settings it pulls nicely from low revs all the way to 6000rpm. (2.0 pinto, skimmed & ported head, FR32 camshaft). Steve.
  14. Have a look at this from Dave Andrews - my engine is set to his advance curve & seems to work well. http://www.s262612653.websitehome.co.uk/DVAndrews/timing.htm Steve.
  15. I've tried to have a look at mine but I can't see very well for the carbs & air filter assembly. From what I can see and, what I remember, I'm pretty sure that there is nothing bolted to it on mine.
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