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  1. When is the Northants meet ?????
  2. Why sorn? have had many a great drive in the winter sunshine, cant beat it for blowning out the cobwebs.
  3. lotusseven7

    Van Wont Start

    have you got lots of keys on your keyring or a key for another car???
  4. think its an l not an i as in bloody mental
  5. may be the max 40mph sign before the bend and the flashing slow down sign would have been a hint!!!
  6. Orange dolphin, i put 10 quid on it give free internet & 400 texts for 1 month but still stays topped up after that time so you can still make calls, i only top it up once every two months
  7. i was a full member but didnt gain any benefits that helped me!
  8. it would be good to let us know before the meet so i could come??
  9. it used to belong to mike williams (mac801123) and has been on here before http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?show...917&hl=spin
  10. Who worries about fuel consumption, its a sports car!! have fun
  11. Do you think she sells more by flashing the stocking tops and bras?????
  12. Went out in mine, didn't have sides and roof on though.
  13. lotusseven7

    Boys In Hoods

    Still waiting for mine as well????
  14. hopefully this will keep it dry!!
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