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  1. All sorted now new coil on tonight
  2. Hi what ohm coil did you have with the original ford distributor set up cheers Darren
  3. Cant see it being fuse as I have power at coil ?
  4. Hi has the motocraft module which plugs into distributor just checked it has 12.3 v at coil so no ballast resistor , guess if i fit the 3 ohm coil with the powerspark dizzy it should work if not i will go back to the stock set up which had a 1.5 ohm Accuspark blue coil cheers for reply
  5. Afternoon all where am i likely to find ballast resistor (if still fitted ) on my 2b ? Fitted new dizzy last nite it ran ok while setting up once i took out to road test it died and now won’t go at all , put old dizzy back in still no go im thinking ive fried the ignition coils? It’s running an Accuspark 1.5 ohm blue power spark are saying 3.0 ohm minus ballast resistor, im doing volt check tonight to rule out whether it has ballast resistor or not thanks dazza
  6. Cheers mark think ive sussed it the original bracket is still on there but someone’s bent it flat so hopefully i can bend it back 90 degrees and it should go straight on with a mini cooper type exhaust bobbin
  7. Hi managed to source a second hand standard exhaust anyone have picture on how it mounts to body / chassis drivers side , it has a bracket welded to it guess from when it was new on exhaust?
  8. Hi ian have you a picture of it please would you know size where it connects yo 4-1 , cant be as loud as the cherry bomb ! cheers Darren
  9. Hi has anyone got a standard stainless silencer kicking around they want to sell mine has a cherry bomb and is way to loud! Cheers Darren note i have the 4-1 part
  10. Just ordered an oil light as you say bob it glares at you more than digital guage thanks for advice
  11. Evening all question from a newbie ! I have a digital oil pressure guage that was on car when I bought it last week it’s connected to the standard oil pressure switch so it doesn’t work presumably as the standard one operates a light and not a guage ? What can i use instead and where will i get one thanks in advance Darren
  12. All sorted now the guage had a wire that needed grounding this then changed guage to correct ohms so reading correct now hopefully have it on road next weekend
  13. Cheers ian i will take it out and check at the moment it’s reading backwards! Ive found an old smiths guage on ebay hopefully it will be the correct ohms thanks Darren
  14. Hi hopefully one of you experts will be able to help! What 52 mm round fuel guage will work with the sierra sender? Thanks in advance
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