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  1. I had done all I could to increase my front clearance because the roads round here have some high crowns. I raised the engine a bit bur it wasn't enough. Here is my solution. There may be some worried intakes of breath from some but it has worked a treat. Nearly 2 inches more giving me nearly 5 inches. I fashioned a u shaped bracket that drops into the existing channel. Drilled holes to attach it to the existing lower coilover holes. Drilled higher holes to take the new coilover bolts.
  2. Thanks. I'll go down that route
  3. Hi. I only replaced the side door material a couple of years ago but have now cracked one of then carelessly. I used 3 mm petg as it was easy to cut and was recommended. Any other recommendations before I order some more? It does seem to scratch very easily. Anything better but still easy to cut?
  4. Another just popped up on eBay. Possibly worth a look. Not sure where it is. Item number 124106793887
  5. Definitely marked as sold. Don't worry, they come up regularly. Maybe in the meantime find some local meetings and have a look at the various options so you can jump in quickly when something comes on the market.
  6. Another will come along I'm sure.
  7. Sadly it seems to have been sold?
  8. http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/ A very useful source of info including some info on the tie bar conversation
  9. A couple of bolts through with a bit of angle iron to strengthen on the inside. Only issue tends to depend on where the engine mount it. Sometimes a bit of fettling is required. But really don't let this put you off the car. We all enjoy doing these little improvements to our cars. It makes it feel your own.
  10. I think it it was mild steel it would be painted so 90% sure its stainless. The tie bars replace the old heavy and over stiff sierra front anti roll bar which joins the front suspension under the car side to side. The conversation just improves things but i think many exist happily without it. I'm not super mechanical but managed the conversation myself.
  11. Hi. Is it the black silver one on strickly kitcar? Looks good value to me. I am not one of the true experts on here but I know its important to check for any cracks in welds on the monocoque joints. You have obviously read about the importance of the grease nipples on the top front suspension. Check around the steel supports for cracks or deformation of the bolt holes. I have the earlier sierra based model. Expect heavy steering and stiff front suspension as it has not had the tie bar conversion..if its that car. Not a deal breaker at all but a fairly easy job to do which is well worth it. Hopefully others will chip in to add their greater knowledge. Good luck.
  12. Its the vacuum take of point
  13. A272 Midhust to Winchester. It even goes through an area call Little Switzerland Got to start somewhere!
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