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  1. Finally fitted my new ( actually second hand but hardly used) fully adjustable coilovers. Its great to watch the front suspension actually adsorbing the bumps! It still had the original ones on with the vastly overrated springs.
  2. Thanks very much. I think i will use both trolleys and us both your suggestions to spread the load. I finally stopped the sump gasket leak that lots of pintos have so I'm trying not to spoil it as i dread having to take it off again. Cheers all.
  3. Its a 1.6 pinto. I have about 10mm clearance under the bonnet by replacing the thick carb mount so I'm of the opinion that every little helps. I need to raise rhe engine off the mount bolts so i can put some washers in. Lots of high crowns on the roads around here. I've already raised the coilovers to their highest.
  4. I'm going to put some small spacers under the engine mount to to gain a bit of ground clearance so need to jack up the engine a few inches. Best place to put two trolley jacks? Instinct says under the oil pan is a bad idea even though it has a steel protection plate welded to the bottom. Any thoughts? I don't have an engine lift.
  5. It would be a shame not to do it. The difference is amazing. Don't forget that using a rose joint with a long thread into the old cut off roll bar gives you a few inches of adjustment. The engine mount sits nicely on my angel iron inner bracket giving added strength.
  6. I just had a quick look and maybe i didn't use Rimmer bros. I know i bought one from them for my son's Spitfire. It may have been from Coveryourcar. They do one specifically for a Robin Hood. Looks like the same material. Its the stormforce 4 layer cover.
  7. Just to give you an idea, my Rimmer brothers one was £130. I used a halfords one for a few winters and suffered mold and corrosion causing electric problems after a few months of being covered over winter. I think as usual you get what you pay for. There are several decent manufacturers out there but they all seem to cost about that. My only criticism of my one is it is a bit tight to fit. It wasn't specifically for my model of RH. It is fully waterproof and breathable.
  8. I had similar problems with a fairly cheap "breathable" cover so I splashed out on a decent outside cover from Rimmer brothers. No problems since.
  9. dandan62

    Parts clearout

    Hi. I'd love one reverse light and one fog light if still available please. I'm not local sadly so they will need posting but no rush. David
  10. Nice to see a few newbies in West Sussex. I'm near Pulborough if anyone wants to say hi. David
  11. Interesting one just put on fleabay starting at 1k. Already registered. I wonder what price it will go for? It will give a good idea of where the market is maybe .
  12. Just remember the cost of getting it through registration/ iva. At least £600...
  13. Walk away. Lots of kits for sale at the moment. End of season soon so should be some bargains to be had. Good luck.
  14. What is is registered as on the v5? Robin hood or Sierra?
  15. Hi. First question is, is it registered correctly as a Robin Hood, or is it still registered as a 1991 Sierra? If its still Sierra I would personally walk away as you would have to build it and iva it. Only worth a few hundred if that is the case. Just my opinion..
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