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  1. I replaced the first stage spring with a tighter one. Now running at 12 degs without any pinking and feels much better. Worth fiddling!
  2. It's more comfy when I nod off
  3. Took her up to a local hill to blow off the cobwebs. Beautiful day on the South Downs. Various winter fixes working well. Happy days.
  4. I've decided while I'm at it to replace the top ball joints. I'll be doing a lot of fiddling so will check over all the alignment settings once done. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Thank you. To be honest I'm not hugely worried about the ride height as it's not bad. But improving the geometry sounds like a good enough reason to raise the mushrooms a bit. I will double check the top mount end stops but I'm pretty sure I checked when I installed new coilovers last year as I realized the danger of stressing the ball joints.
  6. Great info from everyone as usual. Many thanks!
  7. Many thanks. That makes perfect sense and is a good reason to raise it. The car is in fact an S7 monocoque mk 2 but I think it still applies as the lower suspension arm is horizontal and the top wishbone does point down.
  8. I've obviously got too much time on my hands and can't stop fiddling until I can get out again. My Sierra based front suspension has the mushrooms. I know rotating adjusts various things but I was wondering what raising them dies? They are both sat at the lowest setting and I've seen several pictures where they are set much higher. Geometry isn't my strong point. If they were higher does this compress the onboard coilovers and therefore raise the ride height? Mine is pretty good but I'll take anything I can get with the state of my local roads Would it also change the camber or caster? I
  9. Did a post about it in "mechanics" section on 25th march last year called " ground clearance...solved" It has some photos of the bracket which I made out of steel u section that dropped into the existing u channel where the mounting points are. My fabrication skills are limited so it doesn't look pretty but it is very solid.
  10. I'll try and take one later.
  11. I had the same issue with my S7 with inboard coilovers. I wanted as much clearance as I could get so made a bracket to raise the lower mounting points by about 1 ". Worked for me.
  12. It's only a guess but probably about 3"? I have about 4.5 inches clearance under the sump with coilovers wound right up which it enough for the bumpy Sussex roads. I think my springs were 9.5 inches from memory.
  13. I'm afraid I can't remember the length. I'm built for comfort these days so the 120 lb suit me. I think a lot of people use 130.
  14. Hi. That was a few years ago now. I got lucky and got some second hand ones. I think they were Avo ones? I'm afraid I can't remember the exact specs but I know the springs were 120 lb. So much better than the original over stiff ones. I seem to remember many people recommending Dampatek as a good source. Good luck.
  15. Update..I have heard back from the organisation and they say they are in consultation with the venues and local authorities and will only go ahead with the event if it is confirmed that it can be held legally according to the Covid regs. I won't hold my breath!
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