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  1. Just as a note to the above good info, I cut the cable so that I could join it easily in the free space outside the tunnel.
  2. I'm working from memory as my car is wrapped up for the storm! Yes that's correct about the sloped panel. Look for the tunnel access hole for the prop and see if you can get a hand in to reach the half moon which the cable goes round. Watch for sharp edges!
  3. Hi. I replaced my cable last year. I could access everything from underneath the car. I used the cut and splice method to shorten the cable. Maybe I have small hands but I managed to thread the new cable ends though the tunnel hole where the prop goes, around the old half moon and back out again. Fiddly but possible. I think I have read that some people cut an access hole from the top. So I was left with the 2 cable ends which I joined using 2 small cable clamps. It has worked fine since and passed 2 mots.
  4. Hi. I had the same issues with mine although I'm a lot shorter than you. The seat type obviously makes a difference. I raised that horizon bar by drilling new holes about an inch with no issues, which helped. There is also a bit of vertical adjustment with the 2 bolts either side of the column I seem to remember. Best thing I did was fit a flat bottomed steering wheel which is removable.
  5. Hi. I replaced mine last year. The cable came from Burton Power part number BC2255 It needed shortening as explained but I used the other method of fitting the cable then cutting and joining the cable ends using 2 small cable clamps. It has worked for me and has passed 2 most.
  6. Welcome. You have given us 2 very different models in your description. The 2b has a tubular chassis and the mk3a has a monocoque construction. I fear the answer will be the same for either, that modification to the tunnel would be difficult and unwise as both are structural. The monocoque model like mine requires narrower seats and I don't think there is any way around that. David
  7. There will be more knowledgeable people but if the dohc engine is the same as the sohc engine, the vacuum from the manifold activates a one way valve in the crankcase breather. If you want to vent to the outside instead then this valve needs to be removed first otherwise you will build up crankcase pressure causing leak issues or more.
  8. I saw your fb posts and pics of your front suspension. It's obviously not the usual lower suspension Sierra setup so can you confirm that the rearward arm is an anti roll bar( it goes all the way from one side to the other)? It looks thinner than the Sierra anti roll bar. I presume the usual tie bar mod would still work though. A rare model with the outboard coilovers.
  9. I thought I'd put in a good word for the Sadcase car club (Storrington and District Classic and Sportscar Enthusiasts)based in Storrington. They are a free to register club which have well attended meets at various pubs and locations in the area including the Goodwood circuit occasionally. Their motto is, if you love your car then they love it. All types of cars attend from vintage to modern. They welcome kits. I'm a regular in my RH along with one other RH. It would be great to see some other locals there with their Robin Hoods. People travel quite far to attend. Sadcasecarclub.co.uk David
  10. Hi. I have attached the build manual for you. Good luck with it and have fun..Just spotted the post after this. The manual wont be for your exact model but I believe will cover a lot of itfull build manual-1.pdf
  11. Just to answer your last question, my stainless monocoque RH has a stainless fuel tank which was standard I believe.
  12. Out of interest, what make of dizzy is it? If its Accuspark I recommend you look up all the issues the new ones have and don't start the engine if it is. The new ones have a reputation of chewing up the Jack shaft sending metal around the engine. Just a thought. My 7 year old one has never had any issues.
  13. dandan62

    Do i need iva ?

    No, you are all good. As long as the V5 is correct. Enjoy driving it.
  14. dandan62

    Do i need iva ?

    The important bit is was is it described as on the V5? It should say Robin Hood and not the donor car eg Ford Sierra. If it has the donor car it will need the iva to be road legal.
  15. I looked for ages for a new one with no luck so ended up making one from a sheet of perforated ali. I think most ones you see are home made.
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