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  1. https://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm Have a look at this useful link. I can't quite identify from your pics.
  2. One just came on the robin hood kitcars Facebook group. I'm not saying it's any good though! It's at least correctly registered as far as I can see.
  3. dandan62


    Hi. My old pinto didn't have an existing outlet from the filler and there is no oil being breathed from it so I'm only venting the crankcase to a catch tank. If you do this don't forget to remove the existing one way valve from the old crankcase breather. I know many people vent their filler too though.
  4. Welcome to our club. If it's any help I have the original build manual to get you started. Quite a few mods will be needed to pass the iva but there will be people on here who have done the same so it is all possible. Lots of luck. full build manual.pdf .51
  5. dandan62

    Battery power

    I'm sure somebody much more expert than me will be along soon but a fully charged battery should read a bit more than 12.5 v I think. I know that if it reads 12v it's at the end of its life probably. Personally I would make sure both your terminals are clean and tight. Check the earth connections are clean and tight on chassis and engine. Then give the battery a full charge and see how you go. Good luck.
  6. Solved! I thought I had cleaned all the jets. I missed the secondary idle jet. A good clean and all is good! Thanks everyone for the ideas.
  7. Misfire is back! So having cured itself its back again. Same as before as in running very rough and won't idle. To recap, all ignition parts replaced. Cleaned main jets, air correction jets, idle jet. Checked floats and needle valve. Had recently had head off to valve lap and replace oil seals. Car ran very well after that. Had just filled up with fuel. Usual BP garage, usual fuel. Timing is good. Tried what I did before and twisted the dizzy. No backfire this time. Any ideas?
  8. Just pulled this pic off Google. I think it shows the correct way round of doors. There are a few pics of doors at jaunty angles so obviously a few people have had issues too.
  9. Part of the long story I missed out was I swapped out all ignition components from my store. It is strange that a tiny turn of the dizzy caused the backfire. The timing was returned to the marked spot at 9 degs. Maybe it was coincidence. Thanks for your input.
  10. Cutting a long story short. I had the cylinder head off to replace stem seals and lap. All back together and the car ran like a dream. No more smoke and smooth running. Did about 20 miles. Filled up with fuel and she began to run rough. Good on throttle with occational mis but no idle at all and lots of popping on the overrun. Suspected fuel issue. Cleaned jets,checked float etc. Still no idle. Although timing had been checked I decided to give the dizzy a little turn while it was running and I was holding the throttle open. Huge backfire through the carb ( a reminder to everybody
  11. Hi. I can clear up one issue I think. 1987 refers to when the donor car was first registered not the Exmo you have. I believe this is normal practice. I don't have an Exmo so I can't help with anything else. Hope you get it sorted and have fun.
  12. Just my humble opinion but would the supercharged one come under your scary quick reference in your opening intro? It would definitely be fun but I can imagine it being a bit wearing on a road trip and possibly tricky in the wet? Maybe I'm sounding old
  13. I second that advice. You could spend half your budget and get a really well sorted 2b or a Zero and keep the rest of the budget for upgrades down the line on custom bits for comfort or unexpected costs which there are likely to be. As a footnote my S7 cost £2.5k 6 years ago. £1k spent on bits and pieces and lots of time fettling. That's the bit I enjoy! Not a racer but a comfy runabout. Did 200 miles in a day last week with no aches and pains. Good seats should be top of your list it sounds. And a good driving position although to a certain extent that can be adjusted. Good luck.
  14. Welcome. How convinced are you that it is actually overheating and not just a mismatched sensor and gauge? Just a thought....
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