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  1. Sorted! You spurred me on to take the switch apart. I was afraid of springs flying everywhere and making things worse. It was a right state in there. Gave it a good clean and all is well. Many thanks!
  2. Mot next week so I thought I'd check it over. My hazards are only working on near side. The indicators all work fine when used normally. With hazards only left ones work, but if I indicated right all hazards work fine. Have cleaned all contacts at the indicator stalk connector. Tried new relay. Checked earth's. I'm a bit stumped. They have been fine before. I'm thinking it may be the switch? Any ideas? Tia
  3. Hi. Welcome to our world. It's quite tricky to advise too much on the issues. Every car will have been built differently so diagnosis of the guages is difficult. To lose all of them implies a fuse. Then you have to find out why it blew. Are they all separate or an all in one display of some sort? Indicators as well is slightly strange as they shouldn't be connected. Possibly an earth issue. Oil leaks are not uncommon on old pintos but should be sorted anyway. Usual culprits are rocker cover gasket or sump gasket ,crank seals. Can you see the rough area where it is coming from? I can't be much more help. I'm sure someone will be along with more help maybe. Good luck.
  4. dandan62

    2b plus?

    Excellent info. Thanks.
  5. dandan62

    2b plus?

    Many thanks. Just trying to find a 2b for a guy who is keen to join our world.
  6. dandan62

    2b plus?

    Hi. Could someone tell me the difference between a 2b and a 2b plus please. Many thanks.
  7. Hi Richy. I've just sent you a PDF of a manual. Hope it helps. David
  8. Thanks for that. My wife will be navigating now which is great because it's a complicated route. Definitely not just head south.
  9. You should have a bar that folds back and is held in place by straps. This is the usual method
  10. I've just had the start list. Some fantastic cars in the lineup. I have a couple of 2bs just behind me. Should be fun.
  11. Hi. Welcome to the club. I have attached a copy of the full build manual. It may give you some clues. Good luck. David 463815611_fullbuildmanual.pdf
  12. Luckily the old switch came out easily otherwise I would have been cutting a whole in the tunnel. It had fallen apart. New switch in and working.
  13. This has been given the go ahead. Anybody else signed up?
  14. Thanks all. Looking at pictures of replacement switches it's clear the middle has dropped out of mine so I've ordered a new one. Hopefully problem solved then.
  15. Hi. I noticed that the reverse light plug has come unplugged and was hanging down under the car. I can only just get at the socket from beside the gear lever. Does this plug just push in? I did the best at full finger stretch but lights aren't working. Does the plug have to go in a certain way? Thanks in advance.
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