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  1. That's a very useful tip for any future issues. Many thanks.
  2. Sorted, I think! A whiff of smoke is always a good clue. Spotted a tiny whiff on the latest test when it went. Coming through the gear lever gaitor. Took it apart to find a wire had rubbed through. Still puzzled though. The wire comes from a plug on the gearbox just under the lever. I presume it must be the reverse switch? It explained why the fuse only blows on a run. Changing gear moved the wire. However! What is the connection between that circuit and the indicators?
  3. Thanks. Blows using either side so definitely somewhere common to both circuits. Have checked back of fuse box. Also as soon as it blows I have tried hazards which work fine as they are on a separate fuse. Tried driving with hazards on and they don't blow. Tricky one!
  4. My indicators are regularly blowing its fuse. Sitting on the drive with engine off they work happily. I've tried leaving each side on for 30 mins with no problem. While sitting there I have gone round every connection and wire in the loom pulling, twisting, jiggling in case it is a short only provoked while on the move. Nothing. A short drive with a few uses of the indicators and it blows. Fitted new front indicators a while ago and they have worked fine for a few months. Checked all new connections. No sign of any shorts. Even unplugged them leaving just wing repeaters and rears working. Stil
  5. Hi. Welcome to the club. I have the original S7 full build manual. Nor sure if it fully covers the S3a but it makes interesting reading and may help to identify the parts. I hope it attaches OK . If not I'll send to your email. full_build_manual.pdf
  6. Thanks chaps. I think I have all the very useful info to mull over now.
  7. I think I'll get rid of it and put a simple valve in. At least if I set the valve completely open and I still get weak rear brakes I'll know its a rear brake issue. I may just be expecting too much from the Sierra drums. To be honest the car stops well but I would prefer not to lock up the front so easily. Or maybe they just all do that in a light car.
  8. That's useful info. From memory the pipe from the servo enters at the lower end. The rear pipe from higher end. It's mounted at about 45degs on the engine bay firewall, so side to side if that makes sense. Being an inertia type it sounds like it should be front to back?
  9. Yes it's at an angle. They don't seem expensive so I may just go for it. Good thought though.
  10. Hi. I have a standard Sierra brake setup on my S7. Disks front, drums back. It has always bothered me that it seems too easy to lock up the fronts when braking hard. The system has the old standard proportion valve between front and back. It has just passed its mot but he always mentions that the rears are borderline pass even though everything has been replaced with new drums, shoes and cylinders. Would fitting an adjustable proportion valve be sensible? Any disadvantages? David
  11. On mine which is Sierra based furthest away is full beam. Maybe yours needs a wire swap somewhere?
  12. Just replaced mine on my S7. It is mounted behind the steering wheel top right on bulkhead. Quite well hidden!
  13. I have looked at the Haynes manual and I think what you are after is the "driveshaft joint cover". It looks like this is part of the driveshaft and I also cannot find a replacement for you. I believe you may need to replace the driveshaft as you thought also. I think this is it on ebay possibly? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130955392057
  14. Hi. You may not have noticed that this thread is 8 years old. It so happens though that I had a similar wiring issue and after some advice got these diodes from ebay which worked to prevent hazards flashing when indicating. I'm not an electronic expert. All I can say is they did the job and no fire yet! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131705279273
  15. I think the S7 often ended up with a large gap. The wheels were often not well centred either. I've seen a few like that. I also have 15 " wheels and standard Sierra springs and shocks. I'd like to keep my ground clearance as it is so I'm living with it. The gap goes down about 2" with people inboard.
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