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  1. Yep, depending on the eventual dates, it would be nice to have a local event.
  2. Hi Pete, nice looking car. Is it still available.?
  3. Hi Dave, Yours looks like an original Sierra sender. I’ve just changed mine as it was leaking fuel from the uptake pipe braze. However, I agree with The District Sec - if you can , leave it well alone. It is very hard to reseal. I managed eventually by using a manufactured steel ring over all x4 bolts to apply a more even pressure to the gasket. Try recalibrating your gauge with a Spyider module ? You wouldn’t need to remove the sender.
  4. Dry weather forecast so I will take a chance.
  5. Thanks Bob, I live just outside Salisbury @ Stoford & so will be able to find you all OK.
  6. Hi Bob, Could you add me too (even though I'm a Wilts member!). Newbie Bob
  7. newbie

    Shower Caps

    Thanks guys. I will probablŷ take a drive down & see what is happening. In the interim, let's hope Tony is soon up & running.
  8. newbie

    Shower Caps

    Anyone know if Soft Bits Shop is a going concern? Can't seem to raise them through any media. Was looking for a Long Nose shower cap for my S7. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi, My Super Seven 2l Pinto has just developed a serious 'clunk' when releasing the clutch. Changes gear & clutch drives OK but heavy clunk just as the peddle presure is released. Seems to happen more often when its hot. Does this sound like a cable/quadrant problem too? Regards
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