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  1. It is probably the same with all car improvements -- until we are all using the same technology ( LED lights, ABS brakes, ) those with a "lessor" standard will be at a disadvantage. We must wait & see what "issues" self driving cars bring or all electric vehicles dead on the side of the road waiting for the AA man with a can of "juice".
  2. Illegal number plates are not safety critical, where-as being blinded by on coming dazzling headlights is. Just IMO Richy
  3. fry61

    Air horns

    The musical air horns on my Mini back in the '70s was great at moving pedestrians out/of the road, or drop into 2nd & spin the wheels a little. Small tale from those days --- my girlfriend ( now wife ) would also use the mini, solo; & came back one day very concerned about the squealing noise when cornering. Didn't think too much of it at the time, then we were together in the car doing a rapid circuit of a dual carriage-way, roundabout at the end. On travelling round the 'bout she said " there's that squealing noise again. Good old days -- car was built to " Car & Car Co
  4. fry61

    Air horns

    I've got to be wrong on the "steering wheel" --- live & earth to the switch --- not a good idea, sorry.
  5. fry61

    Air horns

    The "steering wheel" is the earth point for the compressor motor --- the switch is to change from " blast" ( all horns powered) & the option is "musical" -- illegal I think --- IMO
  6. fry61

    Brake fluid tank

    Maybe change coarse & fit a Ford KA master cylinder & reservoir -- or are you still staying with a servo set-up.
  7. fry61

    Fuel tank seal

    Was just a single giant grommet back in 2011 -- it was a Ford original part though -- not an after market one. Fit the grommet to the tank & with a little help from some lubrication the filler pipe just pushed in. Not seen or had any reason to doubt it's still doing its job.
  8. fry61

    Fuel tank seal

    There are several" Sierra fuel filler pipe seals" listed on e-bay --- it's what I used on Florin --- price seems to have gone skywards since though.
  9. Which side you open first is only important when disconnecting a live battery ( both terminals still connected to battery ) remove negative first as it's less likely to short the spanner on wiring -- t'other way round -- disconnecting positive first has the possibility of spanner finding earthed ( negative ) metal -- generally the chassis or metal panels.
  10. Used "camping mat" foam behind the vinyl face covering --- about 8/10 mm thick --- the cut-outs for the instruments was a few mm larger than the gauge body required -- when mounted gave a "frenched" look & also pleased the IVA examiner as it gave a softer finish. (although there were no edges sharper than the 5 mm required)
  11. It's worse than you thought --- hard copy years ago ended up as fish & chip wrapping --- today it'll be at the bottom of the kitty litter tray.
  12. Morning Bob, How big is your garden? Have a gazebo available for your build to continue; That's one of 3 of our Hampshire BBQ gazebos.
  13. When we had passed IVA we went back to the " build up inspection building" in Poole for registration & payment of first taxation disc. Is there no separate inspection these days? Is it all done at IVA depot?
  14. Looks like you done a god job of turning the rear panel top edge over onto the chassis --- took me ages of pondering & wondering before I took hammer & dolly ( 2lb lump hammer head ) to dress it over.
  15. fry61

    Mice in the Audi

    Have found mice at the end of a long 20 mm steel conduit run only electrocuted once they tried to crawl across the live 3 phase starter contacts. They would chew through the live cables down to copper & get away with it.
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