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  1. fry61

    Wiper motor

    Will try to be more helpful by looking at build electrics used -- but it was a long time ago. Are you using "Longboarders" wiring diagram which shows the connections between mini 2 speed wiper & Ford column switch?
  2. fry61


    Tight wad here is still using relays which came from the Sierra donor of '89/90 vintage. The only new one is flasher relay as have mostly LED indicators.
  3. fry61

    Wiper motor

    Use the Ford relay on Florin without frequency of sweep control & it works fine -- ( all other wiper kit is Mini ) would suggest the relay is not bridging the park section on the wiper motor.
  4. Places/pubs we visited & enjoyed ---- some are a long time ago so may have changed. ( And we are now 200 miles away so not checked. ) Winterslow & area ( generally tried with our annual BBQ at North Lodge ) Lions Head, Winterslow -- good meal/price O.K/ small carpark so on street most times. Black Horse, West Tytherley -- small pub/good food& price/ limited parking so small group only. Silver Plough, Pitton, good meals/medium carpark/BOWLING ALLEY/SKITTLES ( used a few times with buffet @ £10/head ) Hook & Glove, Farley, good large meals/ medium carpark/ price O.K Bear & Ragged Staff, Braishfield, Romsey. Lovely pub/lots of parking/ medium price grub. The John Barleycorn, Cadnam, O.K meal & carpark The Empress of Blandings, was for quite a while our main monthly meet, went down hill when our 20 odd clashed with our car clubs -- big pot holed carpark. Castle Combe, Motor Racing Circuit, Track time & slow laps can be booked -- good day out but take a shelter if possible/very exposed if raining. The cream of week-ends away --- Prescott Hill Climb --- their French Week-end is a must -- apply for display area for free entry/camping. The Cloisters, New Street, Salisbury. Excellent Roast Dinner/choice of meats/good price/ adjacent large council car park. Places worth a visit -- Old Sarum Air Field, Compton Airfield, Braishfield Brickworks, Haynes Motor Museum, Tidal Mill at ---?? Thruxton, Avebury (Ancient Ring Circle ) very good meal nearby but slow service-- Middle Wallop Airfield & Banebury Hill Fort nearby. Hawk Conservatory @ Andover -- Brilliant Flying displays. Theale was a good place to meet with other RHOCAR area members ( pub near canal --name ?? ) Should be enough for now -- shout if you want any further reports on places you may wish to visit.
  5. I did my training at the local tech college ( half a life-time ago ) they had a weekly evening coarse, went for 2 years. The instructor was an artist with the gas & electric welding -- thin sheet welds had completely even swirls throughout the run & penetration spot-on. I find that the biggest problem now-a-days is I'm usually finishing the job needed just as I become competent again.
  6. Proper training will give you a great start to producing strong welds, best way to go.
  7. Probably the only problem you will encounter with the 135 will be duty cycle --- may only get part way through the task in hand before cutting out due to transformer heat --- always seems to take for ever to cool. The duty cycle should be shown in the spec, will be something like 35% time on @ 100% current draw. So drinking tea will occupy 65% of your time; no bad thing.
  8. That's only to check the beer is on board.!!
  9. Probably not the look you're after -- Florin's hoop was cut of & fitted with a tow ball -- which in this pic is under the "picnic basket" (Which contains all Florin's needs -oil/water/spares.
  10. A mate with a fine torch on oxy-acetalene should be able to take all the temper out of the broken bits & then re-tap next size up -- maybe? Or spark erosion ??
  11. Before chopping off flush with the rear end -- consider that the wheel hoop is possibly protecting the fuel tank if rear ended. ( which has occurred with Florin )
  12. fry61

    Rolling Road

    How much power required ? A good lower cost solution would be standard injection & management, from a scrapper.
  13. Complete stainless steel system made by Maniflow of Salisbury. Bling -- Yes, Discolouration -- Yes ( I like the heat affected zone colours ) Flexi-joint fitted where a stress fracture occurred -- no other problems 10 years old now & 53 K exhaust heat cycles. Expensive ?? £700 -- but it was exactly what I wanted ( plus the Mini-lite style wheels )
  14. Had no problem with the performance was great to be driving her again. Will try to do an accurate fuel/mileage check to confirm my calcs.
  15. Should add that all the spark plugs are all just a shade lighter than milk chocolate -- which I thought was near correct
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