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  1. fry61

    Wipers on the wrong way

    Sorry for the small pic --- but Florin's wipers are quiet good in the wet --- park on the left & are nearly vertical when at max sweep to driver's side. We took a long time with fairy liquid & a dummy set up of full wiper kit to get them working properly. The toothed wheel in the motor housing can be changed to give a 130* sweep, the arms can be bent more at the ends & the wheel boxes/ or the push-pull on the worm drive from the motor can be changed. I used several different combinations before settling on our final result, you may need to buy in a few differing cogs/wheel-boxes before the right solution is found for your scuttle hole positions --- ours were cut in a newly made scuttle & are off-set to the driver's side. ( E-bay is a good source for parts or CBS ) The arms will also need more of a curve in the entire length to give enough pressure -- blade to glass. Been in some right down pours, all O.K except as stated above the inside of the screen needs wiping --- that's for the navigator.
  2. fry61

    Help with Fog wiring

    That's what I said !!!!
  3. fry61

    Help with Fog wiring

    Just keep your fingers crossed the re-test examiner doesn't spot the horn symbol switch operating the fog light.
  4. fry61

    Help with Fog wiring

    Has the GBS switch a spring return--- i.e it only closes & makes a contact when pressed or held down? Your new box of electronic gubbins probably has a relay of some sort & if an ON--OFF switch is on your dash the triggering supply is permanent so the relay can't drop out until that switch is OFF.
  5. fry61

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Sorry we were unable to stay for the pig -- but 130 miles to home with-out sat nav & Mo map reading by torch light was not an option.
  6. fry61

    Reverse Bulb Wattage

    Fog & reverse should be 21 watts in old tungsten filament days
  7. fry61


    A hungry cat with his basket in the car.
  8. fry61

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Nobody on here ATM --- must all be at STONELEIGH --- will soon be on our way too.
  9. fry61

    Fog Light - Auto Turn Off

    Like self cancelling indicators -- its nice to have -- & saves red faces.
  10. fry61

    Rear fog light stopped working.

    With our 12 volt electrics the shorter the wiring & the fewer the switch contacts between battery & load the better plus with a relay larger gauge conductors can be used --all the above aids getting the volts & amps to where they're required. Fuses are also very good --- helps prevent "Lucas Smoke"
  11. fry61

    Fog Light - Auto Turn Off

    I did a circuit diagram some while ago --- not sure where it is on here. Job can be done with a relay & push to make switch --- any old relay will do which will reduce the cost considerably.
  12. fry61

    Rear fog light stopped working.

    Can understand your reluctance ---- not exactly "plug & play"
  13. fry61

    Rear fog light stopped working.

    Bite the bullet & fix this safety critical lamp. Our cars are difficult enough to see as is.
  14. fry61

    Gear selection when hot

    Put it in 3rd & slip the clutch, once on the move you should be able to select some/all of the others.
  15. fry61

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Second that Neil, a stroll up though the English country-side, may take half an hour longer but so much more enjoyable.