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  1. Set it far a count-down to when you're allowed out again.
  2. Good to see you've placed a couple of concrete blocks on the edge ---- to stop the wind rolling up the slabs.
  3. Take it steady --maybe get together when this present nonsense is over.
  4. Surely recovery from a broken wrist or two takes FAR longer in recuperation than seven weeks?
  5. fry61

    Stuck Clutch

    Sorry, should have taken more notice; that your car was "garaged" in the great outdoors. With the amount of rain this year it's a wonder it hadn't dissolved.
  6. fry61

    Stuck Clutch

    Is the cause of the stuck clutch due to damp binding the operating parts together ? Maybe a car cover & a small heat source under the bell housing will provide an answer. Envisage something like a 100/150 watt lamp in a biscuit tin., or a dehumidifier perhaps?
  7. Can't speak of the Pinto --- but our 2B runs an 1800 CVH lump ( which followed the pinto?) & we converted it to fuel injection by using all the bolt-on bits from an XR3i --- fitted a treat --- best inlet manifold I've seen. HP pump was a standard Bosch job, dozens of copies about.
  8. fry61


    Thought a steering lock & ignition key switch required ( two methods of immobilising ) were the IVA requirements -- which is enough to satisfy the regs -- which you have already got if using the standard column switch/lock. We have a manual battery isolator with a 5 amp fuse bridge for side lights -- if the starter or ignition is switched ON the fuse blows.
  9. Brings back memories of an earlier GTM --- we rebuilt a Cox GTM in 1972 -- we loved it, the roof lifted off the 'screen at 50, the gear change was stir & hope ( mini engine in back) & fuel surge made the engine die on corners. It was far better looking than the Mini Marcos of the same vintage.
  10. Britool, M & W, Eclipse, Stubbs Files all Sheffield products by James Neill, sad to say most British "Names" in tools are now foreign owned &/or produced. A lot of British companies we dealt with back in the years 1979 to 2005 have switched production to over-seas to save on manufacturing costs, often at the cost of quality as well. Most companies, for both hand & power tools; manufacture for other brands; it the global way of reducing costs. Years ago, visited the Scintilla factory in Switzerland ( Bosch owned ) who were the manufacturer for most brands of jigsaw blade found any-where in Europe, the differing packages covered all walls of As with shopping on-line helping the demise of local high streets, we are all probably guilty of shopping around for the bargains; myself included. I'm glad not to be involved in retail to-day.
  11. If you get the chance --- at next purchase of spanners --- compare Draper Expert against Halfords own --- out the same stable ??? Maybe a worth-while price difference.
  12. Mechanics generally have Snap-On tools because the S/O van calls at their place of work weekly & the guys can buy "on drip". We sold Britool, Facom , Elora & Draper Expert --- didn't have many returns in over 25 years of sales --- most failures were probably due to mis-use. ( I only put a 6 foot scaffold pole on the end to get more leverage ) Most large tool boxes were back then all produced in Canada & the importer/wholesaler put their own label on. It was a big con on spanners --- an awful lot of brands had all their forgings made in Spain & so long as the the most value was added by the end brand they were allowed to sell it as "their " manufacture. Spanish Stilson Wrenches were exactly the same as most other brands --- the new name was stamped in after manufacture, we could buy them at less than half the price of "known" brands. Final note -- lost kit is LOST --- doesn't matter which brand there's no free replacement.
  13. Was fortunate to compete twice in the London to Brighton Vintage Run several years ago. Engine needed 1000 psi to climb hills & was fuelled by a fire of petrol/paraffin mix under your seat. Tiller steering & brakes " lubricated" by engine oil & condensate made for interesting travel on the route still populated by modern cars. Brake performance --- going over Westminster Bridge towards Parliament couldn't stop at the lights due to the downward slope, so through the red, turn left the wrong way up the one way street , bat-turn & correct travel to the lights by which time the band brake was warm/dry enough to bring our Mobile to a stop. Much safer on the water where speed of all craft is so much slower.
  14. Which is why I bought a steam boat --- total loss oiling & can see all the bits & pieces of the engine doing their thing. Not even with our kits can you sit at the side of the road/river & strip down the valve chest, find & fix the fault. Then just a few bob's worth of wood/coal be on your way again. Down side is I need a car & trailer to be able to take our 2 tonne launch to various locations.
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