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  1. fry61

    Another alternator woe

    5 Watt 12 volt lamp & connected to IGNITION LIVE -- its purpose is to energise to alternator coils --- it will (should) go out as soon as the alternator is producing more than 12 volts
  2. fry61

    Another alternator woe

    As Alan said & your picture shows --- ignition live to warning lamp ( 5 watt tungsten filament "bulb" (( american )) or lamp ) to B. Ignition on -- lamp should light --- fire up engine -- lamp goes out & voltage to battery should be close to 14 volts. It's no good using a LED -- not enough current flow to get the alternator excited.
  3. fry61

    Rear lamp cluster

    Original Robin Hood 2B rear light assembly -- & 2 rubber mounting wedges Stop-tail & indicator. free to any one who would like a spare if collected from Hants area.
  4. fry61

    WANTED - cheap seven type kit with V5

    The new Morgan is £78,000 ---- looks like a Dutton so may qualify.
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ---- some-one pre- kit car said. There are plenty of kits & body cut & shuts which don't meet with approval of many -- it doesn't make it wrong --- just different & different is down to personal choice. I don't like it --- but that is personal --- the builder liked it enough to spend many garage hours on his creation --- didn't pan out as hoped which might be why it's for Sale. BUT HE DID TRY to realise his dream --- all too easy to sit back & do nothing.
  6. fry61

    Weather Protection

    Oh so true Kevin, traffic lights & hail stones are a very poor mix.
  7. fry61

    Weather Protection

    Easily done Jim, A piece of caravan awning rail fixed to the top of windscreen, several fibre-glass tent rods, some string & the material of choice. Without a surrey you will not go far & stay dry ( almost dry ) We have had some right down pours in France & kept fairly dry under our cover -- sewn up by Mo on a 50 year old sewing machine ( bought for her when she was ???? old )
  8. fry61

    Alternator LED

    If you haven't already gone to spend your pennies ------------------ it just needs a filament lamp connected in parallel with your "nice little light cluster". Then hide this extra lamp under the dash. ( could be on passenger side foot-well to give a little illumination for your other half's entrance/exit.
  9. fry61

    Alternator LED

    Just try changing the LED for a tungsten filament lamp -- only needs to be around 5 watts --- it should go out when the engine is running on tick-over or just above (1,000 rpm ) Also check you have a good earth to the alternator body ( use a test lamp or a meter )
  10. fry61

    Alternator LED

    I believe LED's are not suitable ---- the "Ignition lamp" in the olden days was there to give a small feed to the alternator to excite the beastie into producing current; once current (& voltage ) were being made the lamp went out due to equal voltage on both sides of the lamp. LED's just don't have a low enough resistance to supply the alternator with a start current. With Florin I have an LED on the dash but have a tungsten filament lamp ( hidden under the dash ) connected in parallel to provide the start current.
  11. fry61

    Wiring wiper motor.

    Faulty auto-park? Is it possible to disconnect the permanent feed ( via ing ) from the motor temporally?
  12. It will be in the post on Monday, Dale.
  13. Can do Dale, just e-mail your full address to sylvia.fry2 @btinternet.com
  14. fry61

    Clutch conversion

    Smaller bore to reduce pedal effort ,Jim.
  15. What colour is it? We have off-cuts in black which we made our surrey from.