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  1. fry61

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    Florin's swirl pot is home made from copper--- is mounted in the engine bay--- L/P pump supplies swirl pot as per Nigel's pics --- continuously circulating fuel doesn't get hot so no bother. (Didn't like the idea of high pressure fuel in the tunnel)
  2. fry61

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    Return from fuel rail.
  3. fry61


    Would someone up-stairs please amend the date for the Southern Hoods Christmas Party? I'm sure I said the 2nd December & the text says so ----- but it's been entered as happening TODAY. Hammer & nails is my preferred choice --- not this smoke & mirrors.
  4. fry61

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    4.5" angle grinder & a 1mm thick disc for stainless steel, provided the disc is kept cutting & not rubbing there is very little heat build-up. Cut dozens of metres through 0.7--0.9--1.2mm & thicker s/steel without discolouration.
  5. fry61

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    We're just waiting for the menu David, & then we hope to finalise our Christmas bash with all the girls & boys attending.
  6. fry61

    Mark's Birthday

    Please give a quiet thought for Mark Bruce on his birthday --- we lost a great man & club leader nearly 5 years ago. Emma & the two boys lost a loving husband & father --- may she continue to be so strong & the lads as cheeky. Will always miss his leadership.
  7. fry61

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    So far we have booked for 10 souls @ 12 noon for 12.15 sit down. When we have the menu we'll ask for your orders. More room available for others to join us.
  8. fry61

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Are you able to join us at the Bear & RS, David?
  9. fry61


    "and a Passenger " --- shared bodily warmth is the way to go but not while driving Mark.
  10. fry61


    Being careful with money we used the Sierra heater matrix & the motor with one squirrel cage fan removed,(from the donor) but your easy fix will be to continue with the mini equipment I guess.
  11. fry61

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Thank-you Richard, does clarify the event.
  12. fry61

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Hi all, we have 10 souls interested for H&D Christmas Meet so far, haven't heard back from David yet. Will provisionally reserve for 10 ---- on the 2nd December at the Bear & Ragged Staff near Romsey. Thanks for your interest folks, plenty of room for more ATM.
  13. fry61


    We just had a frost & a blizzard --- of leaves. Time to crank up the leaf collector & light the bonfire.
  14. fry61

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Your pics at the top of this post presumably show the throttle position at rest/closed so there should be enough inner cable to effect a join clear of the outer sleeve adjuster/bulkhead fitting. A small sleeve with just a hole through it to take the old & new piece of inner cable will make the join. Slide the inners into the sleeve then close up the through hole by hammering a small blunt punch to the side in two or three places. Silver solder would be an alternative if cables can be well cleaned.
  15. fry61

    Throttle Cable Routing

    If you can't change the cable is a shorter route possible ? Then the outer of the cable could be cut to give more "free" inner cable.