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  1. fry61

    Winter Tips

    Keep it taxed, insured & road ready for the bright,dry winter's days ahead when the roads are a lot quieter.
  2. Does this meter need to be connected in series with the coil or does it just take a signal from the coil? If my memory is running to-day the early tachometers were just measuring the current drawn by the coil so in effect the meter is just an ammeter & so only gives an idea of rpm.
  3. fry61

    Exhaust repair

    Should have just altered the timing to get a load of back-fires on over run!!
  4. Do they work in reverse? The size of the bill suggested a major ding!!
  5. It was a shunt at 2 mph so all that was hurt was my pride!!
  6. We are home most of the time now all our holidays for this year are past, shout when & I will give you our address by P.M ; regards Bob.
  7. We took our launch to a wonderful festival on the Loire, Orleans, France. A round trip of just under a 1000 incident free miles, UNTIL entering our home patch when our friend ( 2nd driver ) got the angle wrong between garage & large Cornish Bank. He stopped before the trailer hit & we swapped over to see if I could reverse back up the steep drive & come in at a better angle. I failed -- car slid side-ways trying to push 2 tonne up hill on gravel, result I ripped the plastic front off our Santa Fe. Very bad words were thought --- but help was on the way. Phoned A Plan following morning -- car collected next day & pool car left -- car repaired & cleaned by VOSPERS of Plymton & we collected next day. All is now sweetness & light once again, many thanks to A Plan & Vospers for excellent service, all delivered without fuss. Hopefully we shall not need your services again in the near future. Thanks, Bob & Sylvia Fry.
  8. We are only just up the road from you, give us a shout if you wish to pop over for a coffee & natter, can then show the Ka m/cylinder as fitted to Florin.
  9. fry61

    Less sierra fuel

    Chris's post & pic looks to be exactly what we fitted to Florin when we had fuel delivery/vapour locks in fuel lines due to under bonnet temperature ( & the injection pump being in the engine bay ) Think it was from a Fiesta, but no idea of year. It will be fine on any fuel set up provided there is a fuel return pipe to the tank.
  10. If you are running without a servo --- do you find the pedal rather heavy? If still with servo it can be done away with by replacing m/cylinder with a Ford Ka model --- smaller bore will give a better feel & less pedal force but at the expense of longer pedal travel. What-ever your present set-up the Ka m/cylinder is a good option IMO.
  11. Will give Florin a wipe over with a damp rag, check oil,water & tyres & leave ready for some fine winter's day motoring. She's still burning oil but that's still affordable & I can still see whose following.
  12. Fit a windscreen,wipers,washers & dare I say a heater. Its not difficult to get through IVA test with all the bits & pieces you will undoubtedly need if motoring in GB. We obtained a first time pass with all the above, & probably leads to Florin being used in all weathers. This is us in France a few years ago in rather damp conditions!!!
  13. 2B with stainless chassis & stainless bodywork,front wish-bones; no fantastic plastic on our car. 54,00 miles so far -- all over GB plus France, Spain & Italy ( Germany by mistake ) Our car is for cruising , no great power as have the stock 1800 CVH engine converted to run on injection from an XR3i & used pretty much all we could from the Sierra donor including the heater & sun-visors. Next to no problems in 8 years, sails through MOT every year & minimal maintenance. No bother seen with the stainless chassis, believe its 304 grade but could be wrong. Pictures from France this year.
  14. Will be only too willing to share old memories of past events we organised for the southerly members of RHOCAR.
  15. Wish you all the best for your first run Joe --- a good breakfast can be had at Compton Abbas Airfield ( if that's the same zig-zag we took in on a run a few years ago.)
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