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  1. Fit a windscreen,wipers,washers & dare I say a heater. Its not difficult to get through IVA test with all the bits & pieces you will undoubtedly need if motoring in GB. We obtained a first time pass with all the above, & probably leads to Florin being used in all weathers. This is us in France a few years ago in rather damp conditions!!!
  2. 2B with stainless chassis & stainless bodywork,front wish-bones; no fantastic plastic on our car. 54,00 miles so far -- all over GB plus France, Spain & Italy ( Germany by mistake ) Our car is for cruising , no great power as have the stock 1800 CVH engine converted to run on injection from an XR3i & used pretty much all we could from the Sierra donor including the heater & sun-visors. Next to no problems in 8 years, sails through MOT every year & minimal maintenance. No bother seen with the stainless chassis, believe its 304 grade but could be wrong. Pictures from France this year.
  3. Will be only too willing to share old memories of past events we organised for the southerly members of RHOCAR.
  4. Wish you all the best for your first run Joe --- a good breakfast can be had at Compton Abbas Airfield ( if that's the same zig-zag we took in on a run a few years ago.)
  5. I trust you all had a dryer time than us --- 60 mm of rain on our patch in sunny Cornwall. ( Friday) We hope for a dry day tomorrow, will be the first trip out in Florin since escaping from England.
  6. Hi Joe, we had an annual BBQ for the club which was held in our Hampshire garden, ran it every year for the past 10/11? We had plenty of room for loads of cars/people & hired a porta-loo with club funds. Runs out & monthly meets were arranged for differing venues/pubs/local attractions. We sometimes joined up with SKCC or Apple County --- had a thrash around Wales with SKCC & Lyme Regis/Bath & West Show with ACKCC. Put a post to one of the management on here,they already know I have moved to the far reaches of the known world; they will tell the knobs & whistles of being an area secretary.
  7. Will be great if you can pick up where I left off as Hants & Dorset Secretary --- this run would be a great start --- we are now living in Cornwall so are a little far away to continue arranging meets & BBQ's etc.
  8. Happy birthday Martin, time to give up the day job & let your younger other half support you both. Regards Bob & Mo.
  9. fry61

    Fooling around

    Yes, a beautiful sunny week-end & then on Monday a week of rain in one storm.
  10. fry61

    Fooling around

    -- on the Tamar , 3 days of steaming this past week-end can be viewed on the SBA face book page. very few pictures from us, too busy keeping the fire hot & the water high.
  11. The above are very good pictures of my similar set-up --- except I drilled out the rivets to split the handbrake assembly & mounted the lever above & the cable mechanism below the two chassis tubes. Also added an extension tube to the lever so my wife could reach the handbrake with the seat forward.
  12. I used thin "splitting" chisels to open a gap between the two top tubes (between the seats ) & with the Sierra handbrake taken apart fitted the H/B lever in this gap , the cables are in the half moon equalising mount & then travel to the rear to enter an adjustment tube ( can increase/ decrease the length of the outer )mounted on right side before entering the outer flexi tubes down to the brake drums on each side. I allowed the cables to cross over in the tunnel which gave an increased radius to the curve; been fine for 8 years & hand-brake is still only two "clicks from OFF to fully ON. No picture , I'm afraid.
  13. fry61

    IVA spec worries

    Make a "joggler" from a 6 x 25 mm piece of steel bar, hacksaw a 6 mm deep cut @ right angles about 10 mm from one end & use to turn raw edge into the engine bay. ( an action like an old fashioned tin opener ) all the way round; a little at a time. Repeat until raw edge is turned in. May need to use a smaller section bar of leaving exhaust in place, or remove pipe to do the job properly. Bent metal is far more permanent than trim!!!
  14. Saw that, thought I needed to put my glasses back on --- was viewed as I went to bed --- its very tiring un-packing all these boxes.
  15. fry61

    Emigrating at last.

    200 psi steam driven engine, yes. Crossing the Channel, no; Brittany Ferries & their big diesels take us over. We shall be on the Loire at Orleans for their bi-annual festival of the river, all ferries & hotels paid for we just need fuel for the tow car.
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