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  1. No pictures -- for Florin I made a spiral pulley from 3 large penny washers & fitted that to the existing throttle body -- then was able to pull the cable inner from the bottom instead of the top -- which reversed the direction of pull -- my throttle cable is only about 15" long instead of the 36" needed to go over & back as yours does. (Spiral centre groove for slow opening getting more rapid the more the pedal is depressed.)
  2. Is there room to mount a bracket on top with a pivot carrying a bar? ( Think see-saw on it's side ) bottom of bar carries very short cable to carb & top of bar is connected to throttle pedal, this cable will a fraction of the present length. You will also need a fixed mount to hold the cable outer sheath.
  3. Hi Dan, 3 point belts are definitely better IF they are inertia reel type & are working correctly. How often do you re-adjust fixed belts to allow for differing amounts of clothing & different drivers? Wouldn't have any other type, they fit snugly as soon as clipped in & only restrict movement under braking or cornering. ( No idea if they work on acceleration, Florin has only a few BHP )
  4. fry61

    Help on electrics

    Thanks Barry for your time & trouble in the above lengthy reply. I will in this job stick with my old fashioned joint box method instead of mixing the two styles of loop-in & J/B. A sparky so old he still regrets the passing of tinned brass buckle clips, but not so old he can remember the oily lead paper insulated days.
  5. fry61

    Car wash

    Just as well you had a screen & wipers !!!
  6. fry61

    Help on electrics

    Many thanks, Dan; that's not a company I've come across; but then retired 15 years ago & house bashing electrics was ditched 40 odd years back in favour of industrial work. Barry, thanks for your input; have never wired switches with a neutral running through. All my reasoning for joint box work is to ensure the only conductors at each outlet ( switch or lamp ) are just the ones required for their function -- i.e switches only have live & sw. wire ( or strappers if 2 way/intermidiate ) How does your system cope with looping in & on when several spots are involved? Also hated all the overhead connections of loop-in.
  7. Back in the day when I was an employed spark, I always used RB4 joint boxes for the lighting circuits. ( Never did like loop-in system ) Now I'm re-wiring our new shower rooms & can't find anything which even looks similar -- what is used to-day? With spots/shaver/fan/switches & feed to connect I have around a dozen cables ( 24 cores ) to accommodate.
  8. Having re-read Mr Barry's post I now read it as exactly the same as I have done in the past -- request for collection/delivery made on forum & readers can offer help if/when available. As said earlier, worked for me for items sent & received in the past.
  9. Floated this idea many years ago & it was felt ( at the time) that it would be very difficult to manage -- many due to members availability at the time of need &/or their willingness to continue with transport. It maybe best to continue with making a request at time of need & see who responds, this has worked well for me in the past with deliveries to Goodwood & collection/delivery to me from Birmingham by MarkB ( Just to name 2 )
  10. fry61


    Would have though the weather was still too warm even that far north to worry the battery, but as Richard said, connect to an intelligent battery charger ( fussy logic ?? ) & that will keep it warm & charged.
  11. Add mud flaps to Christmas present list.
  12. I trust your wash board is suitably attenuated !!!
  13. With noise monitoring the sound level will depend on distance of exhaust to meter -- does the equipment also measure this?
  14. Only to be used in very well ventilated areas --- is your bed next to the cabbages?
  15. fry61

    Starter motor feed

    Most likely cause is pitting of the starter solenoid switch contacts, the switch moving contact "floats " on the end of the solenoid & so sometimes will be OK ( a pip of wear/burnt contact will align with a crater of wear ) & sometimes the opposite occurs ( pip of burnt contact to pip on fixed contact ) I have successfully stripped & cleaned several solenoids in the past ( Florin's is several years since strip/refurb ) Not difficult bit needs care & patience, otherwise the solenoid coil needs rewiring!!! ( How do I know that? )
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