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  1. fry61

    Emigrating at last.

    200 psi steam driven engine, yes. Crossing the Channel, no; Brittany Ferries & their big diesels take us over. We shall be on the Loire at Orleans for their bi-annual festival of the river, all ferries & hotels paid for we just need fuel for the tow car.
  2. We have finally managed to escape & emigrate to CORNWALL. We have sold our patch in Hampshire & traded down to a 2 bed bungalow & smaller garden --- with a garage & a BIG BARN in a village just to the west of the Tamar valley. All our friends in Rhocar are welcome to pop in for tea & cake, just shout on here & we'll arrange for a natter. As I am no longer any where near Hampshire or Dorset it's time to offer the area secretaries reins to another member --- it was an interesting time, now for something completely different -- we are taking our boat to France in September when other members are together in their french holiday home. All the best,regards Bob & Sylvia.
  3. fry61


    Never need /want to go out in cold/ wet weather then? The heater is great even in an open car like an RH, helps visibility when cold & frosty & a useful extra cooling radiator if the engine is generating more heat than the front rad can handle. Heater matrix failed in Florin -- was quickly re-placed ( although a long job -- its on top of the gear-box between the foot-wells ) wouldn't be without a heater if given the choice. Still we are old farts who like our comforts.
  4. There's always the Fairy liquid bottle !!
  5. That seems to have the problem well covered, just need the central heating & coffee machine installed.
  6. This could be useful.
  7. Got it in one Richard, thanks.
  8. There was an article published by an engineer ( who also built large live steam locomotives ) who detailed the complete build of a 2b. Unfortunately I cannot remember his name , or find the file which contains the print-out I used in the workshop while building Florin. This was back in 2008/11 during her build. Hopefully someone with a better memory will shed more light.
  9. When you have a moment ---- look up ---- the splitting of rocks by the expansion of wooden wedges.
  10. Bouncy ride is due to dampers ?? Or have I got that wrong??
  11. When the bushes are replaced -- look at fitting grease nipples to the outer tubes -- did this to Florin's 'bones when built & no sign of wear at 53K.
  12. Little idea on front failure, were the bushes a tight press fit in the 'bones when built? No sign of rust having ground the holes oval ? Assume the rears are different to our 2B.
  13. Are these the front wishbone bushes & how have they worn?
  14. fry61

    Noise cameras

    Might do better ????
  15. fry61


    Did a group rolling road several years ago with CKC , "near" Exeter. All was fine, it just proved that Florin was running as she should. Told the tester not to exceed 5K rpm as we needed car for the 135 mile trip home. Think the cost was around £50 -- so worth the cash to us but maybe a complete set-up would need a lot more time & effort by the tester. Was the only car on the rollers that had a picnic basket on the back.
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