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  1. As said above, we towed our trailer tent ( & at times an ordinary 750 kg gross trailer ) thousands of miles without incident. Never had any problems with the tow or police. Got stopped by police near Stonehenge at solstice time with t/tent , but they just needed to know if we planned on joining the muddy field mob. " No Officer, we are just trying to get to our home in Hampshire" " Carry on then Sir, nice car by the way" Was told many years ago, " Rules are for fools -- & the guidance of wiser men " So we try to only do one thing wrong at a time, works so afar.
  2. If the radius of the quadrant is greater please ensure the entry into the fixed outer cable sheath is in line (will need to be moved up ) -- will prevent wear/fraying of the inner.
  3. fry61

    Out at last!

    He's mainly driving left banked ovals.
  4. If you attempt to drive out the pin, please make sure there is a mate holding a very heavy tube over the other end to counter the force you apply, could be tears if you bend the mounts because the pin is rusty.
  5. Can recall lending equipment to "Friends" & it's never been returned, " no, I didn't borrow it " or "sorry it broke" with no compensation for a pricey item which I no longer have the use of. Goes against the grain every time it's needed. NOT any persons on here though, but Marks idea is sound.
  6. It is also possible for the edge of the instruments to fail the 2.5 mm radius --- I got around this possible fail point by cutting the " gym mat" instrument holes just slightly larger than over-all diameter of the instrument/switch body. With the vinyl cut to the body size a "frenched" look was achieved & left the gauges just below flush. A washer will be needed under your switch if fitted by a surface nut on the body.
  7. Check with the IVA manual -- the bottom edge of the dash needs to be 19 mm radius / 38 mm diameter I seem to remember
  8. Get a sheet of hardboard & make a temporary dash, far easier to whittle to shape & once a final pattern is made ( there maybe more than one "temporary " ) transfer to your proper steel dash. Florin's dash is made from 6mm hardboard covered in foam mat & vinyl --- the radiused underside edge ( just above your legs ) is wood glued & shaped to the necessary 38 mm ?? Far easier than trying to fit a large radius to the steel. IMO
  9. Maybe I've remembered the wheel diameter incorrectly -- they are long gone & probably a lot of my memories.
  10. Wheels as shown above are on the standard hubs/brakes as removed from the '89 Sierra donor. Original Minilites were cast from a magnesium alloy, I believe; hence the name. These are bad news for ordinary mortals cars as road salt very quickly turns the metal to dust
  11. Trust me -- I'm a pilot.
  12. Have Minilite style wheels on Florin --- they were sold as an option for the Ford Ka & were bought from a Ford Dealer. Size from memory is 4.5 or 5J x 14" diameter. We use tyres with a higher aspect ratio to make the rolling diameter the same ( near as ) the 15" normally fitted to Sierras. All above from memory, would need to un-wrap Florin from her slumbers to check ;if required.
  13. Your Zero appears to lack demister slots which I thought were already cut on 2B's along with the wiper holes, so a bit more to fill in prior to IVA. No bonnet vents either on the Zero models?
  14. fry61

    Cortina Front End

    Ka m/cylinder is 3/4 inch ( 19 mm ) bore, on Florin.
  15. Do you intend to fit the bonnet the "Robin Hood " way --- with the 2 bolts on either side of the cockpit? Might be a lot easier to make the bonnet a lift off item --- then the dash panel can be made to take up all the "slack" which seems to be present. I made a right pigs ear of my first bonnet & then went for fixed scuttle & centre hinge of two halves down the centre line of the car.
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