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  1. Photo doesn't show petrol cap --- it's just between roll bar support& left a bit. almost directly above number plate light.
  2. Depends on tank I suppose --- Florins tank could go either way round --- hence my previous post & Florin's square number plate covers the hole in the upright of the panel.
  3. Fuel cap modified slightly -- to petrol pipe of ( 50mm ? ) diameter --to -- aluminium tube ( aerial mast piece ) to p/pipe.
  4. Inner back panel --- cut vertically down centre line & then slide/ fit each side without paying any attention to other side. When happy with result there should be enough over lap to join both sides. I bent riveted the top to the seat belt bar/tube. For the bottom I made & welded an inside/out triangle ( 120 degrees or there-abouts ) Rivet panel to this near up-right web & forward web will carry the back end of floor, which again I cut in two & bent to give the upright of the tunnel. ( allows full access to prop. HTH we are down in sunny Cornwall now so not much chance of up country visits.
  5. Is the back panel a whole piece, which you think (know ) will fit ;side to side?
  6. O.K 12 years ago with Florin, our tester even remarked on brake level type of label . First time pass for her & no £90 re-test.
  7. fry61

    Sump clearance

    Camping mat + 3 mm stainless plate + what-ever. Florin won't go over a 3" brick loose in the road.
  8. Take care --the IVA inspector MAY consider the sight of wiper/washer/heater holes to be an indication that the car is/will be modified shortly after.
  9. Not very likely but some Sierra's had a dim/dip setting for lights. depends on if your builder/wire-man used this in a straight swop.
  10. fry61

    Petrol saving

    You'll need a much lower ratio in the hood box.
  11. fry61

    Petrol saving

    Think rotary sail --- vertical or horizontal axis --- drives the diff. Heavy load -- flat ground -- heavy horses & blooming roses.
  12. fry61

    Petrol saving

    Time to fit a sail to your R/Hood mobile ---- 12 metres/second down in sunny monsoon rain weather ---here in Cornwall.
  13. Best idea we had for the glove box was to use an industrial "hoover" cloth bag on the inside , the rim fixed to the back inside of the door ; it's like the Tardis in there but please use Mini wiper gear.
  14. Take a look at the Draper Ratchet Crimping Tool -- to be used with insulated terminals. The tool will not release the crimp before fully closed = completed crimp.
  15. There is a cupboard door latch for domestic / kitchen doors called a touch latch --- push to open & also push to close.
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