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  1. Depending on build, the car can be track/ performance focused OR as we built our car " Florin" a comfortable (relatively ) cruiser. We have been all over England, Scotland & Wales. Week long trips to Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland & Italy. Your wish will be met provided the car includes at least a Surrey top ( roof ) & some sort of doors ( ours are just canvas) We ensured our car had a large boot for weeks away ( will take a full supermarket trolley) Suspension can be set to be quite soft & tall side-walls on the tyres will give a pleasant but still firm ride.
  2. Without a servo fitted to the braking system you will have plenty of room for moving the pedals forward, (will need the fire wall re-building) but it seems from your picture that there is already a few inches spare ATM. The mounting for the pedals may probably need reinforcing any way if the original brackets were used.
  3. Leave all s/steel panels as is & clean them with scotch bright when-ever. Florin's body work is all stainless except the mild steel mud guards, she has a few dings & scraps from 52K miles ( dings were in local Waitrose car park ) But she still looks good IMO. Nothing worse than a paint/plastic (Fablon?) finish scraped through to the bare/undercoat. Your arm will drop off before you polish through the stainless.
  4. Another thought --- I have lots --- is your seat bolted to the floor so the top rail of the 'screen is above eye-line?
  5. Used the runners from the Sierra on our Cobra seats & they are fine -- any lower & you have less room for changing leg position/angle of bend & your ankles need to flex a lot more -- spent a lot of time & patience on Florins seating /pedal arrangement so she is comfortable to drive for a few hundred mile at a go AND Sylvia being about a foot shorter can drive her, which is why the handbrake also has an extension. Each to their own, we built Florin to be & long distance cruiser; not a one man pocket rocket.
  6. Sorry Geoff, hospital told me to-day that chemo will be extended to end of November -- would like you to re-offer the mechanical bits as available to RhoCar members once again.
  7. The bottom ball joints on Florin were murder tight -- only got them unscrewed with a large stilson wrench. They failed because ( apparently ) they were fitted with the wishbone very hot, which also caused the very tightness you will/may need to overcome. Hopefully Richie's 4 prong exhaust tool will prove man enough for the task.
  8. Cheers Geoff, will phone later this week, back in hospital for chemo tomorrow & pre-chemo to-day.
  9. At least you're still getting out --- in slightly damp conditions?
  10. Above post needs a comma or semi-colon between "isolated" & " for low current needs" on the first line. Grammar makes sense of my ramblings --- I hope.
  11. For safety put as near the battery as possible, that will ensure all the wiring is isolated for low current needs -- battery charging via dash socket/ side lights/ clock ? / radio ? I have a by-pass of the cut off switch with a 5 amp fused line. If battery switch is open for security when parked in open over night any naughty fellow trying to start the motor will get no power once the starter motor is used.
  12. On our Jeep, which was a water based dark green; we used the coloured polishing compound. ( T Cut ??) It disguised the near white undercoat which country lanes/hedges produced.
  13. Never had a problem with Florin's wipers. Are the wiper spindles at 90 degrees to the 'screen & are the blades pressing hard enough on the glass? Although we have a heater & demister ducting warm air onto the 'screen our biggest problem in heavy rain is the continual misting of the inside surface; which is Mo's job to wipe clean as we go. Don't know which brand of screenwash we use but it does the job of much clearance
  14. In tank pump as fitted by most main stream manufacturers --- Florin's is now 10 years old --- no faults --- too long ago to remember the source. Was complete with gauge sender which needed modifying.
  15. That's a big group -- well worth going at least once -- we made it to the Classic 24 hours several years ago -- easy drive down through France & got to play on the open/ public road part of the circuit.
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