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  1. The RH back-tube-part I had failed the IVA. When the cap was closed it didn't make a seal between cap rubber and RH tube. Binned and went with something else. -steve
  2. Had this years ago. One of the diodes in the alternator diode pack had failed. -steve
  3. Replaced mine with 9" blades locking into "standard U bend wiper ends". Had to make these myself from a strip of steel. You could always hacksaw U bends off an old car (but not your neighbour's brand new shiny car...). -steve
  4. Ditto AndyW - small rectangular bottle above steering shaft. I think my came from Car Builders, but you might find the same on ebay or google. As for redoing the cooling system, I built mine just as recommended by RobinHood and have had no problems. Even when racing down the motorway on a hot day and exiting at the slip-road and then sitting in queued traffic, shuffling along. But I do sit there watching the temperature rise (digital readout) waiting (and praying) for the radiator fan to start. So, my advice is see how good your cooling systems is, and then change it only if you have problems. -steve
  5. Throttle body rubber mount. Mine came unstuck too - just stickaflexed it back together. The front fender brackets originally came as one single piece of tubing all bent with many angles. The builder had to cut it up into four pieces (two forward supports, two rear supports). -steve
  6. My same query from years ago (duplicates the responses to this topic): https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/34158-panic-need-to-identify-front-suspension-component/
  7. I also had the same as Andy - the rubber boot over the cable at the quadrant end got in the way of the cable around the quadrant. Thus quadrant couldn't shut properly, hence higher idle. In my experience on a tin-top, hiccup of power was caused by brief loss of fuel. In my case, dirt in fuel tank. In the SuperSpec you could check 12v to the fuel pump (wire a multi-meter across fuel pump and have it on the dashboard - watch when you get hiccup). Also is it worse when you have less fuel in tank (i.e. fill tank up). -steve
  8. The super-spec fuel pump is controlled by the ECU. It primes for a few seconds when ignition switched on, then turns off (if you haven't started engine). Then runs continuously when engine running. Connect a 12v light bulb across fuel-pump - will show whether it is faulty pump or the 12v to it.
  9. Went to renew my annual (comprehensive) kit insurance to discover that: "Personal Accident and Medical Expenses of this policy does not apply." I.e. in the extremely unlikely event that an accident is my fault (e.g. skid on ice/oil etc.) causing loss of limb or death to me or passenger, there will be no payout. This is something that has crept into my policy over the years. On querying this with the broker, it seems that this is generic over the whole kit-car industry. Anybody else noticed this? Or am I being misled? -steve
  10. My tester (Southampton) failed my rear fog-light on not being perfectly vertical. But he passed my reversing lights being slightly angled.
  11. Many years ago (7/8?) there was an article in the club magazine about converting the MT75 gearbox to hydraulic. This caught my eye because the gearbox end of it replaced the release bearing in the bell-housing rather than a hydraulic arm outside the bell. A novel idea thought I which I would like to implement but means taking the gearbox off!
  12. bullfist


    carparts4less.co.uk is Eurocarparts but has a more limited range, mail order only and (in most cases) slightly cheaper. The guy that told me even said that you can take parts back to Euro if wrong/faulty.
  13. bullfist

    Fuel Gauge

    My solution was to make sure there was a solid earth (to chassis) at both ends (sender and gauge) - don't use the earth in the wiring loom. -steve
  14. Google "beauford" (images) - perhaps this is what inspired him to start with a mini
  15. I bought a (ABS) project box from Maplins and mounted it above the passenger footwell against the central tunnel - essentially the same as mounting it on a piece of ply. Relays and fuses are mounted on the outside and the box acts as a giant junction box. ABS project boxes readily available on ebay. -steve
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