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  1. bullfist

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Fry61 cannot receive messages! Me Roast Beef, Chocolate / hazelnut mousse Val Roast chicken, Pineapple upside down cake (with custard not ice-cream if that is possible) steve
  2. bullfist

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    2nd December feels more Christmassy than November (but can do any date). -steve
  3. bullfist

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    So far, we're quite quiet in December, so we'll be interested in something. -Steve (+Val)
  4. bullfist

    Winter Driving Gloves?

    I borrow wife's horse-riding gloves because they have rubber bobbles on the inside for grip.
  5. bullfist

    2B For Sale

    Yes, John/Jim(?) did come to a couple of our meets. I think the last one was Thruxton Air Ambulance (last year?). -steve
  6. bullfist

    Digital Speedo Who's Got One

    Koso DB-02R on my Super-spec. Chosen as there was a MT75 gearbox sensor available too, (the gearbox on my SS). Nice piece of kit, waterproof. Does the job; there's probably better available. Cheapest option was direct from www.digital-speedos.co.uk -steve
  7. bullfist

    Superspec Emissions Failure

    On www.trigger-wheels.com the microsquirt generic 4-cyl package comes with a new coil pack.
  8. bullfist

    This Sunday Thruxton Kart Centre @ 09.30

    Did some Googling Googled near to Thruxton www.rosebourne.co.uk SP11 8ED - no reservations - a garden centre? www.whitehorsethruxton.co.uk SP11 8EE 4-star hotel/pub no online menu, might be pricey. www.weyhillfair.com SP11 0PP (kitchen closing Monday for 6 weeks, no desserts) Googled near to Andover www.thelionatclanville.co.uk SP11 9HN - pricey? www.mayflyfullerton.co.uk SO20 6AX Two we've used before www.royaloak.me.uk SP11 7QY www.bear-and-ragged-staff.co.uk SO51 0LB Would choose one of the latter two, but they are not close to Thruxton.
  9. bullfist

    Super Spec Alternator Belt Removal

    IMO whenever I've looked, carparts4less have been cheaper than eurocarparts with discount. I guess you're paying for the benefit of having it available immediately on the shelf. When buying new brake discs, I actually found Halfords were cheaper - ordered in for collection from shop (same Pagid item), but this was an exception. It pays to shop around. -steve
  10. bullfist

    This Sunday Thruxton Kart Centre @ 09.30

    Busy Sunday morning, can get to Thruxton 12.00-12.15. Or meet for lunch somewhere nearby (book beforehand?). -Steve (+val)
  11. bullfist

    Super Spec Alternator Belt Removal

    Plenty of options. Interestingly carparts4less.co.uk is Eurocarparts (at cheaper prices) - probably because there is less choice and it's all home delivery. Allegedly parts bought from carparts4less can be taken back to a Eurocarparts store. -steve
  12. bullfist

    Super Spec Alternator Belt Removal

    Do we have a part number for the belt? (click/link?) Looked at mine last night and it's just the same. Drove it 36miles to work this morning, will I get home again? As I guess these are original items probably over ten years old - has anyone looked at the timing belt under the cover too see it's state? -steve
  13. bullfist

    Something A Little Different

    Sorry, we're away this weekend. -steve
  14. bullfist

    Unfinished Barn Find Project Super Spec 05

    Brake fluid reservoir holder - two types, bend to shape. Master cylinder/servo sits in scuttle, but RH mounted the reservoir in the engine bay and piped the fluid to master cyl. My IVA tester didn't like this (so remounted reservoir on master cyl. with hole cut in scuttle for access). Note in engine bay, your chassis inner tubing has been cut and removed at the front. Also at back I have vertical downwards tubing almost at the two corners (with brackets for fuel tank) - cannot see these in your latest photo.
  15. bullfist

    Hants & Dorset July Meet

    Anywhere east of Salisbury would be ideal if you're looking to change venue. Just read your other post - Great Bedwyn is fine. -steve