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  1. Many years ago (7/8?) there was an article in the club magazine about converting the MT75 gearbox to hydraulic. This caught my eye because the gearbox end of it replaced the release bearing in the bell-housing rather than a hydraulic arm outside the bell. A novel idea thought I which I would like to implement but means taking the gearbox off!
  2. bullfist


    carparts4less.co.uk is Eurocarparts but has a more limited range, mail order only and (in most cases) slightly cheaper. The guy that told me even said that you can take parts back to Euro if wrong/faulty.
  3. bullfist

    Fuel Gauge

    My solution was to make sure there was a solid earth (to chassis) at both ends (sender and gauge) - don't use the earth in the wiring loom. -steve
  4. Some switched-mode power supplies (which is nearly everything now) need a load on them to work properly.
  5. Google "beauford" (images) - perhaps this is what inspired him to start with a mini
  6. I bought a (ABS) project box from Maplins and mounted it above the passenger footwell against the central tunnel - essentially the same as mounting it on a piece of ply. Relays and fuses are mounted on the outside and the box acts as a giant junction box. ABS project boxes readily available on ebay. -steve
  7. I built mine, and the panels (and cosmetics) were the last thing to be added. Essentially I built the fully working car (brakes, transmission, steering, fuel, seats, loom/electrics) before all ancillaries were added (panels, lights, windscreen, wipers). Still have the car and still enjoying it. -steve
  8. Fry61 cannot receive messages! Me Roast Beef, Chocolate / hazelnut mousse Val Roast chicken, Pineapple upside down cake (with custard not ice-cream if that is possible) steve
  9. 2nd December feels more Christmassy than November (but can do any date). -steve
  10. So far, we're quite quiet in December, so we'll be interested in something. -Steve (+Val)
  11. I borrow wife's horse-riding gloves because they have rubber bobbles on the inside for grip.
  12. Yes, John/Jim(?) did come to a couple of our meets. I think the last one was Thruxton Air Ambulance (last year?). -steve
  13. Koso DB-02R on my Super-spec. Chosen as there was a MT75 gearbox sensor available too, (the gearbox on my SS). Nice piece of kit, waterproof. Does the job; there's probably better available. Cheapest option was direct from www.digital-speedos.co.uk -steve
  14. On www.trigger-wheels.com the microsquirt generic 4-cyl package comes with a new coil pack.
  15. Did some Googling Googled near to Thruxton www.rosebourne.co.uk SP11 8ED - no reservations - a garden centre? www.whitehorsethruxton.co.uk SP11 8EE 4-star hotel/pub no online menu, might be pricey. www.weyhillfair.com SP11 0PP (kitchen closing Monday for 6 weeks, no desserts) Googled near to Andover www.thelionatclanville.co.uk SP11 9HN - pricey? www.mayflyfullerton.co.uk SO20 6AX Two we've used before www.royaloak.me.uk SP11 7QY www.bear-and-ragged-staff.co.uk SO51 0LB Would choose one of the latter two, but they are not close to Thruxton.
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