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  1. Hi Alan, then you are correct, I was assuming.
  2. Up for sale is our 2003 Robin Hood Super Spec. Due to family commitments I don't have the time to finish it. Comes with everything including a spare carbon fibre look trim set. Has the original Rover K series in it. Looking for £4000 ono. Any queries please call me on 07515 910443
  3. Hi Richy, Premier do have documentation on the MK1 focus and are full conversant with them. They just don't have the part numbers for the correct switches. They look better than the Sierra ones in my opinion. Other members have used them with great success. Kind Regards Lloyd
  4. Hi to all, premier wiring are in the process of making me a loom for my superspec. They have sorted the indicators and headlamps stalk out so that is perfectly spliced in. The issue they are having is with the wiper stalk. I purchased a brand new febi bilstein one, part number 31169. This crosses back to Ford Focus Mk1 less rear wiper with finis code 1093426. This is the simplest version that was available at the time. This has resistors and not proper switches etc and is not usable. Does anyone know the finis code for the correct one to use? We are all confused!! Kind Regards Lloyd.
  5. Had a response through the ebay shop so things are looking up. Regards Lloyd
  6. Cheers guys, I have sent them a message through their eBay shop. Hopefully I will get something back. Regards Lloyd
  7. Hi to all, I have recently tried emailing premier wiring and the email bounced as undeliverable. I have of course checked the address. Also tried phoning but nothing. I want to get a custom loom for the super spec and wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere. I did try autosparks but they won't wire in the column stalks which I heard someone on here say that premier would do for them. Best Regards Lloyd.
  8. I'm hoping to make the show guys, should be a good fact finding mission. Could someone please tell me exactly what steering column the super spec has. It would seem that the advice on here is to ditch the Sierra loom and start again or get a custom one. I would like to cut the correct plug off the loom that is correct for the column so I have a perfect fit into the back of the ignition barrel as a start to getting a new loom made up. I also need some factory fit indicator stalks so another reason to know what the column is. Regards Lloyd.
  9. Hi Steve, I think where you have put yours is a really good place. Thats where ill be putting mine. Ive favoured a fuse and relay box from car builder solutions that has a cover you can purchase for it too. Comes with a wiring diagram too which is good for a novice like me.
  10. Hi Guys, I very much appreciate all of the further comments, very helpful. Al Milton I will PM you shortly to find out where in Ramsgate you are. I would love to come and see your car and get some pictures and pointers. Kind Regards Lloyd.
  11. Hi Steve, Did you mount a bit of ply for a fuse box/board? I'm thinking to put one in the passenger footwell. Do you know if this is the best place to put a fuse/relay board? Kind Regards Lloyd.
  12. Thanks for you help guys. Gives me something to go on. Keep the stuff coming if anyone else can add anything.
  13. Hi to all, I am completely new to Robin Hood Kit Cars and have acquired a Super Spec. The first owner has fitted the body panels and riveted them on. That's pretty much it as far as I believe? Could anyone please tell me the best build order to help me get going as I am very lost! Is it worth just fitting the panels around the petrol tank or go straight for sorting out and installing the loom? I don't find the robin hood videos very helpful as they are not detailed enough to help a novice. Is this the consensus on this forum maybe? Are there only 3 discs for the super spec videos? That's all I have. Many Thanks Lloyd.
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