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  1. hi,guys sent for topball joints,transit ones they were to big ,,,bottom,steering were ok,,,any measurments?
  2. ok al, many thanks for all your help very much appreciated,,,,,,,
  3. hi alan, engine no is 2014 hh96133457,, sorry about cock ups in my replies,hopfully you will get this,,,thanks mate
  4. hi alan, i,ve managed to get engine no 2014 h h 96133457 .so hope this is ok and make things easier,,,, thanks mate,,,,
  5. thanks martin ,i,ve sent off for them i hope they turn up <not very good on l/top >
  6. Hi maca Thanks very much for the info just ordered the part now Billy
  7. hi al, having trouble getting top ball joints transit off ebay any other no ,s? mate,,,,
  8. hi al, my engine no not in v5 looked but to awk to get at and to old to be lyin on floors,,,,,,anyway i,ve got the other stuff to be going on with
  9. hi guys some info i have super spec, need ball joints in need of renewing so can anybody please help,,,,,,reg rx05ddy
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